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Does anybody have a bigger version of the TDS bonuses? The two ones at the top left. I know the top right was scanned, but not those other two I think.


I downloaded almost the full manga, but I could not find the left and middle ones anywhere, but somehow it feels like I have seen them. I wish I could remember.

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Juno-san, or anyone who knows, what did this scene mean?
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The after-credits scene looks fake to me. The moon is weird- it's exactly half and you can see stars through the missing half. Kyuubey's eyes are also drawn in the sketch-style like many things inside Homura's barrier.


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Smart people know that most internet instructions on creating bombs written by FBI agents. They describe not work or not effective design. Or you risk explode when manufactured. This is to counteract terrorists.

With a good "Civil Selfdefense" school textbook Homura would make an excellent bomb and would easily finished off Walpurgis Night in first timeloop, I think.


>Or you risk explode when manufactured.
She was smart, so she was able to net let an explosion happen. Also, I was not aware of this information.


File: 1430492582024.jpg (223.3 KB, 1920x1080, Movie 3 - Rebellion (Hangyaku …)

>She was smart, so she was able to net let an explosion happen.
Even smartest characters are mistaken.


Are you talking about Kyubey? I think you are. Well, I loved what happened to him at the end.

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Happy Walpurgisnacht everyone :)


How's your Walpurgisnacht been?

I'm drinking mead and marathoning Madoka.


Mine's the same ol' thing. Had Dairy Queen for supper. Sadly, early this week my aunt died so there's that. :/


Dead sick in bed. I am starting to see a pink glow…

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here is a theory of my friend to sayaka's sword ! Enjoy and say your opinions please about that theory ! ty in advance!!

ps : didn't know where to put my word document about this theory so i put it into a dropbox account where i put images normally …

ps 2: my team and myself have a mini project to trnaslate kagari's past from suzune volume 3! in a few days i will put the english translation of it too ( it is also a word document so it isn't in the spechbubbles…. sorry for that but 1) we do not know how it works
2) we let it to guys who are more experienced with that as we are
3) is is less time consumming!
Say if you wan't more madoka related stuff such as music, image , films , games or other stuff!
4) if you are curious show also the other folder !
here's the link to it :


I really hope that , that topic can a little bit revive this page and i also search for another site ( active of course) with madoka stuff … if you know please let me know of it !

Have a nice day and a nice reading !
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Mami doesn't "have a musket", she forms them using her ribbon magic.


a muskeet is the easiest thing that can shoot, mami can do anything using ribbons, even clones.


Indeed. Sayaka, however, doesn't have this sort of power as far as we know (her special power is healing), which would imply that she is actually carrying all of those swords around, just like Homura is carrying guns and explosives.


nah, she is creating it from magic
Sayaka is probably imitating Mami tecnique



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Does anyone have Vol.17 yet?
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Derail discussion continued in >>7706

My apologies.


Our guy in charge of Suzune is MIA right now, as he's the raw provider if he gives his permission, we'll make the raws public.

Volume 17 doesn't have a Homucifer in the cover. That's volume 16. And, well, it's not big, more like A4 size, I've seen it scanned before, bit if you really want it I can scan it tonight.


Ikarum-san, i can't read Japanese so the whole volume doesn't mean anything to me atleast. I just want the cover page in hugh quality.


Why not take this brilliant opportunity to start studying Japanese?


I don't have time for it. I'm already a bit behind in chemistry and physics. Besides, I really just want the Homucifer page.

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Just that kind of summary is that!?
Also, the link to 4chan here, I went there. Someone, no it was you I guess, who said that it included yuri between alter egos. Care to explain?


Is it just yuri, or does it have awesome plot line and dialogues and angst and romance as well? I'm going to download it again, just pinky promise you that this really isn't just a virus sending scam. The game really looks good, and my fingers are itching to install it and play it. So tell me!


I'm not him but I can pinky promise you that it's not a virus. Like I said earlier, KasperSky seems to do this with every game made with the Ren'py engine, and the cause of the problem is most certainly KasperSky, not Ren'py. If you don't believe me, you can confirm this by trying to install another Ren'py game with a good reputation (Katawa Shoujo, for example, is free and pretty popular). I downloaded the game from the 4chan link, run a virus scan with avast, didn't find anything. There are plenty of reasons to believe that you're getting a false positive, and no reason to believe that the game actually contains a virus.


File: 1430255348466.png (Spoiler Image, 593.46 KB, 802x602, Which ribbon should I pick.png)

No viruses, Kaspersky is the virus here.

The game is still in-progress, so I can't guarantee UBER-quality there, but I'm trying my best to make a chapter every week.

What I have in mind:

*The plot will compensate for the lack of good GUI and graphics, because ultimately, this is a fan-work not an official production.
* The game will be uploaded for unit testing, sometimes even on a per-half-chapter basis if it is particularly long
* I'll revise this game once it's finished (when the sequel to Rebellion comes out I'll stop working)
* It'll have a general structure to Fate/Stay Night with lots of bad endings. The routes will be made along the lines of F/SN where each subsequent route getting darker.
* There will be extreme amount of monologues. Dialogue, I'm not too sure about because I'm an autistic little bitch, but I'll try..
* Once the main plot is finished, I will incorporate MOLLUSCS (if you played Nasu's works, you'll know what this means).

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>Poorfag relevant

Okay, maybe I should read this after all.

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How would you give therapy to the megucas?
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It will work for my dick.


Not if I dick em first, you can have Seyiku and Mumi


No thanks, I'm not a coprophile.


QB is though


Do megucas just need to loosen up?

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What is "Mitakihara Anti-Materials" about? From what I can gather it seems to be a Homura x Mami thing.
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SGT is missing the Oriko posts!



That was intentional. Sorry…


There are mirror download links on Mediafire. I could link to them if you want them but can't get the official translation.


I read this yesterday! Thank you so much silver garden translators! It was very comedic. Those who like Homura and Kyoko working together should definitely not miss it. The ending was extremely funny.


They are still there, just no longer public to avoid issues with licensing. Follow the links here http://silvergardentl.blogspot.mx/2014/11/kirara-magica-volumes-1-4_15.html

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Scans of this crack pairing?
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I sympathize with all the girls, but more with Madoka, and even more with Homura. Also, I already know about that understanding thing, it's just that we are discussing characters here, not ourselves.


No you're not the only one who does, I like Madoka a lot too. It's just the fact that we shouldn't try to have high expectations from a 14 year old. Like jeez, at such a young age, you have to deal with so many horrors, and NOTHING is making any sense, atleast to you(Madoka). There are a lot of people who still call Madoka a wimpy, pathetic *. When asked why, they never give a reason.


He just didn't understand the friendly joke posts. When you don't get it, it just sounds rude and dumb.

As for Madoka, she's usually underrated. She does all she can for a middle school girl with no powers. It seems like she's glossed over a lot because she's not a magical girl for most of the series.


There's no reason to be proud of being "mature". It's not an achievement. You'll learn to understand this in a couple of years when your brain becomes capable of advanced critical thinking, and then in a few more years, you'll forget it again when your brain realizes that doing exactly what everyone expects of you is so much easier than dealing with the shit you get when you do what you actually want (i.e. your brain becomes mature).


Anyone have scans?

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Does anybody know where to find Madoka Online Illustrations?
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OP again. It's okay. Thank you! I guess I couldn't find them because they had to be ripped from the game.


At first I was hoping it to be on the website…



Thank you!!



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