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To remove all the spam, I've reverted the board content to the 2016/11/25 snapshot (because the board is the only thing on the server that didn't have daily backup. Oops.) A week of discussion is lost, but it's probably better than losing everything since the beginning. I'm very sorry about this.

If you were banned during the flood, that is probably due to:

1. Cloudflare IPs not properly configured on the server
2. Anti-spam kicks in, which now bans everyone because everyone was sharing only few IPs

Sorry for all the noise. To make sure this won't happen again, I'll (finally) find someone to moderate this board. Done!

(p.s. ReCAPTCHA is turned on until the server is migrated.)
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Oh it went away. The wiki simply was down for a couple days

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Seriously, this is illegal!


Technically, magical girls are liches, so… it's a-okay!


Best case senario; 4 year age difference

Worst case senario; 7 year age difference


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It’s also hot as fuck.

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page 1 of the new 4-Koma
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The 0% gatcha magical girl appears again


File: 1515485447975.jpg (339.9 KB, 720x917, 16.jpg)

Page 16


File: 1515553496305.png (770.77 KB, 720x917, 9TmDmrR.png)

Page 16 translated


File: 1516091754745.jpg (376.72 KB, 720x917, 17.jpg)

Page 17


File: 1516143066511.png (815.76 KB, 720x917, uzsE3C7.png)

Page 17 translated

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I really like this picture. Can anyone with graphical talent correct the mistake in this picture? Change 'magika' to 'magica'. Or maybe there already is a correct version somewhere?
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I'm more bothered by Mami's lack of footwear than the spelling.


it's a recreation of a famous the Beatles cover


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Abbey Road


But "k" makes more sense.



マギカ is a transliteration from the Latin word "magica." This is the same reason that クラウド・ストライフ should be understood in English as "Cloud Strife" than "Kuraudo Sutoraifu."

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Who else loves this girl?


Does she have a doppel?


She does. It's called Yuhong. A description is here but it is in Japanese. Can anyone PLEASE translate reddit and tumblr are ignoring this. https://78.media.tumblr.com/5f81dba572f545e9f2b08a310b16ad20/tumblr_p082qm1uvE1v1t857o4_1280.jpg


is there porn of her?


File: 1512198293796.jpeg (171.79 KB, 609x988, ED2CBEDE-7AD7-4384-B2FB-A….jpeg)

OP here. Sadly none. Which is a shame because her ass is incredible in those spats.


Can confirm there is an artist who does draw porn of her. They draw normal fanart too but there was a recent influx of 18+ Yui art.


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it's sort of cute, actually..


File: 1513284280096.png (Spoiler Image, 741.79 KB, 1080x1642, 20171214_144118.png)

i wonder why they made the doppel scene so dark, i wonder…

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the wiki. the group meiyui is in (refered to a soukaihou on the wiki) is actually Soukahei


woops, didn't post the source:



woops, made a typo as well.. "Soukaihei"


Take it up with sometranslationanon. All you post are moonrunes.

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I found the Japanese lyrics for the five new character songs from the Ultimate Best album, as well as English translations for two of those songs. Here they are:

NATURALLY (MadoSaya duet):
https://petitlyrics.com/lyrics/2639535 (JP lyrics)

AKOGARE SAITA (2nd Mado solo):
https://petitlyrics.com/lyrics/2639536 (JP lyrics)

MEBIUS ASH (Homura solo):
https://petitlyrics.com/lyrics/2639541 (JP lyrics)
https://macadate.wordpress.com/2017/10/29/mebius-ash-lyrics-2/ (ENG translation - quality of translation unverified)

YUME OTO (MadoHomu duet):
https://petitlyrics.com/lyrics/2639543 (JP lyrics)
https://macadate.wordpress.com/2017/09/09/yume-oto-lyrics-2/ (ENG translation - quality of translation unverified)
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UPDATE! Found English translations for Naturally and Akogare Saita.

NATURALLY: http://aimailyrics.tumblr.com/post/165994287641/madoka-magica-slot-naturally-translation

AKOGARE SAITA: http://aimailyrics.tumblr.com/post/166375112707/madoka-magica-slot-game-akogare-saita

The only character song left that has no translation available is Stairs.


Nice. I suggest putting them on the wiki with as link to the source. I would do it myself, but cellphone.


I would make bare-bones pages for the songs that have translations, but I don't know how accurate the translations are.

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does anyone know where I can read it



Is there anyone who could help fill out the Tart Magica section on the wiki?

I know everyone's playing Magica Record, but it's pretty bad how lacking that section (along with Oriko's Saddness Prayer pages) is.

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神浜市立大付属学校 school of: Emiri, Kako, Kaede, Momoko, Rena, Konomi, Tsuruno
中央学園 school of: Sasara, Ayaka, Meiyui, Rika, Masara
参京院教育学園 school of: Shizuku, Natsuki, Akira, Nanaka
南凧自由学園 school of: Hinano
神浜市立大学 (While im unsure of the other names, this one im 100% sure os Kamihama University): Yachiyo
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interesting. tho if im correct aren't there slight differences between the uniforms tho if they are affiliated schools? like i believe they have the same structure but different colors. there's not really any differences here.. outside emiri and rena having different ribbons


Does anyone know what school Oriko and Yuma go to?


Oriko’s school is Shirome Middle School and Yuma perharps has never go to school due to her abusive mother


Ok, so I compiled this list and added the new girls

Let me know if any are wrong:

神浜市立大付属学校 (???)
• Iroha

神浜市立大付属学校 (Kamihama Municipal University Preparatory School)
• Tsuruno, Momoko, Kaede, Rena, Emiri, Konomi, Kako, Sasara, Ren

中央学園 (Chuuo Gakuen [Central School])
• Rika, Meiyui, Masara, Ayaka, Felicia, Aimi

参京院教育学園 (Sankyoin Kyouiku Gakuen)
• Akira, Natsuki, Shizuku, Nanaka, Ayame, Hazuki, Konoha
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Karin and Alina’s school is Sakae General School

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