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>mfw finished reading different story


me too buddy


Yeah, it was pretty good.

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Vol.4 came out on may 15th just to inform people to update info on it
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Then she's a Magical Woman? (she is 59 by the events of Tart)
She appears to young to be a 59-years-old woman…


creative license


Have you considered the possibility that she's using her magic to make herself look younger? For all we know, when she starts to run out of it, she might dry up like a raisin!


Maybe that's a possibility

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¿Umbrellas and Noble Eightfold Path?
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I think you're colluding two separate things there.

One question is "how should the story be interpreted"? And I agree with you—like any work of art (music, painting, sculpture, etc.) this is largely up to the viewer/listener. There is no "right" or "wrong" way to appreciate art.

But that being said, it is certainly true that 3rd-party details CAN and DO alter how that art is perceived (whether "right" or "wrong").

Or to put it more succinctly: there certainly IS a change; but the nature of that change is up to the viewer.


Shit, if only what Urobuchi wrote mattered the witches would actually be vague Godzilla monsters.


>>umbrellas and eightfold path

Interestingly, Homura's umbrella appears to have 6 sides, while the others shown from the top have eight.


>Homura's umbrella appears to have 6 sides

A "6 Paths" reference…? (Or are we just overthinking this?)


Yeah, in my opinion we are certainly overthinking this given what we currently know (a single picture only).

But it's certainly fun to speculate! A few thoughts, perhaps:
-it could be just an artistic oversight
-perhaps it's meant to show that Homura is not on the 8-fold path
-perhaps the number 6 has some significance here? I'm sure if you dug through all the literary works referenced in PMMM you would surely find plenty of things that could be represented by 6 or 8. Such is the very nature of numerology.

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I've seen some of the Kazumi Magica and something seems to REALLY bug me: it seems that a lot of the content in Kazumi Magica was ripped from the pages of the Naruto manga.

Examples that I'm aware of: The Souju sisters remind me of Sakon and Ukon (due to being identical twins sharing the same body) as well as Kakuzu (it's hearts he collects, instead of soul gems), Yuuri (the bad one) is Sasuke post Itachi Reveal ("I'll avenge my brother/sister by killing those responsible for his/her suffering!) And Kazumi herself seems to be a fusion of Naruto with his demon fox cloak and Sasuke's curse mark (honestly: if the tattoos on Kazumi are coming from the witch's kiss on her NECK, we already have a serious problem…)

So what do you think? If this is true and Hiramatsu really DID rip off Naruto, what are your reactions to this? Will Kishimoto really react to this and will it ever be brought to his attention?


NOTE: The picture shows Sasuke with his curse mark. Look familiar at all…?


Sounds like a coincidence tbh, but you're kinda grasping at straws thinking Hiramatsu ripped off Naruto entirely.


Not entirely, just a large chunk of references/abilities from it that make it seem that it CAN'T just be a coincidence… (the tattoos are practically identical and Kazumi gets stretchy arms like Naruto's demon fox cloak, for example)


Even Naruto is better than Kazumi Magica.


>Kazumi is ripping off generic fighting techiques and designs from a generic shounen anime

Kazumi is terrible for many reasons, but this is not one of them.

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Kirara Magica Vol 26 Cover
June 10 release
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Sure. But "god" isn't dead in any real sense, and the story is far from over.




It's an expanded universe story, it's canon.


High quality raws of chapter 7:


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Does anyone know what this could POSSIBLY be? It was (supposedly) shown in the Concept Trailer… Is it a doorway of some sort? If so, what does it do? Where do you think it leads? (and if anyone knows Japanese, could you please translate what the guy who made this said?)


According to the moonrunes, it's an elevator. I can't read all of the kanji though.


File: 1466814131304.jpeg (246.7 KB, 1200x856, image.jpeg)

We won't know until the premiere. Try not to think about it. Here's a Rebellion InuCurry image board. You can't gleam anything from it because the only people who know how to interpret it correctly are Quartet, InuCurry, and SHAFT's animators.


Here is translation

[Elevator SayaHomu]
Or was it just a grid door? I have taken an elevator with this kind of door before so I think it's an elevator (laugh). It sure was scary.
And then there was something inside this elevator(tentative). Well… Was it Law of Cycle because it's SayaHomu…?


File: 1466844187921.png (368.89 KB, 800x480, wp_ss_20160625_0001.png)

I could imagine it to be part of what we've seen in the first concept movie. But that could also just be a labyrinth, i don't know :'D

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Wraith Arc 6 translated in english
what do you think? Personally I feel is kinda shitty and instead of clear things up , it's fucking up everything and confusing
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Madoka had no idea about the fate of Magical Girls, as Homura was going out of her way to keep it from her. She was under the impression Sayaka and Kyouko were both killed by a witch.


If Madoka didn't find out, then it's consistent. I couldn't remember if she found out or not.


She never did. When Madoka asked what happened to Sayaka and Kyoko, Homura said they were killed by witches, leaving out the parts of Sayaka transforming and Kyoko dying because of it.


vol 2 omake >>11686


Were you trying to be a complete retard when making this post or is it just a natural talent?

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"It also helps that the movies were recently confirmed to be compilations of Homura's memories and POV of the events within the series, and these credits appeared in the music/theatre box that the Clara Dolls were viewing in Rebellion during that scene where Kyouko and Homura were discussing the Fake City." is this true ? where can I find the source?
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It's not from Homura's POV. That's a Tumblr fan theory. It wouldn't even make sense that they were from Homura's POV because there are dozens of instances where Homura couldn't have even been present for certain events. Urobuchi specifically said the movies are just for people who missed the initial run of the series and nothing was added. They cut minor portions for pacing and time reasons. Beginnings is episodes 1-8 and where the changes are mpst present, so a lot of smaller scenes were cut, for better or worse.


File: 1466303164350.png (684.9 KB, 1280x720, Zumeistern.png)

>are fantasizing about how lovely the world would be if it were more surreal and filled with violence.

The doll is showing them Rebellion. The first 30 or so minutes of Rebellion are fun and happy and have the movie motif (Welcome to the Theater). The Claras complain about being bored during the transformation sequence. That's also around the same time Homura notices that isn't what being a magical girl is like. That's when they take ot upon themselves to make the story "better".


File: 1466303444540.jpg (161.65 KB, 1280x720, Rebellion_Runes_-_002009_-….jpg)

The Connect series credits lead into the stinger which leads into the actual credits. They needed a place holder and that's about it.


File: 1466574804093.png (216.78 KB, 640x360, homura.png)

The biggest scene I remember them cutting from Beginnings was the one where Homura decided to just kill Sayaka and be done with it.


Mami's entire past is cut.

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Hi Usotsuki here, these pictures are from Madogatari at Nagoya. ;)
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>how Kirika first met Oriko

I forgot to mention that Sadness Prayer retcons this from "love at first sight" to "love at first FIGHT". A more "shonen" version, if you will… (complete with Oriko playing a Light Yagami to Kirika's Misa/Mikami; heck, I wouldn't be surprised if she had her hand outstretched afterwards and said, "join me, Kirika, and together, we can save the world")


I personally liked Kazumi too, but my personal gripes about it were more than the fanservice-y outfits.
Kazumi living in the end makes literally no sense to me; it's a forced happy ending. I would've liked it better had Kazumi died in the end and Michiru's point emphazied about despite not being there anymore she'll still live on in their memory (like her grandmother).

Hijiri (I know her name is Kanna but I like calling her Hijiri)'s apparent insanity over discovering herself to be a clone advanced too quickly to the point that she started to take everything out on everyone instead of strictly the Pleiades Saints wasn't handled exactly well either imo.

I kinda also wish the minor characters as such the policewoman made more appearances and showed another side to the series in the eyes of the normals. The Soujus not having a back story either is a waste as well.

I do like Kazumi, but I know it wasn't the best spin off out there. I'm hoping if it ever gets a rewrite or an anime (which is unlikely, but I can dream), it fixes these issues (and maybe the outfits as well).


>I forgot to mention that Sadness Prayer retcons this from "love at first sight" to "love at first FIGHT". A more "shonen" version, if you will…

I found that so strange, honestly.


I thought Niko's emotional instability was done alright with the time given to it. Suddenly finding out that your life was lie and that you weren't ever born would freak out any teen. Having all the powers of the Pleiades Saints was a bit of an asspull but makes sense since Kyubey wanted those girls out of the way.

It seems to me your main gripes with Kazumi, other than the happy ending, was that the story was a bit rushed. I agree. Maybe all the Magica manga series have a limit on how long they are allowed to last.

Kazumi's story would have benefited from a less brisk pace after the rest of the Saints were introduced and maybe two or three more volumes to let the mass of characters develop.

I still think it's much better than Suzune Magica.


File: 1466594359792.jpg (3.12 MB, 2099x3032, Komaki.jpg)

Since my assumption about Sadness Prayer was that it would primarily be about Kirika being a Magical Girl Killer, the only direction I could see it going would be more shounen.

I'm looking forward to reading it in November, even though I think as a prequel its kind of unnecessary.

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This sketch of two girls was in the more recent Concept Movie. Based on their appearances, I can only assume that they're two antagonists from Kazumi Magica (Souju on the left, Yuuri with her hair in a bun on the right) Is it too late to rule out the possibility of spin-off characters making a canonical debut in the franchise? Or am I just spouting off nonsense by even suggesting this as a possibility, and that they're more likely to be Original Characters?
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File: 1466382708940.jpg (105.28 KB, 954x1402, CEzHcvfUIAAZ4eF.jpg)

They remind me most of the two magical girls that were featured in the prologue of The Different Story.
It would be nice if they would make a cameo. But are they even allowed to have manga only characters make a cameo? How does character ownership even work when it comes to Madoka manga?

For instance, do all the manga-only characters in Suzune Magica belong to Magica Quartet or do they belong to GAN?



The artist who did these renditions says he doesn't actually remember what they looked like, so these are very rough ideas. The girl on the left looked like it had eyes like Mami and the girl on the right had eyes more like Homura, the artist thinks. However, the text also reveals something interesting…


File: 1466482393571.jpg (269.77 KB, 1280x720, concept-movie_tv12_kuma.jpg)

The artist mentions these two girls looked more original, but they were accompanied in succession by THIS girl, known in the Japanese fandom as くま美ちゃん (Kumami-chan). The artist thinks that with Kumami-chan there, there's a high possibility that the other girls shown here are all from the Law of Cycles.

These were the three characters the artist could see clearly on the screen. Apparently, there were a ton of other girls shown on the screen.


>Apparently, there were a ton of other girls shown on the screen.
Which likely means they are either magical girls who are a part of the Law of Cycles or magical girls that are still alive. Or a combination of both.



The artist here is making that assumption as well, due to the appearance of Kumami-chan.

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