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Quick question, folks.

Does anyone know what's going on with Suzune Magica? I haven't been able to find anything about it beyond the basic summary that the wiki has, and there doesn't seem to be any translations that I can find.

Same goes for Taruto and the assorted Oriko sagas.

It seems very odd to me that there hasn't really been any word on them in a long time.
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What's the font used for the text on this page?



I don't know, but when life gives you lemons, you use Comic Sans. =D


>>6024 I couldn't find it, but I think Manga Temple would be a good substitute.


File: 1416623860612.jpg (342.07 KB, 834x1200, B00OYUMWL2.09._SCRM_.jpg)

Last chapter of Suzune in this issue

Could anyone upload this picture to the wiki? When I try logging in I get "Puella Magi Wiki uses cookies to log in users. You have cookies disabled. Please enable them and try again."

And I know I have my cookies enabled.

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Do you guys wish the megucas were in Super Smash Bros.?
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i think sayaka would be like marth and lucina, madoka like pit and some silly moves, homura like snake


It's meguca Hetumi omg


No it's goddess Hetumi just like goddess meduka. Coobie ask her to become meguca, but she become goddess instead and gets angel boy slaves.


And she uses her pure angel boys to banish the world of forbidden love. She sent Pit to fight Link because she thought he was gay, but Link…


This is a great thread.

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How would a Holy Grail War between the megucas play out?

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A new issue of Manga Time Kirara Magica is out!

The devil has never been prettier.
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Usual scanner here, been busy with graduation project.
Maybe it's gonna be scanned with december issue, or hope for someone else to scan it…



But you DO intend to scan it, right? I've asked someone close to me in Japan to try and find it, but there are no guarantees on her end.


bump cuz news plx


Any news of scans? I really want to know what's happened in Sadness Prayer…



I don't know about the original scanner, but two of us got copies of issue #16, so one of us will likely scan it eventually.

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Several of the releases I've seen of Rebellion contain chapter markers. However, these chapters are not labeled with titles but simply as "chapter n".
The TV series appears to have had named chapters. Does anyone know whether it's the case with Rebellion and encoders were just lazy or are the chapters just not named?

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File: 1415952199305.png (1.6 MB, 628x2715, loooool.png)

this is what old fart thinks


No contradiction; the studio owner hired an animator who wanted to draw the things that the owner thought would sell.

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So, has there been any updates as to the progress of the Oriko Side story translations? Or just the Kirara Translation Project in general?
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How far along are the translations, anyway? Can you make a prediction as to when the fan translation might be released?



Depends on how much longer it takes the others involved, but Symmetry Diamond's final chapter's translation should be done tomorrow night, ALONG WITH Last Agate, the bonus chapter. I might wait a night to hand them in, since I want to go over them one last time, but they're translated and I'm just using the time to make sure they're good. I can translate well, but lately, I've only been able to translate them when I'm getting ready for bed, so I can't trust my own sleepy translations upon first glance.


It's been about a month now. How's the translation going?



Okay, I'm really bad at this. I should not be PR. XD



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Are there any scans of the tankobon versions of Kazumi Magica, or just the magazine chapters? I haven't been able to find any and unfortunately, I don't have a scanner to do the job myself.


Just buy them from Barnes and Noble or something; they've all been licensed and ransomed by yen press.



What the fuck cell phone?

But basically, buy them online.

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They got a new yellow Nana….

Can I haz hope for legit anime of this now? ;-;


if you fertilize their eggs


if by fertilize you mean materialize, and by eggs you mean soul? /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

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Anyone have raws of Symmetry Diamond and Noisy Citrine they could link to?
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That seems really strange. Why make a certain group of raws private? What exactly is the motive behind that?

Also, while I do appreciate the offer, I'm not really sure if I want to join a translation group I likely won't be able to contribute to just to get my hands on some raws.

What about Noisy Citrine raws? Do you have any of those?


It's not strange when your group is running on the good will of people who are wary of getting in trouble (in their country) for uploading potentially illegal scans. There was a different scanner for the Kirara raw for issue 6.

And that's understandable. That said, while it's difficult to get one's hands on archived Kirara issues, SD was also completely in the later volume compilation of Noisy Citrine, Symmetry Diamond, and Last Agate. If you can't get a hold of that in Japanese yourself, you could get someone to buy it and scan it. I own it in Japanese myself, but I don't have a good scanner and I'm really not willing to tear apart one of my manga. =P


Oh, but yes, we can share Noisy Citrine 1 and 2. I'll have someone post them here for you.


Kirara Magica vol 6 is the "lost issue" for those of us not living in Japan. The raws were never posted, but a Chinese group released some Chinese scanlations. They showed the raws to the US translators under the condition that they remain private.


Shared, we are allowed to release all the oneshots and serials in english.

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