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So… a voiced monologue was hidden in the film. Yup. I feel like I might be late to the party, but I decided to translate it anyway:

"Once upon a time, in the distant future, there were girls who made deals with animals that hailed from another planet.
In exchange for having one of their wishes granted, they were given magical powers and fought with frightening monsters.
The girls in every world had their wishes granted. Countless girls fought the monsters. And in the end, every single one of them used up their power.
It is said that the girls who held magic had a secret legend passed down among them. When they were to disappear from the world, a magical goddess would appear to guide all magic girls to a wonderful land. She would guide them to a wonderful land with no sadness or regret."

Yes, it says, "Once upon a time, in the distant future"…
I don't get it, either, though time and space is so messed up in this series, it could mean a lot of things. I wonder if anyone else heard about this or picked it up during the film… For now, I'll keep those who don't know yet guessing. =P
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A few fixes to mine and the alternate translation:

"All kinds of worlds" is probably more accurate, as "arayuru" means something like, "every possible thing of [following word]".

But it seems the translator made some liberal changes to aspect. Some of the grammar is in confusind tense in Japanese, but through general context, it is actually being told like a fairy tale that has already happened, switching aspect in the end to potential progressive form. Also, "kanashimu koto mo nikushimu koto mo nai" would be something more like "no sadness or anything ugly or hateful", so their translation might be more accurate in that sense, but "regret" is the underlying usage of the term in the original series, so I used it here. Take that however you like. =3


What? I'm apparently late to this party as well. Where was this hidden?


Maybe the (apparently not so) unintelligible part at the beginning?
You can hear a muffled voice during the whole "Soul Gem Fall" scene.
Headphones might be required.


Oh, I didn't think that was "hidden".


Can you tell us where it's hidden or was the other guy correct about that "muffled voice"?

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I guess i'll post it here…
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Which is the name of Oriko's classmate who is also a magical girl?


The one with the ax? Komaki.


Yeah, that one Thank you.
I wonder why there's no decent fanart of the new spinoff characters


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Couldn't find this thread to ask earlier, but thanks for the raws!

File: 1403456042535.jpg (331.03 KB, 696x1000, Kirara_Magica_Vol_14_Cover.jpg)


Hey, does anyone know where raws for Kirara Magica vol.14 can be found? A few scans have popped up on the wiki, but the full version isn't posted or linked.


File: 1403459813541.png (1.43 MB, 2000x2887, 004.png)

The usual thread

I'm still in process of scanning right now…

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>Hoe-mu-ra Akemmy
>Hoh-mu-rah A-keh-mee.

God, this shit is so retarded. Can native English speakers really tell how that is supposed to be pronounced? Why not just use the IPA?


For the same reason we still use imperial units: one would have to learn the IPA to use the IPA. In any case, there are so many accents and regional dialects in English that trying to standardize pronunciation is a fool's errand.


I never learned IPA. It looks like gibberish to me.

Let's try this again, then. The dub pronounced Homura Akemi as something like Home-mura Akemmy, too many consonant and vowel-consonant blends and incorrect emphasis. A more correct pronunciation would be… well, a lot closer to how it's pronounced in Japanese.

To explain what I had said: "Hoe" pronounced like the tool. "Hoh" a much shorter vowel sound. "Akemmy" with emphasis on the middle syllable. Ah-keh-mee with no/little emphasis and no blend of the "ke" and "m" sounds.

At least the dub didn't do something like "Muh-DOUGH-ka" like almost every English speaking fan.


The IPA for the correct pronunciation is akemi homu͍ɽa. Based on your description, I think that the wrong pronunciation you are referring to is ʌˈkemɪ hoʊmʊrʌ, can anyone confirm?


Lol The pronunciation could use work in the dub, but I was just happy we didn't get Hahmurra, MuhDOHkuh, Kyooby, SuhYAHkuh, or Ma'ammy. We did get keeyohko, though.

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Does anyone have Beginning Story/ Everlasting Story audio commentary subs? There are many rebellion commentary subs, but I haven't seen any begining/everlasting ones…


Where did you find Rebellion commentary subs?


I happen to know Korean, and there are many Korean subs… so I watched them.



Thanks. That explains it.
Man, I'm falling behind. Sorry, everyone.

I'm taking notes on the film commentaries. They aren't subs, but they'll have most of everything important from the commentaries until someone finally does make subs. Progress is slow because I keep swamping myself with other things, but I still have the discs in the PS3, so I keep working on them when I turn it on.

File: 1401115618654.jpg (1.28 MB, 2000x1410, 1401032732830.jpg)


Finally finished scanning The Rebellion Story Official Guidebook "Only You". Dust jacket scan taken from the Tieba version.




Thanks for the hard work!


Anyone got around to translating the interviews?

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when will the madoka threads on /a/ be decent again?


when s2 comes out



File: 1401269630647.png (223.54 KB, 664x2255, tulpa_creation_guide.png)


Has anyone tried to make a Madoka tulpa? I am going to try it.


Will your tulpa also post on imageboards?


I am new to this, so I do not know if that kind of thing happens.


It's not a physical being, of course it can't post on imageboards.


False. I've been posting since I was imagined.


So far my only result has been a long dream in which Madoka was a character (not surprising when thinking so much about a single subject).

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The Madoka trilogy will finally premiere at mainland China this July, sponsored by CCG Expo at several local theatres in Shanghai.



If the Rebellion story will be released there, probably there will be a censorship since there was a skull scene on it

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