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This sketch of two girls was in the more recent Concept Movie. Based on their appearances, I can only assume that they're two antagonists from Kazumi Magica (Souju on the left, Yuuri with her hair in a bun on the right) Is it too late to rule out the possibility of spin-off characters making a canonical debut in the franchise? Or am I just spouting off nonsense by even suggesting this as a possibility, and that they're more likely to be Original Characters?
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File: 1466382708940.jpg (105.28 KB, 954x1402, CEzHcvfUIAAZ4eF.jpg)

They remind me most of the two magical girls that were featured in the prologue of The Different Story.
It would be nice if they would make a cameo. But are they even allowed to have manga only characters make a cameo? How does character ownership even work when it comes to Madoka manga?

For instance, do all the manga-only characters in Suzune Magica belong to Magica Quartet or do they belong to GAN?



The artist who did these renditions says he doesn't actually remember what they looked like, so these are very rough ideas. The girl on the left looked like it had eyes like Mami and the girl on the right had eyes more like Homura, the artist thinks. However, the text also reveals something interesting…


File: 1466482393571.jpg (269.77 KB, 1280x720, concept-movie_tv12_kuma.jpg)

The artist mentions these two girls looked more original, but they were accompanied in succession by THIS girl, known in the Japanese fandom as くま美ちゃん (Kumami-chan). The artist thinks that with Kumami-chan there, there's a high possibility that the other girls shown here are all from the Law of Cycles.

These were the three characters the artist could see clearly on the screen. Apparently, there were a ton of other girls shown on the screen.


>Apparently, there were a ton of other girls shown on the screen.
Which likely means they are either magical girls who are a part of the Law of Cycles or magical girls that are still alive. Or a combination of both.



The artist here is making that assumption as well, due to the appearance of Kumami-chan.

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Any english translations of Tart Magica out there? Would be Nice if someone could send them c:

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I think it's also demographic. If they went purely by sales, we'd be getting Mami Tomoe's Everyday Life. I for one enjoy the fluff spin-offs and would prefer we got more of those rather than the Suzune or Kazumi. Tart is the only serious spin-off I've enjoyed. I was really surprised we even got Tamura and I'm hoping for Anti-Materials.


how much of the franchise is canon besides the anime and Rebellion? different story, wraith arc, cd drama 1 and 3, psp and that's it? I dont think Oriko Magica is canon


There is objectively no canon in PMMM.


File: 1466271392092.jpg (45.97 KB, 500x341, 241e9e6491768470c74ac002a3….jpg)


>>11593 is right:
When it comes to the manga spin-offs you're going to have to use your own judgement on what you think is canon or not. Ask yourself these questions:

Does a spin-off that's explicitly set on an alternate timeline count as canon?

Does a spin-off that's set in the World of Witches count as canon even though witches have been retconned away?

Does a spin-off count as canon even though the anime or movies don't reference it at all?


File: 1466273055311.jpg (403 KB, 1280x720, Mahou.Shoujo.Oriko.Magica.….jpg)

I'm glad that it's getting 5 volumes or more! Tart Magica is easily my favorite spin-off manga so far. And it feels likes I'm actually learning something about the real Hundred Years' War while reading it.

I'm really not a fan of the 'fluffy' or 'comfy' manga. Even Homura's Revenge started out a little too silly for my tastes. At least, it got better.

I think that Kazumi Magica and Suzune Magica aren't that bad if you go in with the expectation that it's not going to be as good as Madoka Magica. I genuinely liked them better than Oriko Magica or Homura Tamura.

It's a genuine trend.

I'm not surprised that Oriko Magica is still around considering how many Madoka fans are also fans of yuri. Note that after the first Oriko Magica series that Oriko and Kirika became the main characters.

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another divine gate crossover. this time yukatas.



>no pia

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I've never seen the bonus clear files for Manga time Kiara scanned,is there some out there?
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File: 1465702254270.jpeg (1.62 MB, 2282x3366, DOC130514-13052014175314-….jpeg)


File: 1465705024568.jpg (2.1 MB, 5929x4101, 1465600325341.jpg)

kirara 26 I think


File: 1465705130349.jpg (1020.3 KB, 1765x2592, mGF0x.jpg)


That one is from Animedia
This one >>11445
is the one from Kirara 26



Thanks for tracking these down. I have them added to the corresponding wiki pages.

and respective volume pages.

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Hello, i make this version of Connect to all of you!

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I'd like to point out that the Giant Wraith seems to look like a paper craft/origami before it's folded. Could someone confirm whether or not it's possible to get a shape out of this, and what the result would be should it be attempted?
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Well, if there's a connection to be made between this wraith and pentagrams, I think you should know that pentagrams are stereotypically associated with witchcraft. Think about this for a second…


Well, yeah, that's the obvious one, as well as satanic references, but I'm wondering if there's more to it.


File: 1465753877860.jpg (15.68 KB, 305x302, pentagram.jpg)

>>pentagrams are stereotypically associated with witchcraft.

Sure. But a pentagram is an upside-down 5-pointed star. It symbolizes the goat of lust, as in pic related. If anything this is just a plain 5-pointed star, not a pentagram.


>>a vague abstraction of the human body— 4 points for the limbs, and on for the head.

I agree. I looks like a vague humanoid form to me as well. And if you compare it to the other wraiths shown in >>11426, that makes even more sense given that all the wraiths have a vaguely humanoid form.

In my opinion it doesn't resemble the dark orb in the slightest.


Yeah, it likely doesn't. I just thought it looked rather similar to the dark orb and made my conclusion based on that assumption (I guess I haven't yet learned that I should never assume…)

If anything, it's probably a humanoid 5-pointed star that was based on the pentagram. It likely doesn't have any connection to Homucifer in any way (and even if it does, something's going to have to be added in to the plot in order for this revelation to work, which isn't likely…)

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I am the first and the last: I am he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death.

Revelations 1:18

Symbolism, perhaps?
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>>there are no explicit biblical references.

Actually, there is at least one. And it is also specific to Revelations. During Saotome-sensei's tirade about the "end of the world" near the beginning of Rebellion she specifically mentions "the seven trumpets of Revelation could below at any minute".


>>11036 here. I actually was thinking about Milton, but decided not to mention it since there's not much similarity beyond the fact that the "devil" is the protagonist. Maybe >>11046 is psychic or something.

Good catch; I'd forgotten about that. I found that scene to be uncomfortably Flanderized, but I justify it by speculating that Homura's memory-rewriting did a shaky job on people she didn't know very well, resulting in exaggerated caricatures. That could also explain the over-the-top Kyosuke/Hitomi drama.


>>that scene

Hah, I enjoyed it. Not only was it a fun take on her little diatribes about men and dating, but it was also some pretty good foreshadowing at the same time.


>over-the-top Kyosuke/Hitomi
That really didn't seem that over the top. Hitomi was easily excitable in the anime and Kyousuke was always an oblivious douche. Sayaka herself even said he didn't deserve a girl as good as Hitomi and confirms she made the right decision with moving on from Kyousuke.

>SHINBO: Part of me felt that our viewers probably wanted to see that kind of world, from the first half. But some people have said that it was precisely the upbeat first half that creeped them out. That wasn't my intention; I just thought that it was nice to see that kind of world, too. But for Madoka Magica fans, that kind of world might be "somehow off or contrived." That was an unexpected effect, but I think that may be why it turned out to be such an unexpected title.


The first half had me internally screaming the entire time because of how wrong it seemed.

File: 1464697840260.jpg (8.79 KB, 275x184, images.jpg)

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I had just got three manga of the Madoka Magica series! I love the art style and everthing.

File: 1464049502649.png (289.69 KB, 1288x840, QBHunter2.png)

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Not sure I see any threads for games on this board, so I'll start off with QB(Kyubey) Hunting Online (QB狩りオンライン).

Feel free to post about this, Grief Syndrome, the PSP/Vita games, MUGEN, or whatever else would be Madoka Magica gaming-related below.


An online co-op defense game based in flash with several characters from the main series, Rebellion, and even a few from the spin off novels.

It can be tricky to find a good team online if you live in the states like me (due to time differences between here and Nippon) but it's a great co-op Madoka experience to get into when people are on. The screenshot here is not definitive of a larger session which can get pretty chaotic and heated.

A link to QB Hunter's game wiki (offering some translated materials as well) can be found here: https://wiki.puella-magi.net/QB_Online_Hunting

Do note that the link to the game on that page is out of date and will not load the game as the services for that particular build have been shut down for a while. The one I linked to may be an unofficial continuation, so take that for what you will.


File: 1464050259372.png (97.85 KB, 1288x840, QBHunter4.png)

Pictured: The character roster for the game, current as of 5/23/2016 (last update to that was adding Devil Homura/悪魔ほむら, if I recall correctly)

The Japanese Wiki for the game also provides links under the まとめ section to different builds and material related to the game but as I've mentioned, I've only been able to get the linked build above to properly load as the original ceased functioning in early 2015.



File: 1464498863551.png (487.41 KB, 1199x820, qbhuntercoopsessionhomuhom….png)

A much more definitive screenshot of a typical co-op session in QB Hunting Online.

File: 1462465217160.jpg (20.36 KB, 480x798, 13173744_1734130480164548_….jpg)

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Seems like yuri is official now
More pictures about the newest Madogatari in the link
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Then why the fuck Homura wanted to be killed if there is no diference ? Everything would have been the same if she asked the girls except Madoka for help


Homura wanted to die because she's been suicidal for basically always. But more importantly, she figured it was safer that way so that Madoka would not reveal her god form, so Kyubey couldn't control her. She was trying to keep Madoka safe.

Failing that, Homura realized that she could protect Madoka in a different way— by assuming her place as a god. So she did.


But maybe it means something completely different, like they die together or something. Like I said, this is one theory of many, and there are an ENDLESS number of possible outcomes for this series to take.

In the end, it's ultimately up to Urobuchi and his writing team to decide how this story ends, not us…


File: 1464126967079.jpeg (235.39 KB, 2048x1143, image.jpeg)

>Seems like yuri is official now


Fuck you, yuri is half canon by far, Homura loves Madoka, it's only necessary that Madoka feels the same

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