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To remove all the spam, I've reverted the board content to the 2016/11/25 snapshot (because the board is the only thing on the server that didn't have daily backup. Oops.) A week of discussion is lost, but it's probably better than losing everything since the beginning. I'm very sorry about this.

If you were banned during the flood, that is probably due to:

1. Cloudflare IPs not properly configured on the server
2. Anti-spam kicks in, which now bans everyone because everyone was sharing only few IPs

Sorry for all the noise. To make sure this won't happen again, I'll (finally) find someone to moderate this board. Done!

(p.s. ReCAPTCHA is turned on until the server is migrated.)
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That's enough, please take your issues somewhere else.

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Inserts that come with WA Vol 3.
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Letting everyone know.

After a couple of harsh months, the first draft is finished. Edition and revision of the script are to follow now.


Anything we can do to help?


My hype is off the charts.


Are vols 2-6 available somewhere?
Silvergarden only has 1, 7 and 8.



Tumblr did the others. The quality is sketchy and I've seen some people on here want YSG to do the others, but overall it's passable.

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Just wondering but is this fandom pretty much gone? The wiki hasn't been updated for weeks so it begs the question. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE FANDOM AND MADOKA ITSELF!? There's been mention of a concept movie and a new game but nothing more….
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Lol, they're by the same person too.


Dude, we get it already, you hate that guy for whatever reason. No one gives a shit.


why would I hate a random person on the internet, I just realized it was made by the same guy (FCFs is a group anyways)


Suuuure, it's just a coincidence someone started bumping that thread and calling it cancer as soon as you got butthurt over a misunderstanding in this thread. Nothing suspicious about it at all.


Ignore the shill.

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>tfw finished TDS

Can she finally have a happy ending please? This girl already suffered enough.
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I was talking about what appears in the TV series and the movies.

I don't recall that scene from either. I do like it though!


I think that might be a fan edit of official art. Or then the official art was lewder than I remember.


>Homura's Dark orb wraps itself around Madoka's sealed power

This is just a visual representation.

There's 2 versioins, both official. This one is the less lewd one. The other has Homura's knee between Madoka's legs.


File: 1484179249969.jpg (746.79 KB, 949x1299, Homura_madoka_rebellion_mo….jpg)

It also features Madoka grabbing Homura's ass with both hands.


File: 1484179743240.jpg (157.04 KB, 850x588, IMG_9952.JPG)

I like them. A lot.

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Hi, it's been a while! Someone requested a metal remix of Magia of me so I made one featuring my mom in the vocals (yes, she's also a Madoka fan). Enjoy!

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The lyrics are in German.


Enjoy? more like get cancer



Did the thought ever occur to you that there's a chance that you weren't the target audience for this? Because if yes, I'd like to know what aspects of the production quality you found less than ideal so that I can improve on those areas. Otherwise, I'm not sure what you think you're going to accomplish by telling me that you don't like my stylistic choices (that I'm going to keep making in the future even if not all people appreciate them).


I'm pretty sure he didn't even open it.

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I found this not to long on twitter for a Madoka moblie game comming in spring 2017 called (acording to google translate) Magna records puella Magi Madoka ☆ Magica Gaiden, it's website is out now with a PV (sadly it's reigon locked).

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It was illustrated by Ume sensei, why you find it out of the place? Maybe it's just Tamaki design
btw, anyone has updated the wiki with this new game?


>btw, anyone has updated the wiki with this new game?

No, because no one cares about the wiki anymore.


They WILL care when the sequel comes out…


Why would they? It needs to be cleaned up or rebooted before anyone adds anything.


File: 1483423736082.gif (3.42 MB, 366x325, 1437706667837.gif)

File: 1482647053100.jpg (538.96 KB, 702x1000, __akemi_homura_anthony_cha….jpg)

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New Suzune thread, as the other has reached its bump limit.

English scanlations can be downloaded from Silver Garden: http://silvergardentl.blogspot.com/
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There are many who owns tumblr accounts anon but they give more attention to their personal blogs,twitter or pixiv accounts


Yup, just like his manga Free!, another slice of life (I think that GAN prefers to write humorous and light stories instead of dark stories like Suzune Magica)
Here is a tumblr with info about Free! (not official)


It shares name with that really popular swimming anime?



This anime is originally called "High Speed!"


Something tells me that GAN won't be drawing SuzuMagi stuff anymore…yet.

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The Puella Magi Wii website https://wiki.puella-magi.net/ doesn't seem to be very active these days. It doesn't seem to have been updated for a while….
New updates on the upcoming Puella Magi mobile game and the latest edition of the Manga Time Kirara Magica magazine need to be added.
If only I knew how to update it.
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So? Just force the lock open!

Or is that impossible…? (Not an expert of coding here…)


Christ, I wish Rebellion hadn't put their panties in a twist.


With the way that any wiki is structured, there was never going to be anything that remotely looks to be close to prefect.

If anything, it would be best to move away from the natter that is commonly found at Tvtropes.

That said, it would be a rather big clean-up job considering how much non-information has be accumulated on it.

Rebellion was going to do that considering how many emotions the series managed to tug on before it concluded and how it changed the main character in ways that I think few expected.

What bugs me is that around the time, fan's jump through some pretty open assumptions and hard-lined themselves quickly.
In general, the Madoka fanbase was able to avoid being so 'radicalized' pretty much until Rebellion crushed their dreams.
The divide this has caused remains to this day.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Her work be done, on earth as it is on yuri heaven.


File: 1481899858118.jpg (104.75 KB, 430x750, Polarizing.jpg)

>In general, the Madoka fanbase was able to avoid being so 'radicalized' pretty much until Rebellion crushed their dreams.

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Does anyone know if there's any special significance to the figure in relief?
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File: 1481738597528.jpg (565.88 KB, 1920x1080, [Coalgirls]_Magical_Girl_M….jpg)

Reminds me of this scene.
Don't say that. A lot of the seemingly meaningless backgrounds in Madoka actually have some well thought out symbolism behind them.


I will say that because for every shot with deep and complex meaning, there's at least 5 shots of Shaft and InuCurry showing off. Madoka makes great use of symbolism, especially compared to other anime, and it really helps that both Urobuchi and InuCurry seem to understand the symbols and allusions they're making, but some stuff just there for the sake of being there. You can't just freeze frame a shot that was on screen for a second or two and expect there to be meaning to it.



Agreed to an extent, while every frame isn't choc full of symbolism its when you get a full- if not close to full- image of the background in question where the focus is split between the active characters on screen and the environments (especially so in rebellion). though they do hide hints and easter eggs within frames such as when the dust clears shortly after the climax of the MamiHomu fight, You see a single plume of smoke where the shadows of it form a Hibiscus flower over the shot of Mami's boots. (I took that to believe that was when she swapped with her ribbon double.)


File: 1481806829250.jpg (2.47 MB, 3008x2150, 37800de4175926859016a40e75….jpg)

Here's another version from the Production Notes. Looks like the dollhouse saw a few iterations, and the relief itself changed each time.



File: 1481806949817.jpg (1.77 MB, 3013x2150, 2ca38c619017770a869ddd9a38….jpg)

The way the rays radiate out reminds me of the Madokami bridge of light.

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