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Reminder that on this day our savior died for us.


I thought that happened on April 30th.


god friday does not fall on the exact date every year, since for starters, it fall on friday
you fucking idiot


I was referring to the fact that the witch Walpurgisnacht, most probably, appeared on the same day Walpurgusnacht took place, which is on April 30th. On that day did Madoka make her wish, which saved us all. Why on Earth, would you link God Friday with Madoka Magica that is your problem, not mine.


Because episode 11 (or 12) came out on Good Friday when it first aired on TVs in Japan…


It makes me sad that people don't remember that it aired on Good Friday. Do they also not remember the tsunami?



Not everyone watched Madoka when it first aired…



I am not Christian or Jewish so I pay zero attention to "good friday".

I remember the Tsunami well though….


>le edgy atheist
Calm down, Coldsteel.


Good Friday isn't a Jewish holiday.


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In Coldsteel's defense, Good Friday and Passover overlap.



I'm not an atheist, and I'm certainly not trying to offend anyone. My point was simply that if you don't follow a particular religion then you wouldn't be aware of that religion's holidays.

I wouldn't expect a non-Christian to be aware of Good Friday, just as I wouldn't expect a non-Hindu to be aware of Holi.


That's fair, they do overlap in many (though not all) years. Nice choice of art with this post.


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No offense taken, Coldsteel. I forget not everyone here is a Westerner or Spic, my bad. It's a holiday in a lot of places.


>MFW I actually have a friend on PSN called coldsteel.


The anniversary has come again. This year rather than Japan being struck by a tsunami the entire world is menaced by a novel coronavirus. I wonder what Walpurgisnacht (the witch) would have looked like if Madoka had come out this year and by coincidence Walpurgisnacht resonated with the virus.


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