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Finally! Wraith Arc 9 is out!


Apologies for the delays. But we're finally here.

Please enjoy


Thanks. Do you happen to plan to translate the Volume 3 omake as well?


finaly thanks


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Madoka needs to set Homura straight so they can finally get to be not straight. Looking forward to what comes next.


Where can the other translated chapters be found? So far all I've been able to locate is the last few.



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*Spoiler warning*

Homura appeared after end of Eternal (movie 2) in the wraith world. She had both her time-travel shield (product of her original wish to save Madoka) and a new bow (product of a unique 2nd wish, made jointly with madoka in hyperspace). The shield is inoperative however, as her wish was already granted. (or alternately was not granted at all, but became an invalid wish because the subject [madoka] doesn't exist) Homura figures that the shield is just a relic of a discarded timeline so drops it off a building, but a rift opens up and she discovers that somehow kriemhild gretchen exists within the shield.

She thinks about destroying the shield, but hesitates. Instead, she locks the shield inside herself and then erases her own memories of it. This backfires when the wraiths steal most of her magic, ending up with the shield too. Gretchen eventually manifests through them and the rest of the plot is about fighting witchified wraiths and then Gretchen herself.
It all culminates in real Madoka intervening, Homura beating down Gretchen again with her curse-wings, and rewinding time to the end of Eternal again, sans-shield. Kyubey gets a shard of it, though giving him a reason to proceed with Rebellion's plot, and Homura's severed magic never fully integrates with her which sort of leads into Ai-Yo, though I don't fully get that part.


The big thing I don't understand is, why did Homura hesitate? (pic related) By using memory modification on herself and hiding the shield, Homura tries to restore the new universe to the state it would have been in if she hadn't retained her memories. Makes sense OOC: Rebellion wouldn't have happened if Homura hadn't spilled the beans. But why would SHE do it? Her actions on the critical page show her worrying about madoka herself - is she afraid that Madoka somehow becomes Gretchen despite being eternal? Or just the possibility of Gretchen escaping? She doesn't seem too concerned about Kyubey messing with madoka.
Anyway, really enjoyed the manga, much thanks to Ikarum! Must have been a royal pain to translate :)


Incedentally, Gretchen hitching a ride in the shield plays right into my pet theory about Karma in the madoka universe. ie. using magic to obtain your wish is 'cheating' and accumulates a great amount of bad karma, which is why wishes usually go sideways and ultimately all magical girls must become Witches, as karmic retribution. (destroying witches them just transfers the karma onto the destroyer) The interaction between Homura and Madoka's wishes seemed to mostly prevent this retruibution for using magic, as Madoka took all the bad karma onto herself and then 'flushed it' by destroying her own witch and unmaking herself from the universe. Seems like Karma trumps magic though, I see Homura as a guided Karma missile whose takedown of Madoka in Rebellion was inevitable. Not sure quite what happens next though… but it does seem that using magic always makes things worse!


Karma does not make things worse, tho, it's just equal payback.


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Her and Madoka's mutual feelings allowed a new 'miracle' to happen. As shown in the picture, he feelings crystalized (became a new soul gem). That was AI YO.


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The Wraith clones and Homura all said she was afraid to destroy it because she belived it was her one link to Madoka. She's running from the sheild because she's tempted by loniliness to just stay in there with Gretchen just to be with Madoka. This fear is proven wrong because it's also Madoka's desire to for her to remember her.

In terms of Kyubey, she has no reason to worry. He just thinks she's a crazy homeless girl. Curiosity is illogical and nothing about Homura is logical.

Your pet theory is wrong. Everything balances out in the end. Kyubey, Sayaka, and Kyouko all say this. The issue was Homura over came hope and despair. Her soul gem was tainted with love, not curses. In this respect, her will overcame Madoka's.

AI YO isnt just a meme. Love is what Homura feels for Madoka and it's through love she continues to suffer. There's no hope or despair that can overcome it, because as stated, love is the strongest human emotion. That's meant to be taken literally. I dont know what's coming next, but it's seems like it's going to be pretty gay.


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What about the piece of shield Kyubey has at the end, could it be related to the next instalment?


I doubt it. Did you see Star Wars: Rogue 1? Because that's what this pretty much was. An interlude is a bridge between two parts. The sheild was just a method for Kyubey to know that Homura was telling the truth. As Homura mentioned, it's trash, and now that she fulfilled her original wish, it is now even more so.

Homura's wish will have to be addressed by Madoka and the sheild may have a bit of a symbolic role, but it's unlikely that they'll repeat Wraith Arc's plot.


The plan is yes. We're contacting our usual source on that as, to my knowledge, there are no public raws of volume 3.

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