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Age gap ship confirmed. Thank you based Shaft! The mad men actually did it!


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tfw flood detected

Come the fuck on, it's three posts.


Oh, Madoka Magica, can't you go five seconds without humiliating yourself?


Implying they've constantly humiliated themselves..


>Implying they've ever humiliated themselves


They have; appealing more to the yuri fandom and less about the characters themselves


It's literally just hand holding and Yachiyo is canon jaded and alone. The series has always been about the relationship between girls, gay or otherwise (Tart, Suzune, Oriko, and Kazumi were all this way too), so I'm not sure why you're assmad the yuri undertones permeate into MagiReco.


>canon jaded and alone and likely needing someone to stand by her

And once again, that's a running theme in the franchise.


I think you also forget women in general (especially younger girls) have more lenience in their mannerisms when displaying affection to each other that it's a very thin line between gay and no homo. Where it's blatantly gay is if there are more romantic gestures and proclamations, easiest and the go to example of this is Homura to Madoka.

Madoka sees Homura as a friend and doesn't do anything that would indicate she sees Homura as a lover. Homura sees Madoka as her lover and thus is more intimate in her dialogue and gestures.

There's too much we do not know between the obvo two main leads of Magi-Reco and that this could very well be a case of GALS BEING PALS since i've seen more blatant evidence of lesbians than hand holding.

TL;DR : To be legit in lesbians they need more than just hand holding; Context, dialog, and chemistry are required before making final conclusions.


>Homura sees Madoka as her lover and thus is more intimate in her dialogue and gestures
Madoka is a lot more physically intimate than Homura. The only time Homura initiates such contact is when she's having an emotional breakdown.


Excluding a scene where she tries to console Sayaka, Madoka doesn't even have intimate physical contact with anyone but Homura. Not to mention Homura regularly pushes Madoka away by scaring and intimidating her to keep her out of meguca in the series, never comong forward with her feelings. In Rebellion, she doesnt even view Madoka as her lover because that would imply she even views herself worthy of being loved by Madoka despite the fact Madoka spends the entire movie trying to be emotionally and physically intimate with her and her alone.


You're forgetting



Saying you love someone is different from actually seeking a romantic relationship.

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