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{{Runes|OKTAVIA VON SECKENDORFF|variant=musical}}

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>She can't defeat Walpurgisnacht. If she resets time, she's making things worse for Madoka. If she doesn't, Madoka is going to make a wish to deal with the situation herself. In that case, Homura isn't being as rational as usual, though that's understandable given the circumstances.
Doesn't seem unreasonable to me. Continuing only makes it worse, and only hurts Madoka.

>If saving Madoka after N timeloops would be acceptable, N+1 should be as well. But in the moment she wasn't thinking that clearly.

That's only if you assume it's still possible to save Madoka, which Homura probably believed for a very long time.

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I remember brief discussion about this phone and its strange behavior when dropped, but I don't remember a consensus being reached about what was the reason. If there's been discussion that I've missed, this thread might be pointless, but I have a theory about this phone and its meaning:

It's a feather.


Could be, but I honestly just think it's another way to demonstrate how reality's completely going out the window.


But there are feathers just before that.

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limited edition exhibition booklet from a special Rebellion screening

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Kaori Mizuhashi(Mami)
Q1: What does new Madoka Magica movie mean to you?
A: I was always waiting. The story i wanted to see.
Q2: Say something to transformed Homura-chan!
A: I understand your feelings, almost too much.
Q3: What scene did you like in the movie, what scene was memorable?
A: Gunkata scene with Homura. And the transformation scene.
Q4: Did you keep something in mind during the production?
A: To work my hardest with the perfomance. And after it's over, to forget everything and be a normal fan. It was kinda fun, but hard too…
Q5: Please say something to visiting fans.
A: By all means, please enjoy Madoka's world. Best regards!


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Eri Kitamura(Sayaka)
Q1: What does new Madoka Magica movie mean to you?
A: An existence that opposed, uprooted, betrayed and reconstructed the MadoMagi series.
Q2: Say something to transformed Homura-chan!
A: Let's talk for an hour.
Q3: What scene did you like in the movie, what scene was memorable?
A: The scene with Homura and Sayaka opposing each other, the lines there have a lot of subtle nuances that were directed during the after-recording. It was hard, but I was immersed in the act, trying to play a worthy character.
Q4: Did you keep something in mind during the production?
A: How to carry over the "Sayaka" built up until now and how to reconstruct her.
Q5: Please say something to visiting fans.
A: Please give it lots of love.


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Ai Nonaka(Kyouko)
Q1: What does new Madoka Magica movie mean to you?
A: New movie is an important meeting with Kyouko. An important work. I would be very happy if it was a movie that remained in everyone's hearts.
Q2: Say something to transformed Homura-chan!
A: "By the way… How about ramen?", that kind of joke, but from now on I can't take my eyes off Homura-chan.
Q3: What scene did you like in the movie, what scene was memorable?
A: The transformation scene. I was happy that the grief seed, that had strongly negative image, was used as a proper magical item. And the scene of holding hands with Sayaka.
Q4: Did you keep something in mind during the production?
A: Starting without outlaw image, Kyouko's role wasn't Kyouko-like, but it still was Kyouko, so I had to be careful while acting… There was also a feeling that everything is in Urobuchi-san's world.
Q5: Please say something to visiting fans.
A: To people who came today, really thank you. Even if you are by yourself, have a double dose of fun! Not lonely at all!! Until you go home, it's Madoka Magika exhibition.


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Emiri Katou(QB)
Q1: What does new Madoka Magica movie mean to you?
A: Surprise, what a twist!! Zuko-!!
Q2: Say something to transformed Homura-chan!
A: Every love is beautiful… Homura-chan…
Q3: What scene did you like in the movie, what scene was memorable?
A: I like the scene where Madoka pats QB's head!!!
Q4: Did you keep something in mind during the production?
A: To play a correct QB no matter what happens. When i read the script, I was trembling a lot…
Q5: Please say something to visiting fans.
A: There are a lot of things that you can see only here, so please, come back to visit Madoka's world by all means!!


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Q1: What does new Madoka Magica movie mean to you?
A: Circus
Q2: Say something to transformed Homura-chan!
A: Somehow, I still want to believe in you
Q3: What scene did you like in the movie, what scene was memorable?
A: I only performed my lines with a happy voice, but from that scene on I started wondering about many things related to Nagisa's character.
Q4: Did you keep something in mind during the production?
A: I'll do things I need to do with my full strength, as always!
Q5: Please say something to visiting fans.
A: She's a new character, but please treat Nagisa well.

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Is this the best theory for how Homura was able to overpower Madokami and rewrite the universe?
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Looking it up, the term first appeared around the time neo-Confucianism tried to separate itself from the Confucianism that had assimilated into Buddhism and Shinto. They used the term to refer to evil beings they didn't believe in, and the term was re-established by the shinbutsu sects to refer to their own evil deities. Japanese later borrowed the term to refer to the Christian devil. The term today is not attached to any one religion, but many monsters and demons from both Japanese and Western folklore have been called "akuma" as a general term since. No specifics on the definition, though.

I'd probably still go with the idea that Japanese people (at least Urobuchi, Shinbo, and the rest of the staff except maybe Kajiura) aren't as fluent in Western religion, so their conceptions of a "kami" and "akuma" are probably very Japanese, no matter their intention. I'd like to hear their personal views on the term, though…


Rather than call them "Magical Girls" or "Witches", maybe we should just refer to them as "pieces of the Law of Cycles." The extent to which we know anything about their ability to transform into either form is from that booklet, and all it says is that they were able to transform into (or summon) their Witch forms at will. The Japanese for the line you're referring to is more vague, as it bring Octavia as the subject, and then explains Octavia's relationship with Sayaka. If they had a description of Sayaka with Ocatavia in it, I could see it being written vice-versa, too.


True that they don't, especially after absorbing so many different influences to religion. Doesn't mean the connotations don't hold though. Akuma from Street Fighter is actually named Gouki in Japan, but it's a pretty apt choice. He is the personification of someone tempted purely by the physical power of martial arts and rejects its spiritual pursuits.

True, it's also used to refer to western demons like the Goetia, condemning foreign gods and in folk beliefs, personifications of calamity. My point though, is that it isn't a term that is meant in direct opposition to Shinto's idea of 'myriad gods'(yaoyorozu no kami) where a different mindset originally exists(where evil and disastrous entities can still be
called gods), but instead a term that came into use and is appropriated for the enemies of later deities that came into play
with other religions. If someone calls a being 'akuma' it only means as much as a western person claiming something is 'The Devil itself'. It's even used to curse that way.

I'm not opposed to using 'Demon' to translate though, it works. I just don't agree on the idea that 'very japanese' concepts of 'gods' and 'demons' means putting the originally foreign concepts to the side. They've been there for centuries. If anything 'very Japanese' should mean very mixed and borrowed religious ideas and traditions. Madoka as a universal force and as a representation of salvation and enlightenment to all magical girls and Homura as the conceptual opposition who roots herself into the mortal world and pulls Madoka back down out her own worldly desire. They are depicted as God and Devil, Buddha and Mara as much as any other Japanese idea of the divine and its opposite.


Anon, do you honestly believe that what you yourself just described is an accurate description of the associations and connotations that "devil" or "god" holds for the majority of the western audience?

In my experience it most definitely is not. Indeed, that is the reason we're having this particular discussion in the first place. We commonly see arguments that can be logically reduced to something like:

P1: Madoka is god.
P2: X is an attribute of god.
C: Therefore X is an attribute of Madoka.


P1: Homura is a devil.
P2: Y is an attribute of devils.
C: Therefore Y is an attribute of Homura.

where P2 is true for Abrahamic monotheism but false in general. The "mixed and borrowed" perspective you describe is not the common one in the west. For a significant chunk of the audience over here, Yahweh and Satan absolutely dominate the interpretation of "god"/"devil" effectively drowning out all other perspectives.


Yes, if I google for "akuma". But what if a Japanese person googles for "悪魔"?


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The French interview in May 2013 and now this… You guys buying that there's going to be S2?? If that poster's fake it's really well done.

I don't think Sayaka alone can carry 25 episodes though — Most likely I think new characters would have to be introduced.
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Lol I was kinda lost as well, so thank you. XD
I personally think it's too early for another sequel series. Well, maybe not too early to start thinking about it, but definitely too early to put it together already. I wonder who might write it. Urobuchi's likely referring to his own involvement as a supervisor here.


Regardless of how you think about Sayaka regarding shipping and whatelse, I think she would make by far the most interesting "good" main character among the 3 possible choices (her, Mami, Kyoko).
They could also do a new character of course but then of course, but then she wouldn't tie into the previous mythology.


Aren't you forgetting someone?


You mean Nagisa?


No, he means Santa Claus.

File: 1404645740808.jpg (819.44 KB, 1526x2144, 1404634124854.jpg)



Thankyou op!

File: 1404571755498.jpg (116.87 KB, 1024x768, 1404546737278.jpg)


- Gen asks what are we going do to with Madoka next? He asks the audience to let him know what they think.
- The first guy asks if there is a magical girl from Madoka Magica that most describes your personality and why? Gen says Out of the five Kyouko, Madoka and Homura, he likes all three. Gen says it is too difficult to pick just one.
- Next guy asks about the mentions made in Nietzsche’s philosophy in the third Madoka movie, was there a a Nietzschean influence? Gen says he thinks that all the characters know their fate, they’re all doing it while knowing their destiny. It’s not sad, but they know what their fate is.
- Panel concludes with auctioning off of three signed Madoka Magica posters, which is determined by Gen playing rock paper scissors with the contestants. It is amazing.

File: 1404267764074.jpg (29.54 KB, 450x337, Moemura_doing_math-450x337.jpg)


Does anyone know where a good high quality rebellion raw is. Id really like it to be a stream or at least not a torrent. I need to use it for my amv. If you cant find that, then direct me to a torrent that just includes rebellion. Ive been looking everywhere and can't find it
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Torrents are really fucking easy. Just get utorrent and download it. You should learn how to use nyaa and torrents just because literally everything is on there. Every other option is shit, other than just buying the BD yourself and ripping.

The highest quality encode: http://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=552753

The original BDMV: http://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=537346

You can also try animetoshi which mirrors all of nyaa to DDL. However I find downloading from DDL a giant fucking pain unless you pay their monthly fee so I don't know why you'd subject yourself to them.



File: 1404431236822.png (724.8 KB, 1200x1824, autosave.png)

No torrents, because I have limited storage space and they tend to be bloated with stuff other then the movie its self. I do not care about having highest quality possible, just something HDish. I can't get the blu-ray because I can't order stuff online and the movie is way overpriced for my tastes. Id really like a stream of the movie, raw, because I can obtain video from that.


In case anyone was confused on what raw means, it means no subs because those kind to make a amv look like crap


It sounds like you don't know what you're talking about.

First of all, the vast majority of torrents will be softsubbed so there will no be subtitles in the video.

And generally, the file sizes are big because they wanted to preserve the video quality as much as possible.

There are no "extras" other than a few MB of subtitles and fonts. If you want a smaller file size, pick a 720p encode.



And here is the smallest one that is probably still decent.


Just use something like utorrent and leave it for a few hours and it'll finish. No need to be afraid of torrents.

File: 1400217215336.png (67.51 KB, 1411x206, 1400211049127.png)


So has anyone listened to the commentary yet? It'd be pretty nice to get a list of interesting things they said. There's a post on 4chan right now purporting to detail the relationships of the characters based on information from the commentary, but no one has really verified the translation yet.

The audio commentary can be downloaded from nyaa torrent id 538822 as a separate 240MB file and probably syncs up well enough to any other BD version of the video.
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Thank you! I'll have lots of time to do more tonight and tomorrow. I hope to finish by the end of the weekend, but I make no promises. It's hard not to unintentionally tune out while listening and taking notes at the same time.
I'll try to list scenes when things are said, though. I'd like someone else to double-check my info when I'm done to confirm I didn't make basic mistakes. I'm great at translating, but I have little experience interpreting.



Yuno wasn't in the commentary? Weird.


By the way, this isn't forgotten. I got through the first film, but I only made it to the beginning of the second film the last time I tried. I haven't been on my laptop in a while, and I won't really have time for it anytime real soon, either. But some really neat things were said, so I definitely am not calling it quits yet, either. So just be patient. =3


Still interested in those notes.



It's still on my active to-do list, so again, I haven't forgotten about it. The two things I need, though, are both time and a reason to make it a priority above much else on the same list. I always complete my to-do-lists. I just manage my time pretty randomly unless there's an actual deadline for something.

To put it in perspective, I'm an artist, a writer, a translator, and I like to spare some time to watch anime, read manga, and play video games. And all of this is only possible after I get out of work, which is usually 8 hours/day, 6 days/week, and usually spans most of the time I'm awake unless they change the weekly schedule on me or I'm called in to take another spot.

To be honest, I was hoping to get the commentary notes done the week I started them because I actually was given 3 days off and most of my priority list had been taken care of outside of a few weekly translation jobs I do. Luckily, this upcoming week, I have a crazy 4 days off, so I plan on flying through the rest of translating Oriko, translating some of Tart, doing my fansub duty, finishing these notes, and finally maybe getting to finish my Pokemon team on X. I have more than enough time to do it then, so if you want to bug me, hop on the madokatrans IRC channel. =P

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