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some pics from anime japan 2017


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another one


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would anyone mind translating these? I don't know Japanese :(


I can't read moon runes unfortunately, but I am curious as to what the 1st 2 are.
Giovanna and a nameless with "Doppel Witch" at the top.
Are these witches for the new girls in that new game?


Yeah I think these are the witches of the new girls. At least the first two. Does anyone know Japanese to translate the script at the bottom?


The runes on the first one read Giovanna


This what it says on the website in system with google translate

In Kamihama City, some magical girls activate the power of "Doppel". This is the ability to activate and freely exercise the power of the inner witch when the soul gem gets turbid, only the awakened magical girl will have it.


good gwief

as neat as sayaka impaling herself in rebellion was, this development seems a little.. half-baked? not to say that madoka was ever not gushing with melodramatic symbolism but i probably should have expected this sort of 'true form' deal to extend to all magical girls and not just ones madoka enlisted as usb cards.

so from what i gather, thus far in homuverse if you get sad enough you get a stand? i sure wish my despair could do that. can't wait to see how spectacularly it backfires.





So how hard is it to understand that this is a non-canon mobile game that takes place in an earlier timeline like every other sidestory?


Actually I think there's good odds that this is in the Law of Cycles. Doesn't explain Homura and Mami, though since the title is Magic "Record" it's possible the aren't the real deal.


>Good odds
If by good, you mean no chance of happening at all. You're forcing your own head canon on a project that is a cut and dry gattcha game.

Braids Homura + Mami = pre-timeline 3 (we only call this timeline 3 because it is the third we see)

Gaiden = side story or retelling not considered canon, but produced officially

Record = an account of something that happened in the past

There aren't even any Wraiths. There is no indication it's the Law of Cycles, especially considering Madoka was ripped out of the LoC and exists as Homura's ballet partner. The LoC explictly doesn't have Homura or Madoka because the former was never taken in and the latter was ripped out.


so doppel witches are what happen when a magical girl grows old enough to gain control over their emotions, is this correct? it seems the longer they've had a contract, the more precision they with what parts of the witch they manifest.

'entire soul gem' is interesting take on kriemhild gretchen.

it was honest mistake, i didn't see the 40 pixels per image spelling out 'magia record.'


>Braids Homura
I am certain you are familiar with the concept of gameplay having nothing to do with the story? The Homura seen in the preview vids has no braids or glasses.

>There aren't even any Wraiths.

Meaningless if we're in the Law of Cycles.

>There is no indication it's the Law of Cycles,

>KAMIhama city, magical girls using their witch forms
>especially considering Madoka was ripped out of the LoC and exists as Homura's ballet partner.
It's called "occurring before Rebellion"
>The LoC explictly doesn't have Homura or Madoka because the former was never taken in and the latter was ripped out.
I already raised the possibility it's not the real Homura, and for Madoka see above.

>'entire soul gem' is interesting take on kriemhild gretchen

It's actually taken from the PSP game: http://wiki.puella-magi.net/File:Witch_of_Salvation_Center.png


Maybe Kamihama is a rift in space time caused by Madoka's wish. Would be a good excuse so they could put any magical girl in gacha, even Tart.

Another possibility is being a massive experiment by someone, like in Kazumi Magica.

There's a disturbing lack of Kyubey until now…


I've heard some people speculate it's in Kiremhild's witch barrier. I don't quite buy it, but it's an interesting idea.


>Would be a good excuse so they could put any magical girl in gacha, even Tart.
They already confirmed the presence of the characters from Kirara Magica titles
I think its the latter, probably a scheme by Kyubey



According what they say in the trailer and in the official web, the story sets in an alternate timeline when Homura sacrifices herself to (defeat Walpurguisnacht?) in ordrer to save Madoka. Maybe she turned Godhomu (not Ai yo) and her new magical girl laws probably will consist in that magical girls can use her own witch's power like the black wings at the end of the series.

Just speculating except from the sacrifice that is mentioned by Madoka and the fact that Madoka is searching Homura like she will find somewhere and the girls don't know why they can use that strange power in the new city it will be because they are'nt aware of some puella magi laws like enkan no kotowari or Homura does'nt become a God neither.


>Law of Cycles is literally EoE tang
>Let me tell you why a game can take place there.
The Law of Cycles isn't a location were people casually hang out. You have to die before you can even get there. Either everyone is fake or everyone is dead.

It's amazing no one else is mentioning this fan fiction on Twitter. Which is more likely to mean you're a shit translator more than anything.

The only person pushing the Law of Cycles thing was that retard from Tumblr, WarriorKK. I remember when they started this shit with a shit translation that was complete at odds with the official translation and claims that Madokami and the Law of Cycles played a role. Which was never stated anywhere.

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