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Has anyone tried to make a Madoka tulpa? I am going to try it.


Will your tulpa also post on imageboards?


I am new to this, so I do not know if that kind of thing happens.


It's not a physical being, of course it can't post on imageboards.


False. I've been posting since I was imagined.


So far my only result has been a long dream in which Madoka was a character (not surprising when thinking so much about a single subject).

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The Madoka trilogy will finally premiere at mainland China this July, sponsored by CCG Expo at several local theatres in Shanghai.



If the Rebellion story will be released there, probably there will be a censorship since there was a skull scene on it

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ClariS is breaking up after 3 years of music so one of the girls can focus on studying.


What do you guys think? If we get another animated installment, will you miss if ClariS isn't singing the theme for it?


Meh. The endings is where the shit is at.


I will be a bit nostalgic, but I am glad they are taking their education seriously.


>ClariS is now preparing its next stage

Well, then there's no problem. They're probably going to find a new singer to replace Alice and that's it. It's going to change them for sure, but a change is not necessarily a bad thing.

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Madokami scale scenario will happen again, so there's no rush in buying her


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Rebellion guidebook scan from Madoka Tieba:

Puella Magi Madoka Magica Movie The Rebellion Story Official Guidebook Only You [RAW].rar 244.8 MB



I just realized that one of the pages lists some of Homulilly's familiars… and those giant flying ships that flew above the city are included with a name above them that fits into Homulilly's familiar's naming scheme: Their name is Lisa.

I have my hands tied with lots of other Madoka-related translation things right now, but eventually, I'll take a thorough look into this.

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http://waifu.pl/ We need shrines for Kyoko, Mami, Sayaka and maybe Nagisa?

I made Homura's, by the way :P


>need shrines
>not feel true love towards

I am not proud of you, Homulover.





I don't know, perhaps ask one of the people who do have a waifu on the site.


Is… Is this CaptainAfrica of self-insert galore OOC fanfiction fame?

Homura belongs with Madoka. Kyouko belongs with Sayaka. Mami… Mami has her little pseudo-daughter/sister to keep her company.

I don't get people who think Homura "Ai Yo" Akemi could ever be with anyone else. Faceless lust in doujin is faceless lust, but love is just strange.


It's simple. Whenever you are with Homu, you become the Madoka.

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1500 views already? That's like 10 times more than I expected.
Guess there was at least some demand for such a video.


What 9000 views? There's no way that can be right.



That's not too surprising. I've had 10,000+ views on a few of my piano videos before, and those weren't that great. This video is somewhat unique over youtube, and there's a demand for it, so 9,000+ seems pretty reasonable.


>make unique videos
>no demand
>having 300 views is suffering ;__;


File: 1400599381201.jpg (104.17 KB, 849x580, Clipboard02.jpg)

I wonder where that massive spike came from.

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what if Shrek was in Madoka Magica?


File: 1397754760251.png (4.36 MB, 1920x1200, YvV2rUA.png)

this is the image I meant


File: 1397796534249.jpg (96.7 KB, 488x840, My homura cant be this emo.jpg)

I think you meant this one


File: 1397817665694.jpg (92.41 KB, 600x668, 1396560543777.jpg)

>mixing best meguca with worst girl





Best meguca got lucky. At least Puss is as sexy and cool as Kyoko (well, to furries anyway).

Now where the hell is Farquaad-faced Kyubey? Or Fionanacht/Fionagisa?

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Anyone here interested in a raid on politicsandwar.com? They have recently raided a bunch of websites, specifically the admin and some higher ups in the game. Most recently, they tried to raid the game Worlds at War. Several other websites are going to participate
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all of us five users of walpurgischan will help you, provided we are not busy fapping to lolis.

so, you get 0 help man.


Hey, to be fair, right now everyone is fapping to their own perceived intellectual superiority and the ~symbolism~ of the Madoka franchise.


And what is your opinion on that, pray tell?


That you take bait easily and phrased that as pretentiously as possible. That's my opinion.


And why, pray tell, do you think that?

File: 1396156577547.png (5.36 MB, 893x5516, RebellionMado.png)


Rebellion imagery topic! Symbolism, visual foreshadowing, creative architecture, etc.
Basically, post screenshots (camrip, BD rip) of things in Rebellion you wish to talk about or show everyone.

For starters, I just compiled all the instances of the white window I could find in the BD release. It's pretty obvious that it's meant to symbolize the boundary between Homura's barrier and the outside world. Note that I only compiled images of the white window. There are similar windows in the film, such as right outside the incubator containment field, on some walls, and on the elephant carriage, but those don't just appear out of nowhere or show some connection to Madoka, so I won't consider them relevant.
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File: 1400059814577.jpg (84.87 KB, 960x540, resized劇場版…)

Oh I have just notice this!
In very first scene when homura's soul gem was falling, "BEFORE" it fall into "White Window" ,

the camera went into "dark part of her soul gem". I think that seem to be mean "go into witch barrier".

After that, her soul gem (probably FAKE soul gem she shot later) look like SINKing because we saw air bubbles.(To show that here was the OTHER place to before camera went in) Last, her soul gem felled into white window.

What I want to say is "dark part of soul gem should refer to barrier" homura not only trap in barrier but also create the barrier so it would be more make sense for "Let viewers go into homura barrier".

With that theory, white window might refer to "Madoka". I'm not sure that 'closing window' also refer to "memory erased" or not. (I haven't watch entire of BD version yet!! = = )

Lastly, Kimi no Gin no niwa also mention "Window" too.
Madobe de saezutte
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Actually, I wouldn't consider the camera's zoom in on the Soul Gem's dark spot to represent an actual transition into her barrier, but rather a key to the audience that her Soul Gem is pretty contaminated, hinting to the core events of the film. There's no actual indication of us having traversed into her barrier during the zoom in, whereas we can clearly see space and distance of the Soul Gem's drop in relation to the window. Thus, I'd say that's a far more solid transition scene if we're talking about crossing some kind of boundary into her barrier.


File: 1400120372377.jpg (233.46 KB, 1920x1080, 劇場版 ƍ…)

You have a point. It might be just showing contamination. But with circumstance like air bubbles and water sound just started right after that zooming, it is obvious in water. ah… I don't know. I think this might show transition to something else, as I have already said. Just confirm my opinion.
Anyway, zooming in dark spot is too vague to interpret transition to witch's barrier = = And falling into white window is much more better on that.

There were so many windows show up… like randomly. There are also 'non-white' window or window with 'colorful squares and circle around them' .For example, outside Kyubey's isolation field with dark window, colorful window that show the past, and on Blu-ray Box (We can see Madokami and Homura with her dark wing inside. Madoka didn't show in Madokami from inside barrier for sure. But if we take out stuff in the box, we see Nightmare barrier! this window represent Homura's barrier! Too much vague thing here = = )

Anyway, white windows were most relate to Madoka or boundary and other type of window seem to relate to boundary? past? or just random Inu Curry things? I don't know. However, are there anyone can tell about "Window tower" in the way to Kazamino? Ton of dark windows. Do we have something to do with this tower? Anyone know weather it interpreted something?

Lastly… In the end of my (crazy long) reply, soul gem falling scene(again = = ) there was Madoka's voice. I wonder what she said??? or just randomly dialog from some movie?



The white window was the most obviously connected. The rest of the windows were non-InuCurry windows, so I'm not sure if they were as symbolic. Some of them just seemed like typical SHAFT design.

As for Kazamino, I figured it out while watching that the further they traveled from the places that Homura was familiar with, the less detail was shown. Meaning, Homura's memories didn't include Kazamino, so Kazamino doesn't actually exist. The shapes we saw were just vague concepts of landscape and buildings one would usually characterize for a city. Thus, the imagery there was probably just to represent an abstract concept of a city to Homura, who had no idea what Kazamino actually looked like.

As for Madoka's voice, I LITERALLY just posted a translation of what she said in another topic, which is currently one of the most recent topics. It's the one with the image of Madoka holding her hand out of the window, in black and white.


OH I see! The one about "distant future".
Thank you so much. ; )

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