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If only we had the Production Note for the anime and Rebellion… that shit has lots of information


Translated, I mean


Would be nice. I copied what translations we have to genga booru


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Does anyone know what THIS is supposed to be? Is it some kind of joke or…?
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Or maybe it's just a plain old Swastika, which brings "good fortune"…


can anyone sauce this?


can anyone sauce this?



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It's whatever Kyouko is fighting here.

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New material will be displayed at the madogatari exhibition relating to the concept movie!
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Wouldn't be the first time Homura has pointed a gun at herself.


No, it's old and not official.


Reverse image search didn't turn up anything, what was the source?


An artist posted it on Twitter around a year ago, if I remember right. This also makes it difficult to find right now.



Reverse search using TinEye says the image is from this account: https://twitter.com/clonemanga

It (the pic) has already been deleted though.

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I just remembered something. It was a scene from an anime where the first couple of seconds, you are shown a city (I think the city was destroyed) which then switches into a quick zoom into Kyubey's body finalised by the famous Kyubey-gaze shot where his face fills up the screen.

The rest of the episode from there on is about these girls who seem to have just become magical girls. It's clearly some kind of Madoka parody except for the fact that Kyubey was quite explicitly there (even though he doesn't show up or do anything throughout the rest of the episode). I also vaguely recall some boys as well. Some wizard boys, some kind of old grandmother who gives the group orders and also, there's a final fight where some guy with glasses was standing on top of a giant summon. I think it may have been a snake perhaps? Or a robot? I can't recall that either. I also recall that there's a scene with some kind of TV or crystal ball which is where they receive their orders from. They receive their orders from some sort of animal-thing. Does anyone know what I am talking about?

I thought it was Nisekoi but I'm unsure. My first exposure to that scene was on this chan, somewhere in the other threads.


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What the hell is wrong with you omg that is fuckin creepy man!

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so what are your plans for 2day?


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eat madoka cookie I bought



You know, the usual.

Launch a bunch of missiles and various other ordnance at a giant witch in the sky, probably get maimed horribly and watch my city get razed and bear witness to my best friend die a horrible death (or worse), and then travel back in time a month or so.

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Just randomly surfing Transformers stuff and I found this.

Holy slag. Madoka and Mami made a cameo in Q-Transformers.


I like how there's absolutely no context for this. Just "yeah, let's throw in Mami losing her head and a censored Madoka."

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Full raws for Wraith Arc 6 are out… now someone tell me what the fuck is going on
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No? Sure, this one was more severe than her previous ones, but in the anime she certainly had a several, albeit ones she was able to snap out of and push forward. "Broken" is Homura's character from the very start.


Homura's first instinct with madowraith is bringing her home. HNNNG


Juno here. I no longer receive the magazines, so I'm in the dark on what to expect with these chapters until raws are shared, just like everyone else.

The Chinese reader is right, but there are a few additions I'd like to make here. Wraith Madoka (W-Madoka from here on) explains to Homura that the energy from emotions is actually quite dangerous to the world. The Majuu exist to take that energy and turn it into a safe form—grief cubes. W-Madoka pushes really hard that emotional energy IS dangerous and Homura has to believe her.
She explains that Homura somehow has a crazy amount of power in her, and when the big wraith sucked it from her, the wraith went berserk. Other wraiths tried to take in some power themselves to avoid overloading the big wraith, but they were turned into human-like shapes, referring to W-Sayaka, W-Kyouko, and W-Madoka herself. They need to defeat the big wraith for the combined benefit of the world and the wraiths.


Thanks you


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> "A coward who turned her back on her responsibility to fight the Wraiths."

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So I was watching Rebellion again and in this part Homura tells Madoka "I´m sorry, I'm so spineless, I wanted to see you one more time, and if I had to go so far as to betray that wish … yes, I knew I could shoulder any sin. No matter what I became, I knew I´d be fine with it as long as I could have you by my side". I always thought that was foreshadowing her transformation into Homucifer and explaining it but the verbs are in past, does that mean she realised she was turning into a witch but she was fine with it because she knew Madoka would go to see her and that way Homura could keep her forever in her dream world? And what does she mean by "and if I had to go so far as to betray that wish" ? I´m kinda confused now @_@
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What I really wonder is if Homura is talking about her turning into a witch or making some kind of excuse for what she does after ( becoming a demon) Also, the betraying part doesn't make too much sense if she's talking in past


More likely she is making an excuse for not bringing back Madoka and not becoming demon earlier.


Here's the scene (with a little padding just in case the visual context helps):



Thanks. I just took a look at it. There was another line afterward (I thought so), which is actually the line in the picture posted under OP:

どんな姿に成り果てたとしても、きっと平気だわ。 ← No matter what form I end up becoming, surely, it's fine.
あなたがそばにいてくれさえすれば… ← As long as you are by my side…

Yeah, the last sentence trails off, so it's actually quite ambiguous whether or not she's talking about the past (how she felt before Madoka came to save her) or at that moment in time she said it. In the former case, she would be phrasing everything in this entire quote as feelings she had. In the latter case, she would just be phrasing everything from "Sou da" and on as feelings she has now.


I took a deeper look at the scene again and couldn't make a distinct conclusion myself. I'm of the personal conclusion that Homura was referring to how she felt when she decided to become a witch to protect Madoka. On that note, however, I asked a Japanese friend what he thought and he wasn't quite sure (he's seen the film), so we looked it up online and came across two separate matome threads where people actually argued it out in Japanese. A lot of people agree with me that she's talking about when she almost became a witch, though most also assume that her feelings haven't changed, so it doesn't matter if it's past or present. This wouldn't be the direct reason for her becoming an akuma, but rather be consistent with her feelings when she becomes one soon after. Still, others suggested she was only referring to awakening from her unrealistic bout of angst and deciding to do whatever it takes to be by Madoka's side, foreshadowing the following events directly.

In other words, it's vague enough in Japanese that people can make their own interpretations. The official subs, then, aren't wrong. But neither are the fan subs. More like… it'd be hard to phrase it in a way that can capture that ambiguity, so you could go either way.

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