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I guess i'll post it here…
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The one with the ax? Komaki.


Yeah, that one Thank you.
I wonder why there's no decent fanart of the new spinoff characters


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Couldn't find this thread to ask earlier, but thanks for the raws!


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Do you think Homu will ever get over Madoka?


While I can't see her ever falling out of love with her, if that's what you mean (because let's face it: this pairing is so canon that it's ridiculous), unless there's some sort of Deus Ex Machina, I do think the relationship can become better and more healthy.

Which, personally, is why I still ship it and think there's hope for it (something a lot of haters don't seem to think). I think Homura will probably come to her senses or redeem herself somewhere in the future.

And if she finds some hobbies, or something, and herself again (i.e. not wanting doughnuts in Oriko Magica, just because that's what Madoka wants), that'll all ready begin steering the relationship into a more healthy atmosphere. Even moreso if she maybe starts hanging around the girls again, with or without Madoka present.

Personally, with all the things you can say about Rebellion, I think it could actually be a step in the right direction for Homura, because for the first time in forever… She did something that wasn't exactly what Madoka wanted. So she wasn't subservient to her will at the end of it for once. Granted, that causes a whole plethora of other problems, but if they can get past it—and I think they could, because they ARE good for each other in many ways—or if Homura becomes Moemura again, I think the relationship could be spun in a good way again.


> she wasn't subservient to her will at the end of it for once

She believed that she was acting for Madoka's hidden interests that Madoka wouldn't admit to having after becoming Godoka, e.g. the flower field scene, and she still might've been acting on Timeline 3 Madoka's wish as she did in the series and decided that the ends justified her means.



I honestly don't think its canon at all, in the way of a mutual romantic relationship. It's canon that Homu LOVES Mado, but not the vise versa. Mado loves homura in the most platonic sense possible, uber best friend in the entirity of the universe(next to Sayaka).

Homura loves Mado with the fury of a thousand suns and demonstrates this very clearly with her actions from force shedding her old skin to becoming demonic and create suffering.

the most Canon pairing that is actually mutual and not one-sided or pedo is Sayoko. Sayaka and Kyoko have also shown their love for eachother in more subtle ways without going to extreme measures (except kyoko that one time.) and Rebellion solidifies this theory.

OT: No, Homura has gone past the point of no return the moment she declared herself as Demon. She's now on the level of Bernkastel/Lambdadelta.

She's going to do everything she can to prevent Madoka from Reascending, because once Mado is out of her cage, she'll never get back in.

Its also worth noting this will be more difficult for Homu as she can't just "kill sayaka" or "Kill " any of the main girls as it would trigger the same reaction as her putting pieces together at the overpass in the school building only possibly on a much grander scale.

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This is a message to anyone who wants to join in the Madoka scanlation project, or who has interest in it (feel free to post here anonymously, but we at least want to distinguish people from each other in IRC):

We have decided our most active time shall start around [UTC-6 - 21:00], and sometimes an hour earlier, depending on the day. There are no set meetings yet, but if we can get people on at this time every day, we can talk more regularly about what's going on in our lives and how to get our work out more efficiently, instead of grabbing at straws whenever I or someone else is busy or away for a long time and cannot submit/complete our work.

If you cannot make it at that time, let us know what time you CAN make it, and don't forget to include your timezone. I'm doing my best to be online 24/7 to reply immediately to the chat or take messages (if I'm not, I apologize), so even if you cannot meet with the whole group, you can still contribute.

Don't be afraid to just check it out, either. While we do want commitment, I've found that teams work best when no one is pressured and everyone is working on something because they want to. So if you realize you cannot or do not want to continue your contributions, don't be afraid to tell us. We cannot judge you for your life priorities. Anyway…

IRC channel information:

Server: Rizon
Channel: madokatrans
Main active time: UTC-6 21:00 (9:00pm) *make sure to look this up in your own timezone

See you there! =3
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Waiting on me for Oriko:SD and LA. More Oriko after that, and then Tart. Then smooth sailing to release. Suzune is a little further in the plans unless one of the other groups release it first. Not sure if anyone else picked it up yet, but I heard rumors.







And we will be taking our release down upon the English release! We know some people will feel compelled to hold onto our releases, but if you have access to Yen Press' release, please prioritize a physical copy over ours. Their releases have been spectacular. Juno-approved translation and work on everything Madoka Magica thus far. =3


In the meantime, will you still release scanlations of SD and LA, until the official English translation is released?

Also, how is Sadness Prayer going?



Yes, we will.
Sadness Prayer will be after we catch up with the rest.

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Wiki page needs to add an info about the madoka magica crossover with mobile game divine gate
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and yet another post-Rebellion product excluding Nagisa and yet including Charlotte, it's getting a little tiring tbh

I'd like to see what becomes of Pia, though, if she's going to be a new addition in upcoming media or if she's just a one-off for this obscure game

at any rate, she's adorable, but her magical girl outfit and weapon looks way too much like Sayaka's. at least her school uniform socks aren't those boring knee-high blacks that the creators keep shoving the girls in


this page gives more info on the crossover

seems that Pia's a demon, and has wind-themed magic. the page also says she's a "divine gate original collaboration character" but idk if they mean she's just for divine gate or not.

also, there are two homuras: ribbon and bow homura and glasses homura, seems that glasses homura uses the time-stop magic and ribbon homura uses dark-themed magic. ultimate madoka's also usable, but not akuma homura, and there's no nagisa.

walpurgisnacht will also be involved somehow. charlotte is also playable.


oh, nope, the page says near the top that Pia's exclusive for the Divine Gate crossover. so she won't be appearing outside of it. goddammit.


ALSO: Her name is actually Pia Undo, not Pia Kumodo, going by what the Divine Gate wiki says

apparently, Pia made a wish for a friend or friends, and that's how she ended up meeting the other magical girls, or at least that's what I can gather from the text provided on her wiki page

http://divine-gate.wikia.com/wiki/ID:844 (normal form)
http://divine-gate.wikia.com/wiki/ID:845 (magical girl form)


while lurking trough the wiki, i found out these units
So Pia is actually the established character Wind Pier, that explains why normal Pia is from the Demon race, something weird given that the madoka magica characters are from the human race in their normal form

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Was catching up on anime this season and I returned to one of my favorites. This chapter is actually in one of the volumes of the manga I own, but I can't find the volume online, so I'll have to search for it later.
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Plot twist!


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Aokiume style face!


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Wake ga wakaranai de arimasu…


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And then Arisu ends the episode by watching the Mamoka Umaku opening song and saying, "This is good."

lol Kururu dressed up as Steve Jobs and Kamen Rider Fourze came out of the TV briefly, too.

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any translation yet?
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i saw the new chapter included in kirara magica 14 and i liked the villianess group, so i wondered which names had



I'm confused. Are you wondering about what their names are? I haven't read it yet, but I can tell you when I get back from work, assuming someone else doesn't do it first.


cant wait for your translation guys!!The manga look amazing(even if we know how the poor jeanne ends)


Any news about translation?



As usual, we're on it. We're made up of, like, 2-3 people, though, and we have a backlog of things and we're taking our time, so… patience! =P

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Can we talk about how walpurgisnacht looks a lot like Christine de Pizan?


Huh, never noticed that before. It'd make sense for it to be a reference to her, though, considering she was a poet, and Walpurgisnacht's theme is about theater.


>Was a woman's rights activist
>Her final work was a poem eulogizing Joan of Arc

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First off-topic post in /meduka/
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The board lacking a janitor.


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>tfw she doesn't wanna play with you ;_;


28th august, birthday of Yuko Goto (Hiro, Junko) and Kaori Mizuhashi (Miyako, Mami, Takkun, Walpurgisnacht).

Happy birthday!

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They said the Production Note for Rebellion would be out in June. Where is it?

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