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okay so i was on tumblr, and i saw these clearflies somebody scanned, i think there the new ones. can some one zip them up and put them on mega?

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Can you share links for the Oriko Extra chapters translated by Silver Garden? I've tried looking on https://www.mediafire.com/madokaofficial and asking at their IRC channel but got nothing.
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mediafire.com/madokaofficial has been updated with all released tanks and kirara magica v17 raw, but no new SGS releases for a while. It can't be helped.

There has been a nice steady release of doujin scanlations on sad panda though. ᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ


Yeah, thanks a lot!
… though the links for the Symmetry Diamond translations would also be appreciated.
I've also seen the links for chapters 7-9 of Homura Revenge! on Puella Magi Wiki (dunno if those were raws or the actual translations) but they're dead now, can you help me with this as well (if those actually were translations)?

I'll be really grateful for that.



Look around the SGT Mediafire and MEGA folders linked to in this post, and you should find them:



Of course, the best and most reliable way to get spin-off translations is by buying the official Yen Press releases. SGT is slower than a snail and keeps encountering problems with members disappearing, so they only actually release translations every once in a blue moon. And the professional translations are higher in quality in many ways, but that should go without saying.


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Any hopes we'll get to see this volume?


Isn't it already on /MadokaOfficial?



I was looking but I did not see it previously, so I had to ask. Good to know it's up.

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This is a question that has been bugging me:

Does a magical girl need to have physical contact with her soul gem in order to use magic or can she use it as long as she's close to it (but not touching)?

If a magical girl doesn't have her soul gem on her but it's in the same room as her (a little far away but not enough to make her fall unconscious) for example, can she still use magic?


I think so. I don't believe there was anything to suggest the contrary, and there's not much reason to think the magic that connects them even if it's not on their person is different from the magic that allows them to fight.



The impression I get is the latter. It needs to be close to them but not necessarily touching them. When QB explains how the soul gems work after Madoka throws Sakaya's off the bridge he mentions several times that it needs to be "nearby" (hence the 100 meters figure). But he never says anything about physical contact being important.


Kyubey explained in the TV series that their bodies are sustained by magic. There's also this deleted line:

> Simply maintaining the body consumes a minimum amount of magic, so grief seeds are still a necessity. She would still need to hunt witches.

Given this, it's hard to imagine magic usage has such a restrain. Ultimately, their physical body is just a vehicle, a husk. Their "true body" lies within the soul gem. I think they wore the SG in transformation just to avoid losing them. There's still that 100 meter limit to consider.

Of course, putting your SG in a locked box somewhere nearby might sound like a good idea. Given the destructive power of witches and MG though, leaving it stationaries might be unwise after all.

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New Suzune thread, as the other has reached its bump limit.

English scanlations can be downloaded from Silver Garden: http://silvergardentl.blogspot.com/
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Alternate full body version of the Tsubaki art!



Ooo, I hope he does full bodies for the rest. We could have the main character page use the full bodies and the profiles the knee ups if so.



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Here's the bonus colour page from volume 3.


File: 1448247874562.jpg (276.18 KB, 1125x1600, vol3end.jpg)

And here's the bonus end page.

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I was looking through my pictures folder, and after sorting through various powerful Magical girls. I think that I could take musket girl here if I got the drop on her.
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I was looking through my pictures folder, and after sorting through various powerful Anons. I think that I could take anonymous here if I got the drop on her/him.


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File: 1447946036644.jpg (502.22 KB, 1000x600, Elsa_Maria.jpg)

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Alright guys. it's been a while since rebellion and i'm starting to lose hope in a continuation of the series. lets play a game.
Lets write the fourth movie with two or four sentences each post, anything can happen. I'll start.

Madoka was at school doing her schoolwork.
Suddenly Sayaka bursts through the door and says..
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Seyiku and the SJWs jumped in, and the blue magical girl along with Anita Sarkeesian, Rebecca Watson, Emma Watson, Laci Green, Naomi Wolf and the like started all shouting "This weeb shit is very offensive, it's sexist and racist" and tried to call in big PC daddy government to police and censor everything but…


JoJo Pulls out his woman disguse and holds mamis head up "I AM HERE TO DELIVER THE HEAD, Next youll say wow how did he find that!"


Then Homura became a skeleton and screamed


JoJo Slamed dunked mamis head on and striked a pose "I MUST DEFEAT THE PILLAR MEN NOW. .Bye bye Mami Tomoei~"


A bunch of black gangsters went to Mumi's body and started doing inappropriate things to it.

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I found the chinese scans of an old pmmm one shot hanokage did for kirara magica vol. 7 in case someone's interested on translating it


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Apparently these are pachinko (slot machine) booklets. Does anyone have any information about them? Can someone please update the Puella Magi wiki website? Thank you.


I don't have any info on them, but I can confirm they are related to the PMMM Pachinko. The company logo in the upper right corner of the books is a well known pachinko machine maker.

There's a small amount of info here; scroll down to the bottom.

Official maker's webpage here:


OK thank you so much for that info.
Can someone please update the Puella Magi wiki website on these 2 booklets / guide books? That would be awesome. Thank you in advance.


It looks like that the one on the left was some kind of special for Comiket 85 given the red circle in the lower corner.



Confirmed. I did a reverse image search on the OP photo and found it came from this guy's blog:

….he doesn't say much about it/them other than it was a "Comiket Limited Booklet"

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