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idk what to say here, discuss faggots


Without any aids provided I can't be completely certain of their surnames, but I'd guess their names are Kaede Akino and Rena Minami?

Voice actors are, I believe, Ayaka Ohashi for Kaede and Kaori Ishihara for Rena.


Sayaka's lost sibling.


I have a feeling the mobage is gonna tie into the finale project… when ever that comes out


Yeah, just like the 2012 moba carried over to Rebellion… oh wait that never happened.


redhead looks like Madoka with a wig

what a fucking lazy design


That looks nothing like Madoka.


Now on the official site: http://magireco.com/character/

Looks like first anon was correct on their names being Kaede Akino and Rena Minami.


all the girls kinda look the same because the bastards at shaft wont draw anything else other that sexulized moeblob dickheads


File: 1503353317007.png (8.02 MB, 2732x2048, IMG_1159.PNG) ImgOps Google iqdb

I'd tell you to fuck off but these girls are just asking for the dick tbh


thats kinda the point of their designs tho, their skirts are so short i can see their stepfathers from here.


File: 1503444532344.png (3.37 MB, 2732x2048, IMG_1245.PNG) ImgOps Google iqdb

It's pretty great


File: 1503517213929.png (1.69 MB, 1920x1080, 1503511193.png) ImgOps Google iqdb


The thing that leaps out most to me ia that they're actually using "Puella Magi"


Someone's listed some of the new girls from the thread via their transformation cutscenes:



File: 1503525686158.png (1.24 MB, 1459x533, magica_record_girls.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Here's 4 of the new girls, not sure what their names are. There's a lot more I'm trying to find.


>Shaft in 2011: We're not going to do things like elaborate henshin sequences, this is a different kind of show and to prove it, we're going to britally kill off the girl who does
>Shaft in 2013: Yeah sure, we have elaborate henshin sequences and the girls call themselves the 'Puella Magi', but they're doing it ironically
>Shaft in 2017: Every girl gets a henshin sequence and we unironcally use the title Puella Magi.

Cynical green texting aside, Shinbo likes the name puella magi and even the Japanese products use it for the romanization. It doesnt surprise me that they use it here.


File: 1503539080908.png (109.21 KB, 457x305, chibimagis.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Ok, I believe the names of these girls are (in order from left to right):
Kagami Masara
Shikinagi Akira(?)
Haruna Konomi
Tokiwa Nanaka(?)

The girls in pic related are:
Misato Kirosaki
Natsume Kako(?)

Might not be correct, can someone confirm this?


Story dialogue translations:


via the new r/magiarecord subreddit.



I don't suppose there's a way to upload sixtyish images at once on the wiki?


Nope. All you can do is upload a set for a character, edit their page, then upload the next one, rinse&repeat.


File: 1503735826243.png (27.03 KB, 772x220, drop.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

You should be able to drag&drop the image directly to the editor (the "Drop Files Here" section, see pic).


Are you telling me I could do that all this time? Aghhhhhhhhhhhhh!


File: 1503942671818.png (Spoiler Image, 10.65 KB, 1323x140, canon lesbian.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Canon lesbians


File: 1504042268864.jpg (117.34 KB, 768x432, IMG_4702.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

I don't know the name of this girl but her style is pretty similar to GAN's (illustrator of Suzune Magica) so maybe Suzune and the rest will appear in the game?
Also, anyone knows the artists of the magical girls besides Ume Aoki and Kuroe Mura?


I hope not. Suzune isn't the worst spin-off, but I'd prefer it be forgotten.

Where is that picture from anyway? In-game, I mean.


Meguca here looking to play magi-reco… sadly it says my device is not compatible with the game (android-Gxy Edge 6+)

Wat do? ;-;


You can look at this for instructions–be sure to have the recent apk file for the game handy, and be sure to rename it to the name of the file in the instructions for the pastebin to work properly. You'll have to do this with each new file per game update, but it's only a small obstacle to get through for the game (also, you don't have to uninstall the app each and everytime, doing it with the app included every time after will just update it like any other app gets updated).

Hope it helps, have fun being a Magical Girl Coordinator!



File: 1504231951968.jpg (88.83 KB, 735x1266, Kanami.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

what are some minor/manga magical girls you want to see in magireco? i mean i know suzune to some people is like the spinoff that shall not be named, but the brief scene we saw her i always thought kanami was interesting.


I'm hoping to see some characters from Kazumi Magica


File: 1504239098634.jpg (123.95 KB, 1350x900, 14871538942731714995883.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

I wouldn't mind seeing the Teddy Bear Magical Girl featured at the end of the TV show, as well as the purple one. I mean, I assume they're from the modern era, so maybe they're plausible to have as characters in Magia Record? (Also could be a neat Call forward since it seems like they'll be in the fourth movie to some degree of importance?)


I want to know something out of morbid curiosity.

I haven't heard anything about what you can get with real-world money. What can you get using yen and how much does it cost?


From what I've seen, you can purchase gems to use in the gatcha, and the price range seems to go from 120 yen (50 gems for $1.09 USD) to 8,400 yen (690 gems for $76.52 USD). Thing is, I have no idea if it's possible to pay if you're playing the game in the states or elsewhere, at least pay without tripping an alarm or measure in place, I mean.


>120 yen (50 gems for $1.09 USD) to 8,400 yen (690 gems for $76.52 USD).
>2 cents per gem to 11 cents per gem
>Prices go up as you buy in bulk

What sort of insane rip-off is this? It's also stupid too, if they let you pick the cheapest option multiple times.


Well, to be fair, our in app purchase rates aren't much better (0.99 to 99.99 USD). You can still get the cheapest option multiple times, so I can agree there, and also it seems like if you purchase the first of the higher priced options/higher amount of gems, you possibly get extra with it (either extra gems or extra goodies)


That makes some sense.

Well, thanks for answering my question.


You're welcome. Glad I could help answer.


i translated most of the witch and names, but there's one that's bothering me


File: 1504471681028.jpg (124.04 KB, 1280x720, 1495377341334-1552879373.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

Which one? Maybe I can help?


"マチビト馬のウワサ" (machibitouma no uwasa) machibito is in katakana, which makes it a bit confusing. i think it's meant to be "待ち人" which means "person who waits for" or "person being waited on" i was thinking it could be "the rumor of the waiting horse" but looking at this wiki said "the rumor of the townspeople horse" http://magireco.wikia.com/wiki/Enemies


File: 1504522243627.png (643.2 KB, 1080x582, 20170904_045002.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Anyone wanna take a crack at the significance of this image? I feel like it's trying to hint at something here…


It's a blatant reference to Godoka


I think its Madoka, Krimheld Gretchen, and Godoka in one body.


Go rewatch the Connect intro from the series.


I think its more of why the face was blackened out more than the durect symbolusm that they're asking for.


File: 1504743985116.png (1.07 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20170906-192545.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

so, fun fact. you know how iroha's transformation has a bird in it and a general feather theme? well ui (in a certain kanji: 羽衣) can mean bird's wings (or insect wings)


This only furthers my insane speculations.


speaking of girls that should be in magireco.. the four from mobage would be funny..




so, i was thinking..
in the main record crew there are two of each elemental type sans light and dark:
light: iroha
dark: felicia
aqua: yachiyo, rena
flame: momoko, haruno
forest: kaede, sana (?)
do you think there'll be more main characters?


lol woops i mean tsuruno.


Momoko, Rena, and Kaede arent really with the MCs, so I think it's more accurate to say that there is 1 of each element. Based on her color scheme, I think it can be assumed Sana is a grass type.



and Mami is Electric


Mami is a Nature type :/


File: 1505286668674.jpg (85.55 KB, 400x565, fKAqnPP.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb


I doubt Mami is natural.
I think she enhanced herself with magic.


interesting, potential ages:
konomi: unknown, but high schooler
momoko: 1st year high schooler
masara: 1st year high schooler
rena: 3rd year middle schooler
rika: 3rd year middle schooler
kaede: 2nd year middle schooler
emiri: 1st year middle schooler
kako: 1st year middle schooler

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