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So has anyone listened to the commentary yet? It'd be pretty nice to get a list of interesting things they said. There's a post on 4chan right now purporting to detail the relationships of the characters based on information from the commentary, but no one has really verified the translation yet.

The audio commentary can be downloaded from nyaa torrent id 538822 as a separate 240MB file and probably syncs up well enough to any other BD version of the video.
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Thank you! I'll have lots of time to do more tonight and tomorrow. I hope to finish by the end of the weekend, but I make no promises. It's hard not to unintentionally tune out while listening and taking notes at the same time.
I'll try to list scenes when things are said, though. I'd like someone else to double-check my info when I'm done to confirm I didn't make basic mistakes. I'm great at translating, but I have little experience interpreting.



Yuno wasn't in the commentary? Weird.


By the way, this isn't forgotten. I got through the first film, but I only made it to the beginning of the second film the last time I tried. I haven't been on my laptop in a while, and I won't really have time for it anytime real soon, either. But some really neat things were said, so I definitely am not calling it quits yet, either. So just be patient. =3


Still interested in those notes.



It's still on my active to-do list, so again, I haven't forgotten about it. The two things I need, though, are both time and a reason to make it a priority above much else on the same list. I always complete my to-do-lists. I just manage my time pretty randomly unless there's an actual deadline for something.

To put it in perspective, I'm an artist, a writer, a translator, and I like to spare some time to watch anime, read manga, and play video games. And all of this is only possible after I get out of work, which is usually 8 hours/day, 6 days/week, and usually spans most of the time I'm awake unless they change the weekly schedule on me or I'm called in to take another spot.

To be honest, I was hoping to get the commentary notes done the week I started them because I actually was given 3 days off and most of my priority list had been taken care of outside of a few weekly translation jobs I do. Luckily, this upcoming week, I have a crazy 4 days off, so I plan on flying through the rest of translating Oriko, translating some of Tart, doing my fansub duty, finishing these notes, and finally maybe getting to finish my Pokemon team on X. I have more than enough time to do it then, so if you want to bug me, hop on the madokatrans IRC channel. =P

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The Church of Madoka recently held an AMV contest. The winners haven't been announced yet, but you can look at the videos and judge for yourselves: https://www.facebook.com/thechurchofmadoka.

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Hello my fellow megucans. I was derping once again on the net to find the same site form before labelling Madoka as now a "Shameless smutty and proud" show, with a new image of Homucifer on a bed. It appears as though people are still ignorant and salty over Rebellion. Why is everyone still throwing "PANDERING YURI LESBIAN FANSERVICE" at this neatly written show? It's been 5~7 months since the movie's premere.yet the so called "fans" can't deal with a mood and theme shift?

I don't mean to sound like a jack ass or anything, but grow up. lol It's beyond me how they claim our fanbase to be "blinded" when they aren't able to pick up the subtle nuances and hints to the story's further development. I guess people are just that salty over Homura's character twist that they start black listing Madoka Magica.

*sigh* I don't know, I just can't stand people who just have an abrupt change in opinion over something so silly as this without trying to comprehend or understand it and just blindly flame it.

Are there any others who share my frustration or am I just being too salty about the salt?
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Didn't you watch Steins;Gate? I haven't heard anyone complaining about Rintarou Okabe so far. Koyomi Araragi is my personal favorite, but he does divide opinions though.



I think Mahou Shonen/ Puer Magi can be a thing considering rebellion went and turned all of its logic upside down saying "ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN NOW." Magical Boys would be the loop hole in Madoka's final wish contract and that instead of Witches or Wraths, would exist "Liches" something similar to Witches and could potentially be either just as or more terrifying than Witches and or Wraiths.

As Madoka's contract only eliminates "Witches" and Wraiths are universal to all humans, what would happen if something more powerful than wraiths and potentially more powerful than witches came along?

However the plot hole to that would be "Homucifer can wipe out anything with a single clap, she don't need no boys in her world." So if Magical boys WERE to happen, there would have to be a way around everything Homucifer accomplished, closest thing would be Tatsuya making a contract and becoming a magical boy and being tied to the goddess would give him some sort of immunity to Homicifer's laws.

Although, Coobies are suffering and or dead after Homucifer's ascension. So making contracts would probably a little tricky for the inqbz. Unless… ya know…. temp magis from source X (inb4 some sort of deus ex machina involving the LoC)


He's alright but idk if that many people would like him cause he chuuni. Araragi is okay but besides his pervertedness and intelligence (tbh most harems are pretty dumb which is probably the reason why Monogatari was so well-received in comparison) he's just an ordinary good harem man imo. And I don't think we can put a harem man in a magical girl show…

Magical boys: "Uh, I wish for a double hamburger and some fries…"
"Damn dude, I thought the Witches would be hot, you know?"

I don't know, my ideal of manliness might be too realistic and be about accepting realistic constraints in comparison to magical possibilities.



Well this would be post rebellion so it wouldn't be witches, it'd still very much be Wraiths, however since Puer Magi aren't part of the LoC, they are still prone to despair, although perhaps maybe instead of despair their corruption could be "malice" instead of despair. Correct me if I'm wrong, but males are more prone to anger than expressing emotion, so perhaps Malice would be a masculine substitute to "Despair"? I don't know Maybe i'm thinking about this too hard :v


I think this would fit more for magical boys and introduce new things philosophically than just swapping genders — I don't quite know how Kyubey would be involved though.

I am manchild inside though and want powers ;_;

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is there any Youtube critic that DOESN'T go "everything about the movie is great BUT THE ENDING RUINED EVERYTHING!!", or are they all just hopeless plebs?
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I guess I'm a bit late to this conversation. Hopefully you don't mind me joining in now.

After watching your review and reading your posts here, I am somewhat unclear on which statements during the review were reporting how you felt while watching and which are representative of your current opinions/interpretation. If I may pick a particular starting point, from approximately 8:30 to 9:10 in your video, you describe a character arc for Homura and how it changed course drastically in the 15 minutes leading up to the big twist. Are your comments in that section of the video just explaining what you felt during your initial viewing? Or do you still believe that is an accurate description of what happened in Rebellion?


Aren't you a huge hopeless pleb yourself for implying nobody's allowed to have an opinion different from yours? Anyone who replied to this thread including myself basically walked right into your flame war bait because your initial stance was that any opinion besides your own is wrong.



I don't think that's his issue. There is just so much backlash about Rebellion mostly from people who don't even know how 2 meguca and just blindly flame something they do not understand. I had a similar thread in the past where i was getting irritated at the 180 turn the fanbase had taken that went from "ZOMG MEDUKA SO DEEEP BEST ANIMU EVUR" to "OMFG PANDER FUCKING BULL SHIT, MEDUKA SHIT TIER ANIME CUZ LEZBIAN PANDERING"

Its fine if people don't like rebellion, its fine if people don't like the ending, hell its fine if people don't even like Madoka. But if someone who was a madofag during the TV series hype train and praised it for being abunch of stuff and claims they get all those subtle symbolic nuances and then just piss all over Rebellion. It's like "Well, Fuck you too then."



That's not entirely accurate, though, since certain opinions are much more likely to be had by certain people in certain circumstances than others. People who have seen the series many times are more likely to like Rebellion's ending and people who have seen Rebellion many times (and/or read spoilers first) are more likely to like its ending.

Some of it might be because we're fans, and thus, biased, but certainly not all of it. I personally have seen the show 15 times, and I know that on Walpurgischan, that is not even an impressive number. In addition to that, we read interviews, we discuss things on the Internet every day, and just generally spend more time thinking about Madoka than those who are less committed. Sometimes, for us, it is easy to tell that someone's opinion is a result of not understanding some of the things that we understand, and when that someone has just seen the series and Rebellion for the first time, it is not completely unreasonable to assume that he or she is the one whose understanding is wrong.

Now, obviously you can't just say "Hey, I'm from Walpurgischan, therefore I'm correct and you're wrong" in every situation, since the series and Rebellion are very open to interpretations and intentionally ambiguous. Even we disagree sometimes. But there are some criticisms for Rebellion and its ending that are more common among people who haven't invested as much time in it as the average Walpurgischan poster, and that are clearly wrong.


>But if someone who was a madofag during the TV series hype train and praised it for being abunch of stuff and claims they get all those subtle symbolic nuances and then just piss all over Rebellion. It's like "Well, Fuck you too then."
Well, fuck you too!

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I have Noisy Citrine and the first chapter of Symmetry Diamond, but have any of the others been translated? Could someone share, and if not are they in progress?
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Strange, anyway, we are making some progress but Oriko is still lagging. If you can't go to the IRC I'll keep you informed here.



If someone is willing to work on Oriko's editing and such, I'm very willing to translate that before I get working on Tart.


Yup. All Oriko works will be put first on the priority list for now. I need to re-read the series to remember the original events. Then I'll go through my "Another Story" volume and read Noisy Citrine and Symmetry Diamond's first chapter. Then the translation schedule will go:

-Symmetry Diamond ch.2
-Symmetry Diamond ch.3
-Last Agate
-Sadness Prayer ch.1
-Sadness Prayer ch.2
-Sadness Prayer ch.3
-Sadness Prayer ch.4
-Sadness Prayer ch.5 (when Kirara 14 is scanned and released)
-(future Sadness Prayer chapters)

We're waiting on Tart Magica's tankouban to be scanned, and then we can start that, too, but I won't work on it until at least Symmetry Diamond and Last Agate are finished.

We have one potential typesetter/editor for Oriko Magica, but the more help we can get, the faster we can release!



Couldn't make it on the IRC today, but progress was made! Read everything on this list, including the new Kirara 14 chapter (thanks to the person who scanned and uploaded it!). I can start translating now. =3


Oriko was allrighty. Fuck. I'm happy. After the Rebellion my only ties with Madoka were with Oriko.

Glorious. I hope I can read them in English.

I wonder how much time will it take for SHAFT to make the Oriko Ova.

File: 1403569932814.png (2.06 MB, 1920x1080, sis puella magica.png)


I don't know if this is of interest to any of you, so feel free to tell me to shut up and fuck off, but just in case it is, I have this project with the purpose of making avant-garde metal interpretations of anime/j-pop/other Japanese songs, and I just finished making a cover of Sis puella magica!.

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I'm talking about your original portion, from the beginning up to 1:10. It's not that it sounds bad as a build-up, but it takes far too long to build up. You repeat it five times when it only need 3-4 repeats (probably four, because even-numbered repeats in songs tend to create pleasant uniformity). Maybe, if you want the last piece of build up in there still, you can add it in the second half of the fourth repeat. Doing that even accelerates the build up in that last repeat. It'll add some impact to the point when you finally reach the actual chorus melody. The pause before the chorus is what hits the spot, so keep that in there.


As for the instruments being too crowded, the problem with that is that you keep it up for the entirety of the rest of the song. There's no variety after that point in volume, instrumentals, tempo, etc., which leaves my ears pretty dry from a lack of actual beat and an entourage of noise that's hard to discern, even when you decide to switch back to your original melody again (which sounds nice, but could use some flare to differentiate it from the rest of the song and make people think, "I really like this part of the song, too!"). If you keep the song too unified, people will be left wondering which part stood out from the rest, and if it's all too crowded, people will divert their attentions elsewhere when it finally drowns itself out.

Like I said, it's pretty skillful, but the best songs add lots of variety to their basic structure, whether it's repetitive or not, and even if you want subtlety for your melody, it's still not a great thing to drown it out for too long.

I take my experience from having been playing instruments and composing music on occasion for my entire life… I don't really read sheet music, but I do like to play piano and sometimes guitar, when there's one laying around (I don't own one, so I just play when there's one available).


Oh, that. Well, I definitely agree that I have too many repeats there now, but I didn't think that way when I came up with that melody. Then, I didn't hear the intro enough times during the recording process to realize it at that point, and now it's too late. I hope I'll remember to be extra careful when I'm doing something like that next time, though.


There are some minor changes in instrumentation though. The gated saw replaces the flutes at some point, then there's both the flutes and the saw, then there's just the flutes again for the melody, and there's the piano in the background that isn't there all the time.

I still think that it is a good idea to keep the volume fixed at -0dB and the guitars very loud in the mix. I was actually going to make it even more like "an entourage of noise that's hard to discern" by adding more distortion afterwards, but I forgot. You may not be able to distinguish the different sounds that are there, but you can still hear them and they all contribute to the atmosphere pretty much exactly the amount that I want them to, except for the kick drum that is really hard to hear even though it's pretty important.

This song is very short. It's also worth noting that it isn't a part of an album, meaning that the silence you probably hear before and after the song are what makes the entire song stand out, rather than individual parts of it. From the beginning, I keep continuously making it more and more intense until the reverb clap at 03:36, and after that, it just takes some time to blend in with the silence again. In a longer song, I would have time to develop and dissolve it multiple times, and in a song with multiple high points, it would make more sense to have something that stands out to connect the different high points to each other — for albums, you don't necessarily need to connect the songs like that (though it's pretty cool if you do), but if they consist of short songs, there must be songs that don't stand out to make "room" for the ones that do.

File: 1400111965757.png (50.63 KB, 447x251, MadokaTeaser1.png)


So… a voiced monologue was hidden in the film. Yup. I feel like I might be late to the party, but I decided to translate it anyway:

"Once upon a time, in the distant future, there were girls who made deals with animals that hailed from another planet.
In exchange for having one of their wishes granted, they were given magical powers and fought with frightening monsters.
The girls in every world had their wishes granted. Countless girls fought the monsters. And in the end, every single one of them used up their power.
It is said that the girls who held magic had a secret legend passed down among them. When they were to disappear from the world, a magical goddess would appear to guide all magic girls to a wonderful land. She would guide them to a wonderful land with no sadness or regret."

Yes, it says, "Once upon a time, in the distant future"…
I don't get it, either, though time and space is so messed up in this series, it could mean a lot of things. I wonder if anyone else heard about this or picked it up during the film… For now, I'll keep those who don't know yet guessing. =P
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A few fixes to mine and the alternate translation:

"All kinds of worlds" is probably more accurate, as "arayuru" means something like, "every possible thing of [following word]".

But it seems the translator made some liberal changes to aspect. Some of the grammar is in confusind tense in Japanese, but through general context, it is actually being told like a fairy tale that has already happened, switching aspect in the end to potential progressive form. Also, "kanashimu koto mo nikushimu koto mo nai" would be something more like "no sadness or anything ugly or hateful", so their translation might be more accurate in that sense, but "regret" is the underlying usage of the term in the original series, so I used it here. Take that however you like. =3


What? I'm apparently late to this party as well. Where was this hidden?


Maybe the (apparently not so) unintelligible part at the beginning?
You can hear a muffled voice during the whole "Soul Gem Fall" scene.
Headphones might be required.


Oh, I didn't think that was "hidden".


Can you tell us where it's hidden or was the other guy correct about that "muffled voice"?

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You do not need to download any soft or register. You can create as their pics and reply to others. No rules, no limits!
All visitors are guaranteed complete anonymity.

http://demotivation.biz - true freedom of communication!

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I guess i'll post it here…
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Which is the name of Oriko's classmate who is also a magical girl?


The one with the ax? Komaki.


Yeah, that one Thank you.
I wonder why there's no decent fanart of the new spinoff characters


File: 1403465425343.png (1.05 MB, 2000x2883, 003.png)


Couldn't find this thread to ask earlier, but thanks for the raws!

File: 1403456042535.jpg (331.03 KB, 696x1000, Kirara_Magica_Vol_14_Cover.jpg)


Hey, does anyone know where raws for Kirara Magica vol.14 can be found? A few scans have popped up on the wiki, but the full version isn't posted or linked.


File: 1403459813541.png (1.43 MB, 2000x2887, 004.png)

The usual thread

I'm still in process of scanning right now…

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