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Are you alive? Anti-Tumblr shitposting aside, I miss your posts.


Yeah I've messaged Cranberry Witch with no response. I don't know if they are still active.


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I hope they're okay. If they've moved on or taken a break, that's one thing, but an abrupt stop on a relatively popular Tumblr account is a little odd. Oh well, hopefully they'll be back one day.


I think this blogger might be dead….


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Any reason to believe this? That's sad. I've honestly been worried that's the case.


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Hey Warriorkk, you're buddies with Cranberry Witch, what is going on with them? Are they okay? Did they just outgrow the franchise or need a break?


Haven't chat with her for a while.
But only thing I know is she's still reblogging at her personal page, sometimes though.


Warriorkk is alive in facebook: Madoka Magica VN Fanpage as "Sayasaya"


Nobody was asking about WarriorKK, everyone knows WarriorKK is active. See thread topic and this post >>13624.


And hourai has recently posted on her tumblr. I hope she reply me tomorrow about what happened with cranberry witch.


I won't translate the Hourai/Cranberrywitch reply because I'm spanish speaker :^)

>hola! la razón principal por la que ese blog ha estado inactivo es porque últimamente el fandom ha estado muy muerto. Muchos traductores y otras personas perdieron el interés debido a la falta de noticias. Y con las pocas noticias que habían, no habían traductores

>tristemente, al notar lo muerto que ha estado el fandom y la falta de contenido reciente, se me ha hecho difícil poder seguir activa en ese blog
>otra de las razones es que había una persona completamente obsesionada conmigo y no paraba de acosarme tanto en ese blog como en este. pero la razon principal es la poca actividad en el fandom

TL;DR: Inactive fandom


Let's see if 3 years of Spanish classes still stuck.

>Hello! The main reason this blog has been inactive is because lately the fandom has been pretty dead. Many translators and other people lost interest due to a lack of news. And with such little news, there have been no translators.

>Sadly, with the death of the fandom and lack of recent content, it has been difficult for me to continue being active on this blog.
>Another reason is that there has been someone completely obsessed with me and won't stop harassing me both on that blog and this one. But the main reason is little activity in the fandom.


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LOL I swear it isnt me. Glad she is okay!


Can someone message them again? Magica Record has been getting a lot of updates and that blog was the one keeping up the new character transparents. A new character was introduced today even and I think that was a bit quick to drop a fandom. Yes, news is slowing down but there is clearly a new project coming out soon.

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