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With archive.moe's replacement (foolz.fireden.net) allowing me to browse the old Madoka threads, I'm rewatching the series and I just noticed this shot in Ep 3, just after Homura defeats Charlotte.

There's this odd, seemingly unnecessary extreme close-up of Homura averting her gaze. I thought that, upon initial watch, it was because Homura was unimpressed by the witch. She doesn't take pride in her victory, the focus on her averting her gaze is to show that she's simply preoccupied with moving onto her next objective.

Upon re-watch though, I noticed that next to Homura, there's this blob of black "goop" that falls just next to her on the table. I thought this was simply the remains of the witch, thus the need to focus on her apathy towards it however—witches don't leave remains. Is it possible that the black sludge is actually Mami's masticated, half-digested remains? If so, this show is actually much darker than I realised.
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I think he/she was trying to be more specific about the number. And they're right—I remember reading the "about 100 times" comment from the creators as well.

But the exactness of the number doesn't really matter. The point is that at the time of the battle Homura clearly has significant prior experience with it. Whether that's 20 times, 50 times, or 80 times the point remains the same.


Jesus fucking Christ you faggots over-analyze the hell out of this shit.
Fuck. Go outside sometimes. Meet people. Kiss a guy or girl. Do something but don't stay so far up your asses all the time with this. It's just an anime/manga. It's not scripture.
(And if you think it is, the kill yourself, because you're waaaayyy to far gone.


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Was that not blatantly obvious?


Was what not blatantly obvious? That Homura is cold and uncaring about Mami's death? That Homura was averting her gaze from what's actually Mami's corpse (disproven)? Can you at least specify what gap in my knowledge disappointed you?

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Not yet, at least until tomorrow.
This is just a spoiler.


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What happens to a soul gem if a magical girl doesn't do anything?
Lets say she decided not to fight witches, to just go about her life in a normal fashion.
Does she expend the energy in the gem or does it just stay the same level? Doe she need to hunt for grief seeds?
Could she go on and live the rest of her life without having to do any more witch hunting? And would she be immortal since the soul gem is safe from harm?


Homura explains that magic is still used to animate the shell body, which forces the girl to have to hunt down Witches to replenish their magic.


the older mahou shoujo we know about are in their late 20s, so here's that; both witched out.



The rooftop conversation between Homura and Madoka in Episode 7 was cut due to time. Keeping it would have clarified the issue:

>Madoka: Sayaka-chan won't be able to go back to her normal life?

>Madoka: If she stops using magic altogether, she doesn't need anymore grief seeds, right? She doesn't have to fight anymore Witches, right?
>Homura: Simply maintaining the body consumes a minimum amount of magic, so grief seeds are still a necessity. She would still need to hunt witches.



Those lines were added in 1st movie.
(Oh I surprise that it also in original script for TV one.)


Cleopatra lived to 39.

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I just came back from the bookstore with the new chapter and I will be leaving very soon, so I don't have a lot of time. My summary for Majuu-hen will come AS I'm reading it, so inconsistencies may abound. Bare with me. Might be brief, too. No pictures because I don't have my phone camera on me.
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Thank you for transferring majuu chapter 5!!


Thanks you very much Juno !


What if Homilly, the witch, gained sentience long before the corruption of her gem. Say that, for example, these "doll" creatures are rather not Wraith form entirely… But are creations of Homulilly that are prototypes of the Clara Dolls, merely using the wraith essences to create them and now trying to get homura to witchify so she could take control and her plan worked up until the incubators halted the process to do their experiment?


These wraiths are really powerful.

Is it true that Homura's memory manipulation powers was not stolen by them too? At least a portion of it.


About Madoka in the last chapter, in my opinion she is a wraith. Because as shown the wraiths have manipulation knowledge and ability to feel emotional weakness. If the voice that helped is a wraith that it would as a way to Homura let her guard and give hope to break soon after it and so devour her mind.

The fake Madoka could exploit the weaknesses of Homura and when it is discovered that could raise doubts whether her memories are false. It could generate a grief spiral which could lead to Rebellion. a cruel case would be that others found out and they became more skeptical about Madoka and increase the sense of alienation of Homura.

Sorry if my English is not very good.

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Someone could translate this to English?


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Всем здрасьте.
Вы наверное знаете - была такая мелкоборда Альфачан. И загнулась. Но произошло чудо - усилиями множества неймфагов она реинкарнировала и теперь цветет и пахнет.
Всех приглашаем на нашу преображенную парашу! Альфачан 2.0.
(несмотря на все это - адрес остался тем же)
Ориентиры для гостей:
http://alphachan.org/b/res/323019.html - наш чаетред.
http://alphachan.org/b/res/323021.html - политика партии от Папыможет, епископа Альфачанского.
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English scans of the second volume of Tart Magica have been posted:

I couldn't find this volume in the Mediafire account, so I figured I'd share so it can be added!

In other Tart-related news, it's been confirmed that Yen Press will be publishing the third volume in July of this year.



Thanks, added to /MadokaOfficial under /Manga/English


How about a link, instead of assuming everybody knows where you're talking about.


how about you go fuck yourself instead of being a whinny baby ?


Wow. Great way to treat somebody who's new to the whole thing and doesn't know where everything is.

I just asked a simple question because I don't know what he's talking about.

You can keep your members only club to yourself then, jackass.


Don't let that asshole get to you. Guys like that feel threatened by newcomers for some reason. Most autists don't like change, or new things, so…
Anyway, here's what >>10141 was talking about.


It's a place where you can find some neat things. Books, art, etc.
Hope you enjoy it. And welcome to the wonderful world of Magical Girls! It's great when somebody new shows up!

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Some info about the short movie, including the differences between Tokyo and Osaka screening (the creator of the page said he was going to update the page if something new comes in Sapporo)
Can someone translate it? It would be useful for the wiki
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My Japanese is not good enough to translate these, but I did take a look at them and also ran them through Google Translate.

According to the first link the changes between Toyko and Osaka are only in the still images. The animated parts are the same, but different stills are shown.



Are there even any fan translators translating Madoka stuff anymore? I thought the last few had been driven away by some 4chan and tumblr drama or something.



AFIK there's really not that much to translate right now except for minor "fringe" stuff.


Drama by Rebellion and the fanbase apparently; there's very few left, but there's also real life to attend to so that's most likely why there haven't been many translations.



There are, myself included. I don't go on 4chan or tumblr or anything, so I dunno about other stuff, but I've been busy and stressed this year, so I haven't been able to contribute more than a few manga summaries. This is Juno, btw. The browser keeps erasing my information.

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I'd really like to read Extra Story and Sadness Prayer, and I'm wondering if there are any scans. :P


Might be some scans of it in here anon:

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It took me a couple tries to get it to download but honestly you're not missing much. It's a bunch of very very short animated clips, the majority of which are from the anime. Unless I am missing something it's not really worth the effort.




It's a troll. Ignore it.


doubt someone knows but, has anyone tried to hack the IAP for the actually useful features…

im pretty sure this game is a paid app, so i dont know why they blocked features like progress saving and the like with iap, i mean besides more money.


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