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Is Homura im love with Madoka? I just saw Rebellion and I'm confused
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I kind of agree , since Homura somehow tells Madoka she didn't care if she turned into a witch as long as Madoka is with her , in her first and second world she trapped Madoka against her will and gave her a happy life so Madoka wouldn't go away and instead stayed with Homura. It serves as a double purpose because both were satisfied with the soul gem world. Madoka even said she was happy being a magical girl and fighting along her friends, and Mami replied nightmares aren't supposed to be fun.

And by the way, MadoSaya is way better than Madohomu. The first one is a true healthy friendship.


The first two episodes of the series had definite MadoSaya vibes, and Hitomi's reaction at the first hint that they have a secret implies to me that she had been picking up on such vibes for some time as well. Ships have certainly been built on less.

I was actually kind of baffled when they introduced Kyosuke, because I had assumed that Sayaka was filling the "implied lesbian with a crush on the main character" role.

That said, Rebellion was definitely pushing Sayaka/Kyouko, so even if she had a thing for Madoka, she has moved on now.


>>The first two episodes of the series had definite MadoSaya vibes

I'd say it had a definite MadoSaya JOKE, nothing more. It made for some funny dialogue but note that there never was any sort of romance, lust, or tension between Madoka and Sayaka. They only thing they "did together" was get involved with QB and witch hunting. The "yuri" was all in Hitomi's head.


File: 1464201682087.jpg (364.89 KB, 1112x1600, KyoSaya_afterlife_manga.jpg)

Ah, got it. She was on a boat, so I figured "ship".

>And by the way, MadoSaya is way better than Madohomu. The first one is a true healthy friendship.

Sayaka's not a bad friend, but it's not really comparable. Once the going got tough, Sayaka began blaming and guilting Madoka into forming a contract for something she chose to do on her own. At no point has Homura blame Madoka for anything. Rebellion also gets into weird territory because Sayaka doesn't seem to view Madoka as more than a sacrifice for the salvation of magical girls just as Homura doesn't want Madoka to achieve self-actualization in order to protect her.

There's nothing that even implied a romantic bond between them. The swirling red and blue phantoms were pretty much confirmation of KyouSaya. The manga even had Kyouko and Sayaka reuniting in heaven together.

Yeah, the promo art before the series aired is all MadoHomu and the first episode even has Sayaka joke about Homura being Madoka's soul mate from another life.


>Yeah, the promo art before the series aired is all MadoHomu and the first episode even has Sayaka joke about Homura being Madoka's soul mate from another life.

meant for >>11164

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Vol.4 came out on may 15th just to inform people to update info on it
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My heart stopped when I checked the forum and saw this. It looks awesome! Any raw scans soon?


May 12th, actually.


thanks, also wraith arc vol. 2 is coming out June 11th


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Is that you, Nero?


Any chance for raw scans?

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New Suzune thread, as the other has reached its bump limit.

English scanlations can be downloaded from Silver Garden: http://silvergardentl.blogspot.com/
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I know what happened. It's just a thought.


They made a really stupid statement, even though everything was shown and stated, and yet still they couldn't get it, but said they did even though there was no mention of that.
That would've been the most shitty and stupid ending in the history of animes. That wouldn't be cool at all, just a pointless excuse of trying to be edgy. The series was already a flop to begin with. But I guess that's cause everyone just wants lesbos and no actual story line. I bet if Kagari had hatesex with Suzune, the series would've topped the chart.


Never mentioned wanting any yuri at all. I don't like it actually.

What kind of ending do you personally think would be better?


That yuri part was a general statement. See? When you're vague, the other person will get confused when you never mention things properly.
Other better ending? The original was fine, but it would've been at least a bit better if Suzune hadn't died, but of course they have to keep things as tragic as they can.


Volume three has been released in English today!

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Seems like yuri is official now
More pictures about the newest Madogatari in the link
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Then why the fuck Homura wanted to be killed if there is no diference ? Everything would have been the same if she asked the girls except Madoka for help


Homura wanted to die because she's been suicidal for basically always. But more importantly, she figured it was safer that way so that Madoka would not reveal her god form, so Kyubey couldn't control her. She was trying to keep Madoka safe.

Failing that, Homura realized that she could protect Madoka in a different way— by assuming her place as a god. So she did.


But maybe it means something completely different, like they die together or something. Like I said, this is one theory of many, and there are an ENDLESS number of possible outcomes for this series to take.

In the end, it's ultimately up to Urobuchi and his writing team to decide how this story ends, not us…


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>Seems like yuri is official now


Fuck you, yuri is half canon by far, Homura loves Madoka, it's only necessary that Madoka feels the same

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In chapter 6 of the wraith arc, what appeared to be a sun cross similar to this one was shown on Wraith Madoka's chest…

Does anyone know any significance this might have towards potential upcoming chapters, or even the series itself?


File: 1463078578516.png (28.7 KB, 202x202, latest.png)

I'm assuming you're referring to this:


Because otherwise, well…

Anyways, that was posted in association with Homucifer's symbol, that is:



It's referring to Homura's dormant AI YO power. It's what Madowraith and Homura were discussing the whole chapter.


The sun cross was used in ancient times to honor the Sun Gods, and certain variations of the sun cross today are used to honor God Himself…


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Not sure I see any threads for games on this board, so I'll start off with QB(Kyubey) Hunting Online (QB狩りオンライン).

Feel free to post about this, Grief Syndrome, the PSP/Vita games, MUGEN, or whatever else would be Madoka Magica gaming-related below.


An online co-op defense game based in flash with several characters from the main series, Rebellion, and even a few from the spin off novels.

It can be tricky to find a good team online if you live in the states like me (due to time differences between here and Nippon) but it's a great co-op Madoka experience to get into when people are on. The screenshot here is not definitive of a larger session which can get pretty chaotic and heated.

A link to QB Hunter's game wiki (offering some translated materials as well) can be found here: https://wiki.puella-magi.net/QB_Online_Hunting

Do note that the link to the game on that page is out of date and will not load the game as the services for that particular build have been shut down for a while. The one I linked to may be an unofficial continuation, so take that for what you will.


File: 1464050259372.png (97.85 KB, 1288x840, QBHunter4.png)

Pictured: The character roster for the game, current as of 5/23/2016 (last update to that was adding Devil Homura/悪魔ほむら, if I recall correctly)

The Japanese Wiki for the game also provides links under the まとめ section to different builds and material related to the game but as I've mentioned, I've only been able to get the linked build above to properly load as the original ceased functioning in early 2015.


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I am the first and the last: I am he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death.

Revelations 1:18

Symbolism, perhaps?
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I think your example of the "god powers being locked away" is more likely than a direct referance to Revelations, but I did think it was a neat match. There are other "lock" scenes that I can think of: When Mami restrained Homura just before her fight with Charlotte, and also during the rapid-fire series of images shown early in Rebellion just before the girls deal with the first nightmare.

There's a lot of things in PMMM which could be considered biblical—for example, Madoka's absorbing all of the other girls curses into herself is a lot like the concept of Jesus taking the sins of mankind upon himself. And the Faust story which clearly invluences the show a great deal is very much based on Christianity as well. But there is nothing *explicitly* biblical that I can recall.

That being said, the revelations reference is at least possible. After all, Madoka makes a pretty good Jesus figure: QB mentions that she has godlike powers. She basically "dies" for the sake of absorbing all the girl's curses during the TV series. And now she's back again.


It should be noted that most of the biblical, literary, and ballet motifs and allusions are added put in by InuCurry and SHAFT. Urobuchi claims he's never looked at Faust and the works of Nietzche and Freud seemed to play a much bigger influence in Rebellion than Paradise Lost. As with most Japanese works, it's best to take the Christian aspects with a grain of salt.

While Madoka is a saviour figure, Homura is the only one who knows the Law of Cycles used to be human that sacrificed her existence and is really the only "religious" meguca. To the other girls, the LoC is just a thing that happens.


>>allusions are added put in by InuCurry and SHAFT
Yes, I agree. But who created the reference doesn't have any bearing on the nature of that referance. It could be biblical (or not) regardless of who created it.

>>Urobuchi claims he's never looked at Faust

Really? Is there a source for that? The show seems to have a very strong correlation to Faust for the writer not having read it.

>>…works of Nietzche and Freud seemed to play a much bigger influence in Rebellion


>> than Paradise Lost.

Wait, what? Who said anything about Paradise lost? That was by Milton, and has nothing to do with Faust.

>>As with most Japanese works, it's best to take the Christian aspects with a grain of salt.

Yeah, I agree. Especially since there are no explicit biblical references.
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>>there are no explicit biblical references.

Actually, there is at least one. And it is also specific to Revelations. During Saotome-sensei's tirade about the "end of the world" near the beginning of Rebellion she specifically mentions "the seven trumpets of Revelation could below at any minute".


>>11036 here. I actually was thinking about Milton, but decided not to mention it since there's not much similarity beyond the fact that the "devil" is the protagonist. Maybe >>11046 is psychic or something.

Good catch; I'd forgotten about that. I found that scene to be uncomfortably Flanderized, but I justify it by speculating that Homura's memory-rewriting did a shaky job on people she didn't know very well, resulting in exaggerated caricatures. That could also explain the over-the-top Kyosuke/Hitomi drama.

File: 1463884454203.jpg (1.93 MB, 2994x2150, 007 illustration akemi_homura …)


If only we had the Production Note for the anime and Rebellion… that shit has lots of information


Translated, I mean


Would be nice. I copied what translations we have to genga booru


File: 1463634768753.png (32.42 KB, 121x127, hetumi.png)


Is Fancutfags dead? The torrents aren't downloading anymore, and it's been two years and there's been no revised batch like promised.


One of the Fancutfags here. The project has not been abandoned, but it is currently on hold probably at least until I'm done with my military service (i.e. not before 2017).


Can someone please seed the 720p version of episode 6? It's the only one I'm missing.


Sorry, forgot to seed. Will have it on for 24hrs.

File: 1462840993182.jpg (55.4 KB, 584x267, 1.jpg)


Hi Usotsuki here, these pictures are from Madogatari at Nagoya. ;)
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The ending of the series had a perfect bittersweet tone to it, then Rebellion went much darker. I'm hoping the sequel will err on the side of positivity.


>And yet she doesn't even seem to be in a better position post-Rebellion

The thing is, she objectively IS better post- than pre-Rebellion (meaning the time between episode 12's ending and the events that led to Rebellion - her despairing and QB imprisoning her.)

Remember, sometime along the way she couldn't go on anymore and succumbed to despair. After Rebellion, she now has a duty that she can and is able to continue to carry on for at least whatever developments that lie in await for her on the coming sequel. It doesn't matter if there is any hardships, which of course there are, she after Rebellion is able to bear them for the sake of what she has always fought. Between episode 12 and Rebellion, she failed. Thus, she can only be somewhat better after Rebellion than she was before it.


>It doesn't matter if there is any hardships, which of course there are, she after Rebellion is able to bear them for the sake of what she has always fought.

She says that. That doesn't make it anymore believable.


It's not merely a matter of Homura having said it when she became the devil. But that once having assumed this new role of the devil in opposition to the Goddess that she brought down to Earth, she hasn't turned her back on the new world that resulted from it, at least so far.

Now compare that to Homura's promise to never forget Madoka and fight for her sake, and the scenario in Rebellion where it got her: she had been doubting her memories of Madoka, and ultimately abandoned her duty of fighting wraiths for an ideal world where she could meet with Madoka once again (even if only due to QB's interference.)

Of course, developments that are yet to come could change that. Still, even in the concept movie there is indication that at the beggining things remain like they were last we saw them.


Taking the opportunity to expand a little more on this, what I forgot to leave explicit in there is that between the series and Rebellion Homura could no longer manage to continue living on without the prospect of meeting Madoka anymore, and she gave up as a result. After Rebellion and until the new project this is apparently not the case. Of course, in the latter Madoka actually is alive and Homura can see the direct result of her actions, which is the exact reason for why things are in fact better for her than they have once been. Not that there isn't a way to improve them further that Homura alone may be unable to do achieve.

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