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Split homu theory confirmed??


I'm going to scream if that's somehow Madoka's heart given form.

I think that was a given since Rebellion (Ai being a Homura clone/meta Homura within the dream).


I can't say I'm terribly surprised that Homajuu has made an appearance considering how Wraith Arc jumped the shark a while ago, but why is Moemura there?


Wraithmura is Wraith Queen confirmed?

I don't know…if this really is the case, then the wraiths have gone full Borg, and this manga's gone full retard…


And in regards to things from this manga being included in the sequel, look at the ribbon around Wraithmura's neck. It's THE EXACT SAME RIBBON THAT'S AROUND HOMURA'S NECK WHEN SHE WATCHES MADOKA PERFORMING BALLET!!!


It's the funeral dress.


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It could still symbolize a yin/yang theme, with the wraiths taking Homura's "Yang" half, with the remaining "Yin" forming Homucifer…


You could just wait until we have the entire chapter and a decent summary out before making speculation on a panel with no context. And I know a linear plot is a bit hard to follow, but Homucifer is the result of Rebellion, not Wraith Arc.


no more photos?


No need to be rude.


Soon, some japanese already got their copies



She got her ai yo bow and renewed her faith. That's what this story was, I guess.



What was rude about that reply? I see no insults, profanity, or anything else offensive.



What the fucc

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