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First off-topic post in /meduka/
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we have to go wider ;)



RIP Miyu Matsuki…


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I've come across this sketch of what happened in the Concept Trailer at one point. Can anyone translate it and tell me what it's showing? (I've seen two different versions of this sketch; I'd like to find out which one is closer to the truth)
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Yeah, I get that there are people who misunderstood the show. but c'mon now….wasn't the Greentext that mumi used enough to make it clear that it was a joke? Not to mention that mumi then SAID it was a joke….



Saying Mado Project 3 is the matrix was a joke based off of the likely hood of actual events to take place in the finished product and what we've seen in the Concept Movie.


>It was a joke
>But not really


>reading comprehension



>doesnt understand what I'm saying.

>Matrix reference a joke.

>Mami going god mode is practically confirmed and canon.
>Matrix reference + Ultra Mammie= joke

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Can anyone translate this? I really like the character stats/summaries Tart Magica gives and these look particularly interesting.


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Anyone know which characters are featured in the Tart character profiles in volume 4?
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I think that it will be translated once the vol 3 in english is released.

Anyway, anyone knows when the translated vol 3 is released?


>Anyway, anyone knows when the translated vol 3 is released?

In 4 days, according to the wiki


The release date of volume 3 of Tart Magica has been delayed. It isn't being released until the 16th August at the earliest.
I'm not sure if this date only applies to my country or not but I'm a little disappointed.


I think it's out in the US now. You can at least order it on amazon or barnes and noble.


I pre-ordered the third volume on Amazon, got an email this morning stating that it'll be delivered by August 16th at the earliest and September 19th at the latest.

I'm not in the US so it might just be my country. I'll probably end up cancelling the order and buying it at a bookstore anyway.

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Is Homura im love with Madoka? I just saw Rebellion and I'm confused
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Stop beating the dead horse.



Thats implying the girls knew the truth in time line 0, basically what i'm saying is, Her soulgem either gets shattered or is detatched from her body and is sent flying amongst the floating rubble around waffle house. From this conclusion after witnessing Mami's (possible) injury to the head they mistake that as her cause of death as it is likely for a normal human (WHICH THEY BELIEVE THEMSELVES TO BE AT THE TIME THIS MOMENT OCCURS).

Just clarifying I understand the laws and rules of the magical girl system, that doesn't mean Madoka, Mami, and Homura understand to the fullest extent in which Timeline 0 occured.



>>Just clarifying I understand the laws and rules of the magical girl system

Yeah, I can see that now.

>> that doesn't mean Madoka, Mami, and Homura understand to the fullest extent in which Timeline 0 occured.

I agree that's correct—at that point the girls don't understand the system. But how is that relevant to the conversation here? You're the only one talking about what the girls believed happened. We're talking about what actually did happen.



It's never specified. I was clearing up a comment you made about a head wound wouldn't kill a magical girl because Magic laws. I specified how Mami's soulgem in particular could coincidentally be confused for a normal fatal blow to the head.

Also as to why Madoka and Mami didn't witch out as someone had questioned earlier in the thread.
Visual ques in the camera angle and environment as well as evidence to take into account from the PSP game makes it reasonable to assume Mami died in battle through a means her body and soulgem simultaneously suffered a fatal blow due to something that caught her off guard, which knowing Mami would have to do with either Madoka's or Homura's (anyone's) well being.


>>It's never specified

Sure it is. This whole discussion started because another anon (11843) said that he/she was confused about what happened during the Charlotte fight. In other words, it was the viewer expressing confusion, not a character in the program. Therefore the character's perspective (while correct), isn't relevant.

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English scans of the second volume of Tart Magica have been posted:

I couldn't find this volume in the Mediafire account, so I figured I'd share so it can be added!

In other Tart-related news, it's been confirmed that Yen Press will be publishing the third volume in July of this year.

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Wow. Great way to treat somebody who's new to the whole thing and doesn't know where everything is.

I just asked a simple question because I don't know what he's talking about.

You can keep your members only club to yourself then, jackass.


Don't let that asshole get to you. Guys like that feel threatened by newcomers for some reason. Most autists don't like change, or new things, so…
Anyway, here's what >>10141 was talking about.


It's a place where you can find some neat things. Books, art, etc.
Hope you enjoy it. And welcome to the wonderful world of Magical Girls! It's great when somebody new shows up!


Thank you for the link! I was searching for Tart Magica 3 scans and i couldnt find anywhere until now!
Very useful content! ^^


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Thanks for sharing that. Noticed that Suzune Magica volume 3 isn't in there yet.

Has anybody called dibs on tearing their volume apart and scanning it in?


Silver garden scanlated that volume I believe.

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>mfw finished reading different story


me too buddy


Yeah, it was pretty good.

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Vol.4 came out on may 15th just to inform people to update info on it
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Then she's a Magical Woman? (she is 59 by the events of Tart)
She appears to young to be a 59-years-old woman…


creative license


Have you considered the possibility that she's using her magic to make herself look younger? For all we know, when she starts to run out of it, she might dry up like a raisin!


Maybe that's a possibility

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¿Umbrellas and Noble Eightfold Path?
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I think you're colluding two separate things there.

One question is "how should the story be interpreted"? And I agree with you—like any work of art (music, painting, sculpture, etc.) this is largely up to the viewer/listener. There is no "right" or "wrong" way to appreciate art.

But that being said, it is certainly true that 3rd-party details CAN and DO alter how that art is perceived (whether "right" or "wrong").

Or to put it more succinctly: there certainly IS a change; but the nature of that change is up to the viewer.


Shit, if only what Urobuchi wrote mattered the witches would actually be vague Godzilla monsters.


>>umbrellas and eightfold path

Interestingly, Homura's umbrella appears to have 6 sides, while the others shown from the top have eight.


>Homura's umbrella appears to have 6 sides

A "6 Paths" reference…? (Or are we just overthinking this?)


Yeah, in my opinion we are certainly overthinking this given what we currently know (a single picture only).

But it's certainly fun to speculate! A few thoughts, perhaps:
-it could be just an artistic oversight
-perhaps it's meant to show that Homura is not on the 8-fold path
-perhaps the number 6 has some significance here? I'm sure if you dug through all the literary works referenced in PMMM you would surely find plenty of things that could be represented by 6 or 8. Such is the very nature of numerology.

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