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So, has there been any updates as to the progress of the Oriko Side story translations? Or just the Kirara Translation Project in general?


Oriko Magica Extra Story has been licensed by Yen Press.


Still working on them. Will release before licensed release, but we're going to take them down once that release is actually out.



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Scans for Key Animation Notes Vol.6 out!



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I'm pretty sure a lot of us here disagree when dissenters of the franchise suggest that [most of] the characters "don't HAVE a character" or "are badly-written"… To us, they just don't understand much of anything about the series or its characters.

But let's turn this around. Rather than simply defend the series, I want to understand how it is these people view the series. Plenty of smart people I know have said this, and some of them still liked the series for its message or plot. I refuse to believe they don't have a reason to say it that way, even if I don't agree with them. What potential "flaws" in the series prevent the characters from meaning anything to other people?

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>Does anyone remember how they felt about the characters after their first viewing?

Indeed, I did start off in the thread suggesting that I don't know why some of these people said what they have, but I actually had some general ideas because during its broadcast, a few points in the series ended up feelings pretty off-putting to me. In particular, I had actually been misled by the atmosphere of the series in my own mind to think that MAMI was the suspicious one, so my own assumptions backfired on my experience when she turned around with tears in her eyes in front of Madoka. That had me realizing "Oh, wait. Was I wrong?" and I ended up re-watching the first three episodes with a friend, carrying "She's not a suspicious person after all" in mind. Kyouko's sudden change, too, felt awkward until I went back to re-watch up to episode 8 with another friend and considered her past in relation to her actions beforehand and it was actually less obvious, but still made sense.


Throughout the broadcast, I ended up re-watching up to the current broadcast episode a lot, so those thoughts of disparity were left in the distance by the ending of the show, which was, again, pretty off-putting when my narrow-minded expectations were "This show is going to end pretty ugly." Not so much because it didn't end ugly, but because the turning point was literally the break-off from episode 11 to episode 12 (even though they were broadcast together, the two episodes were the complete opposite in atmosphere and 25 minutes of action-less hope to end 25 minutes of spiraling despair felt weird at first). But yet again, it made complete sense and felt much smoother on my second viewing, when I knew what was going to happen and why.

In other words, as everyone here has been saying, Madoka's development in both characters and plot might simply be non-linear. For those who value a linear progression, that is very likely a strike against it, but for those who value being able to get something out of multiple viewings, that can be a huge strength. So "perspective" is huge.


I finished watching Fate/Zero for the third time recently. I think the criticism might be just because they're really just children and don't have fully developed characters yet. Mami just seemed to say "I'm lonely" for some screentime and that really felt like the only glimpse we got into the deeper part of her character, other than giving some advice and acting cool. Kyoko seemed to be too much of an "assistant" to Sayaka's story rather than standing more strongly on her own. Homura's was of course crammed into one episode…

We sort of get mostly masks out of the girls in the timeline the show starts in and there doesn't seem to be much screentime for exploring true feelings except for Sayaka and Madoka (who stays the same "wimpy" girl until episode 12) while Kyoko and Mami are just "side-plots" almost and Homura's story might've been merged better if the show had taken her perspective more often.


pretty much nothing if you have a shred of empathy.

The main problem is that most people are used to anime's that are longer and spend more time developing the characters, so people who watch moe anime, who are already predisposed to dislike madoka because it's themes basically mocks them, find the development lacking.

the madoka series sets a pace that many will find it hard to keep up. those people will either catch up eventually or quite in a petty huff.


I would say that Madoka's characters might be a bit above average considering anime as a whole, but I'm watching Rose of Versailles right now and DAYUM DA OLDGEN GREATNESS IS UNREAL.

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They said the Production Note for Rebellion would be out in June. Where is it?


Isn't it already out?


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It turned out to be a "Rakugaki Note Rebellion" instead of Production Notes. So far it only saw a limited release at the SHAFT booth in Comiket 86 and Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair 2014.

It's hundreds of dollars online from the secondary market, so we're shit out of luck unless an anon goes pick it up on September in person.

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does anime make people paedos or does it unlock the hidden paedo within us all
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inb4 meduka meguca is a conspiracy to make everyone paedos


without the paedo betafag plebs tho we wouldn't have rabullion.


Is being attracted to megucas a sin


probably you don't want to be next to a meguca when she become a witch …


not if you can cleanse their soul gems with cuddle power

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What happened to the tree next to Walpurgisnacht in the final timeline? The tree's only ever been shown in Madoka's dream sequence at the beginning and the disparate timeline flashbacks in Episode 10.

…Speaking of which, since Walpurgisnacht does not need a Labyrinth to cover herself with, what was the surrealist building that Madoka was supposedly running through in the dream sequence? And which eventually led her to the top of the giant tree?
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Seems far fetched, but maybe the tree symbolizes the many timelines that Homura had been to.

No clue what the building meant though.


But that still doesn't explain why the tree just up and vanishes during the final timeline.


5913 here.

Madoka was never Puella Magi in the first place, until she made her story breaker wish.


She still had the potential inside her — that's why she could see Kyubey and witch barriers in the first place, after all. One does not necessarily need to be a full puella magi.



I believe the tree is where the shelter is, and because that in the final timeline Waffle House never makes it to the Shelter the tree no longer exsists.

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Is there anyone out there who can help me find transparent PNGs of each of the girls' symbols? (Pic is a screenshot from Madoka Portable, what I'm looking for is marked in red)

I've been googling for the past few days, and it doesn't seem like anyone's bothered to recreate the symbols… what few resources I <i>have</i> found are mostly recreations of the Soul Gems and such.

Tonight I've been trying to extract them myself from an ISO of Portable, but I have next to no idea how to go about doing so… it's a job for someone far more tech-savvy than me.

So is there ANYONE out there that can help me out, please? Anyone at all?


File: 1410499007988.bmp (17.05 KB, 128x128, sayaka-sg-2.bmp)

This finally has some use.

However, they're not transparent. You will have to do some manual cropping and all to get them like that.


Here's a link to all of them since the board isn't letting me upload for some reason:




Thank you so much, you're amazing!

Cropping and such is no problem at all, this is exactly what I needed.

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This is my autistic post-rebellion crossover fic.

Someone was bound to write it.


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When are people gonna stop spreading/beliving lies about Rebellion's ending?

This wasn't even a troll post, it was basically the same shit "They just wanna milk Madoka and thats why the ending was so sudden and didn't make any sense."

all these Plebs… uughhh…

Also I heard that the Gen Panel at Japan Expo sucked because too many people were asking a bunch of dumb questions and not any intelligent questions like "You've mentioned you wanted to give Madoka to new writers, will you still supervise the story, or will you leave the story completely to the new writers?" but nope all everyone asked was "WHY DID HOMU DO DAT TING IN RABULLION?!!" "WHO IS BEST GURL???"


gibe da gibe da gibe da poosy b0ss
gibe da gibe da gibe da poosy b0ss
feed my children
feed my children


Butcher said the ending was in the first draft.


Boy, do I agree with you, anon. Nothing more annoying than people blaming big, mean ol' Shinbo for forcing poor, innocent Urobuchi away from his perfect happy end.

Also, panels tend to be shit when it comes to QA. About 1/3 of voice actors' questions are "CAN YOU TALK IN X's VOICE" or "HOW DO I BECOME A VOICE ACTOR?", so I'm hardly surprised.

I heard it was the proposed ending, but he just couldn't get the full story out properly until the new ending was suggested.


I've noticed in big conventions, the majority of people go for fun and to see famous people as their priority. I mean, that IS the point. But it really would benefit the fanbase to tweet him some questions in Japanese. Maybe I could organize something like that in the future…

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Does anyone have a download for the Kimi no Gin no Niwa album — or just an MP3 for misterioso? I can't find it anywhere.

Which is weird because I found KnGnN pretty easy, but misterioso seems to be the one that gets hit harder with copyright shit

help a sister out?



It's on Kalafina's "Red" album, you can find that anywhere.

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