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New Suzune thread, as the other has reached its bump limit.

English scanlations can be downloaded from Silver Garden: http://silvergardentl.blogspot.com/
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Read the two volumes the other day; its entertaining but I think it retreads too many of the same elements as th series. Just feels a bit too familiar for my tastes.


Anyone going to translate GAN's afterword on Suzune Magica?



How much of volume 3 has been completed so far?


Does anyone have a link to Volume 3 raws? Mediafire link in the old thread is dead.


You can find the magazine scans in yurihouse's archives:

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Homura left her family in the city, Homura actually went to Private school in toyko before mikihara, Mami was to investagate homura. Apparently kyuubey can hurt homura some how? I havent played that much. Ill continue later
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I think urobuchi mentioned that the psp game is pretty much canon except for the route in which sayaka both survives and gets kamijou kun.


Well atleast we have some info on the psp game now.



Not to my knowledge. He served as supervisor and last I knew, he said he liked it and thought fans would like it and that's about it. The PSP game was written by someone else and Urobuchi checked for general inconsistencies.


>it's like Hanokage's work—that doesn't make it canon. Cool, yes. Helpful, maybe. Canon, no
A work based on a drama cd that is canon is non canon, sure



There's no official guide to the canon, but there's no real indication that Hanokage's work is canon because it hasn't been referenced or built upon in the main work yet. I liked it, Urobuchi liked it, and I would be fine if it were later said to be canon, but as it is, we can't used what happened in it to prove any points about the canon, much like how we can't use the psp game's story for the same. That's what I refer to as "canon" in these kinds of discussions. We can, however, use the two story-relevant drama cds.

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Does it say what she wished for exactly?
Like just a single cheese cake for herself or?



No, but wasn't it a cheesecke for her mother?


File: 1438231887996.jpg (899.91 KB, 3005x2150, 194 part_e prop_design bebe ch…)

Yes, Nagisa's wish was just a cheese cake.


File: 1438241195702.jpg (1.78 MB, 2997x2150, 206 prop_design tomoe_mami tir…)

Did this page say that Mami borrowed Bebe's powers for the Tiro Cannon?


Yes, and that's why Charlotte's witch kiss mark is mixed into the texture on the cannon ball.

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In another thread we had a brief discussion of some of Urobuchi's other works such as Psycho-Pass, Fate/Zero, etc. I wanted to bring that up again but not derail the other thread.

So, I'm curious what everyone else's opinions of Urobuchi (& Shinbo)'s other works?

I recently finished watching Psycho-Pass season 1. I enjoyed it but not as much as I enjoyed PMMM. It certainly had the right "feel" I suppose, but I thought that it suffered from some elements that seemed out of place (like those goofy robot dogs). I also found some of the plot elements predictable. But overall, yeah, it was great. I'm kind of surprised they made a second season?

I haven't watched Fate/Zero yet. Is that something that I could jump right into without any knowledge of the Fate universe? Or should I watch some of the other programs first?
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Oh, yes, Gaim! It had such great characters and build-up, but its ending, while great, felt too much like a copy of Madoka's ending.

And I don't think I'd recommend Psycho-pass 2 to anyone in articulr. It was… interesting. But it felt like it completely misunderstood the first season and the gore went off the charts for me. Urobuchi had nothing to do with it, but that would've mttered little if it felt more coherent. The film has been praised by people I trust, though (but people are seemingly split on the ending). That's Urobuchi and hopefully it shows.

I also own Rakuen and found the kikokugai game, but I haven't watched or played them. I never finished Requiem and I own the anime, but never watched that either.


>>it felt like it completely misunderstood the first season and the gore went off the charts for me.

See, that's what I'm worried about. With the big mystery already revealed in the first season what is there left to do except "criminal of the week" and violence?

…and mind you, I don't have anything against violence in anime per se. A lot of my favorite shows are old-school Cyberpunk themed stuff from the 80's and early 90's. But honestly I thought that even the first season of Psycho Pass was riding a fine line between shocking-but-not-inappropriate and a gorefest.

>>Urobuchi had nothing to do with it

Are you sure? ANN credits him with both "original concept" and "story supervision". Perhaps those are just token credits but it implies that he was involved to some extent? Then again, he didn't write the screenplay so there's something to be said there.



Original Concept means he created the franchise. Story Supervision means they ran it through him because he created the franchise. Neither means much unless he was personally invested in how the second season would play out. He had less of a role than Aldnoah.Zero and we all know what he thought of how that turned out.


Wait, he personally commented dissatisfaction with Aldnoah? That seems weird for a Japanese creator to do.


in an interview with ubukata, he explained how terrible rushed and spiky writing for psycho pass was, which explains why the second season sucks (he mentions writing some stuff int he voice recording sessions)

agreed, even though some people compain about shinbo's influence on the rebellion ending, they sure forget to complain how he helped shape sayak and mami into more important and different characters to what shinbo had written for them

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The clear flies from the meduka magazine, the clear flies from the banpresto madoka magica rebellion event,meduka magazine posters or other japanese magazines. Ive wanted the poster scans for awhile.


Forgot title, Do we have scans of?


Maybe you can wish for them…




Since I have the magazines, I can scan the clear files. Assume it'll take forever to upload them, though.


Ah thank you juno, its fine ^v^ its scans. im pleased.

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Hey guys. Mimi Hamburger from http://madokanews.tumblr.com/ here!

Here is the translation for the first four pages of the new Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Wraith Arc Manga. Since it’s just a recap scene it was easy to translate because dialogue is almost the same as the original. It’s been over 5 years since I’ve returned from studying in Japan so my Japanese is extremely rusty… and there’s no furigana in this manga so I could really use some help!

Please send reply to this if you would like to help! I can do the scanning and photoshop work, I just need someone to help me with translation.

You can send me a message on our facebook group too. Thanks! https://www.facebook.com/madokamagicanews
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There's a lot of Madoka stuff that needs translating, but everyone likes to crowd onto the most anticipated titles.


Bump. It's been a while.


It's already translated to another language here but they are clear scans. I want to read this so bad omg




Coming soon. Hopefully this week or next. Promise. ;u;

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Happy Walpurgisnacht everyone :)


How's your Walpurgisnacht been?

I'm drinking mead and marathoning Madoka.


Mine's the same ol' thing. Had Dairy Queen for supper. Sadly, early this week my aunt died so there's that. :/


Dead sick in bed. I am starting to see a pink glow…


My grandfather passed away today :(


I'm really sorry to hear that. I hope God gives you patience, peace and happiness. My own Grand Mother passed away in early June this year.

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Imagine that, against all odds, the plot eventually resolves in a way that allows these ladies to live out reasonably normal lives. To what careers would they be best suited?

I'll start with Homura. While she'd probably be satisfied as Madoka's housewife (I don't think the reverse is true), she has gained enough skill in her struggles to become a competent electrician. She clearly knows her way around a soldering iron, and in addition to building her own bombs, setting up all that military hardware throughout the city without being noticed or causing premature detonations is no small feat.

Madoka is so ennui-prone that I'm not sure she'd be satisfied doing anything other than literally saving the world, but maybe there's something out there that would feel significant enough to keep her occupied. I don't remember any of the girls talking about career aspirations, but we can speculate. Does anyone have ideas for the other girls?



Madoka stays as a goddess
Homura is spirited away
Sayaka returns to the LoC

Mami becomes a pop idol

Kyoko becomes a pastierre

[in a crack reality;

Madoka becomes a fashion designer

Homura becomes part of tech support/ joins the military
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I like the idea of Mami working as a patissier along with Kyoko, maybe. She's already excellent at baking and I'm sure she would excel at that kind of job. But Pop Idol Mami is also very, very cute.


the mami manga already explains that all the girls become housewives except for mami who becomes a OL.


it's a comedy non canon spinoff


What about Mami becoming a police officer? She projects authority and has the martial prowess to back it up, but she also has plenty of compassion and a strong desire to protect others.

I think her mental state would also benefit from being part of a team with a well-defined role in society, rather than working alone in the shadows.

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Im the one who asked for oriko and i post my magical madoka portable info. Contact me by skype if you want.

File: 1437938592303.png (2.72 MB, 1920x1080, umbranigra.png)


So, I'm back with more Madoka related stuff that might or might not interest you — namely, a drum 'n' bass remix of Umbra Nigra. As usual, I would appreciate any feedback you can give, and I hope you enjoy it.


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