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Hello. I made a new comfy small chan which is using jschan, new alpha imageboard software. Only posting this on a few sites to keep things comfy. Come check it out if you'd like :)



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Cute Discord alternative 😊

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No movie nights here either. Where did all the live texters go?


testing :D

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what is the sexy character in black clover

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Reminder that on this day our savior died for us.
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No offense taken, Coldsteel. I forget not everyone here is a Westerner or Spic, my bad. It's a holiday in a lot of places.


>MFW I actually have a friend on PSN called coldsteel.


The anniversary has come again. This year rather than Japan being struck by a tsunami the entire world is menaced by a novel coronavirus. I wonder what Walpurgisnacht (the witch) would have looked like if Madoka had come out this year and by coincidence Walpurgisnacht resonated with the virus.


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Today the Manga Time Kirara twitter announced that Magica Record will be getting a manga adaptation on August 24th and TFOScans who been translating Magia☆Report are willing to translate it if they have scans for it.
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MangaDex website can't be accessed for a few days.


Good News, MangaDex is now back up


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Chapter 10 is now out on MangaDex



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Chapter 11 is now up on MangaDex



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64ch.net is back!

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A new PV for the Magia Record anime have been released earlier today as well a new visual.

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Here's also an interview with Inu Curry with Otaquest


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hey kids



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It been announced the first DVD/Blu-ray volume will come out March 4th


How long do you think it'll take until they're all out?

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