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Hello, I have been doing some work to investigate the claim there are tracks missing. The conclusion looks not too good, but the results of the experiment are as follows.

1.once we were[1:10]
2.nightmare ballet[1:55]
>missing track #1 (chanting during Saotome's rant)
4.nice to meet you[1:15]
5.nothing special, but so special[1:10]
>missing track #2 (accordion prelude to the second nightmare, may be part of Holy Quintet)
7.Holly Quintet[2:51]
8.one for all[1:27]
>cake song ;_;
9.he is…[1:05]
10.the battlle is over[0:51]
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Thank you for going through the trouble.


Now awaiting for the OST to be released…I hope.


It will be released along with the BD. Soon it will just be a week left until we have it.


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>mfw I was totally correct


Guess we're gonna have to wait two years for the Madoka Magica Movies Music Collection for those unreleased tracks.

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Promo stuff for Hanokage's new Madoka manga. Looks like an adaptation of the film.

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Found the link for Vol. 3(English):


I can't find a translated Vol.2…


Some anon in 4chan
someone wants to volunteer or something with the rebellion manga translation, better find out some more.—~~~~


Looks like someone needs to scan the recent Kirara Magica really fast…




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Since no-one answered my previous question, I might as well ask another.

Anyone know what's going on with Mami Tomoe's Everyday Life? I don't actually read it, but I'm curious to see if it actually is moving from Kirara Magica to Kirara Forward.

File: 1396052134332.png (Spoiler Image, 674.55 KB, 584x826, Rebellion Blu-Ray change.png)


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Does anyone have sayaka fone?
Kyoko's or Mami's, too.
Also, could someone upload madoka magica fone petit? My phone is being repaired….
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Oh yeah, could someone like upload the full versions as well?


thirding this.


Does anyone know if the new update will work on Madoka's fone app if I got it a long time ago? I know she's supposed to change to a yukata at random points in the day, but I have yet to witness this and I've been checking it all day…

I considered uninstalling and re-installing the app, but I don't know if that will destroy all the unlocked data or not. I'm on the last witch (Sayaka) and it would be a shame to restart everything before I at least unlock the final set of rewards…


I got Homura phone but it was so buggy so I don't use it.


Could you just try it once more?

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I know the Rebellion is supposed to be based on <i>Paradise Lost</i> by John Milton, but I had a theory. The characters are based on Egyptian gods.

Madoka is Osiris,god of the afterlife.

Homura can be either Isis or Set. Moemura and "Badass" Homura are both Isis, Goddess of Magic and fertility, and Osiris' wife. Akuma Homura/Homucifer is Set/Seth, god of chaos, storms, and the desert, Osiris's once-loving brother, who betrayed, murdered, and usurped him.

Sayaka is Horus, god of the sky, war, and protection,and Osiris' son, who fought with Set.

Mami is both Ra, god of the sun and sworn enemy of Apep, and Hathor, goddess of motherhood and beauty.

Kyoko is Anubis, God of the dead and embalming.

Kyubey is Apep, God of evil and Entropy.


Also Nagisa is Bastet, Goddess of cats.

Incubators as a whole could Ammut, the devourer of the dead, seeing how they eat Grief Seeds.

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Sayaka has an epic justice duel with Hulk until she befriends him. She hops onto his back and defeats Walpurgisnacht with his help. She marries Madoka and Hulk is the priest.



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Okay, folks. I've been browsing /meduka/ and haven't seen a thread regarding Rebellion Story's Oscar submission.

I want to know what people think "our" chances are of getting a nomination, or the win.

Personally, I think there's a chance it'll get a nomination, because they tend to like artsy movies in the animated category. But I'm not sure if the win would possibly go to Rebellion. Many of the submissions are "standard pop fare," meaning the likes of "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2." I WOULD say that Rebellion has a good chance, if not for the fact that it's the third part of a trilogy.

Rebellion story requires a MASSIVE amount of knowledge about the previous movies/TV series. As such, I'm not sure how it will be received by the panel.

Anyone else's thoughts?

(pic is lifted from the wiki, early set of runes.)
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The Hollywood Reporter found out that if Madoka got nominated, turns out that some Academy members would be the kind of people who'd get sucker punched by Urobuchi's trap hard:


>I have seen none of them. I have no interest whatsoever. That ended when I was 6. My son dragged me to a few when he was 6; I would seat him and go outside and make phone calls. MY PICK: I abstain.



That person should go see Episode3 and the Mami v. Homu fight were Homu takes a gun and [[SPOILER]]

Animation for childeren. PFfffffff


Or Elfen Lied. No matter what you think of the show in general, it's pretty efficient at explaining that "animated" doesn't equal to "for children".


Oh. My. Godoka. The ignorance and laziness of "The Academy" is… astonishing. It gives me very little faith in the future of the film industry.

I mean, one of the judges in that cartoon brew article said

>I agree with everyone else, Frozen was a very special film.

But… only two other people even VOTED. No wonder the Disney film wins every time the category is in action. The judges are too lazy to bother seeing more than one film.

Who decided that these people are even QUALIFIED to judge films? They chose Gravity over The Hobbit for Sound Editing and Sound Mixing, which makes NO sense. Why on Earth was Lone Ranger even nominated for Visual Effects? ALL the movies that have any sort of train/moving sequence are at least half CG now, and again, The Hobbit was WAY more qualified. I can see Gravity being a second pick, but Hobbit was definitely a better choice for that category.

(I'm also still really pissed that Les Mis beat out The Hobbit ((Unexpected Journey edition)) for Makeup and Hairstyling last year. COME ON, GUYS.)

But I'm getting off topic, in a thread I started no less. I guess my worries about the foreknowledge and the deal with the trailer being too heavy for the general audience of the show were too optimistic, since the 'judges' were too busy to watch the nominees that DID make it in. What were they doing when they were supposed to be watching these films, anyway? Each other? Having money showers? Making phone calls in the middle of said money showers?

ugh. There's also the guy who talked about the animated shorts category, with
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You may want to try sounding less like a The Hobbit fanboy. I don't disagree with your points, but right now you're screeching like the only film that matters in the history of ever is The Hobbit. They're great movies, don't get me wrong, but I also didn't really think they were doing things we didn't see before, whereas Gravity and Lone Ranger, even if they were mediocre movies plot-wise, did go pretty balls-out with the effects.

Lone Ranger has some pretty sick camera foolery going on in there, that's what won it the award. Movie sucked, but the people handling the filming itself knew what they were doing with effects.

Anyway, yeah, this shit's pretty retarded. A judge who isn't willing to watch the films he's supposed to be judging should just lose his job right then and there. Find new judges. Make a damn internet poll if you have to. Sure, that'll just turn The Oscars into a pointless popularity contest (or a contest 4chan can hilariously rig, which would be worth it) but it'd beat having lazy judges.

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I think a huge failure of Rebellion is that it glosses over the time period between the anime and the chronological beginning of the movie.

Madoka Magica Ending
>Sandblasted ruins
>Loads of wraiths
>Witch-textured wings
>Hears Madoka in her head
>Keeps fighting

(Chronological) Rebellion Beginning
>Sleeping beauty
>Has doubts Madoka really existed

It's quite believable for Homura to starve on blind faith. Only crazy prophets, a minority I'm sure, can survive on unprovable memories of a different world. All we see in Rebellion is the end product. It's as if you removed the middle of Sayaka's arc in the anime and skipped to her going nuts on the train.


Oops, this was supposed to be posted in that reddit comment thread.


Well the implication is that Homura exhausted her Soul Gem after fighting the wraiths. Also doubting Madoka existed explains why she told Kyubey about Madoka.


>I think a huge failure of Rebellion is that it glosses over the time period between the anime and the chronological beginning of the movie.
If Rebellion had been a second season instead of a movie, I would be more sympathetic to this view. However, in a movie there needs to be tighter focus on the main plot. E.g., in Star Wars the events between the Battle of Yavin (end of A New Hope) and the Battle of Hoth (beginning of The Empire Strikes Back) are similarly glossed over. The key point here is that whatever Homura had been thinking and feeling in that intervening time period gets rendered irrelevant as soon as the dreamworld plotline begins.

Initially, she wouldn't even remember those thoughts, feelings, concerns, priorities, etc. due to the nature of the dreamworld. Even when she starts recovering her memories, she wouldn't care about those motives anymore. Remember Ash's orders from Alien ("Bring back life form. Priority One. All other priorities rescinded.")? That basically what we're dealing with. Once Madoka comes back into her life, Homura becomes laser-focused on her. Anything else is a trivial concern by comparison. The feelings and thoughts that matter for Homura in the main plot of Rebellion are the ones established back in the original series; the ones that pertain to protecting Madoka.


>It's as if you removed the middle of Sayaka's arc in the anime and skipped to her going nuts on the train.
We've already seen that explored with Sayaka. A retread simply isn't worth the time. A 1 cour series has over 4 hours to work with; a movie has about 2 hours. If something is important, they have to make it fit, but as I've already said the details of how Homura ended up in the Incubators' trap don't matter. I can understand your curiosity (I'd like to know it myself), but for the story Rebellion is trying to tell it makes no difference.

Also, Sayaka's descent to witch is important for much more then just explaining Sayaka's own feelings. It does some vital world-building. It ties directly into the motivations and views of other characters (especially Madoka and Kyouko). But most of all it is important thematically.



Q: "There have been rumors that Shinbo asked you to change the [anime series] ending to make it happier. What was that like?"
Urobuchi: "This was something that director Shinbo proposed at one of the dubbing sessions, that Sayaka Miki could've been kept alive in the story. But my conviction was that in order for the audience to really understand why Madoka became a God at the end, it was important that she die. After all was said and done, Shinbo said to me that the amount of responsibility placed on a middle school girl may have been too much. We explore that more in the movie."

In Homura's case, everything we *need* to know about the time period between episode 12 and Rebellion is communicated via other means. You have to remember that the dreamworld itself, and the familiars inhabiting it, are all reflections of Homura's mind. There is a wealth of information there for those who take the time to look.

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