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How does Karma work in the Madoka setting?

1. What I know is that Kyubey says that a magical girl's raw magical power is directly tied to the girl's significance to the world.

2. I also know that the characteristics of magic is shaped after the girl's wish.

3. Kyubey also states that Madoka was able to make such a universe-bending wish because she had that much karma.

Okay. So.

Is the karma accounted for before, or after making the wish?

What happens if a girl makes a wish that's way beyond her karma?

-Does the wish get rejected?
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>"her wish prevailed over entropy"

I thought that was a reference to how her magic works, as in reversing a timeline and going back to the start point. Essentially reversing what should have been an irreversible process, seeing as time always moves forward and so does entropy.


>>"her wish prevailed over entropy"

In my opinion this is just another way of stating "your wish was granted", or "your wish worked". QB makes it clear that the whole purpose behind him contracting magical girls is to collect energy to offset entropy. Therefore, any and all "contract wishes" must necessarily overcome entropy.

The point I was trying to get across in >>12648 was that QB seems unsure that Homura's wish will be granted at first, yet then the wish is indeed granted.


Kyubey is able to detect the karma of a girl, and presumably can calculate the karmic requirement of a given wish. The exact intent of Kyubey's words may be lost in translation, but it seems to suggest "I crunched the numbers in my head and your karma checks out." Not to mention that he makes this comment before Homura states her wish, so his uncertainty may have stemmed from the possibility that Homura may have wished for something that would require karma beyond her potential, although her predictable wishes were within her capacity.


>twisted Madoka
No such thing. Even Majuuka was still pretty pure.

Ai is Homura. She's an aspect of herself.


>> but it seems to suggest "I crunched the numbers in my head and your karma checks out

Yes, that's exactly what I was getting at. QB seems to have some sort of knowledge as to whether or not a contract could succeed, but it seems that it's only a guess rather than some kind of exact knowledge. He clearly goes after Madoka and Sayaka because he's 100% sure that they could contract. And likewise he seems to avoid everyone else at their school—presumably because he knows that they couldn't. Homura seems to be some kind of middle ground in which QB senses she has potential but isn't exactly certain.

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Are they enemies or rivals?


Mami tries to get along with other megucas when she was a newbie but later she realizes that it's not how it works after meeting the megucas sisters in Different Story.
So, in Mami's view, rivalizes Homura in the series because she thinks that Homura is jealous because when Madoka becomes meguca, she will be more powerful than her according to a meguca standart worried about grief seeds and controlling territories (But that's not why she tries to stop Madoka and Homura has'nt the same goal as Mami so they aren't rivals)

In Homura's view, she gets along well with Mami in previous timeline but, in the third timeline, she is shocked of the true nature of megucas and Mami's mental fragility too when she attempts to kill everyone. So, in the following timelines, she tries to avoid her and, in Rebellion, she says to never feel comfortable with Mami for always trying to pretend to be strong and brave in order to be a big sister figure to the rest of megucas despite her fragility.

So, in conclusion, they're like enemies.


Mami sees Homura as an enemy; Homura sees Mami as an obstacle. Otherwise they're.


Well, I fucked that up.

*Otherwise they're on decent terms.


see this post >>12652


Neither. Circumstances put them at odds with each other.

There are subtle differences to the way Homura interacts with the non-Madokas. For example, Homura can rightfully state she doesn't give a damn about Sayaka because everything that happens to her is due to her own actions and complete inability to comprehend the gravity of the situation. While Homura doesn't actively wish ill will toward Sayaka, she views her as a major thorn in her side.

In Mami's case, she respects, pities, and fears Mami. Homura can't do anything to save Mami because Mami is a veteran magical girl. Telling her the truth shatters her view of the world and it leads to people dying. At the same time, Mami is Homura's mentor and we see in E3 that Homura does feel saddened by Mami's death and in Rebellion where she states that she pities Mami's emotional weakness. Mami is a legitimate hero figure who was cursed to be born in a world without heroes and that irony is clear to Homu.

That said, Mami actively tries to contract Madoka. While she'd rather convince Mami to side with her against Walmartnight, Homura can't do this due to Mami's insistence on contracting Madoka and this puts them at odds.

On Mami's end, she views Homura as a threat. Based on her experiences, Homura is a magical girl that wants to encroach on her territory. Why does she want to stop Kyubey from contracting the girls? Does she value grief seeds over people's safety? There is 0 reason to trust Homura and because most other girls (Kyouko for example) just come around and start shit, she can only conclude that Homura is scheming against her.

It's important to keep in mind that outside of E10, Mami and Homura have never actively tried to kill each other and instead go for restraining movement.

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>Cheek Luminous
>Butt Luminous in Colorful
>Nose Luminous
Here's hoping for lip Luminous in the sequel.


Nice, it's pretty easy to make webms from them.


Can the nice anon that extracted the vods last time >>8670
please stand up?


File: 1477071852722.jpg (61.59 KB, 720x960, 14102465_968611266582911_44202…)

I can not buy the game. To extract video I need '.obb' data files from android version of the game.

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I found this not to long on twitter for a Madoka moblie game comming in spring 2017 called (acording to google translate) Magna records puella Magi Madoka ☆ Magica Gaiden, it's website is out now with a PV (sadly it's reigon locked).

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Can someone please update the Puella Magi Wiki website about this new game? Thanks!


Why won't you do it?


I don't know how to


Has any new information about this come out yet?


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>[email protected]

FFS people, just leave the email field empty if you're not sageing or nokoing.

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Who is the better writer, Masaki Hiramatsu or Kuroe Mura?
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Agreed. You can like or dislike the character designs, costumes, and so on but that has nothing to do with the writing, story, etc.


I did not mean outfits, tho; I personally like this as I started watchign anime in the 90s so good luck being over sensitive to sex and fanservice in atime when ghost in the shell had motoko nakd for half the movie and all animes had a token shower scene.

I meant the actual laying out of panels and stuff, but then again kazumi magica is more dense than stuff liek suzune, the latest being my least favorite, even below the canon breaking ones.


Almost all Madoka Magica manga and their spinoffs had pacing problems due to being constrained to three volumes, with barely enough space to put meat into the written story content.

Kazumi ended at 5 volumes and was able to bring its story to a full conclusion. It had other problems, but that's way better than how Suzune did.

I expect the same of Tart, with four volumes and counting.


I'm happy that Tart writer got lucky with his adaption lasting more than 3 volumes. Suzune was a weird case since it was going to end at 2 actually and sad the case with Wraith arc and Hanokage


Yeah, Suzune was going to be 2 volumes only, but GAN was asked to expand it to 3, so they made up the whole subplot with Kagari to pad things out.

I'm personally fond of the Kagari subplot, but it definitely has a lot of faults. I have to wonder if Suzune wouldn't've been better left at 2 volumes instead.

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Sup /meduka/
Im doing a research about arts at my university and i want it to be about Madoka anime but i cant figure out how to connect it with context of modern art.
Any ideas are welcme/


It's not our job to do your homework.


The scenes in the witches' barriers are pretty artsy.


The architecture of Mitakihara City was based on famous structures from around the world. (The wiki gets into more detail in this department)


The story of Madoka is more postmodern than anything. Check out the blog posts by JedABlue called "the very soil" for more information on this. As for visuals you'll have to rely on episode analyses from the wiki.

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No need to be a fucking faggot.



She got her ai yo bow and renewed her faith. That's what this story was, I guess.



What was rude about that reply? I see no insults, profanity, or anything else offensive.



What the fucc

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WA 9

"Homura is sent through a journey across tims and space with Ultimate Homura. UH explains why bad things are happening and that the shield is the cause of all of it. UH explains that Homura has a special power that was born from her and Madoka's shared feelings. She tells her that Homura has to choose a power, either the sheild or the bow. Homura rewrites her memory and grants herself a new wish. She asks for a bow to defeat all who threaten Madoka rather than a sheild to protect her. Homura awakens her new power and annihilates Wraithpurgisnacht and destroys the sheild. She awakens in a new timeline with her Rose Bow rather than the old one. She leaves behind a piece of the sheild, which Kyubey takes and uses as proof of Madoka's existence. Homura joins Kyouko and Mami to fight wraiths. It ends with the final scene of the series".
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>LQ Chinese scans
Jesus, even the photos were better quality.


>Jesus, even the photos were better quality.
>better quality

Are you an idiot?


File: 1476421706360.jpg (582.45 KB, 1936x2592, IMG_2326.JPG)

Are you blind? These scans are incredibly washed out.

Compare the quality of this photograph.


File: 1476421747847.jpg (108.63 KB, 411x600, IMG_2493.JPG)

To this scan.


Stick with the photos, then.

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File: 1475280628629.jpg (174.69 KB, 500x728, IMG_2133.JPG)

Sorry sorry, I meant this one.


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She lacked time manipulation powers even before the Wraiths stole her powers.


Wraiths steal memories and emotions. She remembered having time stop and remembered her connection to Madoka. Hence when the Wraith's took her memories and her feelings for Madoka, they also took the sheild along with it and gained access to its power. I mean, it's not well written, but it's very easy to follow.


The difference between taking Madoka's powers and time manipulation is that Madoka's powers always existed in this timeline via Homura inheriting the bow. On the other hand, this timeline's Homura never had time manipulation.

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