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Does anyone have Vol.17 yet?
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Why not take this brilliant opportunity to start studying Japanese?


I don't have time for it. I'm already a bit behind in chemistry and physics. Besides, I really just want the Homucifer page.


Any progress?


I think I haven't seen scans since vol.17. Has anyone seen them?


Whoever uploaded the raws before seems to have gone.

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Sorry to say this but most links seem to be dead on teh parodies.
Akari Koya games are also dead.

Should we try to clean up this page a little?

Also why not add weapons and abilities? We have this on Mami's page so why not the others?

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Does anybody know where to find Madoka Online Illustrations?
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OP again. It's okay. Thank you! I guess I couldn't find them because they had to be ripped from the game.


At first I was hoping it to be on the website…



Thank you!!



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does anyone know if the keynote for rebellion movie has been uploaded somewhere?


If you mean a KEY ANIMATION NOTE, there hasn't been one for Rebellion yet.

There is a PRODUCTION NOTE for Rebellion. Funny you should ask, I just ordered a copy off Otakumode for cheap. Expect to see a scan pop up come August.


Oh, i apologize, i didn't knew ;-; but thank you for the info! hope your package arrives safe c:

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you know… lately, I've been wondering, "what other things have the authors/artists of the spin-off mangas have worked on besides these spinoffs?" and so far, I've found kuroe's (artist of oriko magica) original manga, "zwart closet" and gan's (artist and author of suzune) free! 4-koma manga. so my question is do you guys know what these author/artists have worked on? (besides their spin-offs?)
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I'd like to.


found the title of a one-shot(?) of GAN's called "あおいオールグリーン", that's found in one of the kirara max magazines. no idea what it's about, though.


GAN also has created some cards in "Cardfight!! Vandigaurd"(?) if anyone knows what that is.


'Cardfight!! Vanguard'

From what I'm gathering, it's simply a franchise about card games a la Yu-Gi-Oh! in its roots. Like that one, they also sell cards for people to play the game in real life as well.


Not sure what cards must have GAN created. There's a whole bunch…


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In the big transformation sequence from Rebellion, each girl's portion has its own tune, which references previous music from the series.

-Kyouko- Venari Strigas, from her first fight with Oktavia (also Mami vs. Charlotte)
-Sayaka- Decretum, her theme from the series
-Homura- Puella in Somnio, her theme from the series
-Madoka- Sagitta luminis, from her ascension

I can't figure out where Mami's comes from, though. Credens Justitiam would be the obvious choice, but I can't seem to turn it into that. Anybody else got it figured out?
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Interesting. I guess it just sounds a bit like Venari Strigas.


Confessio (the one that plays during her puppet show flashback) is the one I've seen labelled as such on Youtube, but I guess Kaijura doesn't consider either one to be Kyouko's theme.


Anima mala is from The Battle Pentagram, as I remember


Anima Mala is from the series, Vol.2 OST.



Anima Mala plays at the beginning of Episode 6, where Homura stares down Kyouko after breaking up her fight with Sayaka. Not sure if it is used elsewhere.

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is that stupid "sayaka always becomes a witch in timelines where she contracts" thing actually a real thing or misinformation taken as canon? i have never seen a source for it
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Yes, thank you. I think that makes more sense.


>>I think Homura's point was moreso that all magical girls were doomed.

That's the message that I got as well. I don't think Homura said that Sayaka was always doomed in every timeline. More like "once you make the contract you're doomed". Also I don't think Homura said Sayaka would always become a witch. Rather she said that one should give up hope for her because she knows the only two possible outcomes are either getting killed or becoming a witch.


by doomed she did not mean that she would always become a witch, btu that she would always die; if by officla game you mean psps game, I recall there being several routes where sayaka does not become a witch but is still killed by walpurgis, which makes sense as sayaka is the weakest of them all.


My understanding of the claim is that it's more about what Madokami tells Sayaka in the last episode: "The only way I could save you would be to make it like none of this had happened, which means that this future would have to disappear as well. But I got the feeling that you didn't really want it to turn out like that."


The talk didn't mean Sayaka was doomed to become a witch, but that all magical girls, after making a contract, have sealed their fate. She said it to try and discourage Madoka and convince her to give up on Sayaka.

Official canon sources have yet to say anything about this, but Urobuchi's logic is not really based on fate. It's based on reality. There are canon timelines where it's presumed Sayaka doesn't contract, which makes fate meaningless. Homura also wouldn't keep going if the world was bound by that logic because Madoka would be fated to the same thing every timeline.

Side semi-canon/non-canon stories all assume it's not a rule, to my knowledge. Fanworks, even in Japan, sometimes assume it's true, but that likely comes from personal interpretation.

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Quick question, folks.

Does anyone know what's going on with Suzune Magica? I haven't been able to find anything about it beyond the basic summary that the wiki has, and there doesn't seem to be any translations that I can find.

Same goes for Taruto and the assorted Oriko sagas.

It seems very odd to me that there hasn't really been any word on them in a long time.
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How much of volume 3 has been completed so far?


This keeps getting bumped, but I don't see anything new.


that's a bit odd.. how's it getting bumped then?


Someone is bumping it for some reason.


New thread: >>8942

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I wanted to share this information with everyone, but I don´t know it will be something new for you. "Your Silver Garden Translations" confirmed the translation on Mitakihara Touchien Mahougumi and Café Grief Seed e Youkoso! It is planned and will be soon.


YSG works partially out of this site, so it's not really new…


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Um, Juno-san? In the Vol.16 Kirara Magica, Homura was Devil Homura in the "Sute Ma I found a Magical girl comic". Can you please tell me whether she is a devil again in Vol.17 or the later ones? Also, someone over here said it's disrespectful to call you "Juno-san". Can you please also tell me with what I should refer to you as?



I don't have 17, but in 18, she's a magical girl, and she doesn't show up in 19.In 20, however, she gets sucked into Madoka's re-transforming space thingy and then finds and rides an obliviously blissful superman Kyoko to find the exit.

And just call me "Juno". I personally don't mind the suffixes (I have to use them here, so it doesn't feel awkward to me like it would most people), but you don't live in Japan and, really, "-san" is unnecessary because it's a default identifier—something English speakers don't use. If you like suffixes, stick to using something like "-sensei" when referring to professionals of high respect, like manga artists, or "-chan/-kun" only between close friends who don't mind it. If you want to show me or someone else respect, simply act kind and respectful with your words and actions. Don't overdo it, of course. A simple "Thank you!" is all I need to know my work is appreciated.


>finds and rides an obliviously blissful superman Kyoko to find the exit
That is so cute!!! Can't wait to read it. Thanks Juno!!!

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So I've just found out that there's this Rebellion Rakugaki-Note book that was apparently sold at Comiket (Comic Market) 86 and Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair 2014. Can someone please add this to the Puella Magi Wiki (in the Merchandise section)? Thanks so much!


Huh!? That's so old. It was uploaded quite a long time ago. Here!


Thanks! Can someone please add some info about this gorgeous book to the Puella Magi Wiki website, please? Or at least mention it somewhere on that website? Thanks!


I wish I was computer literate enough to do add this info on the Wiki page myself. Any volunteer kind enough to help?


I can see that it's already been added to the wiki. Yayyy! Thank you so much; Puella Magi fans are the best! :-)

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