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Can someone find the credits for the Rebellion OST? I've looked around but sites seem to either have no scans provided, or textless scans, and the files themselves only ever credit Yuki Kajiura. I'm mainly looking for the specific vocalists for the voiced tracks. The one site I found with actual credits listed with the OST didn't specify who voiced what track.
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Kalafina don't voice any of the tracks on the OST, just the singles. I'm looking for the vocalists of the voiced tracks from the movie tracks (wo ist die Kase, she is a witch, dream world, etc.)


Movies 1 and 2
Wo is die kase: Suginami Junior Chorus
Witch World #2: Yuri Kasahara
She is a witch: Yuri Kasahara, chorus: Yuriko Kaida
I miss you: Hanae Tomaru
Her wings/Rebirth: Suginami Junior Chorus

Mada dame yo: ASUKA
Absolute configuration: Hanae Tomaru
Dream world: Hanae Tomaru
The worst ending: Hanae Tomaru
I was waiting for this moment: Yuriko Kaida



Forgot to mention, for Her wings and rebirth it sounds like the Tokyo Philharmonic Choir, which Kajiura always hires for her choral pieces, but there's no mention of another choir in the booklet.



And also, no vocalist was credited for Noi!
Could be Kajiura herself since she knows German.


Never ask a stupid question that Google would have answered here again.

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Kalafina had released a new album called "Winter Acoustic "Kalafina with Strings"", which is an acoustic album release of popular unit Kalafina featuring Christmas songs & piano version songs.

And yes, they include a new version of Kimi no Gin no Niwa.


That's amazing!

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Are they enemies or rivals?
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It's always been about indirect conflict though. Kyubey has never been stronger than the girls and has never personally attempted to kill them in a fight. He's just manipulative. Both Madoka and Homura accept that he is a necessary existence in the universe.

This has always been the main conflict of the series though. Only a retard would expect Kyubey to fight Madoka or Homura head to head. It's always been about him deceiving and manipulating to get his way.


>I think he'll probably serve as some form of exposition fairy or someone who explains what's going on in the plot for the characters and audience's benefit, but nothing more substantial beyond that

Yeah, half the reason why Homura chose to go full satan is just going to just sit back and watch things unfold. He hasn't gotten less manipulative in any iteration of the story he's appeared him. I highly doubt he's just going to phone it in.


Homura did it because it's better to reign in hell than to serve in heaven. All this incubator stuff is made up by fans to apologize her actions.


Um, what has X (Kyubey) even got to do with Y ('apologizing' for Homura)? The one concrete thing we have to go by is the concept movie itself plus related material, and it takes its time to focus on Kyubey. So, it's entirely natural to speculate on whatever role the incubators might assume in a possible sequel.


That's bait.

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what do you think about wide meguca?


Coincidentally, I just started this.

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Soon, some japanese already got their copies



She got her ai yo bow and renewed her faith. That's what this story was, I guess.



What was rude about that reply? I see no insults, profanity, or anything else offensive.



What the fucc

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tell me about sayaka
why does she wear that mask?
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For you.


what the fug?
is bigger than mami


Mami is the bustiest, not the tallest.


For what it's worth, Mami always has greater presence. Sayaka is taller than all the other girls, but she tends to have the least commanding presence on screen. Kyouko seems to tower over her in their fight despite being noticably shorter. The only moments she has command presence are in Rebellion.


This is Sayaka's actual shape in her Soul Gem.
All Other shapes are projected like a holographic.

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>Cheek Luminous
>Butt Luminous in Colorful
>Nose Luminous
Here's hoping for lip Luminous in the sequel.


Nice, it's pretty easy to make webms from them.


Can the nice anon that extracted the vods last time >>8670
please stand up?


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I can not buy the game. To extract video I need '.obb' data files from android version of the game.


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(Off-Topic in Meduka)

What are your thoughts on Shin Godzilla?


I enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to Butcher's.


On the other hand, Discussions are welcome here.

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How does Karma work in the Madoka setting?

1. What I know is that Kyubey says that a magical girl's raw magical power is directly tied to the girl's significance to the world.

2. I also know that the characteristics of magic is shaped after the girl's wish.

3. Kyubey also states that Madoka was able to make such a universe-bending wish because she had that much karma.

Okay. So.

Is the karma accounted for before, or after making the wish?

What happens if a girl makes a wish that's way beyond her karma?

-Does the wish get rejected?
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It's also possible that just about anyone could contract, but QB doesn't bother with them because it's more efficient for him to pursue girls of the appropriate age.

QB explains that the incubators collect energy from human emotions, and that the type of human with the strongest emotional capacity are girls hitting puberty. That would imply that just about any human theoretically could contract. So QB could very well be avoiding other people not because they can't contract, but because it would be a more efficient use of his time to seek out better candidates.


I'd consider the possibility of a darker ending for an inappropriate wish. Hubris is among the greatest of sins, after all. Definitely potential for a monkey-paw wish, or for the soul gem to not form properly and the girl just die. Not like kyubey would be heartbroken, though he/it would avoid the scenario as it is a waste of time and possibly resources.

There's also the possibility that a girl's potential (as perceived by kyubey) takes into account their wish preemptively. (either using some magical prescience, or just psychological profiling of likely desires) Thus a girl who wants something she can't get simply doesn't register as a good candidate.


even non humans, but just imagine all the entropy he can get from cows ?
so , that mesn the contract itself has some kind of energy cost for them so that's why they go for quality rather than quantity, otherwise they would just contract cows; but then again the only non human, sentent being we have seen have also contracted, though they are some kind of little/puberty girls for their species.


>>but just imagine all the entropy he can get from cows ?

We have no idea how much entropy he could get from cows because it's never specified. But I would think the answer is low:
1) QB states that the incubator's technology can convert human emotions into energy. "human" is specified. They may not have the tech to work with other living things.
2) Even if they did have it, or could develop it, there's the question as to whether or not cows even feel emotion at all—that's a massive debate well outside the scope of PMMM or this board.
3)Assuming the process was possible we have no idea what the potency of a cow's emotions are. So like you said it might be possible, but perhaps highly inefficient. Same reason why we mine gold from specific mineral deposits in the ground rather than, say, from seawater. There's gold in seawater but it's so inefficient to extract it that it's not worthwhile.

So I agree with your conclusion that efficiency is certainly a factor here (after all, we know they choose pubescent girls rather than other humans). But I don't think that "cows" is a valid example for comparison.


the only cases of comparisons we ahve are nonhuman girls, a magical clone of a human girl and a humanized witch.

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NOT Madoka Magica related,

It seems that Gen Urobuchi will be writing a new Godzilla Anime film this 2017.
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>We know that Homura deliberately tries to cultivate that image

Except that she does it even when there is (or she thinks there is) no one else around, like that time when she stopped time and grabbed Bebe before taking off. Not only is it not merely for show, she also is not doing it because of others' perception of her as the only reason at least.

Therefore it has got to be that her long unbraided hair at times gets in her way first and foremost; others that happen to be around her at the time are a secondary concern at best.


Making a habit of it deliberately easily results in it becoming a subconscious tick. Moreover, she does not simply brush it over her ear, she usually tosses it into the wind showily.


She's composing music for the Heaven's Feel movies, so there's that if she isn't doing it for the Godzilla movie.


She's also doing Zaregoto. I don't think she'll be in Godzilla but who knows.


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