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Hi, I'm new here.
For a short introduce, I'm not an English user.

I'm planning a scanslation for this doujinshi. As you see, it's already ripped. My problem here is I don't have enough confidence in English skill…. So I'm looking for a volunteer in translating or proofreading part.

Any helps please send me a messenger to: http://sonozaki-shimai.tumblr.com/ (I'm sorry if the page fulls of Higurashi stuff bugs you)



Please name the doujinshi. Are any of them sequel issues? I'll check them out and consider it. I could be wrong, but I keep thinking there aren't many other translators out here…


I think that's an understatement. Between the translators who have simply lost interest, and the translators who have left because of drama within the fandom, there are barely any left.


The title is: 最後に愛と勇気が勝つ物語・前編
Here is its sample: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=23282660

I have all of four books.

I can do the English translation, but my skill isn't good enough. So, a native language checker maybe a great help too.


If you have irc, check out rizon server, #silvergarden. Anyone is welcome to come in and chat there freely, anyway, as long as things stay respectful. But some of us are on now, so you can ask. We have a question for you, too.


By drama, do you mean stuff with Rebellion or something else?

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Alright guys. it's been a while since rebellion and i'm starting to lose hope in a continuation of the series. lets play a game.
Lets write the fourth movie with two or four sentences each post, anything can happen. I'll start.

Madoka was at school doing her schoolwork.
Suddenly Sayaka bursts through the door and says..
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Madoka looked up from her schoolwork as Homura entered the classroom. She had a conspicuously blank expression, but as soon as she caught Madoka's eye, that smile of hers returned. Madoka turned away and tried to get back to her work, attempting to ignore Homura's gaze.

Sayaka would say it was creepy, and at this point Madoka didn't entirely disagree, but she still felt drawn to her. She wished she could have an honest discussion about it, but the topic of Homura just made Sayaka angry. They'd kept in touch while Madoka lived in America, and Sayaka never mentioned Homura then; now she seemed preoccupied, and Madoka couldn't understand why.


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If you could raise Madoka as a daughteru, would you? It you could fight the incubators as humans would you?


What if the Illuminati were the good guys fighting the good fight all along?

I mean, who wouldn't want Madoka to be their daughteru?



Shit, sorry, I wanted to make a new thread.



"Mami, what are you talking about?" asked Nagisa, concerned.

"I…Huh?" Mami stammered. "How long have we been sitting here? I remember meeting you and walking out of the school building, but I don't remember sitting down or saying anything."

"We just sat down a couple minutes ago. You started talking about Madoka being your daughter? And then something about thread? I didn't understand it at all."

"Hmmm… It must be stress," said Mami, trying to hide her own growing concern. The past couple minutes were a complete blank. "Yes, that must be it; we're expecting a big night for wraiths tonight, and I've been worrying about it all day. Let's go."

"We can't."

"Why not?"

"We're waiting for Madoka."


"I hope she didn't get kidnapped by greasy filthy internet anons, I've been hearing that a lot in the news recently."

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So last I remember about the series it was currently being worked on by the staff trying to get their foot in the door for the final installment and have had a difficulty getting things rolling, and in the mean time the interquel manga has been keeping fans busy as well as the long awaited fully animated OVA series of Magical Suite Prism Nana (also by SHAFT) has there been any updates in reguards to the continuation of the series?
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Rebellion was made because of extreme Homura's popularity and it just shows conclusion of her story after the series. Developing other characters more is pointless, that's why there is no reason for sequel. Only completely new cast or remaking Madoka like rebuilds is possible.


There's more to a show than just "developing characters". In fact, I'd argue that the majority of anime has very static characters, especially compared to PMMM.

I'm sure a large audience would appreciate resolving or at least continuing what's going on in the plot: there's countless options there. The visuals, music, symbolism, and so on can be appreciated regardless of the plot or character development.

And heck, speaking of character development, I think they still do have some room there. Mami seemed to have a little less development than most characters since she died relatively early. And then there's Nagisa. Furthermore, depending on what the plot does there's always the possibility of developing Sayaka and Kyoko as they react to whatever the new plot may be. Their characters certainly changed as the TV progressed, but that's not to say that they couldn't change further.


Sayaka was developed in the series enough, she still wasn't really likable character. Mami/Kyouko has spinoff alraedy.
They can't leave Homura aside and switch to someone else, popularity of the show will drop dramatically. And afterthe movie about Homura they can't make one more movie/show about Homura. They are in deadlock, if they can't repeat Rebellion's success again, they won't do a risky sequel.


>The visuals, music, symbolism, and so on can be appreciated regardless of the plot or character development.
Also there is no data, but I'm sure Rebellion had some really huge abnormal budget. Making something cheap after one of the best visual and audio anime film will not work well.


I just had a thought… what if these Character CDs… actually have the girls in their new lives and they themselves take apart the illusion of this new world… if these happen in releases character by character… then maybe, just maybe, it'll end on Madoka's and open up a big golden gateway for the final conclusion of the story.

it would technically not be a sequal to Rebellion but a follow up of the character CDs of which take place after the events of Rebellion. that or we have various Magical Girl teams across the globe finding the inconsistencies of this fake world and then as they chip away at them it loosens the grip on Madoka.

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This page is all kind of weird. Can someone who can moon take a look and give us a gist of what's going on?

Other pages on the PNs, you can generally take a glance and have some rough idea of what's going on. This (one) just isn't right. I think it's Gekidan Inu Curry's earliest designs for Nightmare? There's also something about no Witch Runes outside of the Madokami/Homulilly sequences?

Any guidance would be much appreciated!
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Hahaha! Dumbass!


So anyone can ban this poor child out of here?


Why are you so mean? I did nothing wrong. (;_;)


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This page seems to have more details than just about Ulla. What are they about?


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Does this page explain how Mami's ribbon clone work?

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Requesting helpers! There's a huge amount of pages on the Puella Magi Wiki in need of overhauling and cleaning up, but there are very few active contributors with the time and motivation to do so.

For the interested, a list of the pages in need of cleaning have been compiled into a category here: http://wiki.puella-magi.net/Category:Articles_needing_work

The pages/sections in question are marked by the green clean-up box template (http://wiki.puella-magi.net/Template:Cleanup). Additionally, if you're browsing the wiki and come across a messy page in need of a clean-up, please add it to the category and mark it with the template!
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I don't think so, especially not for older pages like the Kazumi Magica ones. Best remove all spoilers tags/warnings for those ones.


The Oriko Magica, Suzune Magica, Tart Magica, Different Story, and Wraith Arc pages need chapter descriptions written up for them! (In the case of Tart Magica, we also need character pages; Orikos and Suzunes character pages need currently missing info, such the story sections.)

Half of Different Story's chapters have been written up so far, and Oriko is lacking Extra Story and Sadness Prayer entries (Noisy Citrine is there, but in need of a rewrite). Suzune has the first four chapters and no others.


I apologize for not completing the rest of the Different Story as I've been busy, but I'll be back to doing the rest soon (I got the next chapter nearly done; just stuck on its beginning format) once I fix up Jubey's page.


I can try doing the Tart Magica pages for you if you like and maybe teh Suzune!


The synopsises for the first four chapters/volume 1 of Suzune Magica probably need a rewrite, to better reflect the recently released official English translation.

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New Suzune thread, as the other has reached its bump limit.

English scanlations can be downloaded from Silver Garden: http://silvergardentl.blogspot.com/
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Progress report on volume 3?


can somebody provide a way to download taruto magica? ty in advance


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Not Suzune related:

GAN also drew a pic of Kyoko.
Source: http://twitpic.com/9sh537


English volume 1 has been released!


File: 1443650408616.jpg (543.89 KB, 1024x1536, Suzune2eng.jpg)

Volume 2 English cover has been released.

Strangely, there's still no word on an English volume 3 yet. (It'll obviously happen, of course, but you'd think the date and blurb would've come out by now.)

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