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(Off-Topic in Meduka)

What are your thoughts on Shin Godzilla?


I enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to Butcher's.


On the other hand, Discussions are welcome here.

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How does Karma work in the Madoka setting?

1. What I know is that Kyubey says that a magical girl's raw magical power is directly tied to the girl's significance to the world.

2. I also know that the characteristics of magic is shaped after the girl's wish.

3. Kyubey also states that Madoka was able to make such a universe-bending wish because she had that much karma.

Okay. So.

Is the karma accounted for before, or after making the wish?

What happens if a girl makes a wish that's way beyond her karma?

-Does the wish get rejected?
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It's also possible that just about anyone could contract, but QB doesn't bother with them because it's more efficient for him to pursue girls of the appropriate age.

QB explains that the incubators collect energy from human emotions, and that the type of human with the strongest emotional capacity are girls hitting puberty. That would imply that just about any human theoretically could contract. So QB could very well be avoiding other people not because they can't contract, but because it would be a more efficient use of his time to seek out better candidates.


I'd consider the possibility of a darker ending for an inappropriate wish. Hubris is among the greatest of sins, after all. Definitely potential for a monkey-paw wish, or for the soul gem to not form properly and the girl just die. Not like kyubey would be heartbroken, though he/it would avoid the scenario as it is a waste of time and possibly resources.

There's also the possibility that a girl's potential (as perceived by kyubey) takes into account their wish preemptively. (either using some magical prescience, or just psychological profiling of likely desires) Thus a girl who wants something she can't get simply doesn't register as a good candidate.


even non humans, but just imagine all the entropy he can get from cows ?
so , that mesn the contract itself has some kind of energy cost for them so that's why they go for quality rather than quantity, otherwise they would just contract cows; but then again the only non human, sentent being we have seen have also contracted, though they are some kind of little/puberty girls for their species.


>>but just imagine all the entropy he can get from cows ?

We have no idea how much entropy he could get from cows because it's never specified. But I would think the answer is low:
1) QB states that the incubator's technology can convert human emotions into energy. "human" is specified. They may not have the tech to work with other living things.
2) Even if they did have it, or could develop it, there's the question as to whether or not cows even feel emotion at all—that's a massive debate well outside the scope of PMMM or this board.
3)Assuming the process was possible we have no idea what the potency of a cow's emotions are. So like you said it might be possible, but perhaps highly inefficient. Same reason why we mine gold from specific mineral deposits in the ground rather than, say, from seawater. There's gold in seawater but it's so inefficient to extract it that it's not worthwhile.

So I agree with your conclusion that efficiency is certainly a factor here (after all, we know they choose pubescent girls rather than other humans). But I don't think that "cows" is a valid example for comparison.


the only cases of comparisons we ahve are nonhuman girls, a magical clone of a human girl and a humanized witch.

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NOT Madoka Magica related,

It seems that Gen Urobuchi will be writing a new Godzilla Anime film this 2017.
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>We know that Homura deliberately tries to cultivate that image

Except that she does it even when there is (or she thinks there is) no one else around, like that time when she stopped time and grabbed Bebe before taking off. Not only is it not merely for show, she also is not doing it because of others' perception of her as the only reason at least.

Therefore it has got to be that her long unbraided hair at times gets in her way first and foremost; others that happen to be around her at the time are a secondary concern at best.


Making a habit of it deliberately easily results in it becoming a subconscious tick. Moreover, she does not simply brush it over her ear, she usually tosses it into the wind showily.


She's composing music for the Heaven's Feel movies, so there's that if she isn't doing it for the Godzilla movie.


She's also doing Zaregoto. I don't think she'll be in Godzilla but who knows.


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Who is the better writer, Masaki Hiramatsu or Kuroe Mura?
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Agreed. You can like or dislike the character designs, costumes, and so on but that has nothing to do with the writing, story, etc.


I did not mean outfits, tho; I personally like this as I started watchign anime in the 90s so good luck being over sensitive to sex and fanservice in atime when ghost in the shell had motoko nakd for half the movie and all animes had a token shower scene.

I meant the actual laying out of panels and stuff, but then again kazumi magica is more dense than stuff liek suzune, the latest being my least favorite, even below the canon breaking ones.


Almost all Madoka Magica manga and their spinoffs had pacing problems due to being constrained to three volumes, with barely enough space to put meat into the written story content.

Kazumi ended at 5 volumes and was able to bring its story to a full conclusion. It had other problems, but that's way better than how Suzune did.

I expect the same of Tart, with four volumes and counting.


I'm happy that Tart writer got lucky with his adaption lasting more than 3 volumes. Suzune was a weird case since it was going to end at 2 actually and sad the case with Wraith arc and Hanokage


Yeah, Suzune was going to be 2 volumes only, but GAN was asked to expand it to 3, so they made up the whole subplot with Kagari to pad things out.

I'm personally fond of the Kagari subplot, but it definitely has a lot of faults. I have to wonder if Suzune wouldn't've been better left at 2 volumes instead.

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Sup /meduka/
Im doing a research about arts at my university and i want it to be about Madoka anime but i cant figure out how to connect it with context of modern art.
Any ideas are welcme/


It's not our job to do your homework.


The scenes in the witches' barriers are pretty artsy.


The architecture of Mitakihara City was based on famous structures from around the world. (The wiki gets into more detail in this department)


The story of Madoka is more postmodern than anything. Check out the blog posts by JedABlue called "the very soil" for more information on this. As for visuals you'll have to rely on episode analyses from the wiki.

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WA 9

"Homura is sent through a journey across tims and space with Ultimate Homura. UH explains why bad things are happening and that the shield is the cause of all of it. UH explains that Homura has a special power that was born from her and Madoka's shared feelings. She tells her that Homura has to choose a power, either the sheild or the bow. Homura rewrites her memory and grants herself a new wish. She asks for a bow to defeat all who threaten Madoka rather than a sheild to protect her. Homura awakens her new power and annihilates Wraithpurgisnacht and destroys the sheild. She awakens in a new timeline with her Rose Bow rather than the old one. She leaves behind a piece of the sheild, which Kyubey takes and uses as proof of Madoka's existence. Homura joins Kyouko and Mami to fight wraiths. It ends with the final scene of the series".
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>LQ Chinese scans
Jesus, even the photos were better quality.


>Jesus, even the photos were better quality.
>better quality

Are you an idiot?


File: 1476421706360.jpg (582.45 KB, 1936x2592, IMG_2326.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

Are you blind? These scans are incredibly washed out.

Compare the quality of this photograph.


File: 1476421747847.jpg (108.63 KB, 411x600, IMG_2493.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

To this scan.


Stick with the photos, then.

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File: 1475280628629.jpg (174.69 KB, 500x728, IMG_2133.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

Sorry sorry, I meant this one.


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She lacked time manipulation powers even before the Wraiths stole her powers.


Wraiths steal memories and emotions. She remembered having time stop and remembered her connection to Madoka. Hence when the Wraith's took her memories and her feelings for Madoka, they also took the sheild along with it and gained access to its power. I mean, it's not well written, but it's very easy to follow.


The difference between taking Madoka's powers and time manipulation is that Madoka's powers always existed in this timeline via Homura inheriting the bow. On the other hand, this timeline's Homura never had time manipulation.

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I'm curious how would the analogy of Kyubey on cattle assuming a breakthrough and expansion in the creation of cultured meat (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cultured_meat). For part of the argument is it that makes for human is even if the human does in cattle, but assuming humanity find a better way that benefits all parties how would this technology, the analogy does not fit much because in the end the human have the potential to change their relationship with other beings.



I think if you were talking about cultured meat then the example wouldn't work for QB, but he'd simply choose a different example.

What QB is saying is a lot like the English idiom "If you want to make an omelet you have to break some eggs". In other words, sometimes you have to do harm in order to achieve a goal. In QB's case the harm is creating magical girls knowing they will become witches in order to meet his goal of collecting energy. In Humanity's case there are countless examples. Killing animals for food is one example, but there are others. For example, clearing land to plant crops or to build a house. Killing animals that eat crops, eat livestock, or invade our homes. Creating environmental damage to mine the minerals used to make electronic devices like computers and cell phones. Creating pollution to generate electricity & fuel motor transportation. Civilian casualties in war, And so on. QB could easily pick a different example to make his point.


I think he chose the cattle example because he wanted to showcase that both sides benefited from his contracts:

Cattle is sheltered from predators and can fatten at a rapid pace at a less stressful environment than it could have on nature.
Humanity in general according to QB wouldn't have advanced that far on the same timescale without magical girls. And magical girls themselves could have their wish granted through them.

His case does break down in the actual scenario of the series though, where the incubator is trying to enlist a single girl that has huge enough karmic destiny to end up ending all human life on Earth, and in exchange would yield enough energy for QB to leave Earth satisfied with their 'quota'.


Madoka's new system forced his hand. He had to keep the girls alive as long as possible. When he learned of the witch system, he tried to bring it back.

No one ever said he was evil. He's not deliberately malicious, but he cannot be trusted because he only values everyone else as fuel. Kyubey only cares about the consequences of his actions if those negatively impact himself.


>> but he cannot be trusted because he only values everyone else as fuel

I would disagree with that statement because we know quite well how QB operates.

We know he speaks the literal truth so we can trust exactly what he says. However, we have to be careful not to draw conclusions beyond what he states because of his propensity to omit things.

In other words, it's not that we "can't trust QB". Rather, we have to be careful not to draw conclusions beyond what he literally states.

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Is Fancutfags dead? The torrents aren't downloading anymore, and it's been two years and there's been no revised batch like promised.
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This is pretty accurate. According to our FAQ:

>Q: What did I just download?

>A: The Puella Magi Madoka Magica movies are beautifully animated, but they also are very rushed, with many critical character development scenes cut out. By comparison, the TV series perfectly paced, and indeed, that pacing played a major role in winning the grand prize of the Japan Media Arts Award. But it has some very poor animation in some places. This puts the franchise in an awkward position where both versions have their faults. This project aims to correct this by taking the best of both worlds. The project aims to recreate the TV pacing by using frames from the movies. Not all TV frames exist in the movies, and not all movie frames are useable in the context of the TV series, but we tried to take as much as we could. In an effort to satisfy as many people as possible, we've included two different cuts.


>>getting the Fancutfags edition is pretty much a no-brainer.

This. But if you can't find the fancutfags version then a good alternative is to watch the first 8 TV episodes, then switch to the 2nd movie. The first movie cut out a lot more content than the 2nd one did.



Thank you so much for this!


I fucking love you man


Unofficial batch for the 720p episodes:


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"Magical Beast" is a very literal translation for the Japanese word used for "wraith". It might be a formally exact translation of the Kanji, but it certainly doesn't sound good in my opinion. Not to mention it misses the aforementioned point about how the two terms out to sound similar.


magical beast was recently used in re:zero for maju ; though it was shortened to mabeast which sounds more retarded.


Wraith sounds cooler, but also lipsyncs better. If the translator went in completely blind, I could see how it would make sense that magical girls hunt magical beasts. Imagine how even more confusing Rebellion would have been if they had gone with "demon" in the translations instead of wraith.

That said, there are enough awkward translations that I question if Yen Press and Aniplex even coordinate.


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The cover for vol.1 is revealed and vol. 2 will come out in Feb. 21 2017



Updated the wiki~

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