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So I was watching Rebellion again and in this part Homura tells Madoka "I´m sorry, I'm so spineless, I wanted to see you one more time, and if I had to go so far as to betray that wish … yes, I knew I could shoulder any sin. No matter what I became, I knew I´d be fine with it as long as I could have you by my side". I always thought that was foreshadowing her transformation into Homucifer and explaining it but the verbs are in past, does that mean she realised she was turning into a witch but she was fine with it because she knew Madoka would go to see her and that way Homura could keep her forever in her dream world? And what does she mean by "and if I had to go so far as to betray that wish" ? I´m kinda confused now @_@
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What I really wonder is if Homura is talking about her turning into a witch or making some kind of excuse for what she does after ( becoming a demon) Also, the betraying part doesn't make too much sense if she's talking in past


More likely she is making an excuse for not bringing back Madoka and not becoming demon earlier.


Here's the scene (with a little padding just in case the visual context helps):



Thanks. I just took a look at it. There was another line afterward (I thought so), which is actually the line in the picture posted under OP:

どんな姿に成り果てたとしても、きっと平気だわ。 ← No matter what form I end up becoming, surely, it's fine.
あなたがそばにいてくれさえすれば… ← As long as you are by my side…

Yeah, the last sentence trails off, so it's actually quite ambiguous whether or not she's talking about the past (how she felt before Madoka came to save her) or at that moment in time she said it. In the former case, she would be phrasing everything in this entire quote as feelings she had. In the latter case, she would just be phrasing everything from "Sou da" and on as feelings she has now.


I took a deeper look at the scene again and couldn't make a distinct conclusion myself. I'm of the personal conclusion that Homura was referring to how she felt when she decided to become a witch to protect Madoka. On that note, however, I asked a Japanese friend what he thought and he wasn't quite sure (he's seen the film), so we looked it up online and came across two separate matome threads where people actually argued it out in Japanese. A lot of people agree with me that she's talking about when she almost became a witch, though most also assume that her feelings haven't changed, so it doesn't matter if it's past or present. This wouldn't be the direct reason for her becoming an akuma, but rather be consistent with her feelings when she becomes one soon after. Still, others suggested she was only referring to awakening from her unrealistic bout of angst and deciding to do whatever it takes to be by Madoka's side, foreshadowing the following events directly.

In other words, it's vague enough in Japanese that people can make their own interpretations. The official subs, then, aren't wrong. But neither are the fan subs. More like… it'd be hard to phrase it in a way that can capture that ambiguity, so you could go either way.

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Usotsuki here. More photos in next minutes…
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Not to say that it can't be understood, but just that it takes more thought than just watching it at face value. Which I actually liked about the movie.

Even though Madoka has witnessed the extent of Homura's suffering, and even remembered her parts in it, there's still a fundamental disconnect between them, simply because Madoka has never been so totally and agonizingly broken as Homura has been. Although, I'm wondering now— does she remember herself as Kriemhild Gretchen? I suppose that emotional state would be most relatable to Homura's.

You can't really deny that Homura does indeed love Madoka. The biggest difference between Homura and a yandere is that the latter would abide by "if I can't have you, no one can," whereas Homura forfeits their relationship altogether because Homura recognized how she's wronged Madoka, and believes that being close to her will only cause more suffering. There's a strong enough case that Madoka loves Homura as well. The issue is that Homura, for a number of reasons, may not be able to accept Madoka's love.


That's an awfully optimistic prediction, I'd say. Your worst case scenario is similar to my best case scenario; I imagined that instead of simply being locked away together, alongside them there would be a tide of darkness, effectively the sum of all witches/wraiths/despair/curses/etc. that they would have to keep contained in order to prevent it from spilling out onto the world. Homura would constantly throw herself into the fray as a meat shield, insisting that whatever pain she bore was insignificant if she spared Madoka from it, and gets horribly mutilated on a regular basis. She'd break down if Madoka bore as much as a scratch. But this time, she has hope— even though she is, at her core, broken, Madoka is there to pick up the pieces and hold her together, so for all she endures, there are still moments of happiness in her existence; her suffering is not in vain, and that's enough to keep her going. After all, her desire is fulfilled twofold: she both protects Madoka and experiences her love.


Homura is pure evil demon, she will never accept madokami as real madoka. She doesn't need her and will never be with her. She prefers madoka like wraith instead of madokami.


Chinese scans for CH6 are out at http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4482244927


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All of the witches are hostile; Charlotte is no exception, even with her initial form. Her barrier spawns near a hospital with the intent to witch kiss people and make them commit suicide.

In the PSP game, I believe there's a scene where the girls are in Charlotte's barrier and start bickering between each other and ignoring the witch, which causes Charlotte to notice them and attack; starting by biting Mami's head off.


Actually, that's not quite it.
Either Mami or Kyubey mention at one point that doing something that startles or overstimulates the witch isn't a good idea — hence Mami walking Madoka through the barrier quietly at first. That scene in the PSP Game is the result of what happens when you do that. The more bickering that went on, the more Charlotte was bothered, and thus she immediately turned hostile and went for the kill. (and it did not kill Mami without either knowing. It aimed at Sayaka which Mami saw and she pushed her out of the way, getting her head bitten off instead.)



Yes, her barrier forms near the hospital but we don't know the reason why it spawns there nor do we know the "intent" behind it.

PSP game is not Canon


Wouldn't the reason be that Nagisa was in there at the time she turned into a witch?



Charlotte's story is of a girl with a terminal illness (and or) had a mother with a terminal illness. Kyuubey Approches Nagisa and offers to grant her any wish in the world. She initially thought to cure her mother's illness, but thought a wish like that would be too great and settled for a single slice of cheese cake, to share with her mother one last time.

After her mother passed away she was then questioned by kyuubey "Why didn't you just simply wish your mother's illness away? It would have been easy for you." With the despair knowing she could have full well saved her mother and knew she could but doubted herself, she fell into despair and became a witch…

The witch of sweets, Charlotte.

-This is an official backstory for Charlotte that was noted in the production notes for the TV series. It is also made note of the information that I've previously mentioned, a one-of-a-kind Witch whom lets people walk in freely and does not bother to lure them in with kisses and curses. She is a lonely witch whom only desires the company of others, but if she is startled or attacked, she will devour those who trespass against her.

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coobie y no atunemen?


File: 1460505572476.jpg (22.39 KB, 546x167, because.jpg)


FFS people, stop posting with your real e-mail address already. We don't need to know that you're Brianna Hanson who goes to a Catholic school in Ottawa.

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Any thoughts on Tart Magica and the magical girls featured in the story? I personally find Minou quite fascinating, and it is already quite obvious who will probably be dead in the end of the story, but so far, any thoughts or opinions?


An interesting cast and I'm curious as to where the story is going and whether Tart will become a witch in the end or not.

I also like the male characters involved; it's not often you see a guy or two actually take action with them.


Well, in theory, she might *only* end up burnt at the stake.

Not exactly a happy ending, but the alternative is definitively worse.

On the other hand, Madoka might show up, if it's presented in the rewritten universe with the Law of Cycles.


I wonder who that mysterious magical girl in volume 2 was. She definitely does not look like she's from that age, seeing as she has zippers on her coat and boots. I have a theory she MIGHT be a time traveller of some sort, but I could be wrong.

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where can i find this picture?
I found this in a website, but I can't remember where


Artist is Silver.


File: 1459831594756.jpg (372.16 KB, 1000x736, img (28).jpg)


[Silver] H2b2 Back to Basics

Consider getting in touch with SLVR if you like her work.


I get the vibe that they're expecting Madoka and Homura to fuck right in front of them.


Yeah that's pretty clearly what Sayaka and Kyouko are hoping for. Possibly Mami too but I can't tell for sure. She looks like she might be drunk.


One can only hope Nagisa is going along with it innocently.

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Hi, I found someone else who can translate Wraith Arc, but she needs the raws in high quality, could anyone give me a link to download all the chapters? Thanks :v
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As if. Your mother's a cunt who sells her body to buy tacos.


Now you're gonna insult somebody else's mother? Wow… you're really pathetic…


Ignore them please.


Who wouldn't sell their body to buy tacos? Tacos are delicious.


>tacos are delicious.
Shit taste confirmed.

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No seriously. I am new here and I expected this fandom to be nice and helpful, but when I read through these posts, I read; "Hurry up with translations", "We wont help you so we insult you instead", and "Lol such a noob, I'm gonna insult him"

Seriously why do you bash translators and those who ask questions? This doesn't account for everyone but I am scared of asking questions because I don't want to be insulted for my lack of knowledge of a FICTIONAL franchise.

I just wanted to tell you how I feel about this, and I hope that those of you who do feel the absolute need to write a nasty comment, think twice. There is a life outside of Madoka Magica, and this is a place to share and have fun. So please don't drag your bad mood and mouth here, because it just makes the mood worse.

Thank you for listening.
-From the newcomer.
(Picture makes no sense, I just like it)
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Thank god, an actual imageboard poster.

>mfw I'm not one.


I'd say it's 50/50 whether you'll get an answer to a question or an insult. Likely both, honestly. It does depend on the question, but if you can't find a straightforward answer on the wiki, you may as well ask.


just ignore the troll.


I'm pretty sure there's just the two of us here anyway, and I'm not sure why you're always so down on yourself. Unless you're me while I think I'm sleeping. Then I understand.


this, so fucking much

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Can anyone tell me what they think the order of events that happened in Madoka (Within the main series anime) in association to the calendar?
(This is my first thread so, sorry if I sound stupid.)


What calendar?


Think the OP is asking what events in the anime happened on what days during the month time-frame that Homura repeats.

https://wiki.puella-magi.net/Timeline would be a good place to start if that is the case.

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