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Is Fancutfags dead? The torrents aren't downloading anymore, and it's been two years and there's been no revised batch like promised.
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Please seed the 720p versions.


1080p ver
magnet:?xt=urn:btih:FE9EB89CD22BB0FB815D08D3A82F9018E9E23AAF&dn=[Fancutfags] Puella Magi Madoka Magica 1-12 [1080p FLAC]


Can someone seed the 720p versions? I've had my torrents up for days and only a few of them have downloaded. Specifically, I need episodes 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 12.

Someone should really make a batch of this pack for easier downloading and seeding. I would, but I don't have the know-how to do so.


"Unofficial" (i.e. not made by us — not that the fan cut is very official in the first place) batches exist already; one for the 1080p version, which I believe just contains the exact files from our torrents, and then there's PenguinFever's batch for his 720p mobile compatible re-encode of the Movie Cut edition. Neither of those torrents seem to have any seeders.

Unfortunately for you, I don't have the release versions of the files at hand so I can't seed the torrents.


I put an archive of [Fancutsubs] on Mega in case of running of seeds again:


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Vol.4 came out on may 15th just to inform people to update info on it
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I have the raw, but can't do a public release for a couple of months because of concerns over cannibalizing domestic sales. If you drop a email, I can send you a private copy.


I'd like a private copy. Should I just drop mu email here?


I agree with you and think it would be good to have more spin-off of past girls.


Sent, you can delete your posts now.



If I give you my email, can I get a private copy as well?

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¿Umbrellas and Noble Eightfold Path?
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>Urobuchi for the most part has no say in how everything is animated.

It doesn't matter who has the say in how everything is animated, though. Urobuchi is not the only person involved in the creation of the project, so he's also not the only person who gets to put in references and symbolism.


Yeah, I meant ubermensch, sorry about that.

It matters a lot actually. If the writer of a program didn't mean to imply something that certain symbolism chosen by an external party does, then it can drastically alter how the audience interprets the story.


>If the writer of a program didn't mean to imply something that certain symbolism chosen by an external party does, then it can drastically alter how the audience interprets the story.

It shouldn't unless you're a complete fucking moron. The writer is in no position to tell you how you should interpret the story. Only the story itself is, and a lot of people contribute towards how the story itself will turn out, including the writer and others.


I think you're colluding two separate things there.

One question is "how should the story be interpreted"? And I agree with you—like any work of art (music, painting, sculpture, etc.) this is largely up to the viewer/listener. There is no "right" or "wrong" way to appreciate art.

But that being said, it is certainly true that 3rd-party details CAN and DO alter how that art is perceived (whether "right" or "wrong").

Or to put it more succinctly: there certainly IS a change; but the nature of that change is up to the viewer.


Shit, if only what Urobuchi wrote mattered the witches would actually be vague Godzilla monsters.

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Kirara Magica Vol 26 Cover
June 10 release
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It's not balanced when devil kills god and rules everything.


At first Madoka became a magical girl just like others. She used all her powers to fullfil her wish, then she became an ultimate despair witch. Only then she could materialize herself as Madokami(because new rules were implemented tinto universe) and kill the witch.
Homura is defferent, she passed through magical girl and witch stage and became devil. Anyway if Madokami is closer to be a magical girl, devil Homura is closer to be a witch.


>Homura enters the new world at the time of Sayaka's death
>Hitomi and Kyouko state that Sayaka has been dead for a month as of Wraith Arc 4
>Homura spends roughly 2 weeks searching for the giant Wraith in chapter 6
>Chapter 7 onward looks like it will take place over the same day or two

Oh my fucking god. It looks like another 45 day loop.




Sure. But "god" isn't dead in any real sense, and the story is far from over.

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Is Homura im love with Madoka? I just saw Rebellion and I'm confused
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>>I disagree

How is it possible for you to disagree when the characters outright tell you this is how the system works. It's black-and-white in the dialogue. There's plenty of things in PMMM subject to interpretation, but this is not one of them.

>>as Kyubey puts it, "there's a curse growing inside her".

That's not the "start" of the slope. That's the nature of the slope. The mechanism of the slope, if you prefer. Not a definition of its beginning.

>>purify their soul gems or else they become a witch, which is a slope. But that slope becomes slippery when she begins to despair

I see those two as the same thing.

>>Which happens when Hitomi and Kyousuke get together.

Yes, that's an example of her going further down the slope. And in the timelines we see it's certainly a major part of her descent to witch-hood. But is it the ONLY cause? Based on what the various characters have stated, we must conculude that it is *A* cause, not the only possible cause. The moment a girl contracts everything bad that happens is a step further down the slope. Clearly some steps are larger than others, but any and all sources of despair pushes them closer to witch-hood. If Sayaka got over Kyosuke then she'd simply be delaying her descent into witchhood until something else did the job.

That's the whole point of the show, really. Once contracted, witch-hood (or death) is inevitable. The characters state this over and over again. That's why it's so tragic—no matter their good intentions or how hard they work they can NEVER escape the fact that once contracted witchdom (or death) lies in the future.


>>we must conculude that it is *A* cause,

Correct. In fact, it's quite clear in the TV and the movies. Of course Sayaka is depressed after losing Kyosuke. But much happens after that. She fights (and nearly loses to) Elsa Maria. She then has a discussion with Madoka at the bus shelter in the rain and runs off telling Madoka not to follow her. But we don't see an actual sign of her becoming a witch yet. That happens later, after she hears the two men talking about mistreating their girlfriends on the train. That was the final thing that pushed her over the edge, because the instant after she talks to those two men we see her "witch mandala" appear in the background. That scene with the misogynists appears to have been the final trigger.

(sorry, "mandala" isn't exactly accurate, but it's the best term I could think of. I mean the spinning symbols with musical notes, etc.)


Sayaka becomes a witch because she's an idiot. In a way, her fall does began when she made her contract because she refused to play the rules. She refuses to listen to advice from Kyubey, Homura, or Kyouko. She tries to play the white knight hero in a world where there are no heros. Listen to her dialogue: she's a hypocrite, a whiner, and blames her problems on other people when things don't go her way. Kyousuke and muh justice were major factors for her fall, but in the end it was her hubris that made her fall. Pic very related.


File: 1467127166970.jpeg (190.85 KB, 2048x1145, image.jpeg)

Forgot pic


Hypocrite? really?
Just because she fights for what she believes doesn't mean she's hypocrite (following your same argument, then Homura is an hypocrite, too… oh, wait, she's not, because she's the main character and we can forgive/forget everrything, right?)

And you're referring when she blamed Madoka… to INMEDIATELY regretting about that two seconds later?

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Does anyone know what this could POSSIBLY be? It was (supposedly) shown in the Concept Trailer… Is it a doorway of some sort? If so, what does it do? Where do you think it leads? (and if anyone knows Japanese, could you please translate what the guy who made this said?)


According to the moonrunes, it's an elevator. I can't read all of the kanji though.


File: 1466814131304.jpeg (246.7 KB, 1200x856, image.jpeg)

We won't know until the premiere. Try not to think about it. Here's a Rebellion InuCurry image board. You can't gleam anything from it because the only people who know how to interpret it correctly are Quartet, InuCurry, and SHAFT's animators.


Here is translation

[Elevator SayaHomu]
Or was it just a grid door? I have taken an elevator with this kind of door before so I think it's an elevator (laugh). It sure was scary.
And then there was something inside this elevator(tentative). Well… Was it Law of Cycle because it's SayaHomu…?


File: 1466844187921.png (368.89 KB, 800x480, wp_ss_20160625_0001.png)

I could imagine it to be part of what we've seen in the first concept movie. But that could also just be a labyrinth, i don't know :'D

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Wraith Arc 6 translated in english
what do you think? Personally I feel is kinda shitty and instead of clear things up , it's fucking up everything and confusing
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>>a wish to turn a witch back into a mahou shoujo/human girl is/was perfectly doable

Depends on who is making the wish. It's certainly doable for Madoka. For other characters that's not clear.


Madoka had no idea about the fate of Magical Girls, as Homura was going out of her way to keep it from her. She was under the impression Sayaka and Kyouko were both killed by a witch.


If Madoka didn't find out, then it's consistent. I couldn't remember if she found out or not.


She never did. When Madoka asked what happened to Sayaka and Kyoko, Homura said they were killed by witches, leaving out the parts of Sayaka transforming and Kyoko dying because of it.


vol 2 omake >>11686

File: 1466238620753.jpg (940.77 KB, 2509x1800, Luminous_01.jpg)


"It also helps that the movies were recently confirmed to be compilations of Homura's memories and POV of the events within the series, and these credits appeared in the music/theatre box that the Clara Dolls were viewing in Rebellion during that scene where Kyouko and Homura were discussing the Fake City." is this true ? where can I find the source?
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It's not from Homura's POV. That's a Tumblr fan theory. It wouldn't even make sense that they were from Homura's POV because there are dozens of instances where Homura couldn't have even been present for certain events. Urobuchi specifically said the movies are just for people who missed the initial run of the series and nothing was added. They cut minor portions for pacing and time reasons. Beginnings is episodes 1-8 and where the changes are mpst present, so a lot of smaller scenes were cut, for better or worse.


File: 1466303164350.png (684.9 KB, 1280x720, Zumeistern.png)

>are fantasizing about how lovely the world would be if it were more surreal and filled with violence.

The doll is showing them Rebellion. The first 30 or so minutes of Rebellion are fun and happy and have the movie motif (Welcome to the Theater). The Claras complain about being bored during the transformation sequence. That's also around the same time Homura notices that isn't what being a magical girl is like. That's when they take ot upon themselves to make the story "better".


File: 1466303444540.jpg (161.65 KB, 1280x720, Rebellion_Runes_-_002009_-_YAG…)

The Connect series credits lead into the stinger which leads into the actual credits. They needed a place holder and that's about it.


File: 1466574804093.png (216.78 KB, 640x360, homura.png)

The biggest scene I remember them cutting from Beginnings was the one where Homura decided to just kill Sayaka and be done with it.


Mami's entire past is cut.

File: 1459014024141.jpg (521.66 KB, 1512x2150, 4832245287.09._SCRM_.jpg)


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>Magical Beast
Who thought this was a good idea?


File: 1466592427949.jpg (247.64 KB, 757x660, 497985354765300621652458093.jp…)

I would assume the person credited for the translation of the manga versions of Madoka Magica and Rebellion. Don't believe the Wraiths show up in any other manga that's been translated to English.

Looks like the translator's name is William Flanagan.



"Magical Beast" is a very literal translation for the Japanese word used for "wraith". It might be a formally exact translation of the Kanji, but it certainly doesn't sound good in my opinion. Not to mention it misses the aforementioned point about how the two terms out to sound similar.


magical beast was recently used in re:zero for maju ; though it was shortened to mabeast which sounds more retarded.


Wraith sounds cooler, but also lipsyncs better. If the translator went in completely blind, I could see how it would make sense that magical girls hunt magical beasts. Imagine how even more confusing Rebellion would have been if they had gone with "demon" in the translations instead of wraith.

That said, there are enough awkward translations that I question if Yen Press and Aniplex even coordinate.

File: 1462840993182.jpg (55.4 KB, 584x267, 1.jpg)


Hi Usotsuki here, these pictures are from Madogatari at Nagoya. ;)
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>how Kirika first met Oriko

I forgot to mention that Sadness Prayer retcons this from "love at first sight" to "love at first FIGHT". A more "shonen" version, if you will… (complete with Oriko playing a Light Yagami to Kirika's Misa/Mikami; heck, I wouldn't be surprised if she had her hand outstretched afterwards and said, "join me, Kirika, and together, we can save the world")


I personally liked Kazumi too, but my personal gripes about it were more than the fanservice-y outfits.
Kazumi living in the end makes literally no sense to me; it's a forced happy ending. I would've liked it better had Kazumi died in the end and Michiru's point emphazied about despite not being there anymore she'll still live on in their memory (like her grandmother).

Hijiri (I know her name is Kanna but I like calling her Hijiri)'s apparent insanity over discovering herself to be a clone advanced too quickly to the point that she started to take everything out on everyone instead of strictly the Pleiades Saints wasn't handled exactly well either imo.

I kinda also wish the minor characters as such the policewoman made more appearances and showed another side to the series in the eyes of the normals. The Soujus not having a back story either is a waste as well.

I do like Kazumi, but I know it wasn't the best spin off out there. I'm hoping if it ever gets a rewrite or an anime (which is unlikely, but I can dream), it fixes these issues (and maybe the outfits as well).


>I forgot to mention that Sadness Prayer retcons this from "love at first sight" to "love at first FIGHT". A more "shonen" version, if you will…

I found that so strange, honestly.


I thought Niko's emotional instability was done alright with the time given to it. Suddenly finding out that your life was lie and that you weren't ever born would freak out any teen. Having all the powers of the Pleiades Saints was a bit of an asspull but makes sense since Kyubey wanted those girls out of the way.

It seems to me your main gripes with Kazumi, other than the happy ending, was that the story was a bit rushed. I agree. Maybe all the Magica manga series have a limit on how long they are allowed to last.

Kazumi's story would have benefited from a less brisk pace after the rest of the Saints were introduced and maybe two or three more volumes to let the mass of characters develop.

I still think it's much better than Suzune Magica.


File: 1466594359792.jpg (3.12 MB, 2099x3032, Komaki.jpg)

Since my assumption about Sadness Prayer was that it would primarily be about Kirika being a Magical Girl Killer, the only direction I could see it going would be more shounen.

I'm looking forward to reading it in November, even though I think as a prequel its kind of unnecessary.

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