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A new issue of Manga Time Kirara Magica is out!

The devil has never been prettier.
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I think you mean "Puella Magi" as a franchise. However I feel as though the tale of Madoka is still not quite over yet unless they intend to keep Madoka and Homura in their respective positions for plot reasons until the end of the series (?)

I feel as though this could open up a series of new stories with new casts, each breaking down Homu's universal barrier one shot at a time until Madoka is free from her mortal form and where Homura and Madoka will have their final battle, perhaps having a big throw back to a certain scene from the opening sequence as the end episode caption as a prelude for the True Ending.


More lolis more love more life.


Anyone managed to scan the new issue yet?


Still no scans?


It's been over two weeks and still no news of scans at all?

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Quick question, folks.

Does anyone know what's going on with Suzune Magica? I haven't been able to find anything about it beyond the basic summary that the wiki has, and there doesn't seem to be any translations that I can find.

Same goes for Taruto and the assorted Oriko sagas.

It seems very odd to me that there hasn't really been any word on them in a long time.
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Really, it's going to be in November's issue? Not November's?


I mean October, not November. Darn it.


Appearance section? Do you mean like physical description? We don't do those on the PMMM wiki, so don't worry about it.


Can someone create pages for matsuri and her (unfortunate) friends?


Suzune seems to be finishing either next month or in December with the release of the third volume, not "in a few days". It's not even November yet; we've still got the rest of October to go through. Also, as far as I know, nowhere on the wiki is the info that "Suzune is ending in a few days" is stated.

And I /really/ wouldn't trust the wiki anyway, it's pretty inaccurate and/or outdated on a lot of things, and a lot of speculation is stated as fact, as well as a very noticeable lack of sources on so-called "official" things. Take it with a grain of salt at the least, but /don't/ state anything as fact until you get a good, reliable source for it don't. I wouldn't exactly call the wiki good and reliable.

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First off-topic post in /meduka/
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>tfw she doesn't wanna play with you ;_;


28th august, birthday of Yuko Goto (Hiro, Junko) and Kaori Mizuhashi (Miyako, Mami, Takkun, Walpurgisnacht).

Happy birthday!


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My new wallpaper for my new raspberry pi …

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Anyone know any good MIDI files for the Rebellion Story OST? Extra love for any of Once We Were and Noi! I've lost hope of new music boxes being released.


I might still have the FL Studio project file I used for the avant-garde metal cover of Absolute Configuration which I could export as a MIDI file, but I did it from memory and used some artistic freedom with the arrangement so it's not 1:1 to the original. I could try finding it when I get home. Would you be interested in it?


Yes that would be great! Thank you!


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So, has there been any updates as to the progress of the Oriko Side story translations? Or just the Kirara Translation Project in general?


Oriko Magica Extra Story has been licensed by Yen Press.


Still working on them. Will release before licensed release, but we're going to take them down once that release is actually out.



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How far along are the translations, anyway? Can you make a prediction as to when the fan translation might be released?



Depends on how much longer it takes the others involved, but Symmetry Diamond's final chapter's translation should be done tomorrow night, ALONG WITH Last Agate, the bonus chapter. I might wait a night to hand them in, since I want to go over them one last time, but they're translated and I'm just using the time to make sure they're good. I can translate well, but lately, I've only been able to translate them when I'm getting ready for bed, so I can't trust my own sleepy translations upon first glance.

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When are people gonna stop spreading/beliving lies about Rebellion's ending?

This wasn't even a troll post, it was basically the same shit "They just wanna milk Madoka and thats why the ending was so sudden and didn't make any sense."

all these Plebs… uughhh…

Also I heard that the Gen Panel at Japan Expo sucked because too many people were asking a bunch of dumb questions and not any intelligent questions like "You've mentioned you wanted to give Madoka to new writers, will you still supervise the story, or will you leave the story completely to the new writers?" but nope all everyone asked was "WHY DID HOMU DO DAT TING IN RABULLION?!!" "WHO IS BEST GURL???"
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You can cry all you want but Butcher himself said the ending we got wasn't the ending he wanted, but he was pressured into doing something more open-ended than he actually wanted.

That doesn't make the ending shit or the people with authority over Butcher shit, it just means they had conflicting ideas.

Madoka continuing, if it does in any shape or form, isn't something I'm going to spit on, because I like those five characters and I'd like to see more of them that isn't timeloop-contained. On the other hand that doesn't mean I like the ending we got either, but you just man up, shrug it off and quit whining.

Then again this is the internet, land of forcing your opinions down people's throats and being a jerk calling people plebs.


No, that's not what Butcher said. Here's what happened:

>Butcher doesn't even want to write Rebellion

>he gets persuaded into writing it anyway
>he's out of ideas and writes a shitty ending even he himself doesn't like
>brainstorming session
>Shinbo suggests making Homura and Madoka enemies
>Butcher likes the suggestion and writes current ending


This illustration and the series OP imply that Madoka and Ultimate Madokami are separate entities and can coexist.
Anyway, having two Madok-HHHHHNNNNNNNNNNGGGGG!

……being meguca…i-s…….s~suffering……



You sir have actually done your research. No one forced Uro to do anything, closest you can get to "forcing" is him writing rebellion in the first place. as explained by the anon above.

Know your place pleb.


^ofcourse refering to anon post #5941

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They said the Production Note for Rebellion would be out in June. Where is it?


Isn't it already out?


File: 1411212359389.png (237.71 KB, 582x567, dfbbcd90.png)

It turned out to be a "Rakugaki Note Rebellion" instead of Production Notes. So far it only saw a limited release at the SHAFT booth in Comiket 86 and Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair 2014.

It's hundreds of dollars online from the secondary market, so we're shit out of luck unless an anon goes pick it up on September in person.


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Happy birthday to everyone favorite pink goddess.


Do you guys think the megucas are too lewd?



not lewd enough?


Source of the pic?


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Art assets released to promote Madoka SLOTS

Here's a gameplay video of say video slot machine:

File: 1412415121756.jpg (1.14 MB, 850x1202, sample_741c1949c718dcff4790e5d…)



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