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Image Note Page 198 of Rebellion Production Note

When Sayaka materializes, the rose garden witch's familiars along with other souls in the cycle stuffed fragments of themselves inside Sayaka's bag to help out.

Out of all the magical girls who had become a part of God, the ones that Homura knows have the mission of a huge event like an instant awakening from a long, long dream.

God Madoka's Banner: Slightly modified from the witch of salvation's crest from the PSP game.

Sayaka: After the mermaid witch's appearance, God Madoka's mark appears on her cape.

(Apparently the magical girls who are in the Law of Cycles are in a hibernation state by the description that awakened from a long dream. Possibly the Law of Cycles is close to multiple merged souls considering the expression "part of God")


>Possibly the Law of Cycles is close to multiple merged souls considering the expression "part of God

Yep. It's instrumentality/nirvana, not heaven.


though perhaps in their dream like state all of their consciousnesses are infact joined together in a dream scape that is like heaven. like multiple users on a chatroom or an MMO.


>users on a chatroom

LoC=IRC confirmed. Homucifer caused a netsplit. When Madoka gets ops back, there will be hell to pay.


and the Mods Sayaka and Nagisa are currently blocked out of the site, everything is DDoS atm on LOCC

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PMMM starts with what is basically a flash-forward. We see Homura fighting Walpurgisnacht, which is something that actually happens much later in the show. (Same thing in Psycho-Pass, another Gen Urobuchi script—the beginning features a flash-forward to the climatic fight at the end of the show).

Rebellion seems like it follows the same pattern. The opening scene is Homura's monologue about the nature of magical girls, etc. She then goes to state that "I dreamed I saw [Madoka] again", and then the movie progresses from there. So what exactly is Homura's perspective while she is speaking? Is this a flash forward/back situation? Something entirely different?

The question is, which Homura is doing the talking here? Can that perhaps provide any clues as to the transition between TV and Rebellion? Or perhaps offer hints at something post-rebellion?
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The "dream" need not necessarily refer to the events of Rebellion, theoretically speaking. Homura may have literally dreamt of Madoka before her soul gem corrupted. There's also Homura's soul gem tumbling in the picture which could support this.


>>The "dream" need not necessarily refer to the events of Rebellion, theoretically speaking.

Yes, that is certainly possible—in a technical sense anyway. However I think the fact that the dialogue occurs in the opening to Rebellion that the most likely interpretation is that it does indeed refer to the events of Rebellion.

>>Homura may have literally dreamt of Madoka before her soul gem corrupted. There's also Homura's soul gem tumbling in the picture which could support this.

Yes, and that's a very good point. I'm starting to agree more and more with >>12158 about this. It seems most likely that it occurred during the events of Rebellion, but before her change to Homucifer (as evident by both her tone of voice, as well as the soul gem)


To order the possibilities by likelihood, it's probably during the timeframe Homura's investigation of the barrier, maybe some time between the TV series and Rebellion, and least likely post-Rebellion (especially since it's not the 'Homucifer voice' and we have nothing but pure speculation to predict Homura's future form).


What's also interesting is Sayaka's narration in episode 04, where she says something like "in retrospect, I didn't understand the meaning or the price of wishing for a miracle at that time". When does she actually say that?


I'd guess she thought that when she was turning into a witch at Episode 8. A bizarre form of foreshadowing, if you ask me.

Which bring up another question: could this mean that Homura's monologue at the beginning of the movie took place when she was turning into Homucifer?

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I don't get, did Homura absorbed madowraith in the end?


I think Homura was just saving Wraithdoka
The last page is just a flashback to the events at the end of Wraith Arc chapter 3, revealing the main antagonist(?): Homura's shield(?)


This is moksha wraith and not litreally Homura's shield.


File: 1471390156808.jpg (3.69 MB, 2080x3027, Scan035.jpg)

Moksha Wraith in Chapter 3


But somehow Homura's former powers and weapon managed to manifested through the Moksha Wraith

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Wraith Arc 8 spoiler
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That is a reference to Fort Da not walpurgis


It's one of the scenes that flashes after Homura goes AI YO, an implication of Madoka's sealed power.


The clara dolls say fort da all the time, it's about that and Freud, not related to Walpurgis


Wait sorry my bad I read Walpurgis not wraithpurgis ans yeah I noticed , I guess is that fort da reference again since it's a symbol of Homura being sad because Madoka is gone


It's the karmic strands of fate repeatedly mentioned throughout the series.

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From my understanding even if you're lobotomized your body's physical make up would still eventually decompose like… a lightbulb in a room left on, or an engine without maintenance, it will eventually ware itself down and ultimately cease to function. In this case death would eventually come to those whose "hearts" are snatched.

I feel that Madoka's world balances out entirely with the witches world. Madoka formulated a world that would equally spread out suffering and not concentrate it to little girl tears, now it's everyone's tears. A wraith does not immediately kill so it is more likely to save people rather than an instant inescapable death from a witch or her labyrinth.

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The former.


well if you look at the PSP game, Madoka slays Walpurgis and there is a moment of stasis, then she starts feeling weird. She then abruptly witches out. there might be something where in that one shot all of her magical energy is actually FORCED out of her, which then causes her to witch out as her magic count is an infinite negative, (meaning even if grief seeds were available they would have no effect) which turns her into Gretchen.


I don't think Kyouko did anything magic with Sayaka's body other than dragging it out of the labyrinth. I guess for most witches, their body is never found because it gets dragged along with them (I'm not sure if it would decompose in this situation). In Sayaka's case, when her body was found, IIRC there was nothing unusual about it except uncertainty about the cause of death. Presumably it was just as rotten as one would expect for however many days it had been since her soul left it.



I don't know if there are any semi-canon sources which specify what Madoka's wish was in the penultimate timeline, but if it was something like, "I wish for the ability to defeat Walpurgisnacht!" then it seems inevitable that she would have just enough magic to do that and only that.


>>I don't think Kyouko did anything magic with Sayaka's body other than dragging it out of the labyrinth.

No, she actively used magic to keep Sayaka's body fresh. There was even dialogue about this in episode 9. Kyoko is shown using her soul gem on Sayaka and QB asks her why she is expending so much magical power on a corpse. It's very clearly stated.

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First off-topic post in /meduka/
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File: 1428606282868.jpg (277.91 KB, 1028x650, Walter_Rohl___131_Abarth_b….jpg)




we have to go wider ;)



RIP Miyu Matsuki…


File: 1451622237464.jpg (29.52 KB, 411x512, CXj_vKzUQAM6QU7.jpg)


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I've come across this sketch of what happened in the Concept Trailer at one point. Can anyone translate it and tell me what it's showing? (I've seen two different versions of this sketch; I'd like to find out which one is closer to the truth)
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Yeah, I get that there are people who misunderstood the show. but c'mon now….wasn't the Greentext that mumi used enough to make it clear that it was a joke? Not to mention that mumi then SAID it was a joke….



Saying Mado Project 3 is the matrix was a joke based off of the likely hood of actual events to take place in the finished product and what we've seen in the Concept Movie.


>It was a joke
>But not really


>reading comprehension



>doesnt understand what I'm saying.

>Matrix reference a joke.

>Mami going god mode is practically confirmed and canon.
>Matrix reference + Ultra Mammie= joke

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Can anyone translate this? I really like the character stats/summaries Tart Magica gives and these look particularly interesting.


File: 1465321932095.jpg (59.35 KB, 800x568, 800px-Tartcharinfo3.jpg)

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Anyone know which characters are featured in the Tart character profiles in volume 4?
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I think that it will be translated once the vol 3 in english is released.

Anyway, anyone knows when the translated vol 3 is released?


>Anyway, anyone knows when the translated vol 3 is released?

In 4 days, according to the wiki


The release date of volume 3 of Tart Magica has been delayed. It isn't being released until the 16th August at the earliest.
I'm not sure if this date only applies to my country or not but I'm a little disappointed.


I think it's out in the US now. You can at least order it on amazon or barnes and noble.


I pre-ordered the third volume on Amazon, got an email this morning stating that it'll be delivered by August 16th at the earliest and September 19th at the latest.

I'm not in the US so it might just be my country. I'll probably end up cancelling the order and buying it at a bookstore anyway.

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Is Homura im love with Madoka? I just saw Rebellion and I'm confused
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Stop beating the dead horse.



Thats implying the girls knew the truth in time line 0, basically what i'm saying is, Her soulgem either gets shattered or is detatched from her body and is sent flying amongst the floating rubble around waffle house. From this conclusion after witnessing Mami's (possible) injury to the head they mistake that as her cause of death as it is likely for a normal human (WHICH THEY BELIEVE THEMSELVES TO BE AT THE TIME THIS MOMENT OCCURS).

Just clarifying I understand the laws and rules of the magical girl system, that doesn't mean Madoka, Mami, and Homura understand to the fullest extent in which Timeline 0 occured.



>>Just clarifying I understand the laws and rules of the magical girl system

Yeah, I can see that now.

>> that doesn't mean Madoka, Mami, and Homura understand to the fullest extent in which Timeline 0 occured.

I agree that's correct—at that point the girls don't understand the system. But how is that relevant to the conversation here? You're the only one talking about what the girls believed happened. We're talking about what actually did happen.



It's never specified. I was clearing up a comment you made about a head wound wouldn't kill a magical girl because Magic laws. I specified how Mami's soulgem in particular could coincidentally be confused for a normal fatal blow to the head.

Also as to why Madoka and Mami didn't witch out as someone had questioned earlier in the thread.
Visual ques in the camera angle and environment as well as evidence to take into account from the PSP game makes it reasonable to assume Mami died in battle through a means her body and soulgem simultaneously suffered a fatal blow due to something that caught her off guard, which knowing Mami would have to do with either Madoka's or Homura's (anyone's) well being.


>>It's never specified

Sure it is. This whole discussion started because another anon (11843) said that he/she was confused about what happened during the Charlotte fight. In other words, it was the viewer expressing confusion, not a character in the program. Therefore the character's perspective (while correct), isn't relevant.

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