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Inserts that come with WA Vol 3.


>still no tranlastion of hcapter 9
come on anybody


Will the wraith arc be published in English?


Really surprised that this hasn't happened yet. Silvergarden translations appears ded.


I'd give them until mid-January, if I were you. Then you can make that call.


Chapter 9 is dialogue heavy (twice as much dialogue as the two previous chapters combined) and has a massive infodump (meaning the translation has to be consistent). After that, they have to typeset everything they have translated and make sure it fits and flows together. And of course, YSG does this for free.


Hmm, that's fairly specific…

Not complaining! Much gratitude towards the scanlators whose labors I shamelessly enjoy the fruits of. Just noting that their website hasn't been updated since september, and projects (even nearly completed ons) do get dropped.



I really owe everyone an apology, but this chapter could not come out at a worst moment, as I was studying for JPLT 4 and had to move out. >>12896 too.

Works as been resumed now.


Thanks for the update my good man.


So… is it coming?


Give them time. If you rush them, then we won't be getting a good-quality translation. It'll come out when it's ready.

I understand your frustration since there's no definite release date for it. Just wait a little longer and I'm sure it'll be out soon!


>there's no definite release date for it
I can fix that. The script is almost finished, but as there´s quite the infodump this time, there will be a few (several) revisions.

We hope to have it out before February starts at the worst case scenario.


Kudos! Happy new year, thanks for all your hard work!


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Letting everyone know.

After a couple of harsh months, the first draft is finished. Edition and revision of the script are to follow now.


Anything we can do to help?


My hype is off the charts.


Are vols 2-6 available somewhere?
Silvergarden only has 1, 7 and 8.



Tumblr did the others. The quality is sketchy and I've seen some people on here want YSG to do the others, but overall it's passable.




So………? Any updates?


There might be a little delay on his end. He said the end of this month, so I'd now say mid-late February…


Pretty much. The first version of the script was done under a lot of stress, so I don't really like the delivery of several lines. We're almost done doing a second revision.


Script has been finished and reviewed. Next are typesetting and QC.



We're doing the last few rounds of QC. It should be ready to go in a day or two.


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Oh boy!


Probably not linking correctly, but here.


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