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Scans for Key Animation Notes Vol.6 out!



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does anime make people paedos or does it unlock the hidden paedo within us all
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inb4 meduka meguca is a conspiracy to make everyone paedos


without the paedo betafag plebs tho we wouldn't have rabullion.


Is being attracted to megucas a sin


probably you don't want to be next to a meguca when she become a witch …


not if you can cleanse their soul gems with cuddle power

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What happened to the tree next to Walpurgisnacht in the final timeline? The tree's only ever been shown in Madoka's dream sequence at the beginning and the disparate timeline flashbacks in Episode 10.

…Speaking of which, since Walpurgisnacht does not need a Labyrinth to cover herself with, what was the surrealist building that Madoka was supposedly running through in the dream sequence? And which eventually led her to the top of the giant tree?
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Seems far fetched, but maybe the tree symbolizes the many timelines that Homura had been to.

No clue what the building meant though.


But that still doesn't explain why the tree just up and vanishes during the final timeline.


5913 here.

Madoka was never Puella Magi in the first place, until she made her story breaker wish.


She still had the potential inside her — that's why she could see Kyubey and witch barriers in the first place, after all. One does not necessarily need to be a full puella magi.



I believe the tree is where the shelter is, and because that in the final timeline Waffle House never makes it to the Shelter the tree no longer exsists.

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Is there anyone out there who can help me find transparent PNGs of each of the girls' symbols? (Pic is a screenshot from Madoka Portable, what I'm looking for is marked in red)

I've been googling for the past few days, and it doesn't seem like anyone's bothered to recreate the symbols… what few resources I <i>have</i> found are mostly recreations of the Soul Gems and such.

Tonight I've been trying to extract them myself from an ISO of Portable, but I have next to no idea how to go about doing so… it's a job for someone far more tech-savvy than me.

So is there ANYONE out there that can help me out, please? Anyone at all?


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This finally has some use.

However, they're not transparent. You will have to do some manual cropping and all to get them like that.


Here's a link to all of them since the board isn't letting me upload for some reason:




Thank you so much, you're amazing!

Cropping and such is no problem at all, this is exactly what I needed.

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This is my autistic post-rebellion crossover fic.

Someone was bound to write it.


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Does anyone have a download for the Kimi no Gin no Niwa album — or just an MP3 for misterioso? I can't find it anywhere.

Which is weird because I found KnGnN pretty easy, but misterioso seems to be the one that gets hit harder with copyright shit

help a sister out?



It's on Kalafina's "Red" album, you can find that anywhere.

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Should we make a Freudian psychoanalysis thread or psychoanalysis thread in general? (For example personality types, diagnose Homura as autistic or not)
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Savant tendencies my ass, he plays a single instrument and practices pretty much all the time. You hardly even need talent for that, let alone being a savant.


are we talking about 'butter dick'?


He was good enough to play in a concert mainly attended by adults at the age of 4-7 or so. Not many kids are that good.


I was, I know other people who were, and I'm far from being a savant and so are they.



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Do you think Homu will ever get over Madoka?
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I can see it still becoming bittersweet. They don't have to follow the theme of hope as shown ala Rebellion.

Homura could still be offered salvation in the end, but will probably reject it. I can see Homura killing the girls eventually if they continue to try to reraise Madokami which would send Madoka in to a fit of sheer rage.

Its inevitable that Madoka and Homura will become enemies, I doubt it'll end in the sweet manner that could have been in Rebellion. But Gen doesn't believe in the "Happy ending". The "Not yet" track implies the story isn't over just yet and that another tale is about to begin.

Not to mention I feel that i should bring up that Homura is in a constant clash of pleasure and pain. she hates herself for what she did but at the same time revels in it. She is unhealthily obsessed with Madoka, and now she has the means to keep tabs on her 24/7. She will have no qualms about killing a few people if she must, however everyone is already close with madoka in some way or manner. So doing so is out of the question if Homu doesn't want auto ascending Mado and an immediate clash of blades.

I don't wanna say I have no hope for homu, I just won't be expecting much of her.

Besides we all know Mami is best meguca.


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Is because Mumi a lewd?


I don't think Homura's love is sexual in nature at all.


>you still have things happening, like in the one audio drama, where Kyoko's throwing sea urchins or something at Sayaka's face, and laughing about it, all the while knowing that Sayaka's deathly afraid of them.

That… doesn't even compare to what Homura does to Madoka.
While it's mean, it's also something to laugh at later. It's just all playful fun.

I don't get how that says 'BAD BAD UNHEALTHY' compared to what Homura has done and her seemingly obssession with Madoka…


thats actually exactly what she thinks if we take the stuff about nutcracker seriously.


theres an addendum from the topic in the first comment.

this interpretation posits a healthy optimism of madoka and homuras relationship. I think the most unhealthy thing about these topics is the way they shoulder homura with all the guilt for it. the scene as she's holding madoka in that broken mitakihara is supposed to mean something

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Are you ronery?

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This is a message to anyone who wants to join in the Madoka scanlation project, or who has interest in it (feel free to post here anonymously, but we at least want to distinguish people from each other in IRC):

We have decided our most active time shall start around [UTC-6 - 21:00], and sometimes an hour earlier, depending on the day. There are no set meetings yet, but if we can get people on at this time every day, we can talk more regularly about what's going on in our lives and how to get our work out more efficiently, instead of grabbing at straws whenever I or someone else is busy or away for a long time and cannot submit/complete our work.

If you cannot make it at that time, let us know what time you CAN make it, and don't forget to include your timezone. I'm doing my best to be online 24/7 to reply immediately to the chat or take messages (if I'm not, I apologize), so even if you cannot meet with the whole group, you can still contribute.

Don't be afraid to just check it out, either. While we do want commitment, I've found that teams work best when no one is pressured and everyone is working on something because they want to. So if you realize you cannot or do not want to continue your contributions, don't be afraid to tell us. We cannot judge you for your life priorities. Anyway…

IRC channel information:

Server: Rizon
Channel: madokatrans
Main active time: UTC-6 21:00 (9:00pm) *make sure to look this up in your own timezone

See you there! =3
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Waiting on me for Oriko:SD and LA. More Oriko after that, and then Tart. Then smooth sailing to release. Suzune is a little further in the plans unless one of the other groups release it first. Not sure if anyone else picked it up yet, but I heard rumors.







And we will be taking our release down upon the English release! We know some people will feel compelled to hold onto our releases, but if you have access to Yen Press' release, please prioritize a physical copy over ours. Their releases have been spectacular. Juno-approved translation and work on everything Madoka Magica thus far. =3


In the meantime, will you still release scanlations of SD and LA, until the official English translation is released?

Also, how is Sadness Prayer going?



Yes, we will.
Sadness Prayer will be after we catch up with the rest.

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