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A second event with Madoka is happening, this time with Devil Homu
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Yeah dude, what thoughtless you are.


I just wanted to hear a "Thank You" that you can write in under 5 seconds for around 40 min work of translation, that would be enough, but I was expecting too much. Thank you guys that you support me at least somehow. Yea, I am not perfect. But the funny thing is, he can´t do it better and still complains about a bad translation and he does it only because he is anon. So I don´t know who exactly is talking or if he just joined and replied to me like that. People like him don´t even deserve any kind of translation and I translated it to understand it, not that someone will insult my grammar skills. What do you expect nowadays from a fanmade translation? And beside that, I write comments with much more spelling than the average would do in the web. Finally, feel free to correct me, I know that it isn´t perfectly done, but it´s at least something. The Wiki page is updated by me with that translation and minor changes, you should correct mistakes there if you find any, tell me then there I failed. If I only receive feedback like that again, I won´t share tranlations here so freely anymore.


Im said to annouce Divines Gate x Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Rebellion Story event is ending today.


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Thank you.


unrelated to the crossover, it looks like divine gate is getting an anime.. (makes me wonder if pia will appear in it..)

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If you could raise Madoka as a daughteru, would you? It you could fight the incubators as humans would you?


What if the Illuminati were the good guys fighting the good fight all along?

I mean, who wouldn't want Madoka to be their daughteru?


Yeaaaah Josef Fritzl 2.0


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This thread will be used to post updates (ie new scans) to



>Puella Magi Madoka Magica 4Koma Anthology 4 [RAW].zip
Added to: /Manga/RAW

DDL http://www.mediafire.com/?09l3oyyocg63yno


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>Puella Magi Madoka Magica 4Koma Anthology 3 [RAW].zip
Added to: /Manga/RAW

DDL http://www.mediafire.com/?rmr3r93e3rc0rg6

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Allow me to ask you a dumb crossover question.
What side wins in battle?

The only reason i asked because i got bored yesterday and asked myself this question.
Both sides have a few similarities:
1.they appear as twisted mirror images of the person they represent
2. born from humans, and carry with them human emotions, which are mostly negative
3.When created they both have their own dungeon thing that they live in which also represents that person and their emotions.

Every Witch/shadow allowed, all the witches from the Madoka spin offs and games and all the shadows from persona 1-4 and spinoffs.

I don't expect alot of answers, it is kind of a dumb question.


Hard to say. I lean more on the shadows because they're a part of everyone rather than a single group of people (shadows=everyone as apposed to magical girls=witches).

But on another side, I think they're equally strong. Just depends on the individuals (persona users or magical girls) that have trouble taking them out.


I suppose it would boil down to Persona 2's Nyarlathotep vs. Gretchen?


Would Nyx and her avatar form count as a shadow?
Because, she alone could easily win the fight.
Only Gretchen and walpurgis could give Nyx a bit of a challenge.
But hey either side could win.

It would be weird to see a Madoka and Persona crossover.


I've seen a couple of fanfics that tried it. Like most fanfics, none were any good.

There was one with an interesting idea at least, which boiled down to "Madoka gets a Persona, dead witches return as humans in the Shadow world and get a Persona after returning to reality", and I think it would have been interesting if it was better written.


Well Nyx is the mother of all shadows, so yes.
While Getchen is the most powerful witch, she can't defeat Nyx (who even the P3 gang just couldn't defeat because it's death).

So I guess the shadows would win due to this. I mean, the witches can die, they're not completely unbeatable (sure there's WN, but even it was shown to be beatable).

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do you have friends?


File: 1442585236408.png (1.38 MB, 3946x2440, 797b4fe9a58b5e06983f08e98d582b…)

hell yeah


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Do you have clones?
Or maybe you are the clone of someone else?



Only you, Anonymous. It was always only you.


Hold me I am scared and ronery

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so does anyone else ever consider the idea of a system before the Witches that screwed Magical girls over even more than the Soul gems turning into grief seeds? Theoretically, it's just as possible a magical girl with her own ridiculous power intervened to make her own
better system as the Witches, only for her own wish and existence to be retconned by Madoka's to stop Witches from existing. Technically, there could even have been a chain of absurdly powerful magical girls who kept changing the system to their own specifications of 'better', only to be erased completely each time another magical girl of equal power rewrote the rules and reset the universe.


il sole penetra la vagini played around with that; people are witches in that one, which makes for some really fun, guiltless killing until they have to kill people they care about. if only ilsole was better directed/made.


Daybreak Illusion played more around with the idea of people themselves being Witches/Daemonia and the girls not wanting to kill them because of that; I was referring more to the idea of a system that fucked the magical girls over even more than just turning them into Witches, only for the Witches system to be instated by magical girl who, in the same way Madoka's existence becomes a concept that destroys them, said magical girl's existence becomes a concept to create them, and is thereby removed from existence by Madoka's wish.

That said, it's too bad DBI ended up as poorly constructed as it did. It could have been something really cool, but instead it was just an overall pretty shit show.


File: 1442493545022.jpg (47.16 KB, 647x472, Untitled.jpg)

It's possible that the Wraiths will turn out to be in some way worse or more powerful than the Witches. Since things seem better now for magical girls, maybe the Wraiths make things worse for everyone else.

Maybe the Wraiths were the original enemies and preyed upon people much more openly. A magical girl made a wish to contain their power source (despair) within herself, with the hope that it would put the burden on a few magical girls and leave the rest of humanity to go about their lives.

Maybe once they come into direct conflict, Madoka and Homura will nullify each other, resetting the system to one where Wraiths exist but there is no LoC to keep things from getting out of hand.


arguably, having to kill your beloved ones is worse than dying yourself.

well, notmadoka 2014 went with the route of them losing themselves, sight, voice, memory, etc… and the situation was as dire as possible.

it's still fun to theorize, I ahve not watched princess tutu to say what it did and I plan to watch that one so mark spoiler properly pls :P

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Is it possible to attack Ultimate Madoka at all ?

For example, if shes coming for a Magical Girl and that magical girl doesn't like it could they attempt to attack Madoka and injure her ?
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Luckily, it's completely scanned already:

mediafire.com/MadokaOfficial has all the production materials, in case you didn't know.



Thanks. I do prefer physical material when translating from my phone (no other internet), but it's better than nothing. Any pages specifically you'd like details of?


That would be cool. I'll post them in the other thread >>9386 since this is a bit offtopic, when find an interesting one I want you to look at.


Since Sayaka destroyed her own Soul Gem and Madoka still got her does that mean you can't escape Madoka no matter what?


Sayaka's Soul Gem broke when she became a witch. Neither of those things happened in the current timeline, because Madokami took her away instead.

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Bad Choice Kyubey… Bad Choice…
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I like how Patchouli can barely hold up her spell book. Also, Kyouko's belligerent personality would fit in perfectly among Touhou characters.

New headcanon: Mitikahara was originally settled by refugees from an ancient conflict in Gensokyo. That's why, to this day, there are so many lesbians there.


None of the girls are lesbians.


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File: 1441824797348.jpg (131.46 KB, 850x1004, sample_ffbc1bb658360f267f9a0da…)


File: 1441888298534.jpg (302.15 KB, 1038x1528, わ)

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raws/scanlations, anything, im dying to download vol 1. T_T



ty soo much :3333


You're welcome~


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File: 1440741737057.png (1.87 MB, 1600x672, KazumiMagica_posters.png)


I'm wondering if anyone can help me find the following images provided in bigger and higher quality if possible.

I'd like to use them for the character pages, but I can't seem to find some good ones. Might anyone be able to help me find them?
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Kazumi is 魔法少女和美

Oriko is 魔法少女織莉子

Suzune is 魔法少女鈴音


File: 1440856561710.jpg (544.17 KB, 800x1039, 1434147334515.jpg)

Only one I could find.


File: 1440857734970.jpg (682.24 KB, 1080x1920, 192300685_org.v1440760503.jpg)

Found this one someone's twitter. Probably won't be terrible once properly cleaned up.


File: 1440859215309.png (525.89 KB, 1080x1598, suzune.png)


I think this blog might have some, but I can't figure out how to navigate it.


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