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limited edition exhibition booklet from a special Rebellion screening

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Emiri Katou(QB)
Q1: What does new Madoka Magica movie mean to you?
A: Surprise, what a twist!! Zuko-!!
Q2: Say something to transformed Homura-chan!
A: Every love is beautiful… Homura-chan…
Q3: What scene did you like in the movie, what scene was memorable?
A: I like the scene where Madoka pats QB's head!!!
Q4: Did you keep something in mind during the production?
A: To play a correct QB no matter what happens. When i read the script, I was trembling a lot…
Q5: Please say something to visiting fans.
A: There are a lot of things that you can see only here, so please, come back to visit Madoka's world by all means!!


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Q1: What does new Madoka Magica movie mean to you?
A: Circus
Q2: Say something to transformed Homura-chan!
A: Somehow, I still want to believe in you
Q3: What scene did you like in the movie, what scene was memorable?
A: I only performed my lines with a happy voice, but from that scene on I started wondering about many things related to Nagisa's character.
Q4: Did you keep something in mind during the production?
A: I'll do things I need to do with my full strength, as always!
Q5: Please say something to visiting fans.
A: She's a new character, but please treat Nagisa well.



Link dead. Anyone kept a copy?


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Clara (from Claris)
Q1: What does new Madoka Magica movie mean to you?
A: We worked on the opening starting from the TV series. This was the third time already, but I am really happy we got to work on this great product. Madoka Magica anime is our beloved work and the special presence for us.
Q2: Say something to transformed Homura-chan!
A: Homura-chan! Why did you turn into the devil?? And I feel sorry for Madoka-chan… Turn back into kind and strong Homura-chan…!!!
Q3: What scene did you like in the movie, what scene was memorable?
A: I liked the scene with Homura-chan and Madoka-chan in the park? The flower field? Seeing a conversation where two of them treasure each other, I was very happy.
Q4: Did you keep something in mind during the production?
A: During the recording I couldn't understand a thing about the new movei, but I tried to sing with Madoka-chan's and Homura-chan's feelings in my heart.
Q5: Please say something to visiting fans.
A: To take part in "Magical girl Madoka magica", I think that's happiness. I think I want to work on "Magical girl Madoka Magica" with everyone from now on as well. I like MadoMagi.


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would anyone happen to have the rest of these scan and translated?


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Some news:

Since Puella Magi Fanon Wiki had 2 new admins (since the founder is VERY, VERY inactive), one of the admins (SiRenfield) announced that the page needs more (ACTIVE) members to make the page alive.

You can update some Canon pages here, or Fanon stuff if you have one…

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Thankyou op!


>Account closed

Anyone kept a copy?


Currently uploading it right now, plus raws. I'll post it when it's done.


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Why didn't HomuHomu simply wish for Madoka and Mami / Everyone killed by Walpurgisnacht to be brought back to life instead?
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It took Madoka a few timelines to actually kill Walpurgis - her power level was average at best at that point.


You sure? I rewatched the scene in episode 10, and in the first timeline it's pretty ambiguous. It never outright states if Madoka ever failed to kill Walpurgis and got killed herself or she managed to kill Walpurgis but got killed doing it.

Actually, it never quite outright states whether or not Walpurgis survives or gets killed in any of the following timelines before the one where Madoka becomes powerful enough to kill her in one shot. All we ever see is the girls collapsed in the ruins of the city.


Because obsessive love


The wording for some of the timelines is ambiguous, but at least for the second timeline the script specifies that Walpurgisnacht was repelled (撃退) not slain.


Wishes are very tricky though. If she wished to revive them, Kyubey could have revived them as actual zombies (since they are technically already zombies) or worse.

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would you make a happy Homu?


She's drastically insane.


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>What is happiness? The feeling that power increases, that resistance is being overcome. - Nietzsche


homusecks is happiness?


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eps 11 and 12 delayed because the japan disaster was actually walpurgis


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File: 1420257321182.jpg (129.99 KB, 1920x1080, walpurgisnacht-1.jpg)


You can't tell me there were only 5 magical girls in the entire world when this happened. Just from the story we know there were others operating in other cities.
Where were the rest of them?
Why wasn't there a huge Magical Girl meet-up to fight Walpurgisnacht, and thus prevent the events in the series from happening?
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That would leave Madoka vulnerable to contracting with Kyubey.


I have read one funny doujin about homura fool 50 girls to conrtact with kyubey, fight walpurgis, and kill them afterward. That would be the craziest ending ever!

Homura barely asked for another help. She stick with what happen in few first timeline, no one believe her. She might just started to ask kyoko help in main timeline because she is in the corner now. If the story continue, homura might make her own army.

but remember, homura have only 1 mouth. Gathering weapons would far easier than gathering girls.


In any timeline where Mami dies (ie HOMU DOESNT HELP AGAINST CHARLOTTE) we can assume that madoka is discouraged from it, at least until sayaka dies. That'd buy enough time, plus homu has time powers, cutting the time needed shorter tremendously.


the other magical girls are busy fighting their very own walpurgis anyway, there is no suhc thing as a natural catastrophe, everything is walpurgis.


Yeah, there were no natural catastrophes before QBs found humans. No wait.

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Item #: SCP-2043

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Individuals of SCP-2043 are extremely hard to contain. As of now, the Foundation has only one of each “species” that make up SCP-2043, each of which has its own containment procedures:

• SCP-2043-1-047 is to be kept in a locked cell with no access to the outside world. The only personnel allowed in SCP-2043-1-047’s cell are testing D-Class personnel. Any instances of SCP-2043-2 created in the process of testing are to be immediately terminated.

• SCP-2043-2-1098 is to be kept in a normal humanoid containment cell and given three meals a day. Should SCP-2043-2-1098 use her powers, she is to be immediately disciplined. If SCP-2043-2-1098’ instance of SCP-2043-2-a show signs of darkening or any other signs of transforming into an instance of SCP-2043-3, she is to be given several extremely strong anti-depressants and two instances of SCP-2043-3-a.

• SCP-2043-3-867’s instance of SCP-2043-3-a is to be heavily guarded by MTF Pi-8 (aka “Burning Stakes”). Any civilians who penetrate the “Red Zone” are to be terminated via sniper fire. Surviving victims of SCP-2043-3-867 are to be given class-B amnesiacs and escorted to the nearest medical facility.

• All instances of SCP-2043-4-1087 generated by SCP-2043-3-867 are to be immediately terminated.

All wild instances of SCP-2043-3 and SCP-2043-4 are to be terminated on site.


Description: SCP-2043 refers to four interlocking “species”, designated as SCP-2043-1 – 4. SCP-2034-1 are cat-like entities who target young girls from █ to ██ years in age. On choosing a necessary target, the specimen will become only visible to the target, designated as SCP-2043-0. The specimen will then offer if the subject would like make a contract with it in return for a “wish.” If the subject rejects, the specimen will leave and no other instances target the subject. If the subject accepts, [DATA EXPUNGED]. This process will cause the subject to turn into an instance of SCP-2043-2. SCP-2043-2 are humanoid entities wearing brightly colored dress and other apparel, usually to a Lolita theme, though this is not always the case. Instance of SCP-2043-2 have the ability to summon various weapon out of thin air.


All instance of SCP-2043-2 are technically dead, exhibiting no pulse, breath, or internal temperature or processes. Additionally, test shows all cell within the bodies of SCP-2043-2 instances are dead. How they do not succumb to decomposition or brain death is unknown. Despite this the subjects can still move, think, and exhibit the five senses. If a specimen consumes food, it will slowly putrefy within their stomach.

Additionally, all specimens of SCP-2043-2 carry a small, egg-shaped piece of jewelry, designated SCP-2043-1-a. SCP-2043-2-a can change into a ring at the specimen’s conveyance. Additionally, if the specimen changes form, the object will become a piece of broach-like jewelry. If the object is broken is broken in any way, the specimen will die.

If the specimen begins to feel depressed or uses their powers too excessively without using an instance of SCP-2043-3-a (see below), their instance of SCP-2043-2-a will begin to darken in color. If the object becomes completely black, then the object will become an instance of SCP-2043-3-a. Brain death will then occur in the subject, leaving them completely dead. SCP-2043-3-a are black, broach-like pieces of jewelry that are permanently anchored to the spot where the specimen of SCP-2043-2 died.


Shortly after creation, an instance of SCP-2043-3 will emerge from the respective instance of SCP-2043-a. Instances of SCP-2043-3 are bizarre entities who exhibit reality bending abilities. Testing shows specimens retain the personalities and memories of the SCP-2043-2 specimen they originated from. However, they suffer from various mental illnesses. Including (But not limited to) schizophrenia, psychosis, various nervous disorders, paranoia, etc.

Most instances of SCP-2043-3 are hostile to humans. They range from the small and harmless, if not annoying, to the large and incredibly destructive, with the largest known specimens capable of causing an XK-class end of the world scenario.


All instance of SCP-2043-3 produce smaller, similar beings, designated SCP-2043-4. SCP-2043-4 act as “servants” to the SCP-2043-3 specimen who created them. Similarly, most instances of SCP-2043-4 are hostile. If left unchecked, instances of SCP-2043-4 will “evolve” into instances of SCP-2043-3. Both beings live in a pocket-dimension created upon death of the original SCP-2043-2 specimen, designated SCP-2043-3-b.

If a human enter this pocket dimension, [DATA EXPUNGED].

If an instance of SCP-2043-3 dies, then the pocket dimension ceases to exist, and their instance of SCP-2043-3-a will become movable. If placed next to an instance of SCP-2043-2-a, it will “clean” it, causing it to become less dark. However, upon being used, the object will become active again, and eventually, it’s respective SCP-2043-3 specimen will emerge again.


Incredible. Post this to the actual scp site.

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Sayaka was a murderer.


yea she murdered kevin-kun's penis


That heart she used to summon Oktavia wasn't hers. It was the one she stole from kevin-kun.


File: 1420548501195.gif (2.1 MB, 500x281, 14201243475242.gif)

What are you talking about she is as innocent as can be.

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