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well, probably sayaka being a tv makes a reference towards elly


This game looks completely batshit insane.

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So looking at the Disney classic Fantasia I notice its said that the entity rising from the volcano, Chernabog, supposedly does so on Walpurgisnacht.

Assuming for a moment that a Magical Girl were to stand in for Chernabog what might she do when Walpurgisnacht (the witch) arrives ?

Also what might happen to her
when Walpurgisnacht no longer exists (as of Madoka's wish) ?


I'm afraid I don't understand your question.
Are you asking if Chernabog appears on Walpurgisnacht (and you're assuming its a witch too)?



Basically if a Magical Girl represents Chernabog, what would she be doing when the witch Walpurgis Night arrives in her area and what would happen to her when Walpurgis Night ceases to exist.


what if chernabog is the walpurgis of the wraiths?



Whatever Chernabog is it would have to gain an influx of power on Walpurgis Night.

Not sure if that means Chernabog would be another Witch or a Magical Girl.

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So I'm curious what your thoughts are regarding the TV anime as opposed to the first two movies. Which do you prefer? If you were going to share PMMM with someone who had never seen it before which would you recommend that they watch?

I find the first movie to be rather frustrating. I like the updated animation and so on, but I feel the story suffers from the various scenes that were cut out. Even though the art is not as nice I prefer the TV episodes to the first movie. The 2nd movie is another story; there was far less material cut from it. So I'd suggest TV episodes 1-8, then Eternal, then Rebellion.
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Yeah, I knew exactly what you meant about what the roof looks like in the various incarnations of Madoka. What I don't remember is exactly what things looked like in Utena. If I remember right it had a lot of that same sort of Gothic architecture. But like I Said it's been literally a decade since I've seen it so I could be remembering wrong.

Personally I kinda like that change. I think the gothic look is reminiscent of old cathedrals and that fits the feel of the show pretty well. But I can understand how not everyone might share that opinion.


[Fancutfags] seems to have a bug in changing between the TV and movie cuts for episodes 1 - 3. I can change to the movie cut but anytime I skip backwards/forwards it changes back to TV (they're also labelled segment 0/1 instead of TV/movie cut). Redownloading doesn't seem to fix the problem, so I was wondering if anyone here could help?


We'll fix the labeling in version 2 (which is progressing slowly, but the project hasn't been abandoned). I can't reproduce the issue with skipping backwards/forwards though, using MPC-HC and CCCP. Which media player and codecs are you using?


Dunno the specifics, but I'm using the latest version of VLC Media Player (v2.2.1). Also, I'm using the 720p versions of the [Fancutfags] episodes.


I don't have the 720p version myself, but I tried the 1080p version with the newest version of VLC and it doesn't work for me either. It's probably an issue with VLC; I would recommend getting the K-Lite Codec Pack, which installs MPC-HC and all the codecs you need (unless you're motivated enough to set the codecs up yourself). It's compatible with the Fancutfags release, but more importantly, it's a lot better than VLC in general — it's lighter and gives you better looking video.

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Ah, I see. I had K-Lite codec pack, but an outdated version of it. It still seems to play weirdly on VLC, but works on MPC. Many thanks.

No audio. It might need to be extracted individually, so that's why it's not there.


My computer repeatedly stops during download. I recently downloaded some files at mediafire and it was okay. So I thought it might be okay if download took place in mediafire


Sound could not be extracted with the correct filename. There's just a lot of ogg sound files. Do not know what they can be a benefit.


Tried getting it to work but would always fail to load.



It took me a couple tries to get it to download but honestly you're not missing much. It's a bunch of very very short animated clips, the majority of which are from the anime. Unless I am missing something it's not really worth the effort.

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Why must we define pleasure in such a narrow sense?


Details? No idea what kind of narrow definition you're talking about. Or how it's related to Madoka.


Maybe he's complaining that all the girls are too skinny?


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Kyoko looks angry in the picture they posted, so maybe that's not what they mean. I think they posted Kyoko to show their agitation or something. As for pleasure…..hehehehe…..


Nah, unless the OP comes back I'm going to assume he's upset about their weight. The girls are drawn to appeal to the stereotypical otaku male gaze, which interferes with his desire to ogle fuller-figured cartoon teenage girls. He's mad as hell and he's not going to take it anymore.


I have seen some art in which some of them are a bit…. meaty. I didn't like it at all. I guess everyone has their own preferences. The same can go for boobies.

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I bought the new Kirara issue after work and read the new Hanokage manga. Here's a brief summary, spoilers included!

First 5 pages refresh us (quite beautifully, and mostly in gorgeous color) of Madoka's departure from the universe. No line differences. Just ends with Homura falling.

Then the splash page.

A majuu appears behind a random lady and is destroyed by the Mami.Kyouko and Sayaka are split, too. Sayaka is being followed by a group of majuu, which she notifies Mami and Kyouko must mean she's found the majuu "colony". She whispers the location to Mami, but not Kyouko.Sayaka blasts through a wall of wraiths to reveal a giant wraith (looks different, photo below). She decides to fight it because she thinks it'll run away again (Kyouko already let it get away once, apparently).
Cut to Kyouko angrily teasing her for letting it get away again anyway and not waiting for them. Sayaka initially feels guilty, but the argument heads South quickly, eventually turning into a physical fight, which Mami unsuccessfully tries to break up. She is upset about them, but rests herself and tells Kyubey that she has an uneasy feeling and that she realizes they don't NOT get along. The fight ends on an exhausting tie and Sayaka and Kyouko lay in the grass together, admitting their mistakes and apologizing in kind.
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Homura realizes that she and the other girls are stuck inside a witches' labyrinth before they go over to Mami's house for tea (when she firsts starts to ask about bebe, etc.)

It's possible that the reason why she didn't say anything about wraiths is because she knows that wraiths aren't involved—she's already recognized and identified what's going on as a labyrinth.

She already knows that there's a witch involved, the only question is who is that witch.


If Homura was able to remember about the majuu at the time, then shouldn't her question how was a witch able to exist in the first place (as she did only a bit after when talking with Sayaka)?


File: 1434430762433.jpg (1.32 MB, 1920x2700, pre-fight.jpg)

We can't be certain whether or not Homura remembered wraiths specifically prior to Mami mentioning them, but she remembered enough to know that witches (and Madoka) shouldn't be around anymore.



Exactly. She isn't *asking* Mami about witches, she's *telling* her what the current threat is. Homura assumes Mami's memories have been rewritten, so talking about wraiths would be irrelevant since they don't appear to be involved in this situation. When Mami mentions wraiths, Homura perks up because it means that the fake memories are slipping.



Agreed 100%.

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I recently bought oriko magica: es and tart magica, and noticed a few errors:
-this typo of oriko's name on the back
-misako being referred to as mako
-riz instead of liz
and it made me wonder "what other translations have they messed up on?" and so, I'm going on a mini-search to answer that question. so, can you guys give me other things that yen press has messed up on when it came to translations?


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oops! my hands are shaky, and I guess it ruined the photo.


Mako is the accurate translation of Yuma's mother's name - just check the Japanese wiki, which gives the name the furigana for "Mako". The scanlation is the one that screwed that up.

As for translations Yen Press messed up on, I really did not like it translating Homura's line from TDS "Mami Tomoe never once held my hand" to "Mami Tomoe and I could never become friends". I feel like the official line misses out on a lot of nuance and meaning that the original/scanlation line had.


*Japanese Wikipedia page.

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Puella Magi Madoka MagicaDrama CD 4 audio-visual with english subs.
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Wow… that font…


The video track is a slide show of some fan art. There's a different version at http://www.mediafire.com/?lfzzr1cg2dgt02q


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File: 1434416459928.jpg (97.02 KB, 960x544, ULJS00430_00014.jpg)

It's practically the same thing. I was hoping to find there lossless audio or character-colored subtitles.

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So, I think I follow the story very well up through the end of Rebellion. But there are a few things I'm not so sure on.

At the end of Rebellion the incubator's isolation field is destroyed, as is Homura's soul gem. That means there is no doubt that the "fantasy world" that the majority of Rebellion took place in is gone/destroyed. So that implies that we are back in the "real world" again, as it was at the end of the TV or the first 2 movies: witches are replaced with wraiths, etc. Oh, and Homura is now Homucifer.

Yet we see various witches minions/familiars, which Homura seems to make disappear. That's what I find confusing. Since we're in the "wraith" world, where would witches familars come from since there are no witches?

So then I thought…what if the familiars were Homucifer's doing? But that doesn't seem to make sense either, since she seems to make them disappear.

So what's the deal with them? Are they perhaps part of the "curses" that Homura talks about forcing Kyubey to help deal with? That doesn't seem to make sense either since they don't appear to be hostile or causing any sort of harm that one would expect from a "curse".

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It's a little more complicated than that since witches do continue to exist alongside every girl rescued through the Law of the Cycles, except Gretchen I guess. They just don't/didn't roam the world anymore.

Another thing I would like to add is that Homura herself is shown to be able to make herself invisible to the common eye, while the familiars can be interacted with as seen from when Kyouko was feeding the birds. Seems like this too is reliant on Homura's whims.


Making use of a more specific example, the Anthony familiars we see in Homura's new world act very like the ones we saw in Gertrud's barrier in ep 2.

I take it to mean that similarly to what had happened previously in the film (familiars from various witches working at the service of the Law of Cycles girls, both in fighting roles and in auxiliary ones such as Elly's ones delivering Madoka's parents) the familiars are all under the service of their new master, Homura. It matches with the production notes insofar as Homura is stated to receive info from familiars through her earcuff.


>>witches do continue to exist alongside every girl rescued through the Law of the Cycles

How so? Madoka's wish was to erase all witches. They're gone—past, present, and future. The LoC takes the magical girls before they can complete their transformation into witches.

The only exception to this that I can see is Homura. The LoC should have taken her before she became Homulily but that did not happen due to the events in Rebellion. So I could understand if the minions we saw were Homulily's familiars. But they're not—there are a variety of them, not just Homulily's.

>>Another thing I would like to add is that Homura herself is shown to be able to make herself invisible to the common eye

Yes indeed. But I don't find that very surprising; after all Homura is Homucifer now; she appears to have very significant powers.

>>familiars from various witches working at the service of the Law of Cycles girls

Now that is a very good point and I had not considered that before. It's not explained how/where/why those familars came from but you're right that there is precedent for them working for the LoC. And that actually makes sense with regard to how Homucifer interacts with them: If they are agents of the LoC then it makes sense as to why Homucifer would interfere with them. I don't think that Homura is necessarily their "master"—more like she is now powerful enough to control them. She makes them disappear because she is opposed to the idea of Madoka as Madoamki/LoC/Etc, and instead wants plain 'ol human Madoka instead.



In multiple sources of side material, it's said that Sayaka was lent several other familiars from the other magical girls. Hence why they showed up to help in the climax battle in Rebellion.
Those familiars were still in the physical realm when Homura transformed and trapped them, part of Madoka, Sayaka, and Nagisa back on Earth. Those are the familiars we see still on Earth.


Not him but I thought the point of Sayaka's speech was that witches are not mere enemies to be slain, but rather that they are a part of the magical girl that does not discontinue its existence when they are saved.

Not sure about the deal with Gretchen however - she is the only one Madokami is shown to destroy, rather than simply cleaning her despair. She also does not seem to referenced in Rebellion, unless I am missing something.

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Anyone gonna help improve these wiki articles?
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Does anyone know how to report another user for vandalism? Or how to request getting a page locked temporarily to prevent edit warring?


See http://wiki.puella-magi.net/User:0x99 for the Sysop's contact info.

I'm not a participant in the ongoing edit war, but I just have to say: if you are Sevv I think you are in the wrong here. The wiki should be a reference resource. It's not the appropriate place to advocate controversial interpretations, especially ones that rely on importing ideas not addressed in the source material. At the very least, the contested material should be moved to the "Speculations" section to reflect its actual status. Anyone trying to use the wiki to tell other people how they should interpret or judge a character is abusing the wiki. Character pages should not be a forum for apologetics in either direction.


0x99 is always on Rizon.net irc under the handle marubatu. You might have better luck reaching him there.


Unfortunately for me, contacting him by mail is the only way. Do you know how often he checks it?


Nevermind. Page has been protecting from anonymous editing and the user has been blocked. Time to move on now.

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