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Magico art by Golden Pe Done

I was on Tumblr today when I saw a post that said Golden Pe Done the people behind Homura's Revenge! and Tart Magica did some art and comics about Magia Record so I went on their Twitter and save those artwork to post on here to translate some of them.
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Question for the mods: Is Erotic Fanfiction allowed to be posted here?

I've seen non-worksafe images deleted in the past but I couldn't find any sort of rules or anything like that for the forum.

In the meantime, enjoy some cosplay.
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Wiki Topic

Hey Wiki bro, can we get this shit deleted from the Rebellion page? The "Criticism" section is just one assmad rant that belongs in the YMMV section of TvTropes.

"One of the main concerns regarding the new ending in "Rebellion" is that Homura's action renders Madoka's sacrifice and message of hope meaningless. The ending from the anime series and the previous film loses its impact and this causes concern among the fans who became emotionally invested on Madoka's message of hope.

Another problem is the devolution of the Homura character, starting from a weakly girl and evolving into a strong magical girl, Homura becomes what many consider to be a strong underdog who overcame many obstacles to protect what she treasures. However, in "Rebellion" we see what appears to be the beginning of the unraveling of the Homura character, we see the fall of a strong magical girl into what it is presumed to be a form of madness.

Many fans regard the movie as not being genuine nor true to the original anime series, with various far-fetched and abrupt deviations. They think of it as a mostly commercial moneygrab that contains little carefully crafted content, just as many other anime productions in Japan do. They still regard the original ending of the anime as canon."
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A new 4-Koma

page 1 of the new 4-Koma
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when english release?
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A long overdue, but I finally updated the board software to latest version of vichan.
There should be some JavaScript goodness and WebM/MP4 support in place, as well as upgraded reCAPTCHA.

I'll probably remove reCAPTCHA once I've setup proper backups in place.
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Yui Tsuruno

Who else loves this girl?
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I just leave it here:

This is a lossless (FLAC) doujin music library that you can listen on the fly with a browser or mobile device (Android, iOS).

The library is constantly updated, and you can add your own collections.
And of course the hunt for priority.

You can get into the library by receiving an invite in the telegram-channel @touhouchan
It's free.

We are glad to everyone who is interested.

Demo account:

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To remove all the spam, I've reverted the board content to the 2016/11/25 snapshot (because the board is the only thing on the server that didn't have daily backup. Oops.) A week of discussion is lost, but it's probably better than losing everything since the beginning. I'm very sorry about this.

If you were banned during the flood, that is probably due to:

1. Cloudflare IPs not properly configured on the server
2. Anti-spam kicks in, which now bans everyone because everyone was sharing only few IPs

Sorry for all the noise. To make sure this won't happen again, I'll (finally) find someone to moderate this board. Done!

(p.s. ReCAPTCHA is turned on until the server is migrated.)
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a lot of people have been calling her both, but which one is the official name? factors to consider:
her name is in kanji, not katakana
akira calls her emily in katakana
in her introduction voiceline, i can't tell if she's saying emiri or emily cause shitty ears
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But that’s Forbidden Love!

Seriously, this is illegal!
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Happy Walpurgisnacht everyone :)
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Translated donuts!
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From my understanding even if you're lobotomized your body's physical make up would still eventually decompose like… a lightbulb in a room left on, or an engine without maintenance, it will eventually ware itself down and ultimately cease to function. In this case death would eventually come to those whose "hearts" are snatched.

I feel that Madoka's world balances out entirely with the witches world. Madoka formulated a world that would equally spread out suffering and not concentrate it to little girl tears, now it's everyone's tears. A wraith does not immediately kill so it is more likely to save people rather than an instant inescapable death from a witch or her labyrinth.

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Which New Game would each of the megucas be?
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Lyrics for the new character songs have been found!

I found the Japanese lyrics for the five new character songs from the Ultimate Best album, as well as English translations for two of those songs. Here they are:

NATURALLY (MadoSaya duet): (JP lyrics)

AKOGARE SAITA (2nd Mado solo): (JP lyrics)

MEBIUS ASH (Homura solo): (JP lyrics) (ENG translation - quality of translation unverified)

YUME OTO (MadoHomu duet): (JP lyrics) (ENG translation - quality of translation unverified)

STAIRS (Mami x Kyoko duet): (JP lyrics)

If anyone could translate the untranslated songs (or confirm if the existing translations for Mebius Ash and Yume Oto are quality or otherwise), that would be great, thank you!
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Puella Magi Tart Magica

does anyone know where I can read it
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I really like this picture. Can anyone with graphical talent correct the mistake in this picture? Change 'magika' to 'magica'. Or maybe there already is a correct version somewhere?
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Yui Tsuruno Thread

Post strongest magical girls!
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Magia Record Nendoroids

If anyone didnt know a nendoroid of Iroha Tamaki was announced on Dec. 26.
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it's sort of cute, actually..
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the wiki. the group meiyui is in (refered to a soukaihou on the wiki) is actually Soukahei
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school names!

神浜市立大付属学校 school of: Emiri, Kako, Kaede, Momoko, Rena, Konomi, Tsuruno
中央学園 school of: Sasara, Ayaka, Meiyui, Rika, Masara
参京院教育学園 school of: Shizuku, Natsuki, Akira, Nanaka
南凧自由学園 school of: Hinano
神浜市立大学 (While im unsure of the other names, this one im 100% sure os Kamihama University): Yachiyo
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Oriko vol 3 sadness

Oriko Sadness Prayer 3: Massive Oriko Tiddies and Cake Frosting Edition
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Today's the day.
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Made in Abyss

Apparently it's new Madoka - mysterious story and suffering lolis. Anyone watching?
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Magica Record & Persona 2

Seriously, Am I the only one getting Persona 2 vibes when reading about Magica Record.
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Is this board dead?
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idk what to say here, discuss faggots
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MagiReco Translations

Is anyone keeping a master list of pastebin files? The story seems pretty engaging for a moba and Im really interested in the side stories.
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It's a photo of a print I found on the net. Anyone have the digital picture?
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My browser SpeedDial image.
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Kyoko is best meguca.
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New magical girl on 09/19/17

Her name is Itsuzu Ren
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Any Irma may mays?
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what happens to the spinoff girls in madokami/homukuma's world, exactly?

i feel like this question gets asked a lot. i have been fiddling with kazumi magica girls, though one important question remains with it… do you think madoka personally asked each girl akin to what she did with sayaka in episode 12? or was sayaka just a special pass?
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Looking for certain Music Tracks from Magia Record....

Image is related because I'm looking for the track that comes with the fight of this kind of enemy (it sounds really cool). Can use this to put up other original tracks from the game as well.
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official name for "margot" aka kirika's witch

latria, it seems. source:
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So, about that concept trailer...

I know this may seem like old hat, but I do happen to have a clean cut version of that concept trailer I downloaded and stored months ago. Would anyone be interested in having access to it (for image resources, reference, etc..)
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Facing a small roadblock...

I'm on Act seven of chapter three, on mission four. And I can't seem to figure out what I need to do (my Japanese is really rusty so I can't figure it out by reading it). Thanks for the help in advance.
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New madoka moblie game

I found this not to long on twitter for a Madoka moblie game comming in spring 2017 called (acording to google translate) Magna records puella Magi Madoka ☆ Magica Gaiden, it's website is out now with a PV (sadly it's reigon locked).
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In regards to Homura and Madoka's "relationship"...

I've tossed this around in my head due to just all I've seen and paid attention to so far, but… from what I observed, would anyone else aside from me see Homura and Madoka's relationship go through a similar split and separate development of the two like Finn and Flame Princess had in Adventure Time, specifically during the Frost and Fire episode and then the development from there onwards?
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Puella Magi Madoka Magica" Ultimate Best Album

Release date: August 9th
Produced for a limited time until December 31, 2017
3,780-yen time-limited edition set will come with a bonus DVD including the creditless OP/ED movies and a special movie for the upcoming smartphone game Magia Record

From the TV anime:
"Connect" (OP song) by ClariS
"Magia" (ED song) by Kalafina
"Mata Ashita" (DVD/Blu-ray edition 1st&2nd episodes ED) by Aoi Yuuki (Madoka Kaname)
"and I'm home" (DVD/Blu-ray edition 9th episode ED) by Eri Kitamura (Sayaka Miki) & Ai Nonaka (Kyoko Sakura)
"Credens justitiam" (soundtrack music)
"Sis puella magica!" (soundtrack music)

From the film "Beginnings" & "Eternal":
"Luminous" (Beginnings OP) by ClariS
"Hikarifuru" (Eternal ED) by Kalafina
"she is a witch" (soundtrack music)

From the film "Rebellion":
"Colorful" (OP) by ClariS
"Kimi no Gin no Niwa" (ED) by Kalafina
"Mada Dameyo" (soundtrack music)
"Noi!" (soundtrack music)

Pachinko game character songs:
"naturally" by Aoi Yuuki (Madoka Kaname) & Eri Kitamura (Sayaka Miki)
"Akogare Saita" by Aoi Yuuki (Madoka Kaname)
"Mebius Ash" by Chiwa Saito (Homura Akemi)
"Yumeoto" by Aoi Yuuki (Madoka Kaname) & Chiwa Saito (Homura Akemi)
"stairs" by Mami Tomoe (kaori Mizuhashi) & Ai Nonaka (Kyoko Sakura)
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Iroha x Yachiyo

Age gap ship confirmed. Thank you based Shaft! The mad men actually did it!
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Cranberry Witch

Are you alive? Anti-Tumblr shitposting aside, I miss your posts.
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Oriko's Orbs > Mammies Mamimies

Seriously, why is she this stacked?
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Hellooo everyone

I've been uploading the Magica Quarter translations of Tart Magica. I saw my links being passed around here a while ago: I ended up taking those down so I could put them back up larger.

Just in case anyone wants it, idk how things really work on here.

(I also got Homura's Revenge and I hope to have Homura Tamura and Suzume Magica up later, too)
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Is the wiki pretty much dead?

Just wondering but is this fandom pretty much gone? The wiki hasn't been updated for weeks so it begs the question. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE FANDOM AND MADOKA ITSELF!? There's been mention of a concept movie and a new game but nothing more….
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Oriko Sadness Prayer 2

Orikofags get in here!

some anon posted oriko sadness prayer 2, but only for 24rs. get it now
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Wraith Arc Improved translations when?

Are we ever going to get improved translation of wraith arc? Specifically, chapters 4, 5, and 6?
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Rebellion's attack names

Hi! I've been searching for the japanese attacks showed in Rebellion but found nothing.. is anybody here who might know? I'd like to add the info on Puella Magi Wikia.

As far as I could understand they were:

-Madoka and Mami: Tiro Duet
-Homura: Release
-Sayaka: The Five Lillians
-Kyouko: Latticework Barrier

-Madoka and Mami: Tiro Dueto
-Homura: Ririsu
-Sayaka: Go Nen Saba(?) Ririansu
-Kyouko: amikome(?) kekkai(?)

I'd really appreciate if you could help me!
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Good Friday

Reminder that on this day our savior died for us.
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Someone uploaded the new character song from the 2nd slot machine game!
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Elsa Maria's Puella Magi?

Does anyone else think that one of the new Puella Magi from Magica Gaiden looks suspiciously like the silhouette from the end credits?
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It occurred to me recently. I never really understood Sayaka and Kyouko's relationship. How did it come to be? I don't ever recall Sayaka (outside of Rebellion) being on positive terms with Kyouko but somehow, Kyouko came to value her.

Can someone explain the development of Kyouko's feelings for Sayaka?
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Puella Magi Wiki website

The Puella Magi Wii website doesn't seem to be very active these days. It doesn't seem to have been updated for a while….
New updates on the upcoming Puella Magi mobile game and the latest edition of the Manga Time Kirara Magica magazine need to be added.
If only I knew how to update it.
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some pics from anime japan 2017
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Okay anons, now that the dust has settled, I think we can say that Wraith Arc was a thing. Personally I gave it a 5/10 on my first read, but gave it a 7/10 after a re-read. I know some people are still sperging out about Wraith Arc and after checking some places out online, I'd like to ask a question.

Why are some fans confused that Homura is the main character of Wraith Arc? She's the focus on every cover. To me, much of the complaints that aren't on a technical level or about the perceived plot holes all seem to be aimed at the story not going like how they wish it would. It seems like a lot of the noise is "the characters don't act like I want them to" or "this isn't like the fan fiction I envisioned."

Pt. 1
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Kirara Magica 30

KM is on hiatus.

Mami Tomoe's Everyday Life will be run in another publication for the time being.

Tart will be concluding.

Oriko will be released at a later date.

All other stories will be concluded for the time being.

They aren't saying it's a cancellation or final issue, just looks like they ran out of stuff to justify a full magazine.
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Mahou Shoujobu Madoka Magica

At what point is it no longer subtext?
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Hi, it's been a while! Someone requested a metal remix of Magia of me so I made one featuring my mom in the vocals (yes, she's also a Madoka fan). Enjoy!
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Finally! Wraith Arc 9 is out!

Apologies for the delays. But we're finally here.

Please enjoy
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Wraith Arc Day 1 Edition

Inserts that come with WA Vol 3.
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>tfw finished TDS

Can she finally have a happy ending please? This girl already suffered enough.
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X-mas Greetings

Merry X-mas to all Meguca fans!

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New Suzune thread, as the other has reached its bump limit.

English scanlations can be downloaded from Silver Garden:
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Does anyone know if there's any special significance to the figure in relief?
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Do you think people will still discuss Madoka after 5 years? How about 10 years? Or 20?
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If there were a Madokaverse spinoff set in 1690s Salem...

What kind of story would you imagine it to be? What do you think would be interesting to see in it?

Help anon brainstorm for storyjam ideas.
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Can someone find the credits for the Rebellion OST? I've looked around but sites seem to either have no scans provided, or textless scans, and the files themselves only ever credit Yuki Kajiura. I'm mainly looking for the specific vocalists for the voiced tracks. The one site I found with actual credits listed with the OST didn't specify who voiced what track.
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Winter Acoustic "Kalafina with Strings"

Kalafina had released a new album called "Winter Acoustic "Kalafina with Strings"", which is an acoustic album release of popular unit Kalafina featuring Christmas songs & piano version songs.

And yes, they include a new version of Kimi no Gin no Niwa.
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Are they enemies or rivals?
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what do you think about wide meguca?
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R: 8 / I: 2
tell me about sayaka
why does she wear that mask?
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Madoka SLOT APK for Android!sUNmUJTK!SfMVSJWCRA6ShP4B_8Rd7Q
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(Off-Topic in Meduka)

What are your thoughts on Shin Godzilla?
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How does Karma work in the Madoka setting?

1. What I know is that Kyubey says that a magical girl's raw magical power is directly tied to the girl's significance to the world.

2. I also know that the characteristics of magic is shaped after the girl's wish.

3. Kyubey also states that Madoka was able to make such a universe-bending wish because she had that much karma.

Okay. So.

Is the karma accounted for before, or after making the wish?

What happens if a girl makes a wish that's way beyond her karma?

-Does the wish get rejected?
-Does the wish get twisted to fit?
-Does the wish get granted, but the girl destroyed in the process?
-Does the wish completely backfire, also destroying the girl in the process?
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NOT Madoka Magica related,

It seems that Gen Urobuchi will be writing a new Godzilla Anime film this 2017.
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Who is the better writer, Masaki Hiramatsu or Kuroe Mura?
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Need help

Sup /meduka/
Im doing a research about arts at my university and i want it to be about Madoka anime but i cant figure out how to connect it with context of modern art.
Any ideas are welcme/
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WA 9

"Homura is sent through a journey across tims and space with Ultimate Homura. UH explains why bad things are happening and that the shield is the cause of all of it. UH explains that Homura has a special power that was born from her and Madoka's shared feelings. She tells her that Homura has to choose a power, either the sheild or the bow. Homura rewrites her memory and grants herself a new wish. She asks for a bow to defeat all who threaten Madoka rather than a sheild to protect her. Homura awakens her new power and annihilates Wraithpurgisnacht and destroys the sheild. She awakens in a new timeline with her Rose Bow rather than the old one. She leaves behind a piece of the sheild, which Kyubey takes and uses as proof of Madoka's existence. Homura joins Kyouko and Mami to fight wraiths. It ends with the final scene of the series".
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Wraith Arc 8 Scanlation

Provided by Silver Garden Translations.
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Concept Movie HD Bluray
R: 15 / I: 0
Is Fancutfags dead? The torrents aren't downloading anymore, and it's been two years and there's been no revised batch like promised.
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Sadness Prayer licensed in English

Thank you Yen Press.

Pretty much all I'm waiting on now is Wraith Arc.
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Concept Movie Nagoya

R: 28 / I: 0
What's the point of this character?
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>can create any blackpowder weapon at super fast speed, cannons and even a tank
>can enhance her natural strength and agility
>can create decoys and immobilize targets

Can we all agree that she's the strongest magical girl? Mami MASTERED her ribbons. Not only that she outplayed a girl whose power is time-stop 2 times in the same fight.
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Post your shelf

Post your shelf where you keep your Madoka merch.

I only started supporting the franchise last year and I'm still not sure how I should arrange my manga volumes.
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I'm looking for these pics.
If you have them please post.
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I guess i'll post it here…
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New info about the witches seen on Madogatari revealed!

Plus Ophelia minions name, Candeloro full name (Candeloro du Polignac) and the song of the witch
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Kazumi Magica~Rosetta Meteora

I've managed to obtain a few Kazumi store bonuses, one of them being a poster from Vol. 3 of the girls, and while attempting to scan it I found this story on the back. The wiki says it's a short story called Rosetta Meteora, and yet there doesn't appear to be a translation nor a scan of it yet.

I'm wondering if I should upload the scan and create a special page for it or anything.
Is there anyone out there that can translate it?
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Chapter 8 scans

Mocha Toffee has posted high-quality scans of chapter 8 of the Wraith Arc:
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Image Note Page 198 of Rebellion Production Note

When Sayaka materializes, the rose garden witch's familiars along with other souls in the cycle stuffed fragments of themselves inside Sayaka's bag to help out.

Out of all the magical girls who had become a part of God, the ones that Homura knows have the mission of a huge event like an instant awakening from a long, long dream.

God Madoka's Banner: Slightly modified from the witch of salvation's crest from the PSP game.

Sayaka: After the mermaid witch's appearance, God Madoka's mark appears on her cape.

(Apparently the magical girls who are in the Law of Cycles are in a hibernation state by the description that awakened from a long dream. Possibly the Law of Cycles is close to multiple merged souls considering the expression "part of God")
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PMMM starts with what is basically a flash-forward. We see Homura fighting Walpurgisnacht, which is something that actually happens much later in the show. (Same thing in Psycho-Pass, another Gen Urobuchi script—the beginning features a flash-forward to the climatic fight at the end of the show).

Rebellion seems like it follows the same pattern. The opening scene is Homura's monologue about the nature of magical girls, etc. She then goes to state that "I dreamed I saw [Madoka] again", and then the movie progresses from there. So what exactly is Homura's perspective while she is speaking? Is this a flash forward/back situation? Something entirely different?

The question is, which Homura is doing the talking here? Can that perhaps provide any clues as to the transition between TV and Rebellion? Or perhaps offer hints at something post-rebellion?