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Looks like someone already scanned Tart Magica (found some pics on tumblr)



>Riz instead of Liz



they also named Kyubey "Cube"


Kyubey is called that in the raws, so it's not a translation thing.

Here's a mediafire mirror of the English download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ibr371qiei8c4la/Tart%E2%98%86Magica+Volume+1+%5BEnglish%5D.zip


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This is the second lesson, focusing entirely on Madoka Episode 1.
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This is actually quite interesting, though the topics seem just as informative and influential as when I used manga as my main topic for an LGBT studies course in college a few years ago.


File: 1429687719024.jpg (111.66 KB, 720x960, CCCK7fmWMAInAnu.jpg)

If you're interested, the textbook of the course (besides Madoka proper) is 少年少女のクロニクル by 志水 義夫 .



I cannot find it in the biiiug bookstore near my apartment. 8 might have to search online, but I was hoping to look inside before purchasing to see the range of topics and how the content is written…


This is intriguing. I'd be interested to know what other texts this course uses. Goethe's Faust? I wonder if >>7597 would ever be translated. I'd love to take a class that explores magical girl tropes especially in the context of a Faustian Bargain…


Found the professor's blog, where he has been posting lecture notes for the class:


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Rebellion Production Note? and Volume 17? and Different Story Bonuses? and new Edition ArtBook? and WHERE CAN I GET THE CARDS!? You know. those generator ones which I downloaded from "Akemi Homura" file. They are old. I want the latest ones. Can anyone here please direct me to the site?


Oh My God! Is that official!? Please say yes! I finally got to see her belly! And it looks so soft….ah..hah…


Calm down… only one person is allowed to touch Homuras belly.



The game itself is

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I don't know japanese so I maybe wrong if a recent interview or book has it stated in it. I'm talking about the isolation field. The reason her soul gem got tainted, it was never explained right? The real reason. Was it because she missed Madoka so much? I do not think so. If we look at the manga, homura was injured and bruised a bit. She was also wearing her magical girl clothes. I think she used too much magic which tainted her gem. She maybe fighting wraiths before the incubators set their plan into action. After that, maybe then the incubators took advantage of her. Maybe even luring her into facing lots of wraiths was also a part of their plan. Maybe.
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I found something interesting too, though this is Shinbo's own thoughts — or maybe he's implying that yes, Homura did miss Madoka and/or something happened.

"In that sense, you also made lavish use of the world we see at the end of the TV series, where they're battling the wraiths. Because that world was hardly depicted at all during the episodes."

SHINBO: Yes. That's why I'd like to depict the story of what got them to that point. Why Homura was defeated, and why her soul gem became corrupted… the story leading up to the movie. Because normally, Homura wouldn't be defeated so easily. I'm sure that there's a reason why she ended up that way.




It's likely that moment just happened to be the point in time in the new universe that corresponds to the point in time that 'ended' the old one.

That is, it's likely the day we're shown the new world is the day Walpurgisnacht would have occurred in the old world. This would make perfect sense, because Walpurgisnacht is the single point that blocks the progress of time in the series. Transitioning into the new world by also having it move chronologically past Walpurgisnacht truly shows that things are finally moving again into new possibilities.


I believe in that moment, the old universe Homura took over in the same way that Homura's existence flows back in time to override her past self whenever she rewinds.

There's nothing odd about the ribbons being in her hands, should it have also miraculously transcended space-time in that exact moment with together with Homu's consciousness.


can't get the soruce atm, but IIRC nagisa is one of the fastest witches, madoka fast level; her backstoryhas her mother dying in the hospital, then qb offers a contract, so she asks for a cheese cake so she coudl eat it for the last time with her mother, a few minutes after that she realizes she could have asked for her mother to get healed and witches out.


Actually, I'd say from a narrative perspective it makes perfect sense. Sayaka's Bad End was a pivotal point in the series that we already saw in two different timelines. Starting there allowed them to establish most aspects of the new status quo in about twenty seconds, in a scene that fits structurally into the rest of the series. It's only when people like us start sniffing into every detail that a need for more explanation arises.

If you're right about Homura having her memories before then, she might have just taken the ribbons off to think about Madoka after witnessing the Law of the Cycle for the first time. Or she may not have thought of wearing them before then.



Madoka exists out of time and space. Homura has her old headband on at that point, right? So in other words, the ribbons came from Madoka and didn't exist in that timeline until this moment. You can't really make any other sense out of things existing out of time and space.

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I can't really say much, except the game is some sort of card game.
source: http://sp.animate.tv/news/details.php?id=1430193355&p=1&n=2
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File: 1430484886543.jpg (100.19 KB, 517x310, image.jpg)

names of the grimoire girls, from left to right:
tsukuyo, yukari, natsumi, rei, and tomoka.


woops, those might actually be their last names. in the google play trailer, it showed their full names in english, and then I realized that names in japanese put their last names first.


Japanese surnames are written first only when they're written in Japanese. The only people who write Japanese surnames first in English are retarded fansubbers.


ebin get!


I found most of the cards for the pmmm crew, except homura's and nagisa's, but I doubt that nagisa has one.

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Anyone gonna help improve these wiki articles?
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We need help writing up chapter summaries for Oriko Extra Story and Suzune volume 2!


File: 1429315156461.jpg (76.67 KB, 365x550, SasaYuukiColor.jpg)

Can someone get a better scan of this image?


Working on it~


Kinda off topic, but is the eye meant to look like that…?


We need more help cleaning up these wiki articles!

File: 1397235741237.jpg (382.52 KB, 503x715, Puella_Magi_Suzune_Magica_Vol_…)


Quick question, folks.

Does anyone know what's going on with Suzune Magica? I haven't been able to find anything about it beyond the basic summary that the wiki has, and there doesn't seem to be any translations that I can find.

Same goes for Taruto and the assorted Oriko sagas.

It seems very odd to me that there hasn't really been any word on them in a long time.
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The scanlation text needs a lot of proofreading. There's lots of missing punctuation and awkward sentences. It makes reading pretty awful for someone like me, where these kinds of little things stand out and distract from the story. (Volume 1 was a lot better about this, but still had a few weird spots here and there.)

Also, wasn't the second half of Arisa's wish worded as "I want to stand up to all of them!" in the volume 1 scanlation? The translation in volume 2 chapter 8 has it worded as "I want to leave them in the dust" despite being written the same in Japanese.



This is why I need internet. I'm far from the only native English speaker in the group, but that kind of stuff bothers me, too. Until I have internet again, I can't proofread anything…
I'll investigate and punish the culprit, though. *pulls sleeves up*


File: 1430020810093.jpg (172.35 KB, 904x1077, Arisagan2.jpg)

Someone on tumblr made an edit of GAN's art of Arisa, which fixes her eye colour.

Source: http://figuregunplafan-aka-yatogami.tumblr.com/post/114902561444/slightly-photoshopped-version-of-the-arisa-narumi


Anyone going to translate GAN's afterword on Suzune Magica?



I wonder if gan can speak english.

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I did some Googling on tonight's holiday and found something interesting:

Apparently, this was from DisneyLand in Japan, from the Haunted Mansion. This witch was called the Witch of Walpurgis. one of the so-called Sinister 11, the portraits who used to watch you as you passed down the hall at WDW (and they still do at Tokyo). Now the eleven are scattered around inside the WDW Mansion, and the Witch of Walpurgis hangs in the load area. Like the others, her eyes are no longer the concave, half-a-ping-pong-ball type that follow you. That's her second demotion, you might say. Originally, she was going to be a changing portrait.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. What she really represents is the middle ground that Marc Davis could not find, somewhere between the cartoon witches of Halloween decor and the scary, Black-Sabbat-attending witches of Western imagination, still considered very numerous and very real until the 18th century or so. When Davis began kicking around the idea of witches in the HM, one direction he tried out was the "realistic" one. His original concept painting for the Walpurgis Witch features some curious differences from the finished version above. For one thing, her head was originally going to turn into a goat's head.

So I had a theory of this, could she be the very first magical girl to become a witch? What caused her and the rest of the magical girls to become a witch? Was it her hatred of human kind? I know the original Walpurga was a missionary and a nun, but I wonder… what made her become evil? Was her goat head showing the hatred of human kind? Feel free to post some theories on here.
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Well, the despair has always been there even before magical girls, so there were probably wraiths at first.


Don't think so, if wraiths existed regardless of the madoka rule change then the magical girls would fight wraiths as well as witches. wraith should be something related to madoka's rule overwriting, we should get some answers on that soon.
a point of consideration is how the "familiar become witches eventually" fits , sicne for all the spin offs, we have never ever witnessed that event, unlike let's say, magical girls becoming older as a few have reached their 20s or maybe even older.


The wraiths are related to Madoka's rule overwriting in the way that the despair has to be embodied in something other than witches now that witches no longer exist. It would make a lot of sense that the wraiths also used to exist before witches did, then the ancient magical girls killed all of the wraiths and after they became witches, there was no need for more wraiths to be born.



It probably was conventional stuff, considering QB's talk of how advanced humanity wouldn't be had the incubators's not intervened.


I like to imagine that during the early magical girls era, Kyubey's race didn't know exactly what would happen to a magical girl when she ran out of magic and eventually found out when she became a witch. And when she was defeated, they researched it and found the benefits to their entropy problem.

It's probably an outlandish theory of mine, but I thought it made sense.

File: 1430493342453.jpg (67.92 KB, 640x480, 2012111301.jpg)


Does anybody have a bigger version of the TDS bonuses? The two ones at the top left. I know the top right was scanned, but not those other two I think.


I downloaded almost the full manga, but I could not find the left and middle ones anywhere, but somehow it feels like I have seen them. I wish I could remember.

File: 1430474371945.png (1.76 MB, 1279x739, xzczx.PNG)


Juno-san, or anyone who knows, what did this scene mean?
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The after-credits scene looks fake to me. The moon is weird- it's exactly half and you can see stars through the missing half. Kyuubey's eyes are also drawn in the sketch-style like many things inside Homura's barrier.


File: 1430486797711.jpg (160.54 KB, 768x1024, protivogaz5.jpg)

Smart people know that most internet instructions on creating bombs written by FBI agents. They describe not work or not effective design. Or you risk explode when manufactured. This is to counteract terrorists.

With a good "Civil Selfdefense" school textbook Homura would make an excellent bomb and would easily finished off Walpurgis Night in first timeloop, I think.


>Or you risk explode when manufactured.
She was smart, so she was able to net let an explosion happen. Also, I was not aware of this information.


File: 1430492582024.jpg (223.3 KB, 1920x1080, Movie 3 - Rebellion (Hangyaku …)

>She was smart, so she was able to net let an explosion happen.
Even smartest characters are mistaken.


Are you talking about Kyubey? I think you are. Well, I loved what happened to him at the end.

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