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Hellooo everyone

I've been uploading the Magica Quarter translations of Tart Magica. I saw my links being passed around here a while ago: I ended up taking those down so I could put them back up larger.


Just in case anyone wants it, idk how things really work on here.

(I also got Homura's Revenge and I hope to have Homura Tamura and Suzume Magica up later, too)
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I know the official English translation isn't out yet, but the fourth Tart volume is missing, even if there was an unofficial translation.


My gratitude to whoever's running this for putting up another batch of raws yesterday.


No problem. As far as I'm aware, the archive is now complete with all the extant manga tankoubons. Unfortunately I don't see any chance to acquire the magazine raw vol.18-30 to make it truly comprehensive. Even though most of the magazine content are also in the tanks, we're still short some of the one-shot and the interviews that's only available in the magazines.


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is that Magical Girl Cu Chulainn?



Its a smashing weapon instead of a spear, though. I can't name other similarities.

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Just wondering but is this fandom pretty much gone? The wiki hasn't been updated for weeks so it begs the question. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE FANDOM AND MADOKA ITSELF!? There's been mention of a concept movie and a new game but nothing more….
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Wiki XML dump is updated automatically every midnight (UTC), and has been for 6 years already.

That said, if we start a new Wiki, I do plan to keep the old one running in read-only mode, so no content will be deleted. Just that we will have a more organized Wiki to work with (leaning toward using en.puella-magi.net for the new Wiki so it could be multilingualized.)

Already restored. If you found a page blank, please go to the History tab and rollback it. Thanks!


We should take heed of the fact that over the years there're many, many hyperlinks on there in the internet to various parts of the wiki. Breaking them would be a grave disservice.


Yes I understand. So at the very least, the new Wiki will gonna live in a different URL (e.g. en.puella-magi.net) I'm not quite sure what to do with wiki.puella-magi.net at the moment, maybe it's the best to leave it at the old URL (or make old URL redirect to legacy.puella-magi.net) and put up banner as a disclaimer that this is an archive and may be out of date and please use a new wiki.


So are we going to update the wiki at all or are we going to post the updates on the new wiki when it's finished and we're waiting for that?


>implying anyone did anything after the first week of starting this

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Orikofags get in here!

some anon posted oriko sadness prayer 2, but only for 24rs. get it now


Would you happen to know where to find Sadness Pray 1?


The easiest way to get it would be to buy it at your local bookstore. However, if you don't want to buy it and are looking for a website that has it, I can't help you…


Under /Manga/English


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YES! Thank you!!

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Are we ever going to get improved translation of wraith arc? Specifically, chapters 4, 5, and 6?


Has Yen Press licensed it yet?


Yen Press is just slow as shit. That's all their is to it. Wraith Arc has an exceptionally high chance because it's a mainline story, which they've always done. We may never get Anti-Materials or Magical Girl Student Council, but we're almost guaranteed WA at some point based on prior publishing history.

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Hi! I've been searching for the japanese attacks showed in Rebellion but found nothing.. is anybody here who might know? I'd like to add the info on Puella Magi Wikia.

As far as I could understand they were:

-Madoka and Mami: Tiro Duet
-Homura: Release
-Sayaka: The Five Lillians
-Kyouko: Latticework Barrier

-Madoka and Mami: Tiro Dueto
-Homura: Ririsu
-Sayaka: Go Nen Saba(?) Ririansu
-Kyouko: amikome(?) kekkai(?)
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You've got it right. Those were the only ones named I believe. Regarding the other magical attack names:

Mami: Tiro Finale, Regare
Kyoko: Rosso Fantasma
Madoka: Finitora Freccia
Homura: Tiro Esplosione

I think the Battle Pentagram has even more of their attack names.

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Someone uploaded the new character song from the 2nd slot machine game!


File: 1490237382537.png (224.79 KB, 464x530, elsa maria.png) ImgOps Google iqdb


Does anyone else think that one of the new Puella Magi from Magica Gaiden looks suspiciously like the silhouette from the end credits?
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knowing how gatcha games roll; we will get everybody from kazumi magica characters to cafe shop homura including 33 years old mami.


>cafe shop homura
>33 years old mami
My body is ready.


File: 1492758570017.png (119.71 KB, 398x660, 660.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Ika confirmed for brawl


File: 1492853198197.jpg (513.34 KB, 1536x2048, C7vcBBDUwAAdPxV.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

Magical Girls in MagiReco can actually summon their witch forms like Sayaka in Rebellion. Attached is probably hers.


Sayaka summoned her witch; these girls end up as some bizarre fusion between their witches and magical girl as their bodies connect like some sort of Siamese twin.

File: 1492111161768.png (703.41 KB, 1536x1887, 1491895300004.png) ImgOps Google iqdb


It occurred to me recently. I never really understood Sayaka and Kyouko's relationship. How did it come to be? I don't ever recall Sayaka (outside of Rebellion) being on positive terms with Kyouko but somehow, Kyouko came to value her.

Can someone explain the development of Kyouko's feelings for Sayaka?
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>Makes no sense because Madoka doesn't seek attention.
Whether or not Madoka seeks attention is irrelevant to my point. If we follow what I believe(d) to be your perception of Madoka, that she merely helps because it alleviates her low self-esteem then yes, attention-seeking would make sense because getting attention would also alleviate it. Or perhaps being a bully. This is all to prove your opinion wrong/inaccurate.

>> I think that when you imply that Madoka only helps people because she has low self-esteem
>Is also not what I implied.


>> attention-seeking would make sense because getting attention would also alleviate it

I'm not the person you're debating this with, but that statement doesn't make any sense whatsoever.

If Madoka desires to "help" or to "do something meaningful for people" then what does attention have to do with anything? Getting attention doesn't "help". It's a totally different thing altogether.


>attention-seeking would make sense because getting attention would also alleviate it
Attention-seeking is a response to a lack of attention. Lack of attention is not one of Madoka's issues. Her issue, as I stated in >>13464, lack of ability leading to a sense of uselessness, which drives her desire to be useful to others.


>If Madoka desires to "help" or to "do something meaningful for people" then what does attention have to do with anything? Getting attention doesn't "help". It's a totally different thing altogether.
My reasoning is that if her desire to help others is rooted in a desire to be valued by others then this desire in turn is the result of her failure to value herself i.e. the state of having low self-esteem. If it's a simply a matter of low self-esteem then in my eyes, there's a variety of possible solutions. These would include attention-seeking and bullying. Attention-seeking is viable because people only place their attention on the things they value so for a person to receive attention is for that person to be valued.
>Attention-seeking is a response to a lack of attention.
Well that changes everything. I had the idea that general low self-esteem issues were resolved with general solutions e.g. finding ways to be useful to others, finding ways to garner attention, bullying, etc.


That's an overgeneralization. Attention seeking is usually a response to neglect. Bullying is usually a response to being overpowered. Madoka's response is to a lack of ability. All of these include low self-esteem, but are different in nature.

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