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The Puella Magi Wii website https://wiki.puella-magi.net/ doesn't seem to be very active these days. It doesn't seem to have been updated for a while….
New updates on the upcoming Puella Magi mobile game and the latest edition of the Manga Time Kirara Magica magazine need to be added.
If only I knew how to update it.


If anyone knows how to update it, please kindly do so. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Good. "Tumblr: Meguca Edition" needed to die anyways.


Pardon my ignorance, but how is this the "meguca version" of Tumblr?


It stopped being about actual content. There are overly long sections for non-existent ships (KyouMado, HomuSaya, MamiSaya etc) that don't need to be there, pointless speculah about Rebellion and the series that can be removed at this point (we don't need to keep a database of every idea viewer have had about the series), thinly veiled fan fic recs, and bitching about how Homura is a big meanie instead of actual information for the franchise. There's little to no info on Wraith Arc (an actual quasi-canon manga) despite there being a year and a half worth of time to update it or updating the concept movie page to reflect the semi-public release and screen shots of concept art.

Now maybe this is because the more constructive members have moved on with life and don't have time to update and keep track of everything, but I think whoever curates it now can atleast update easily avaliable stuff (clothing colabs, promotional material, Kirara updates) but we haven't even been getting that. Maybe people who actually care should update it, but I just don't see the point with how cluttered and uninformative its become.



Frankly I don't think it's as bad as you imply. It's not perfect, and I agree with most of the complaints you listed, but it is far better than most similar sites I've seen for other anime.


I'm probably being too harsh because the 2011-2013 content is great. I think if some of us could get access to edit, then I do have a bunch of official stuff like the series and movie guide books and concept movie slides and some other stuff that I could add. Then we'd just need someone to provide a translation (which will likely never happen). But it just seems like outside of Japan, Shaft/Aniplex isn't willing to give us anything to really have fun with as a fan base and it invariably boils down to polarized views over Rebellion.


I honestly think it would be better to just start anew and only salvage any useful links, translations, or images. The style is very haphazard and it reads as if it was written by a bunch of middle schoolers. The useful plot and character information is not curated and organized in a logical fashion.

Of course, considering how dead the fandom seems these days, no one would really be willing to put forth the effort.


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I agree on the middle school level or writing, but to be fair there are a lot of ESLs that are part of the fandom. I think at this point, it's not worth doing. Wraith Arc is finished and I think even the most hardcore fans would be fatigued if the new project extended the series beyond this decade. It seems like we're coming to a close. No need to completely revamp something for a franchise on the verge of concluding.

Knock on wood, we said this about Rebellion.


Then learn how to. Editing a wiki is easier than eating bread.



I still think you guys are being overly critical of the site. Sure, it's not perfect. But like I said earlier in the thread it's loads better than most similar sites. When I happened across it (entirely by accident) I was actually shocked at how little bullshit it contained and how easy it was to find information compared to my experience with similar sites.


It's not fun to have diarrhea just because, hey, you could have cancer instead.



I wouldn't even call it "discomfort" let alone diarrhea.

Compared among similar sites I would honestly give it a 9/10 rating easy.


I think that's just a sad testament to how low standards are in regards to such things. The only "improvement" that this wiki may have is that it has heaps of information dumped on it as opposed to dozens of barren articles. It's still a huge mess.


There's a lot of great stuff from 2011-2012. People actually went through and translated dozens of pages worth of interviews, press releases, and commentary. They had pictures of events happening down on the street level in Japan. That doesn't happen anymore. They don't even have anything from the MadoGatari Event despite it being the biggest Madoka related event since Rebellion. For the most part, it seems to be run by teen weebs who can't competently add anything that isn't related to their dumbshit Tumblrs.

As of right now, personal blogs on Twitter, w0ps, and Baidu are far more reliable and relevant to the series than the Wiki.


>it seems to now be run by teen weebs


So what's the prognosis, doctors? Is the patient (the wiki) going to make it through this, or will it be on life support in a comatose state forever and are we going to have no choice but to pull the plug…?


you can always google it up or watch youtube vids on how to edit pages


Tumblr shits locked a lot of post-Rebellion pages.


So the only reason why there's no edits of new content is because those pages are locked?


So? Just force the lock open!

Or is that impossible…? (Not an expert of coding here…)


Christ, I wish Rebellion hadn't put their panties in a twist.


With the way that any wiki is structured, there was never going to be anything that remotely looks to be close to prefect.

If anything, it would be best to move away from the natter that is commonly found at Tvtropes.

That said, it would be a rather big clean-up job considering how much non-information has be accumulated on it.

Rebellion was going to do that considering how many emotions the series managed to tug on before it concluded and how it changed the main character in ways that I think few expected.

What bugs me is that around the time, fan's jump through some pretty open assumptions and hard-lined themselves quickly.
In general, the Madoka fanbase was able to avoid being so 'radicalized' pretty much until Rebellion crushed their dreams.
The divide this has caused remains to this day.

> No need to completely revamp something for a franchise on the verge of concluding.

I am not entirely sure that we will see an end to Madoka as a franchise considering there many angles to take when you consider the way that it extended it. There is also the simply reality that Stuido Shaft is not really willing to let go of a money making series that has been constant.

If anything, like every other long MG franchise, it will just likely go dormant


Her work be done, on earth as it is on yuri heaven.


File: 1481899858118.jpg (104.75 KB, 430x750, Polarizing.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

>In general, the Madoka fanbase was able to avoid being so 'radicalized' pretty much until Rebellion crushed their dreams.


In what way could Sayaka be concluded to be a bitch? This doesn't seem like the usual "your waifu is shit" shitposting. There seems to be something genuine behind it.


What the hell happened to the three and a half months worth of posts in this thread?


I'm an idiot, forgot there was a similar thread >>12934



she craves the cock, seems to eb the only puella magia that does that.


She's Urobuchi's symbol for the ideal of justice in the series. Unfortunately, Urobuchi thinks justice in of itself is inherently hypocritical and self-righteous and something he enjoys crushing.

While Homura, Kyouko, and Mami have more difficult lives and Homura and Kyouko have more cynical dispositions, Sayaka is directly bullied much harder than the others and her words and actions always seem to come back and bite her. Ignoring waifu faggotry, she can come off as insufferable at times because she's meant to be Urobuchi's punching bag in the story.


Yeah, that's her role in the story… sadly the fans have overreacted this and directly consider her "a bad character", "a bitch" or some shit… just because she's not like Homura or Kyoko


Being the 'enemy' of the most popular character in a fan base does that. That's not limited to Madoka.


But i don't see Homura being hated by current fans, yet she is the new "evil" in the future of the franchise


>But i don't see Homura being hated by current fans

People like dark, attractive anti-heroes. Are you really this new to anime?

>yet she is the new "evil" in the future of the franchise

Yeah, clearly shown by every official work making her sympathetic and pushing MadoHomu on the readers and viewers during and after Rebellion. Once again, I question if this is your first anime. Hero v. anti-hero and anti-hero becomes "evil" to save hero are such overused trope that I'm certain the major delay in the sequel is coming up with a plot that isn't predictable.


Meh, SHAFT knows the fans wants yuri shipping being forcibly canonized, more Homura and Mami badass moments, and Sayaka being bullied because "she deserves it"


File: 1491865923358.jpg (241.8 KB, 1200x900, IMG_8251.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

And if you don't like it, you're welcome to go find another fan base!



yet urobuchi right away stated it's romantic love and also that he hates sayaka.


Lol i didn't expect someone replying to my sarcasm reply, even less with such autism
Whatever, the "Sayaka is a bitch" and "Homura did wrong/Homura did nothing wrong" are the biggest examples that shows why the Western fanbase is cancerous

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