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KM is on hiatus.

Mami Tomoe's Everyday Life will be run in another publication for the time being.

Tart will be concluding.

Oriko will be released at a later date.

All other stories will be concluded for the time being.

They aren't saying it's a cancellation or final issue, just looks like they ran out of stuff to justify a full magazine.


Man, please dont let Tart be a rushed ending, it deserves better than that.



According to this, it will be published on an irregular schedule from now on, likely for news updates on the project and Magia Record. Tart is concluding this week for sure though. Looks like we also have a few one shots.


That makes sense. I love meduka, but if they don't anything to print, there's no reason to print. I am sad to see Anti-Materials go.


I guess they'll do tank only releases now, back to how it started (unless the second season becomes a big game changer)


I hope whatever is in the works is a grand finale. I'd rather not see a resurgence of Kirara, but maybe some special issues along the lines of "What Madoka means to me, now and then" from the staff and other contributors. Anthology style stories that range from lighthearted to bittersweet from artists that have worked with the franchise. Stuff like that. I love the franchise, but I'd rather it not extend beyond the decade.


or just annual anthologies
Author can give the proper ending on the 5th volume, so dont worry


I think this hiatus is for the best. If they're running out of stuff to put in the magazine in the first place this is a much better short term solution.


> love the franchise, but I'd rather it not extend beyond the decade.

I rather that it would, but more on a low burn that anything else. At this point there is not going to be a large pool of creativity to gleam from for Kirara Magica in the long term until there is more official product, and that will take some time to produce.

If they need to take a hiatus until then, I don't see any reason to object to it.


>I rather that it would, but more on a low burn that anything else.
Biut that's what Kirara has always been on. It's production is largely irrelevant to anything going on at Shaft.


shaft/shinbo want to turn madoka into gundam, so nope, we will get more and more spin offs, though we also still have to break the "tv series without members of the original cast" barrier, which was already broken years ago by kazumi magica in manga form.

in a way you can already say they are already well on their way with the 30+ manga series, but anime wise, yeah it is still the original cast and it seems like that will be the case for the next tv series; though, i wish that, just like Z gundam, the next series has a new main character with homura being like Z gundam's char and madoka like amuro.


>1 anime and a movie
>Doujinshi writers get to write semi-official doujinshi in a magazine not produced by Shaft
What a surprise, a weeb with no clue what their talking about!


work better on your trolling, you are not even quoting things being said


How was I trolling? You (presumably) gave some speech about how Madoka was "obviously" the next Gundam. Nothing suggest that at all. Shinbo hasn't been in any hurry to continue/finish the series and why would anyone want a completely new characters at this point? This isn't even what people would consider a long running series considering it's essentially been on hiatus for going on 4 years.


both gen and one of the magica quartet producers have said that's exactly what they want; obviously, shaft is too busy making money with *monogatari to give more resources to madoka.

how stupid do you ahve to be to say that they are in hiatus when they recently made the concept movies ?
there are also the official videogames, the pachislots and the 30+ manga series, if anything the manga aspect got overloaded and that's the reason they are going to slow down.


LOL can't believe someone could actually believe what this guy is saying


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