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Just wondering but is this fandom pretty much gone? The wiki hasn't been updated for weeks so it begs the question. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE FANDOM AND MADOKA ITSELF!? There's been mention of a concept movie and a new game but nothing more….
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FCF doesn't even use the 5.1 track. It uses the downgraded stereo track from the movies. And I agree, fence two is the best.


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That's exactly the version used by Fancutfags.


It's also the version that I'm used to and the version that I always watch when rewatching. FCF still has no superior points or plus points over the original.


My god. Just shut up. No one cares what you think about FCF. First people, complain that FCF has bad pacing and prefer the original series. But after people explain that FCF has the same pacing with the series and has the visuals from the movie, people complain about more things and demand reasons to prefer FCF even though they already have it set in their head that they will always have a reason to hate on FCF just because. Just watch what you want and stop dragging this on for god's sake.


Except for the visuals which are objectively better in FCF.


This thread goes around in circles more than Homura goes back in time.


You keep using that word, unsurprising for a shill.


Can we get back on topic.


The original series is obviously the first one everyone should be watching. after that, each time I want to rewatch madoka, I just watch the movies wich are by far the best/most enjoyable version of all imo. I don't need to watch all 12 episodes EACH time I want to watch madoka.

About the wiki, I don't like doing things like this http://walpurgischan.net/meduka/res/12897.html or what FCFs did (expected this to be much better than what it is), I respect the series and I don't know if what I know about it is supposed to be on a wiki page + I don't speak english.


Lol, they're by the same person too.


Dude, we get it already, you hate that guy for whatever reason. No one gives a shit.


why would I hate a random person on the internet, I just realized it was made by the same guy (FCFs is a group anyways)


Suuuure, it's just a coincidence someone started bumping that thread and calling it cancer as soon as you got butthurt over a misunderstanding in this thread. Nothing suspicious about it at all.


Ignore the shill.


I don't get it. Why did American fans, not Japanese ones, hate Rebellion? Is it cultural differences?


Who hates Rebellion outside some raging autists on the internet?


1. I've never met an American fan who hated Rebellion that wasn't also a complete moron. Having issues with it is fine as it isn't perfect in the least, but calling yourself a fan AND hating Rebellion is a good way to broadcast that you had no clue what you were watching in the first place.

2. I think it's less a cultural thing and more a interpretation thing. Madoka Magica is about magical girls as much as Evangelion is about giant robots. The anime was aimed at the late night audience (young adults) and requires a higher level of comprehension then your average otaku pandering anime. Rebellion even more so than the series. And it certainly doesn't help that Rebellion is open ended to the point that you could write both a SoL comedy or a grimdark tragedy with evidence to support both outcomes.

Another issue is that early translations were so butchered that you almost feel like the translator has an agenda. Comments about Urobuchi being forced to write Rebellion, the cast looking at Homura (a fan favorite) with significant disdain, Shinbo laughing about how much money he's raking in etc. Comments in that vein are offensive to fans of the any franchise, so it's really no surprise that the fan base quickly polarized.

And it's disappointing, because these types of things aren't in official translations and completely kill the spirit of Rebellion.



Aside from all the…bickering…on this board, I think it depends on what you mean by "fandom", OP. I'm someone who grew up with magical girl anime and stumbled upon Madoka in 2014, probably right around the type the hype from Rebellion ended. Despite never being part of Madoka during the hype train boom, I instantly fell in love. So my relationship to Madoka has never really been when it's popular, and I'm kind of a normie IRL so I don't have anyone to talk to about Madoka. But I still snoop around this chan occasionally looking for news on the post-Rebellion sequel. So, not sure what your definition of "fandom" is, but if you mean are there other people out there who think Madoka's story is unfinished and are continuously excited about a resurgence–well–hi.


Yeah the fandom is pretty much dead in terms of contributing valid, translated, and relevant material. All it is now is fanfic, fan art, and ship debate. The wiki hasn't had anything relevant contributed in a while, and the creators are hesitant to release anything new. We'll just have to enjoy what we have.


>the creators are hesitant to release anything new.

Does anyone have any ideas on what could be causing them to hesitate for so long? We went an entire year without anything new regarding the sequel, with the only thing having anything to do with it being a loose connection (that may not exist, mind you) with the sequel in the wraith arc interquel spin-off. I get that there's progress updates in the Kiara magazine on a monthly basis, but when will we get anything concrete?


Probably later in the year. An optimistic release date for the sequel would be 2018.


There is no 'hesitating'. A serious project tends to take 2-3 years to put together from storyboarding to release. We know they didn't seriously start work until late 2015 and Shinbo said the initial storyboarding finished around April of last year. We're still very much in that time frame.


File: 1484921265936.jpg (30.74 KB, 820x61, wiki really.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

This is their best chance at going big again and a 4th madoka movie isn't something you would wanna rush anyways


Pretty much. They've been on record saying they would only pursue a sequel if the fans wanted it and they felt they could out do themselves.

>Akemi literally means beautiful dawn

>Nightmare ends when morning comes
Reminder that Homu is the only one who can end the night that Ai refuses to end.


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>They would only pursue a sequel if they felt they could out do themselves.

I want to be believe


File: 1485364364110.jpg (22.96 KB, 802x45, enkan mami.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

I want to believe* lol

There are almost no responses in /meduka/


Enkan = Circle
Madoka = Round

God, this shit isn't hard to look up.


File: 1485426269435.jpg (39.11 KB, 871x263, mamadakas.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb


It could have easily just been written "The kanji used to write Law of Cycles (円環の理) is a play on the kanji used to write Madoka (円か), with 円 in both cases meaning 'circle'"


I always figured Homura went Yandere a long time ago and becoming a self-aware gnostic demiurge was only natural.


I'm down at this point for restarting the wiki from scratch and keeping the salvageable parts like the episode by episode rune translations, etc like other anon said if it's not possible to get them to unlock the wiki. Hell, I'll volunteer for editing and/or rewriting the pages if need be. It would be worth it for the mobile games and others that are coming out currently


I'll help contribute to the wiki. It's pretty much dead and with all of this new stuff going out I think it's past time that the wiki gets cleaned up. Plus, the entirety of the Rebellion production note is scanned online and I'm sure there are translators who could help with that too.


So when are you guys gonna start up a new wiki? I'm up for contributing.


Not even sure where to start. It's so messy. I think we need to get rid of all the speculation content (there's a TON). We also need translators because there are a lot of scans of interviews and official content no translations. Do you think it would be better to create a whole new wiki and just use the old one to pull content?


You can, but I'd see about trying to contact a mod first to see if you can get the chance to be an admin and unlock pages for clean up (I know 0x99 is still alive as I've contacted them before)
We can do it one at a time and worry about stuff such as translators later.


Alrighty, so I'm going to start by scrubbing off all of the speculah that's plastered all over the character pages / witch pages. Anyone want to start by organizing the menu bar and putting links to pages? There's tons of content in the wiki but half of it is scattered all over and not all of it is easily accessible


Also, what's the consensus on the fanart? Should it stay or should it go?


I think fanart should go. It's not really all that necessary to have them all cluttering the wiki. If people want fanart, they can search elsewhere for it.

Good thing I separated them (and official images) from the main pages. Go ahead and delete the fanart.

The side bar or the front page?


I think a little of both. We need a new page just for IOS / Android apps. Also the Titles are kind of a clusterfuck and need to be separated a bit. You have Magica record and the psp games all mixed up with the manga. It gets and looks confusing.

Separately, I like how the character pages for the Suzune characters are organized compared to the main characters for example. It has the physical info like height and eye color but it also has the wish (if confirmed) as well as the soul gem and other relevant information. I think if we can clean up the character pages in a similar manner it'll be more streamline and create a more organized wiki as far as that section goes.


Sorry, when I meant putting links to pages I meant we have a lot of wiki pages with interview and magazine information but the only way to access most of it is by following links from main pages to another sub page and then another page. You can only dig certain pages up if you know where to find them. Maybe we can create a few links in the sidebar or front page that can help to put some of this information in one place where it can be more easily accessible?



Please voice your opinion here about Wiki cleanup. Thanks.



Well known fan art related to the culture of the fan base should stay, random fan art shouldn't be up.


I would like to voice a concern and a possible request:

while the Wiki has some significant issues in terms of organization and lay out, I think it's important to remember that the Madoka fan wiki is one of the best resources out there. Yall should definitely ADD before yall REMOVE stuff. If yall get bored with this in a week or two, it's better that stuff has been added or updates than it is for entire sections and resources to disappear without any hope of recovery.


>fan art related to the culture of the fan base
Which ones in particular?

>resources to disappear without any hope of recovery

Isn't the wiki regularly archived? We shouldn't be loosing anything.


File: 1493435003457.jpg (199.36 KB, 2282x676, no yuri page.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

must the whole page be deleted?


Wiki XML dump is updated automatically every midnight (UTC), and has been for 6 years already.

That said, if we start a new Wiki, I do plan to keep the old one running in read-only mode, so no content will be deleted. Just that we will have a more organized Wiki to work with (leaning toward using en.puella-magi.net for the new Wiki so it could be multilingualized.)

Already restored. If you found a page blank, please go to the History tab and rollback it. Thanks!


We should take heed of the fact that over the years there're many, many hyperlinks on there in the internet to various parts of the wiki. Breaking them would be a grave disservice.


Yes I understand. So at the very least, the new Wiki will gonna live in a different URL (e.g. en.puella-magi.net) I'm not quite sure what to do with wiki.puella-magi.net at the moment, maybe it's the best to leave it at the old URL (or make old URL redirect to legacy.puella-magi.net) and put up banner as a disclaimer that this is an archive and may be out of date and please use a new wiki.


So are we going to update the wiki at all or are we going to post the updates on the new wiki when it's finished and we're waiting for that?


>implying anyone did anything after the first week of starting this

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