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So, Soul Gems. How invincible to they make you?

I've seen some people in the fandom argue "the Soul Gem wasn't damaged so she can't die from just that!", even in response to injuries like "beheading".

But from what we know:

1. A Puella Magi can be knocked unconscious (see: Homura knocking Sayaka out).
2. A Puella Magi is not conscious while separated from her Soul Gem or while unconscious (see: Sayaka).
3. Puella Magi regeneration is NOT automatic (see: Sayaka not even noticing she's half-decomposed in the PSP game, and her Soul Gem not automatically fixing her when she wakes up).
4. Puella Magi regeneration is expensive enough that regenerating lost limbs isn't possible on-the-spot unless it's what your wish was about (see: Kyoko getting disarmed in Oriko Magica and calling it over rather than spending tons of magic to regenerate).

So it seems to me that the Soul Gem really doesn't make you half as unkillable as the fandom would claim. If you get beheaded, you're not going to be conscious to activate the regeneration. Your Soul Gem is just going to idle, bleed magic, and eventually you'll Witch out.

On the other hand we know from the PSP game that a Soul Gem can still animate a very, very badly damaged body like Sayaka's half-decomposed one.

… so where do people stand on this?
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But we don't really know that Homura shot herself through the brain. It looked like she just kind of nicked the side of her skull due to Mami's yank, and the angle the bullet takes through her hair.

If it did go all the way through that's an argument for instant regeneration of even a critical wound. But that's hard to confirm.

And even if it were true, there's still a lot of counterexamples of injuries completely crippling magical girls even without hitting the Soul Gem.

So you could make a solid case for both sides of this argument.



THe blood splatter from the gun shot tells us the exit wound was directly on the opposite side of the skull, only possible if she shot herself. my hypothesis is if she did succeed in killing herself her soulgem would have healed it upon falling down, and the moment she recovered took that opportunity to snap the ribbon apart.


>We can assume all backstory material considered to be canon.

We can't when it directly conflicts the main series.


The main series conflicts itself in the first place through a number of official, canon-endorsed side stories.

As far as something like 'what can a Soul Gem do for you' is concerned, whether a series is canon or not doesn't matter, all it needs to consider into the equation is to be officially endorsed by the brand name. i.e. official material, not a doujin.


That is simply not true. You can't arbitrarily decide that some things need to be supported by canon in order to be true and some other things don't.

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Could someone slow down Magia [quattro] to 80%, same speed as the slow version of Magia from the broadcast music mishap?


I think I did it:


Tell me if I got the speed wrong and I'll change it.


How nostalgic. That's great! Thanks!


There's also a slow version of Kimi no Gin no Niwa:


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Found this while trawling through Google images. Apparently there's a Yuma cover for Extra Story?

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Anyone know where I can safely download the Madoka Magica dub in 720p? Looking for 720p dubs of the movies as well.
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File: 1424742791901.gif (66.33 KB, 350x350, mDOCsUH.gif)

There is a better version but sadly no one has seeded it in about 6 months. ;_; http://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=313139


Does no one know of any movie dubs in 720p?


As far as I know, nobody has ripped them.


nobody can rip what does not exist, it would be a downscale in any case; I think it's weird that a 720p 8bit mp4 downscale so it plays on cellphones version does nto exists.


Looks like Rebellion was also mastered in 720p.

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If you ever wonder where these madoka sets pop up from time to time came from, here's your answer.

MadokaPlus Card Extractor


Here're how the card urls are coded, for those curious:


1: Default
09: Card rarity {01 to 10}
1: Card attribute {1. happiness 2. anger 3. sorrow 4. fear 5. love 6. hate 7. hope}
01: Character {1. Madoka 2. Homura 3. Mami 4. Sayaka 5. Kyouko 6. Nagisa}
010: Card number {001 up to 999}
_3: Card level {1 to 3}

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I guess i'll post it here…
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What errors? Are you using yurihouse's magazine scans or scans of volume 2?


No, we have our own tank raws. We just need to fix some details, some redrawing and it will be done.


Ah, cool.

By the way, you have raws of volume 3, right? Do you know if chapter 14 has a title?



Symmetry Diamond chapter 3 and the Last Agate are now up!


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File: 1425268853226.png (177.16 KB, 701x264, Wat Up Mami !!.png)


So if a magical girl goes insane and or renegade (think
robbery,arson,murder etc) would other magical girls (perhaps friends ?) step in and try and stop (or help) her ?

Or will they just leave it alone and let it sort itself out ?

Furthermore how much of a threat is one magical girl to her surroundings if her sanity crumbles and she decides she wants to start wrecking things ?

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Quick question, folks.

Does anyone know what's going on with Suzune Magica? I haven't been able to find anything about it beyond the basic summary that the wiki has, and there doesn't seem to be any translations that I can find.

Same goes for Taruto and the assorted Oriko sagas.

It seems very odd to me that there hasn't really been any word on them in a long time.
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Why are you doing it that way? We already have a format for manga chapter summaries, and it's to have a separate entry for each chapter, like we did for Oriko and Kazumi.


You're going to have to change it, either now or later on, to match the rest of the wiki.


Perhaps it's just a personal thing, but just doing it with one chapter a page feels like cluttering the wiki, which is already pretty cluttered enough, as well as spreading information too thinly, in a way. And having it all on one page just seems more organized, and makes it more easily accessible.

You can always change it yourself if it bothers you too much, though.


The chapters don't have official English names yet, so we should probably wait before doing such a thing.


hey, I found something interesting: In japanese folklore, butterflies were the souls (pretty hilarious when you realize kagari's soul gem is in the center of a butterfly.)
and in another country's folklore, they were the souls of witches.


Don't forget Suzune/Kagari. Kagari is pretty much in love with the idea of getting her revenge on Suzune (which is why I think she's a sadist).

How would Kagari have interacted with the other girls - Arisa (outside of murdering her), Chisato, Haruka? Hell, how would have she turned out if she'd lived a normal life, and/or if Tsubaki had lived?

I wish we could've seen more of Kagari's and Matsuri's relationship. All we see is Kagari hating Matsuri's guts and trying to kill her, and Matsuri being forgiving and then crying when she died (which makes no sense to me, really - Kagari's never seen treating Matsuri good IIRC, and even someone as kind as Matsuri has to draw a line /somewhere/).

IDK, Kagari's just a really intriguing character to me (despite how horrifying a person she is). I really do wish we could have seen more of her, without having her life story stuffed into six rushed chapters full of info-dumping all over the damn place.

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Actually "はねろ" have two major meanings that 刎ねろ(Behead!) and 跳ねろ(Jump!) in modern Japanese. I think they intended this one as 刎ねろ because its meaning "Behead!" is more suitable than "Jump"! in this song. Just like how a Guillotine works, you let fall the weighted blade, and it would behead the condemned.

So Noi!'s lyrics should have like, Fallen and "Enthaupten!" not "Springen!"

Well, yes. That's immaterial to almost all of us.


File: 1421829555932.jpg (1.41 MB, 1916x4144, conclusion.jpg)

Firstly, I do hear the word "springen" in the song.

Secondly, we need an explanation for the whole section of lyric:
>Firstly, the two needles are here for you.
>These two are substitutes of tear.
>Fall! Behead!
>With the last two, the promise will
Because the link behind "two needles" and "fall and behead" is quite obscure.

In my opinion, "跳ねろ" doesn't mean "jump" here, but rather "(water) splash".
Now what this section of lyric is telling is that the Clara Dolls gave "two needles" to Homu so as to replace her two lines of tears, and that they wanted to see the tears drop and splash.

Maybe "はねろ" can mean both "behead" and "splash" (like those word games in Monogatari series), but I find the meaning "splash" fits well with the context and makes "needle" the central concept of the whole lyric.
Even the last sentence of the lyric seems to be saying that the Clara Dolls wanted to "fulfill"(is this the missing verb?) the "promise"(which is to send Homu to death) by using "the last two needles". (pic related)
Interestingly, the first sentences of the lyric do mention the promise to meet at the execution hill. So the last sentence also refers to this.


Anyone Have A Download Of Production Notes For Download.


How Can Production Notes Be Real If Our Eyes Aren't Real?


Its Called Getting Scans

File: 1424866143956.jpeg (154.9 KB, 1024x884, OhnoRaptors1325545314.jpeg)


Was wondering how many of us here have collected merchandise of the show?

I've mainly collected the Figma, Nendoroid and Cu-Poche releases so far with some Ichiban Kuji, Banpresto and other random stuff here and there. Would love to get the Movic line of plush dolls as well as their Color Collection mini figures.


I have an artscow mousepad.


I admire Madoka fans with self-control.

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