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Homura saying that she might destroy the universe doesn't gel with the fact that that she wishes for a world where Madoka can be happy.

Unless you consider that as the devil, Homura lies…and she's probably lying like Kyubey here. Given that Homura seems to be trying to make everyone happy, my guess is that when she says she might destroy the world, she really means that she might reset it again after all the wraiths are gone. This would suggest Homura is planning something the viewer is not privy to.

On the other hand, when Homura talks to Sayaka she doesn't know that it's possible for Madoka to regain her memories and return to the Law of Cycles. It can be argued that after destroying all of the wraiths, she will challenge Sayaka…and she'll let Sayaka kill her, fitting in with the suicide imagery of her familiars.


Your on le reddit, what did you expect? An intellectually stimulating discussion?


It is an intellectually stimulating discussionover there. I don't agree with all his points, but everything he said is well argued. On the contrary, it looks that some people here get offended easily when someone expresses a different opinion and backs it up with a valid reasoning; and yet, they offer no intellectual counter-arguments to show why the original poster's points are sh*t. To me, they are the real losers.


You're on a chan, that means you have to pick sides. Sorry bout it.


After reviewing the propositions afforded to the analysis undertaken, it's evident that it is an absolutely dry and ungrounded reading. Whomever they may be, they've written something truly disconnected from the series, containing idiosyncratic self-dialogues to explain an inherrently weak position in order to validate an altogether self-affirming criticism; that being that the criticism itself stands only in relation to its own perspective, and says little for the context of the franchise with regards to the decades that have passed in succession towards its development, be them inadvertent or not.

THIS TO SAY FUCKING LITTLE of the absolute reference-less critique in the wider purview of the industry as a whole, which is absolutely NECESSARY to any reading in general - specifically with regards to the contextual elements that inform the show as a commentary. AVOIDING these in favor of a reading that attempts to explicate an inherent weakness' simply degenerates into an aporia that is simply neither worth the time exploring nor examining with any great fucking depth.

Finally, that script is THE WORST FUCKING ABASEMENT I've seen, and simply surmises the condition of fan rendered critiques; they explore seemingly meaningful - and yet wholly meaningless - arguments that amount to little of content.

If you ever write a review for an anime, ever attempt an analysis, this is how not to do it.

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anyone knows where to find the background music of this trailler ?, expecialy this version of sis puellaq magi…?


This one? Download link is in description.

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Rebellion Production Notes announced for June (different from the Rebellion Guide Book "Only You")


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I don't really know what to say just yet about the movie but I made a video for you guys

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vid taken down for copyright


Can you upload this to another site?


Yes OP, please put it on Mediafire or some other hosting site.


Yea sorry it took me so long


The mediafire download is enormous, i can upload a smaller one if anyone is interested nut in the meantime here it is



bumping this thread for OP

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Hello, I have been doing some work to investigate the claim there are tracks missing. The conclusion looks not too good, but the results of the experiment are as follows.

1.once we were[1:10]
2.nightmare ballet[1:55]
>missing track #1 (chanting during Saotome's rant)
4.nice to meet you[1:15]
5.nothing special, but so special[1:10]
>missing track #2 (accordion prelude to the second nightmare, may be part of Holy Quintet)
7.Holly Quintet[2:51]
8.one for all[1:27]
>cake song ;_;
9.he is…[1:05]
10.the battlle is over[0:51]
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Thank you for going through the trouble.


Now awaiting for the OST to be released…I hope.


It will be released along with the BD. Soon it will just be a week left until we have it.


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>mfw I was totally correct


Guess we're gonna have to wait two years for the Madoka Magica Movies Music Collection for those unreleased tracks.

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Promo stuff for Hanokage's new Madoka manga. Looks like an adaptation of the film.

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Found the link for Vol. 3(English):


I can't find a translated Vol.2…


Some anon in 4chan
someone wants to volunteer or something with the rebellion manga translation, better find out some more.—~~~~


Looks like someone needs to scan the recent Kirara Magica really fast…




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Since no-one answered my previous question, I might as well ask another.

Anyone know what's going on with Mami Tomoe's Everyday Life? I don't actually read it, but I'm curious to see if it actually is moving from Kirara Magica to Kirara Forward.

File: 1396052134332.png (Spoiler Image, 674.55 KB, 584x826, Rebellion Blu-Ray change.png)


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Does anyone have sayaka fone?
Kyoko's or Mami's, too.
Also, could someone upload madoka magica fone petit? My phone is being repaired….
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Oh yeah, could someone like upload the full versions as well?


thirding this.


Does anyone know if the new update will work on Madoka's fone app if I got it a long time ago? I know she's supposed to change to a yukata at random points in the day, but I have yet to witness this and I've been checking it all day…

I considered uninstalling and re-installing the app, but I don't know if that will destroy all the unlocked data or not. I'm on the last witch (Sayaka) and it would be a shame to restart everything before I at least unlock the final set of rewards…


I got Homura phone but it was so buggy so I don't use it.


Could you just try it once more?

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I know the Rebellion is supposed to be based on <i>Paradise Lost</i> by John Milton, but I had a theory. The characters are based on Egyptian gods.

Madoka is Osiris,god of the afterlife.

Homura can be either Isis or Set. Moemura and "Badass" Homura are both Isis, Goddess of Magic and fertility, and Osiris' wife. Akuma Homura/Homucifer is Set/Seth, god of chaos, storms, and the desert, Osiris's once-loving brother, who betrayed, murdered, and usurped him.

Sayaka is Horus, god of the sky, war, and protection,and Osiris' son, who fought with Set.

Mami is both Ra, god of the sun and sworn enemy of Apep, and Hathor, goddess of motherhood and beauty.

Kyoko is Anubis, God of the dead and embalming.

Kyubey is Apep, God of evil and Entropy.


Also Nagisa is Bastet, Goddess of cats.

Incubators as a whole could Ammut, the devourer of the dead, seeing how they eat Grief Seeds.

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