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Can anyone tell me what they think the order of events that happened in Madoka (Within the main series anime) in association to the calendar?
(This is my first thread so, sorry if I sound stupid.)


What calendar?


Think the OP is asking what events in the anime happened on what days during the month time-frame that Homura repeats.

https://wiki.puella-magi.net/Timeline would be a good place to start if that is the case.

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Super Groupies is promoting MadoMagi-themed undies for women with new Renders.
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>undies for women

Sore wa dou kana?



Female here. The bras are offered in only two band sizes, 65-70 cm (26"-27.5") and 70-75 cm (27.5"-29.5"), with six cup sizes each. For those unfamiliar with women's underthings, the numerical measurements are the ribcage BELOW the breasts. The largest cup+band size is roughly equivalent to a UK 28FF/US 28G. The panties are only offered in one size, which is for hip size 87-95 cm (34"-37").

These are sizes for a slender person under 5'4". Only the smallest of dudes could cram himself into these things. I'm certain from the sizes that these are being marketed exclusively to women and any sales to male fans are incidental.


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Your Ass




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hey guys, does anyone have the raws for chapter 3 and 4 of Wraith Arc? I only found chapter 2 in chinese T_T
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Okay can someone tell me why cant i delete my own FUCKING POST with a password?


Can someone please before I get DDos into oblivion just tell me what is the password for deleting you posts?


Hay I'm really happy that someone is translating these for us <3 Dont let some unfriendly Anon ruin this. Keep up the good work.


Me too….NOT. These guys suck ass. The other ass is right, these translations suck. Not to mention that these oh so good guys haven't picked up kirara or the anthologies and then act so Godly about their UNLIMITED translations like no stfu and do the rest and maybe THEN you would deserve the respect you all seek for.


Beggars aren't choosers. You either appreciate what you got or shut the fuck up and do it yourself.

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I just came back from the bookstore with the new chapter and I will be leaving very soon, so I don't have a lot of time. My summary for Majuu-hen will come AS I'm reading it, so inconsistencies may abound. Bare with me. Might be brief, too. No pictures because I don't have my phone camera on me.
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I agree with you, perhaps he did not realize before because reality itself has been rewritten to be as close as possible to the previous reality. The wraith actions create interesting implications for Kyubey in the Rebellion, he wants to return to the world of witches not only because it generates more energy, but also because of the stability and control he had in this world. Assuming that the Wraith won they could make humanity unfeasible for power generation, disrupting the goals of Kyubey. And the wraith only need a victory to win the war and how magical girls always have to win not to lose. And an interesting thing in the encyclopedia about the Wraith Satori is that when it appears machines become useless, which could be the reason for magical girls are used, as this could affect Incubator equipment.


Those wraith blocks, what's the color of 'em?


Possibly white silver


Thank you very much!



That opinion of you in relation to the voice that helped Homura against Wraith? My opinion is that this voice has the best knowledge of the current situation and will find a solution to it, but will not be free and will try to directly or indirectly manipulate Homura to achieve hidden goals.

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Are there only 2 volumes of Sadness Prayer or will there be more?


Last I heard it's still running in Kirara Magica, so yes, probably.


Chapter 15 was in the latest Kirara Magica, so assume a few more issues until the series wraps up and a volume 3 is announced.


How long does it usually take for them to go from announcement to release of each volume?



That's more than half a year.

Then again, it might pop up at the end of this year. Who knows?

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On this day our savior died for our sins.
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I severely disliked Kyouko, but the Drama CDs contradicted my impression of her character and forced me to reevaluate my interpretation of things such as whether she was serious when she taunted Sayaka that she was going to cripple Kyosuke. Just going by the original series I completely agree with you. My original hierarchy was: Mami, original Madoka, Sayaka, Madoka after Homura messed her up, Homura, and Kyouko dead last.


It's also worth noting that even in the anime, Homura puts Madoka's happiness before their relationship. Part of the reason she distances herself so much from Madoka rather than divulging the truth is that she is worried about Madoka making a contract for Homura's sake, which obviously Homura cannot permit. By the end of Rebellion, Homura has given up on any mutual relationship altogether; in her mind, if they do develop a relationship, Madoka's happiness will be compromised.


Kyoko and Homura are similar in that they were originally kind individuals that were horribly traumatized. Kyoko adopts hedonism as a coping mechanism; Homura adopts obsession and indifferent pragmatism. They both take steps to suppress their kindness, perceiving it as weakness and therefore a hindrance in their goals.

It's worth noting that Kyoko seriously wanted to provoke Sayaka into a fight to the death.

I like all of the girls, with Homura being my favorite by far, followed by Madoka, Kyoko, Mami, then Sayaka. I don't distinguish between iterations of characters because they're effectively the same, pushed into different circumstances.



What Homura actually said was that, once fulfilled the condition of there being no more wraiths around, then she would possibly decide to destroy the current universe. Current meaning the one that she had just put forth and containing Madoka "happy" according to what Homura wanted and did. It's not about the means of how this (all wraiths eliminated) could take place, and almost the complete opposite of what you have "quoted" her.


She says that, but it makes no sense to take it as anything more than taunting Sayaka and playing the part of the devil. The entire crux of her plan is "create a universe where Madoka can be happy," both explicitly and implicitly, so what does she actually stand to gain by following through with that?

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Some info about the short movie, including the differences between Tokyo and Osaka screening (the creator of the page said he was going to update the page if something new comes in Sapporo)
Can someone translate it? It would be useful for the wiki
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Since the law of cycles is no longer bond to Madoka, it's possible they're now bound to Homura (the information about her earring suggests this)

This could mean that magical girl heaven is now controlled by Homura, and that Homura is the one who saves all of the remaining magical girls from despair now, which can lead to interesting implications. (Sayaka and Nagisa are brought back to life, which basically goes against everything)


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For what reason? Looking at the picture in question made me have a callback of this scene in a very natural manner. Now her screentime as Akuma Homura is obviously short, but even then this almost sneering expression, apparently directed at Kyubey, is what she wears all throughout it.


File: 1457404904946.jpg (145.41 KB, 1920x1080, 1415409323660.jpg)

Well, not actually the one I had meant to post, though luckily still in context.


The implication I got from the end of Rebellion was that Homura erased the concept of magical girls almost entirely, that the only traces left were remnants of Madoka's god powers, and Homura also presumably altered various events so that the circumstances that led to all the girls' wishes were altered, leading to different consequences, e.g. Kyoko going in school because her father never destroyed the Sakura family, Kyosuke wasn't hospitalized, Nagisa wasn't agonizing over her mother dying.

Of course, this is all inference; theoretically Homura could have just wiped everyone's memories of suffering, but that seems like it'd open up a bunch of plot holes.



by erasing magical girls she would effectively erase madoka's existence as she is 100% tied to the existence of magical girls. hence why she mearely halted the LoC and thus halting the flow of magic.

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This is a question that has been bugging me:

Does a magical girl need to have physical contact with her soul gem in order to use magic or can she use it as long as she's close to it (but not touching)?

If a magical girl doesn't have her soul gem on her but it's in the same room as her (a little far away but not enough to make her fall unconscious) for example, can she still use magic?
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I literally already explained why they only need a set quota from Earth, but I'll say it again.

After fulfilling a certain energy quota, they would have extended the lifetime of the universe sufficiently to allow another human-like species to arise, from which they could harvest more energy, repeating the cycle.

>"Inside every cynical person, there is a disappointed idealist."

Now, that's not true for *every* cynic, but it's certainly true for Kyoko.

On the contrary, Mami's philosophy is said to be rare amongst magical girls; most are just in it for the power. Kyoko and Sayaka both became magical girls for the sake of justice, and furthermore, Sayaka is able to connect to Kyoko because of this similarity, and also the fact that she's the only one who can understand Kyoko's feelings of being robbed of their souls.


>>most are just in it for the power

Do we really know that? The TV makes it pretty clear that Mami contracted in order to save her own life from the auto wreck which killed her parents. She even says she didn't have time to think about it and that it was a snap decision.

In Sayaka's case it seems that it was at least partially motivated by her feelings for Kamijo, as well as her desire to be cool like Mami.

Kyoko contracted (at least in part) because she wanted to save her father's failing church and "save souls" (her father doing so via preaching, and She via killing witches)


I was pointing out how those three were exceptions. And I also referred to how most magical girls hunt witches to hoard Grief Seeds and consolidate power, rather than out of any sense of nobility; again, the three in question were exceptions to this.


>>I was pointing out how those three were exceptions

Ah, sorry I misunderstood you. We're on the same page then.


As far as the quota goes, it's worth remembering that Earth has a limited lifespan to begin with. Unless they interfered with the sun's development or farmed some humans out to another habitable planet (the latter seems pretty doable; maybe they've already done it), the Incubators would only be able to exploit humanity for a certain amount of time.

I interpreted Kyuubey's statement to mean that Madoka's transformation exceeded the amount of energy they expected to get from the remainder of the period where Earth is capable of supporting humans, so an early extinction didn't interfere with their goals.

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Every Junichiro Taniguchi's official art (He's Madoka Magica's chief animation director)
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Only took 6 sayaka days for him to relent.


Justice's been done. Just like Sayaka would have wanted.



I'm not sure she has that kind of patience.

Doesn't Sayaka's version of justice usually involve her rushing into things, trying too hard, and making the situation worse?


Yup. Agree 100%


I like how Madoka is binding Homura by the ribbon/red string of fate, as it should be, not the other way around.

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