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Hi, it's been a while! Someone requested a metal remix of Magia of me so I made one featuring my mom in the vocals (yes, she's also a Madoka fan). Enjoy!



Vocals are so drowned out, they sound more like noise than anything articulate; it would sound better with just instrumentals. The voice modifier doesn't help either. Drumbeat is a slow, regular tap which is out of place with the rhythm. Melody is kind of samey, the pitch changes aren't distinct enough. Constant chords in the background get repetitive, too. The video background zooming in and out gets kind of annoying; the color change and the ring is fine. Putting channel intros on music videos is annoying.


I appreciate that you took the time to check it out and give some feedback and it's great that you didn't hesitate to point out things you didn't like about it, but the vocals are supposed to sound like that because it gives the remix a unique and more distinctive feel, the drums are supposed to sound like that because this is modern progressive metal, the melody is what it is because this is a remix of a song written by someone else, and there are no constant chords in the background, so I basically didn't learn anything from your post.



Why would you ask someone for their opinion and then proceed to argue with them about it?


I didn't really ask him for his opinion, I simply shared some music I made because I know that some people here are probably going to like it. As for why I replied to his comment, I wanted to thank him for taking the time to check out my work and explain that I did all of the things he complained about deliberately.


I'm not a tripfag. I only use a trip in this particular thread as well as the Fancutfags threads to identify me as myself, which can be necessary given that we're talking about content that I worked on. The vast majority of time, I post anonymously.



The vocals sound so distinctive that I wouldn't even know it was a Magia remix if not for the fanart. The lyrics sound like gibberish, too.


The lyrics are in German.


Enjoy? more like get cancer



Did the thought ever occur to you that there's a chance that you weren't the target audience for this? Because if yes, I'd like to know what aspects of the production quality you found less than ideal so that I can improve on those areas. Otherwise, I'm not sure what you think you're going to accomplish by telling me that you don't like my stylistic choices (that I'm going to keep making in the future even if not all people appreciate them).


I'm pretty sure he didn't even open it.



Did the thought ever occur to you that there's a chance that you have absolutely no talent as a musician, and that the screeching twat trying to 'sing' has the voice of a barrel full of blind cats in heat?


That is simply not true. I'm a critically acclaimed musician and she's a professional opera singer.


I like it! Thanks for posting <3

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