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We really don't have the page about Puella Magi Madoka Magica Mobage Plus?

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Anything important it says on the cover?
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Scanning is pain in the ass. Silver Garden has already bought v17, so I'm sure they'll release the scans eventually.

I'm more worried about Rebellion Production Notes myself. Hopefully it won't become a Key Animation Note Extra situation.


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there should be another code for Madoka Online Game

i don't care about the scan! if somebody could just write it here i'd be very grateful!!


What codes?

Why do you need them?




i'm too lazy to google translate it but it's basically a game code (like this: sb8B-hMK9-ELYj-fLVJ) for special items to that game. and it should be somewhere in the new Kirara Magica.


Any progress on scans for this issue and 17?

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Why didn't Hitomi become a Magical Girl? She had so much potential.
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In the Extra Route of the PSP game (though this is a pure crack), it's said that she probably never becomes a Magical Girl because she has nothing she really wants to wish for. I do headcanon that she possibly MIGHT have had a wish after Sayaka's death, but obviously (as far as we know) that never resulted in anything. Also, seeing as how she reacted to a Labyrinth in Oriko Magica, she might not have made the best Magical Girl. LOL.


I think there was a thread a while back (which seems to have been deleted) where someone argued Hitomi would never have wished for Sayaka to come back anyway, because she was strong enough to accept her friend's death and moved on. Or something like that.

My problem with the show's handling of Hitomi really lies with how she's the normal best friend (a device with a lot of potential) but is barely utilized except for angst and drama. If Madoka is the normal best friend who eventually does become a magical girl, then Hitomi would be the normal best friend who's still competent and smart and manages to help and comfort her friends in her own way, or at least that's how I like to think she should have been done.


File: 1427112514935.png (252.54 KB, 748x1069, homophobical_hitomi_by_polishc…)

The show's pacing is one of its strong points, but it did skim through lots of things that could have been expanded upon. I too wish we'd had time to get to know Hitomi better.

I never quite grokked what her deal with lesbians was. When Sayaka is joke-flirting with Madoka outside the school, Hitomi gives them a nice death-glare, but when she flips out because she thinks they've gotten together, I can't tell if she's angry at them or just overcome by "feels."

Is she homophobic? Closeted? One of those straight people who love yuri fiction but can't handle the idea of real-life lesbians?


More so because she's been raised in a "proper" house environment.



I get the distinct feeling if she was a magical girl she would likely crack sooner than Mami did after learning the truth.

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So if a magical girl goes insane and or renegade (think
robbery,arson,murder etc) would other magical girls (perhaps friends ?) step in and try and stop (or help) her ?

Or will they just leave it alone and let it sort itself out ?

Furthermore how much of a threat is one magical girl to her surroundings if her sanity crumbles and she decides she wants to start wrecking things ?
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(addendum to previous post)

The MSY (Mahou Shoujo Youkai) eventually takes over the Yakuza. That's just worldbuilding in the story, though-the main plot is basically "magical girls as army force in war against squid aliens" with a heaping of "the world government is now run by AI because humans nearly killed everyone with war and are deemed too unstable to effectively lead" and "holy shit it's 400+ years after the original story look at all this cool tech and other advancements we've got now!"


To the Stars isn't for everyone; it takes the setting and makes it into a sci-fi story. If you're looking for something closer to original flavor you may want to look elsewhere.


Oh, and for ths record, I say this as someone who likes To The Stars.


Fair enough, I tend to blur the lines between what counts as fantasy and sci-fi in my head. I've never really been sure what Madoka qualifies as for basic genre.

(I was the anon mentioning To The Stars in the first place-didn't realize I was in the wrong browser name-wise.)


I've seen Madoka pegged as a low-key cosmic horror story. I dunno if you'd agree with it, but I see where they're coming from.

To the Stars is sci-fi in the way Nanoha Striker S was sci-fi. There's magic, but it's set in an obviously science fiction backdrop.

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Quick question, folks.

Does anyone know what's going on with Suzune Magica? I haven't been able to find anything about it beyond the basic summary that the wiki has, and there doesn't seem to be any translations that I can find.

Same goes for Taruto and the assorted Oriko sagas.

It seems very odd to me that there hasn't really been any word on them in a long time.
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Hope someone picks that up just for the (if possible) bonus artworks! :v


What exactly do you mean?


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I guess i'll post it here…
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Will you upload raws of volume 2 as well? I'd personally prefer to have the volume raws over magazine raws.


Volume 2 of what? Extra Story doesn't have a volume 2. Sadness Prayer doesn't have a volume 2.


Suzune Magica. Read the posts.


File: 1426842689173.png (342.94 KB, 855x695, mioweapon.png)

Anyone know what Mio's weapon is?



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So, it looks like GG, the site(?) that hosts Madoka ☆ Magica online, is ending the game on May 28.

Additionally, the entirety of the service is closing July 31.

That's about as much as I could understand from the google-translate version of the email they sent out.

I'll post the original text in a reply so someone who actually knows what they're doing can translate it properly.
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and they added ultimate madoka and devil homura as final rewards
I wonder if they will open a new game after this


It was inevitable, I think. They never even got around to adding Ophelia.


It sounds like something that could happen with a hypothetical season 2.



Interesting to note the same company is ending an Attack On Titan game at the same time.


They seem to be going out of business. Too bad.

A year or so ago they had that preview with new combat mechanics. The corporate side must've run into trouble since then.

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What happened to yurihou.se
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Scans of Oriko Sadness Prayer and Tart chapters from volume 17 already exist. They were uploaded by yurihou.se, though.

I unfortunately don't have Tart chapter 8 on me, but Oriko SP chapter 8 is included with the other SP raws here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/r4e5u6wtr2rlh90/Oriko%E2%98%86Magica+~Sadness+Prayer~+Chapters+1+-+8+%5BJapanese%5D.zip

(Note to anyone who downloaded this file before: a couple of files were incorrectly numbered in the previous one. This upload has the fixed pages.)



Is there a backup somewhere of all their releases?


try dynasty scans


Psst, you can find all of yurihouse's uploads here:


Raws of Tart Magica chapter 8, as well as many of their Suzune Magica uploads, can be grabbed from there.


Here's a mediafire mirror of Tart Magica chapter 8:


I might collect all the raws into a folder and upload them sometime when I'm feeling less lazy.

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Does anyone know where one could read "The Different Story" online? I just have to see Kyoko again.
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If you want to download it, or read it in better quality than mangafox, TDS is up on Madokami.

Just remember to take it with a grain of salt and not to let it effect your opinion on the real characters, as TDS is not canon.

The term canon means what is true within a fictional setting. And the only way you can prove something is true is to support it with facts. There is nothing in the main story (e.g. The movies or anime) that supports the events that took place in TDS. Thus you have no proof to support the fact the events from TDS are true in the same fictional setting as the anime/movies. You can Google the word canon to confirm the definition. Canon is about story narrative, which is why stories that don't connect in some way are not part of the same canon, and why everything is canon to itself. Also, just sharing characters and location is not enough to "connect" them, because in that case fan work would be canon as well.

If you want examples of series where side content is canon look at Nanoha or Raildex. Both of those stories have events that happened in side content referenced in the main setting.

Also note that TDS or the CD drama it's based on was not written by Gen, but Masaki Hiramatsu. A person who is not on the anime production staff.

But as far as the story goes, it's very good on its own, even if it's not canon. And it tells a very endearing story about FAMILY bonds between Kyouko and Mami.


Madokami requires a username and password to access the server.


This mediafire folder has a bunch of links to various manga and books:


It's pretty outdated in some areas, though. Also, the English Kazumi packs are terrible, so don't use those.


File: 1426906481883.png (21.75 KB, 788x251, ss+(2015-03-20+at+07.53.44).pn…)

You can do it, anon.
I have faith in you.


Thank you all for the help. I have been dying to read it. <3

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updated flavor text for Clara Dolls.

The Children of the False City. Their duty is to be mourners. These dress-up dolls act like they're crying to enliven the funeral procession. The dolls that showed up were Pride, Gloominess, Liar, Coldheartedness, Selfishness, Slander, Blockhead, Jealousy, Laziness, Vanity, Cowardice, Stupidity, Envy, and Stubbornness; the last doll, Love, hasn't come yet. “We were born from the material, and not from the void. The depths of the mortal world are our stage!” Their power is a match for that of magical girls.

The first to come is Pride. Stepping over Good-for-Nothing's head that tumbled across the bare earth, she boldly speaks for all of them. “How arrogant! You think I'd allow that? This feeling is ours alone.”

The second one is Gloominess. Walking with a tapping sound, she sneers at Good-for-Nothing.
“What a Good-for-Nothing! How very unbecoming.” These dolls are only disciples of freedom, and devoted to their lust for it.

The next, the third, is Liar. She offers false tears for Good-for-Nothing's soul. “Alas, Mistress Good-for-Nothing. We are proud of your foolish soul.” These dolls sneer at the foolish and become their allies.

From behind comes the fourth one, Coldbloodedness. She stumbles over Good-for-Nothing's head and pouts a little. “Why don't we just cut Mistress Good-for-Nothing into tiny bits so she'll be easier to carry?” If the Devil speaks to these dolls, they will obediently follow her words.

Further comes the fifth, Selfishness, walking angrily. “Has the funeral still not started yet? Didn't I practice so I could be the best at crying the fastest? I won't wait a moment longer!” she huffs. These dolls are someone and no-one.



Coming out carefully is the sixth one, Slander. As usual, nasty things are coming out of her mouth. “Mistress Good-for-Nothing, unfortunately, you've been made into a clown!” These dolls play house with causality determined by entanglement.

At last arrives the seventh, Blockhead. This reticent doll laughs at the witch with her eyes. Unlike the too-serious soldiers, she complies with the witch's orders reasonably well.

The eight to come into view is Jealousy. Spellbound, she looks up towards the sky. “Let's prepare a box. I want to lock that radiance away forever.” These dolls are a collection of material forms. They are not empty.

The ninth one, Laziness, chats while yawning. “How long do I have to participate in this game? Knitting is such a troublesome bother.” She kicks Good-for-Nothing's tumbling head, which was in her way. Since the funeral won't start for a bit, these dolls take a leave of absence and wander about the city for a while.

The tenth to come running is Vanity. She exaggeratedly Good-for-Nothing's head and says a few words, “I wouldn't be able to bear dirtying my cape with your sticky blood!” These dolls ridicule the witch's self-mutilation.

The eleventh, trembling one is Cowardice. “If I am taken into the sky, I won't be able to behead the rabbits.” These dolls have a magic-like power that can realize a complete recurrence.

Walking unsteadily comes the twelfth one, Stupidity. She goes out of her way to go around to everyone, and tell them a story she'd heard from a bird some time ago. “I heard this story from the Goddess. She's a beautiful and radiant Goddess! I'm sure she'll love us too.” These dolls only want things within reach.



The thirteenth's footsteps are Envy's. “Let's have a wonderful funeral procession someday like ones I've heard about in stories. Let's bury a lot of beautiful girls and cute animals together. These dolls have powers not inferior to those of magical girls.

And then comes the fourteenth one, Stubbornness. Pointing to the earth, she rejects the sky. “The depths of this mortal world are our stage.”

So, the mourners have gathered. They were pretty slow, but it's alright. The night has not ended yet. The night will never be ended again.

This time is
Long before they knew of that light, long before they lost that light,
This place is merely the eve of the festival. Good-for-Nothing's Eve.
There is nothing left to do but wait for the funeral.

Here and now alone there is the snow-white charming and good Goddess. This girl respectfully being able to cross over at this late hour will leave a very deep impression. But nothing can be done. Shouldn't she not fail to notice this tiny detail? Coming here to rival her magical girls are the theatre troupe of this mortal world. We cannot help being human. Even if you destroy sadness and anger, mankind cannot help but despair. The bones furiously advance with fury. Only her melancholy washes her entrails. Anyway, instead, we'll even manufacture a lot of those who are fit for you, if you wish. Then won't you grant us your forgiveness?


any news?


Sadly no = =.

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