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Is anyone willing to give me/us the link of the scanned versions of the artbook/production notes of Rebellion (if there's any luck), if possible?

Pretty please?

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>be me
>playing space nations
>go to forums
>see link to here in a post
>realize this is a thing that exists



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Aren't you supposed to shitpost on WaW instead of here?




Oy vey, is this another shoah? This chan is too tiny, individual anime shouldnt have chan. I claim this for Politics and War


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this board is now a part of our realm


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Quick question, folks.

Does anyone know what's going on with Suzune Magica? I haven't been able to find anything about it beyond the basic summary that the wiki has, and there doesn't seem to be any translations that I can find.

Same goes for Taruto and the assorted Oriko sagas.

It seems very odd to me that there hasn't really been any word on them in a long time.
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Link to download the first volume of Suzune?



Considering I only have one recreational email (no gmail), I'm going to suggest the IRC. If you still don't have one, let's make one.



Just so you know, I got the email sent to me, so I can receive and read emails, but I can't send them. I just created a temporary IRC channel. Get an IRC client (mIRC is what I use) and connect to the rizon server and type "/join #madokatrans" and you'll see me there. If there are any problems, let me know. =3


Well, seems like I managed to connect.


It's amazing what you stumble across online:

Suzune raws for all currently released chapters. ALL MY YES.

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I always thought, we he would grow older, Tatsuya would become a villain, and their would be Cain and Abel-type scenario between him and Madoka.

He would either become a servant to Oriko or Akuma Homura or become a "Bigger Bad" of sorts.

Why is this? Abandonment issues. Something bad happend to Junko and Tomohisa, and he would view Madoka as selfish for choosing to become a god over staying with her family.

And out of hate for his sister, he contract, start a witch-worshiping cult, Oriko would take him under her wings, or something along those lines.

He always, in my mind, wore an Italian Plague Doctor costume as his uniform.

Doktor Schnabel Mitakihara Stadt
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Yes, this show could definitely use some of that.
What if in Homura's new Universe, her brother was closer in age?
what if Madoka became a siscon?
these ideas are super dee duper swell


Some of what? The Earl of Lemongrab? Agnes Oblige?



he obviously means more of 'Cowardly Retreat; Airy tells fibs'


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>Ringabel and Edea are adopted siblings and he has the hots for her
Aw shit, Drew must love that since his life revolves around incest.
By the way, I have an undying hatred of this game because they somehow managed to pull off BORING time loops with no character development.



You have to fight all job bosses in each new time cycle in order to get all the character development. All the character development is put into the repeat boss fights. Thats how you get the character in-depth development.

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A great witch has struck our land. While on www.politicsandwar.com the moderator turned into a witch, and imprisoned me in a labyrinth. All because he is intolerant of forbidden love. Can some Meguca come and save me before I turn into a witch due to despair?
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technically, as long as it is not porn/illegal, there is nothing to be done about it. Thats the problem with no rules


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yeah, I banned him from my forum for being an incestuous fuck. He then wrote a fucking sex story involving myself and my sister. what a faggot


Thank you sir, you've done a good deed. I looked at some of his posts on the forum, and he seems like a really desperate and vocal pervert who can't keep his sexual fantasies to himself. Not only is he flaunting his masturbatory material to people who don't want to know about it, he defends it so adamantly it's as if he's part of an incestuous relationship himself.

And really? He wrote an incest fiction of a real-life person out of spite? Sounds like something a bullied middle-school child would do.


Grendel was at his house, being an internet forum moderator. He loved to hate incest on the internet, because he actually fucks his own sister. While he was banning people, he felt his pants unzipping. "Hey sis, whats going on" he says as his sister tugs his cock out of his pants. She licks the tip of his dick, and then proceeds to shove his whole 3 inch penis into her mouth. "God I love you sister, you are the only woman who has actually fucked me. All the other woman laugh when I pull out my 3 inch penis" said Grendel as his sister bobs her head up and down. She doesnt need to do it, since his penis is so small, but does it to make Grendel feel like he is a man. After about 10 seconds, Grendel ejackulates into his sister's mouth. His sister than takes out a strap on, and pulls his pants down. She grabs his sides, and proceedes to penetrate his anus. Grendel loved things going up his ass. He would be gay, but he is afraid to talk to people in real life. Also, most guys do not like 3 inch penises that are as thick as a pencil. After 5 minutes of ass pounding, his sister sticks the strap on near his face. "Suck my cock" says his sister. He proceeds to suck it, but loves it so much, he bites down. It falls out of the strap, and into his throat, choking him. He spits it out, knocking out his sister. He then goes back to the computer, and proceedes to ban the whole BLOC party because they like to challenge the status quo. The end -


File: 1397699378892.jpg (25.56 KB, 206x243, Homu Hmph.jpg)

Typical behaviour of a loser who can only vent his frustrations by masturbating and crying into a dakimakura of his own sister/mother/whatever the fuck you're into.

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we all know that Mami was Hitler's favorite puella magi. She only one w/blond hair, and western. Hitler is kawaii. Urobutcher confirmed hitler will be in second season as a love interest, fitting in with the series feminist plot and making all men shit


She doesn't have blue eyes.


She is just wearing contact lens silly. Of course she is aryan master race. Dont know why she hangs out with a bunch of otaku who dye there hair and eyes


>dye there hair and eyes
>dye there eyes


Fuckin jews takin all my mother fuckin shit. I hate this bull. I am going back to Politics and War

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I guess i'll post it here…
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It's talking about the release of volume 1 of Tart, which is Jeanne d'Arc's manga that was serialized in Kirara Magica. It gives a summary under the release date, too.

Also, there's something called "Rebellion: Comicarise" (komikaraizu) being released by Hanokage. It seems to be a manuscript or something for the manga by Hanokage. Not completely sure because I've been out of the loop and the only indication is the word, "manuscript" there.


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File: 1397696138050.jpg (50.38 KB, 480x679, how do you like that, Haruka.j…)

you dun goofed, all hail PaW!!


File: 1397696568962.jpg (1.67 MB, 1600x1200, Sora hug haru.jpg)

Sora greatest magical girl


Grendel, fuck off ya goddamn kike. nobody wants your nigger shit here. Go and fuck yerself laddy with a silver spoon. I claim this in the name of the GPA of Politics and War. None of you degenerate bastards got shit on me

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Rebellion imagery topic! Symbolism, visual foreshadowing, creative architecture, etc.
Basically, post screenshots (camrip, BD rip) of things in Rebellion you wish to talk about or show everyone.

For starters, I just compiled all the instances of the white window I could find in the BD release. It's pretty obvious that it's meant to symbolize the boundary between Homura's barrier and the outside world. Note that I only compiled images of the white window. There are similar windows in the film, such as right outside the incubator containment field, on some walls, and on the elephant carriage, but those don't just appear out of nowhere or show some connection to Madoka, so I won't consider them relevant.
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As the anon who said to look at the arcade, all I can type is ;-p


During the Nutcracker, the Nutcracker came to life when the clock struck twelve.

As for the owls, they and a few other kinds of birds were present at the Walpurgisnacht in Faust, and they were also in the Nutcracker, iirc.

Those are legitimate Rorschach blots.

Anyway, here is my contribution to the thread.

The names of the minions Liese, Lilia, Luiselotte and the Lilly in Homulilly are all derivatives of the name Elisabeth, a German version of Elizabeth, of course. In the original Faust, the second scene that Margarete is called Gretchen is a scene between her and presumably a neighbor named Lieschen, which is another variant of Elisabeth. Lieschen condemns a neighbor named "Bärbelchen" (Barbara), who has recently gotten pregnant outside of wedlock, not knowing that Gretchen too is carrying Faust's child. Because of Lieschen's words, Gretchen starts to slip and becomes obsessed with absolution.

The other minion names, Clara and Lotte, are references to the main females of Tschaikovsky's Nutcracker and Goethe's The Sorrows of Young Werther, respectively.


Oh, and apparently Elisabeth was the name of Nietzsche's shitty sister too.


Has the phone been discussed anywhere yet? I find the phone extremely intriguing. Why is it behaving as though it was a piece of paper?

I know that SHAFT does random things just because, but Madoka hasn't had a lot of that, so I'm wondering if there is an actual reason why they made the phone like that.


Maybe it's because Homura realized that she was the master of the labyrinth and could talk to anyone without using a phone, so the phone she was holding wasn't even real in the first place?

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Incest is "forbidden", but the chances of genetic ramifications over one generation are pretty low. It's the fucked up power dynamic of someone usually older/stronger/with a position of power in the family holding power over a younger/weaker/more vulnerable member of the family and manipulating them into a relationship that is unhealthy and will likely lead to trauma and emotional distress.

tl;dr Fuck off, OP. Nobody here cares about your weirdo kink crusade.


This was meant as a reply to >>5085. Misfired.

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http://www.wakanim.tv/dossier/16/4/interview-durobuchi-gen-et-de-kosaka-takaki Any more confirmation for an extension of the series?


Oh my.

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