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Does anyone else think that one of the new Puella Magi from Magica Gaiden looks suspiciously like the silhouette from the end credits?


>No spear
>Different kind of dress
>Different hair styles
>Elsa Maria has headgear

The only thing they have in common is that they're females with long hair. EM's silhouette is closer to Homura than it is her.


As cool as it would be to see the magical girls of the witches from the main series, I think the new set are completely original characters with no ties to the original anime.


knowing how gatcha games roll; we will get everybody from kazumi magica characters to cafe shop homura including 33 years old mami.


>cafe shop homura
>33 years old mami
My body is ready.


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Ika confirmed for brawl


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Magical Girls in MagiReco can actually summon their witch forms like Sayaka in Rebellion. Attached is probably hers.


Sayaka summoned her witch; these girls end up as some bizarre fusion between their witches and magical girl as their bodies connect like some sort of Siamese twin.

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