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Do you think people will still discuss Madoka after 5 years? How about 10 years? Or 20?



I'm sure they will. I regularly discuss Anime that's far less well known than Madoka despite being 10, 20+ years old….



Perhaps. to this day every dark magical girl series has been compared to Madoka and thus far nothing has topped it or come to par with it. Madoka took world wide despair and countered it with world wide hope. There is a sense of unity within this tale that people often identify with and it's a rare thing to do without forcing the fuck out of it.

Yuki Yunna attempted this but failed by letting the hero's sacrifice be in vain for some deus ex happy ending. Honestly if Yunna had stayed veggied or even transended into god hood for taking on the burden of all the girls affected it'd still be a meduka rip but at least it would be a variation of it.

Not saying that happy endings shouldn't occur in dark meguca shows, just not when there was no foreshadowing to lend itself to one.

TL;DR: I believe Madoka will become a classic amongst fans as it carries a timeless mystical sense about it that could potentially last a lifetime (anything longer than that would truely be a testament to it's timelessness)


well yuki yuna is both getting a prequel and a sequel, so let's see wha thappens with it, since it's still the best madoka ripoff so to speak.

well regarding madoka, back then it was compared with tetsuwan atom, gundam and evangelion, people still talk about gundam and evangelion, so we can easily assuem that madoka will still get talked about even after a long while.
see it this, way, madoka already got 30 spinoff mangas. regarding tetsuwan atom, well people don't talk too much aobut it, because it's role in anime history was fundamentally different thant gundam or eva.


Yes, there are always newfags.


>Do you think people will still discuss Madoka after 5 years?

What are we doing right here? And I believe it will. It may not be Eva big, but I think it's already one of the must watches of the decade.


Homura Loves Homura, FOREVER.


But Homura hates herself.


Maybe it is hard to say… the future is, and will remain, undetermined. My uneducated guess is that it will, mostly based on the fact that no "copycat" animation that follows in Madoka's footsteps has managed to really displace it.

> anime history was fundamentally different that gundam or eva.
True which is why I never understood the "Madoka is the new eva" argument. Sure both products are really good but both are, in part, a product of it's time and nothing outside of that product has managed to recreate it, before or since.


>Madoka is the new eva
This was a sentiment in Japan before it was memed outside.



No, it's primarily a American thing. EVA is one of the few properties that is still talking about in large margin in the US, it's popularity in Japan is largely dominant until new product is out.
That is from what I have seen myself, anyway.


>Production I.G's Katsuyuki Motohiro watched Puella Magi Madoka Magica after hearing opinions that it exceeded Neon Genesis Evangelion.
>Hideaki Anno: It feels good to see Kyubey to be so thoroughly worked as a symbol as well as a character. The symbolization of the witches is also skillfully done. And then the music is good. The way HomuHomu was depicted in Ep. 10 was also good. I have good expectations of the movie edition.
>The show won the Television Award at the 16th Animation Kobe Awards, as well as 12 Newtype Anime Awards and the Grand Prize for animation in the 2011 Japan Media Arts awards. It also won three Tokyo Anime Awards in the Television Category, Best Director and Best Screenplay, and the Selection Committee Special Prize award at the 2012 Licensing of the Year awards. Madoka Magica was awarded a Seiun Award for "Best Media" at the 2012 Japan Science Fiction Convention and was also awarded a Sisterhood Prize for the Sense of Gender awards. In 2015, the show was awarded the inaugural Sugoi Japan Grand Prix, Japan's nationwide vote for manga, anime, and novels considered as cultural assets that have the potential to be beloved all over the world, among all the works published since 2005.

I'm talking about within the actual writing and directing community, not autists on the chans.


see >>12873
Don't forget that the movies premiered in many countries too and were well received

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