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One of the Love! Magazine features Homura and Kyubey, so no need to take the theme too seriously.


are there any links of the other LOVE! versions?



Only other one scanned is Sayaka & Kyouko's


I believe there're two more out there: MadoHomu, and Akuma Homura x Kyubey.


What are these LOVE! things about, anyway?


Magazines with product information, short interviews with staff (mostly voice cast), small summaries of each character on the front, and usually a few sketches and production things that are all 100% copied from other available sources, like the production notes and guidebooks. Honestly, they are only worth getting for their bonus stuff. Homura's and Kyuubey's magazine comes with a really nice tote bag that I almost bought for my grocery shopping (because bags for groceries cost a few cents each here and you pack your groceries yourself most of the time, so having a tote bag is a heck of a lot easier).

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It's an academic series of classes that uses themes like Madoka Magica, among others (mostly Magical Girls), to make preparing in university easier and more interesting. Nothing major aside from the fact that it was a big attraction at the school.


Oh, and I forgot to mention, the syllabus here is regarding language and such from ancient periods up to the Nara period. Looks really interesting, but I don't think we'll know anything about it aside from what's on this paper. It would probably be boring to anyone other than Japanese students, whose lives are basically test-preparation, even in university.

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We're three issues behind. Silver Garden is down. What happened?
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Speaking of the blogs…


Who is this person? The site's familiar but I seem to have purged all memories, since I'm getting a foreboding feeling from going there again. What's he done in the past? Is he some sort of superwaifufag or something? It's something bad…



A professional troll. he wrote some awful clickbait articles about Madoka before.


I think there was a post somewhere that does a sort of before and after Rebellion comparison.

Before Rebellion the guy is praising something, and then after Rebellion he's attacking the exact same thing.



Just a blogger who was known to have really disliked Rebellion, despite liking the show. The Kyouko thing is more or less just a joke of taking the "waifu" meme too far. From what it looks like, the blog covers the bare minimum of news coverage for its more personalized and interesting article headlines. And most of it is just an opinion blog with some bias to it.
I don't think there's anything necessarily wrong with the opinion blog itself, but I would rather these kinds of blogs not mislead, intentionally or not, its readers…


Oh, one more thing, don't quote me on this since I forgot where I read it.

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Are there any Kirara Magica stories featuring Nagisa, or ones with her in them somewhere? There is so little material on her, it's sad.


I don't think there has been anything focusing on her, but she has started appearing regularly in the usual Kirara serializations and a few one-shots.

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So is anyone buying the Rebellion dub release? Are you planning on uploading it?

I live in a country which won't be getting it for at least two months and I wanna watch it as soon as possible.

"Hurr why do you want to watch the dub anon" 'Cause I just do. I like dubs. I like subs too. I've watched it several times subbed so now I wanna watch the dub.
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Oh shit, I forgot all about that it was released this month in the USA.

And yeah, I share the pain on the wait for the first 2 movies. Even sadder in that they didn't release it as a blu-ray and DVD combo like the American version.


My copy came in the mail today. I can't really upload it though, sorry.


All good, anon; all it takes is one person to upload it for the rest of us to see. So we've just gotta keep visibility up.


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Already got it downloaded. I downloaded the FLAC first and tried to stick it on my downloaded copy but the subs stuck on the video like glue. It also released at midnight my time, so I just downloaded the muxed release overnight. Gonna watch it soon!

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Why didn't Hitomi become a Magical Girl? She had so much potential.
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Madoka would probably react about the same way she did to Sayaka turning.

Since Sayaka goes down like a chump in every timeline, we don't get to see her reaction to the full witch origin revelation. I bet she and Madoka would both be fairly reckless in trying to save Hitomi. However, I think Sayaka would be willing to take her out in order to save Madoka, provided she realized that it was necessary before it was too late.



To be honest I have the feeling she'd reach the witch stage long before Sayaka.


And why do you have these feelings? Exactly what aspects of (what little we've seen of) Hitomi's character led you to thinking this?



Well I could (hopefully) be wrong.

That being said she could very well contract only to realize her wish isn't what she intended or it could ruin her in some way, both instances causing her to despair.

And that is before shes exposed to the truth of witches.


That still doesn't explain /why/ you think that way. To repeat the question, exactly what aspects of Hitomi's character led you to thinking this?

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I was watching someone play Persona 4 today and they used a persona called Tzitzimitl that I thought looked rather similar to Haruka's witch form.

I also noticed that Tsubaki's witch looked similar to the nyogo enemies in the same game.

What are your thoughts?


I find this interesting, but I do recall many other witches being based upon popular video games and animes.

However, I believe the creators added their own unique twist to this witch. Although it is both reminiscent of monsters found in Japanese folklore and the persona Tzitzimitl, I cannot say that I have seen anything exactly like Haruka's witch.


It has characteristics of Persona's Tzitzimitl and the common depiction though; namely the skeleton arms and dress.

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First off-topic post in /meduka/
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28th august, birthday of Yuko Goto (Hiro, Junko) and Kaori Mizuhashi (Miyako, Mami, Takkun, Walpurgisnacht).

Happy birthday!


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My new wallpaper for my new raspberry pi …


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It's been a few months, but "Juno" is back. I'm in Japan and still without internet, but I've started collecting Madoka stuff (some of which is secured for Silver Garden's sake), including Kirara volumes 18 and all future volumes, Suzune 1-3, tart 1-2 and all future volumes, guidebooks, production notes, game guides, both games (psp and vita), all Oriko manga, and I should have access to more material if I can find it online.

Now, since I can read Japanese, are there any specific materials people are curious about? Questions, concerns, or brief translation/research requests? If something seems important enough, but it's older, provide an amazon.co.jp link or a way to purchase it online and I'll consider purchasing any reasonably priced stuff.

I cannot scan things, unfortunately, and I can't tell what information may need prioritizing from the wiki, so that's why I'm asking here. I'm using limited internet on my phone until internet gets installed. I'll be in Japan for a least a year, but I intend to stay longer.


Could you please translate this afterword on Suzune Magica by GAN?



Right now, I can't think of anything, but you're doing Madokami's work, anon.


Enjoy your time there?



Well, since I'm typing on my phone, I won't translate it directly (yet), but I can summarize it later, yes.


I can't compare myself to a goddess, but I do what I can.


Indeed, though I waited too long to get a really cool Homura figure at the game center… They put it in one of those horrifying no-one-ever-wins-anything-from-here machines and now I can just stare at it through the glass…

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