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The Puella Magi Wii website https://wiki.puella-magi.net/ doesn't seem to be very active these days. It doesn't seem to have been updated for a while….
New updates on the upcoming Puella Magi mobile game and the latest edition of the Manga Time Kirara Magica magazine need to be added.
If only I knew how to update it.
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>But i don't see Homura being hated by current fans

People like dark, attractive anti-heroes. Are you really this new to anime?

>yet she is the new "evil" in the future of the franchise

Yeah, clearly shown by every official work making her sympathetic and pushing MadoHomu on the readers and viewers during and after Rebellion. Once again, I question if this is your first anime. Hero v. anti-hero and anti-hero becomes "evil" to save hero are such overused trope that I'm certain the major delay in the sequel is coming up with a plot that isn't predictable.


Meh, SHAFT knows the fans wants yuri shipping being forcibly canonized, more Homura and Mami badass moments, and Sayaka being bullied because "she deserves it"


File: 1491865923358.jpg (241.8 KB, 1200x900, IMG_8251.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

And if you don't like it, you're welcome to go find another fan base!



yet urobuchi right away stated it's romantic love and also that he hates sayaka.


Lol i didn't expect someone replying to my sarcasm reply, even less with such autism
Whatever, the "Sayaka is a bitch" and "Homura did wrong/Homura did nothing wrong" are the biggest examples that shows why the Western fanbase is cancerous

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some pics from anime japan 2017
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Maybe Kamihama is a rift in space time caused by Madoka's wish. Would be a good excuse so they could put any magical girl in gacha, even Tart.

Another possibility is being a massive experiment by someone, like in Kazumi Magica.

There's a disturbing lack of Kyubey until now…


I've heard some people speculate it's in Kiremhild's witch barrier. I don't quite buy it, but it's an interesting idea.


>Would be a good excuse so they could put any magical girl in gacha, even Tart.
They already confirmed the presence of the characters from Kirara Magica titles
I think its the latter, probably a scheme by Kyubey



According what they say in the trailer and in the official web, the story sets in an alternate timeline when Homura sacrifices herself to (defeat Walpurguisnacht?) in ordrer to save Madoka. Maybe she turned Godhomu (not Ai yo) and her new magical girl laws probably will consist in that magical girls can use her own witch's power like the black wings at the end of the series.

Just speculating except from the sacrifice that is mentioned by Madoka and the fact that Madoka is searching Homura like she will find somewhere and the girls don't know why they can use that strange power in the new city it will be because they are'nt aware of some puella magi laws like enkan no kotowari or Homura does'nt become a God neither.


>Law of Cycles is literally EoE tang
>Let me tell you why a game can take place there.
The Law of Cycles isn't a location were people casually hang out. You have to die before you can even get there. Either everyone is fake or everyone is dead.

It's amazing no one else is mentioning this fan fiction on Twitter. Which is more likely to mean you're a shit translator more than anything.

The only person pushing the Law of Cycles thing was that retard from Tumblr, WarriorKK. I remember when they started this shit with a shit translation that was complete at odds with the official translation and claims that Madokami and the Law of Cycles played a role. Which was never stated anywhere.

File: 1488298174212.jpg (2.42 MB, 4640x2144, Wraith Arc Covers.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb


Okay anons, now that the dust has settled, I think we can say that Wraith Arc was a thing. Personally I gave it a 5/10 on my first read, but gave it a 7/10 after a re-read. I know some people are still sperging out about Wraith Arc and after checking some places out online, I'd like to ask a question.

Why are some fans confused that Homura is the main character of Wraith Arc? She's the focus on every cover. To me, much of the complaints that aren't on a technical level or about the perceived plot holes all seem to be aimed at the story not going like how they wish it would. It seems like a lot of the noise is "the characters don't act like I want them to" or "this isn't like the fan fiction I envisioned."

Pt. 1
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Having kyuubey become the toilet for despair doesnt fix the problem.
Giving everyone rise colored glasses doesnt fix the problem.

Balance has been disrupted and now things will lead to only destruction unless they are set right.


That is amorality. I think you're confusing amorality with immorality.

>Having kyuubey become the toilet for despair doesnt fix the problem
Sure it does. This way, humans don't suffer as much, and the Incubators get their karmic comeuppance.
>Giving everyone rise colored glasses doesnt fix the problem
It prevents them from creating more problems.


But Wraiths, meguca, and the LoC still exist. The whole Kyubey thing is fan fiction. Even Shinbo said Kyubey just got the shit beat out of him.

>Balance has been disrupted

Actually balance was restored. God was balanced out by the devil.



They're literally yin and yang. Homura's wish gave birth to Madokami (light), Madoka's wish gave birth to Homucifer (dark). The only thing left is for them to become one being and literally yinyang or kill each other.


Well, -a- balance was restored. Doesn't seem to be a particularly stable one. The state of the world at the end of rebellion (familiars playing on the streets, half the moon missing, an active and grumpy demiurge) makes it seem like an arrangement without a future, with Madoka 'waking up' being a very likely outcome.

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KM is on hiatus.

Mami Tomoe's Everyday Life will be run in another publication for the time being.

Tart will be concluding.

Oriko will be released at a later date.

All other stories will be concluded for the time being.

They aren't saying it's a cancellation or final issue, just looks like they ran out of stuff to justify a full magazine.
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work better on your trolling, you are not even quoting things being said


How was I trolling? You (presumably) gave some speech about how Madoka was "obviously" the next Gundam. Nothing suggest that at all. Shinbo hasn't been in any hurry to continue/finish the series and why would anyone want a completely new characters at this point? This isn't even what people would consider a long running series considering it's essentially been on hiatus for going on 4 years.


both gen and one of the magica quartet producers have said that's exactly what they want; obviously, shaft is too busy making money with *monogatari to give more resources to madoka.

how stupid do you ahve to be to say that they are in hiatus when they recently made the concept movies ?
there are also the official videogames, the pachislots and the 30+ manga series, if anything the manga aspect got overloaded and that's the reason they are going to slow down.


LOL can't believe someone could actually believe what this guy is saying


File: 1488255995725.jpg (804.53 KB, 1706x1174, a.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

File: 1487821261493.jpg (662.71 KB, 1336x2005, IMG_7090.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb


At what point is it no longer subtext?
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Homura being gay is a joke?


Homura being gay in this particular comic is a joke.


that reminde me, wahtever happened to teh kirara raws ?


But Homura is gay.


Also I bring it up because technically KRRM doesn't 'allow' yuri, but the last few issues have been pretty gay,

File: 1482073589909.png (1.2 MB, 1594x869, magia remix pic.png) ImgOps Google iqdb


Hi, it's been a while! Someone requested a metal remix of Magia of me so I made one featuring my mom in the vocals (yes, she's also a Madoka fan). Enjoy!

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Did the thought ever occur to you that there's a chance that you weren't the target audience for this? Because if yes, I'd like to know what aspects of the production quality you found less than ideal so that I can improve on those areas. Otherwise, I'm not sure what you think you're going to accomplish by telling me that you don't like my stylistic choices (that I'm going to keep making in the future even if not all people appreciate them).


I'm pretty sure he didn't even open it.



Did the thought ever occur to you that there's a chance that you have absolutely no talent as a musician, and that the screeching twat trying to 'sing' has the voice of a barrel full of blind cats in heat?


That is simply not true. I'm a critically acclaimed musician and she's a professional opera singer.


I like it! Thanks for posting <3

File: 1487136131120.png (660.44 KB, 1365x2000, 001.png) ImgOps Google iqdb


Finally! Wraith Arc 9 is out!


Apologies for the delays. But we're finally here.

Please enjoy
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File: 1487489724307.png (574.15 KB, 1365x2000, IMG_7063.PNG) ImgOps Google iqdb

Her and Madoka's mutual feelings allowed a new 'miracle' to happen. As shown in the picture, he feelings crystalized (became a new soul gem). That was AI YO.


File: 1487490557620.png (446.66 KB, 1365x2000, IMG_7064.PNG) ImgOps Google iqdb

The Wraith clones and Homura all said she was afraid to destroy it because she belived it was her one link to Madoka. She's running from the sheild because she's tempted by loniliness to just stay in there with Gretchen just to be with Madoka. This fear is proven wrong because it's also Madoka's desire to for her to remember her.

In terms of Kyubey, she has no reason to worry. He just thinks she's a crazy homeless girl. Curiosity is illogical and nothing about Homura is logical.

Your pet theory is wrong. Everything balances out in the end. Kyubey, Sayaka, and Kyouko all say this. The issue was Homura over came hope and despair. Her soul gem was tainted with love, not curses. In this respect, her will overcame Madoka's.

AI YO isnt just a meme. Love is what Homura feels for Madoka and it's through love she continues to suffer. There's no hope or despair that can overcome it, because as stated, love is the strongest human emotion. That's meant to be taken literally. I dont know what's coming next, but it's seems like it's going to be pretty gay.


File: 1487553214823.png (361.09 KB, 1365x2000, 064.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

What about the piece of shield Kyubey has at the end, could it be related to the next instalment?


I doubt it. Did you see Star Wars: Rogue 1? Because that's what this pretty much was. An interlude is a bridge between two parts. The sheild was just a method for Kyubey to know that Homura was telling the truth. As Homura mentioned, it's trash, and now that she fulfilled her original wish, it is now even more so.

Homura's wish will have to be addressed by Madoka and the sheild may have a bit of a symbolic role, but it's unlikely that they'll repeat Wraith Arc's plot.


The plan is yes. We're contacting our usual source on that as, to my knowledge, there are no public raws of volume 3.

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Inserts that come with WA Vol 3.
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Script has been finished and reviewed. Next are typesetting and QC.



We're doing the last few rounds of QC. It should be ready to go in a day or two.


File: 1487107400001.jpg (55.47 KB, 500x500, IMG_20170208_111424.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

Oh boy!


Probably not linking correctly, but here.


File: 1477399656788.png (320.1 KB, 490x600, mami_wince.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

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>tfw finished TDS

Can she finally have a happy ending please? This girl already suffered enough.
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I was talking about what appears in the TV series and the movies.

I don't recall that scene from either. I do like it though!


I think that might be a fan edit of official art. Or then the official art was lewder than I remember.


>Homura's Dark orb wraps itself around Madoka's sealed power

This is just a visual representation.

There's 2 versioins, both official. This one is the less lewd one. The other has Homura's knee between Madoka's legs.


File: 1484179249969.jpg (746.79 KB, 949x1299, Homura_madoka_rebellion_mo….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

It also features Madoka grabbing Homura's ass with both hands.


File: 1484179743240.jpg (157.04 KB, 850x588, IMG_9952.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

I like them. A lot.

File: 1436837815693.jpg (523.51 KB, 1024x1536, Suzune1eng.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

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New Suzune thread, as the other has reached its bump limit.

English scanlations can be downloaded from Silver Garden: http://silvergardentl.blogspot.com/
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There are many who owns tumblr accounts anon but they give more attention to their personal blogs,twitter or pixiv accounts


Yup, just like his manga Free!, another slice of life (I think that GAN prefers to write humorous and light stories instead of dark stories like Suzune Magica)
Here is a tumblr with info about Free! (not official)


It shares name with that really popular swimming anime?



This anime is originally called "High Speed!"


Something tells me that GAN won't be drawing SuzuMagi stuff anymore…yet.

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