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I've tossed this around in my head due to just all I've seen and paid attention to so far, but… from what I observed, would anyone else aside from me see Homura and Madoka's relationship go through a similar split and separate development of the two like Finn and Flame Princess had in Adventure Time, specifically during the Frost and Fire episode and then the development from there onwards?


(OP here, just contiuning the rest of my thought here since it was too big as a topic body)

In case anyone else hasn't seen the show or that particular episode, I'll make my point clear–I'd like to see a sort of "split up"/a real wedge driven into their relationship and them separated in some fashion, to which from there both girls have their own actual full maturity (I mean, even further in Madoka's case) and actually have character development concerning their impacts on each other and on themselves that points out this maturity.

Personally, I'm for Homura getting redemption, but I feel like if the new film just has her redeemed without knocking her off her demon throne and dragging her through the mud in a large chain of events first, I feel like it would be tacky and disappointing.

But yeah, I'd like to know your thoughts. They're still young girls despite it all and we all (if not mostly) know the relationship/friendship is at this point toxic on both of them in different/one-sided ways (with Homura's self loathing at a high pitch and her being emotionally manipulative/abusive on Madoka), so what or how would you handle their friendship dissolving due to what happened in Rebellion and all else?

(Should also note: it's ok if we don't share the same thoughts, we can agree to disagree, I'm just curious to how people would like to see this handled and I haven't seen anyone else throw this question out there before, so I'm doing so now, just to see everyone's thoughts. I may or may not reply, also a heads up on that.)


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Madoka and Homura's relationship is playing out almost exactly like any other 'dark' on 'pure' girl relationship. It's the bottom's job to 'purify' and apologize for making the top the way she is. I expect Homura to get a spanking (I expect a whole buffet of suffering for all), but Urobuchi would never present Homura as needing to be knocked down simply considering she is embodying his own personal moral belief system.


Ok, I can understand that fine, I just expect some sort of karmic consequence (since it does factor into the show) to happen, but that's neither here nor there.

Let's say that formula/status quo on dark on pure relationships is either turned on its head or thrown out the window–where both sides of the relationship either apologize to the other to what they've down to each other, or, to your point, the bottom makes amends to the top but it puts an actual, realistic wedge in their relationship at the least (or breaks their former friendship apart at the most). Where would you figure you'd go from there? Where would you figure they'd go from there?



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