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神浜市立大付属学校 school of: Emiri, Kako, Kaede, Momoko, Rena, Konomi, Tsuruno
中央学園 school of: Sasara, Ayaka, Meiyui, Rika, Masara
参京院教育学園 school of: Shizuku, Natsuki, Akira, Nanaka
南凧自由学園 school of: Hinano
神浜市立大学 (While im unsure of the other names, this one im 100% sure os Kamihama University): Yachiyo


yuma lacks a school while i think iroha goes to the first school. let me know if i missed anyone.


oops i did forget:
水名女学園 school of:Manaka, Kanoko, Asuka


I curious about this. Why does Iroha wear a different uniform? Is that just her casual clothes?


she's currently wearing her casual, as iirc she's not moved to kamihama yet. however on her album page it does say her school is 神浜市立大付属学校 so we might get some school uniform iroha later.


Kamihama Municipal University Preparatory School

Chuuo Gakuen (Central School)

Sankyoin Kyouiku Gakuen (guess)

(No idea)

Kamihama Municipal University

Suimei Jogakuen (Suimei Girls School) (guess)


Is actually 南凪自由学園 (凪 not 凧, which was weird as fuck for a name)
Probably "Minagi Jiyuu Gakuen"


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this does bring up an interesting question tho.. tsuruno is supposed to be a high school student, does that mean all of the girls there are high schoolers?


On a second thought, "Mizuna Jogakuen" is more likely for 水名女学園.


Well Magia Report said it was a combined middle school and high school, but who knows if that's trustworthy.


It's a school affiliated with Kamihama University. In Japan, this means it could cover any number of education levels below Kamihama University.


interesting. tho if im correct aren't there slight differences between the uniforms tho if they are affiliated schools? like i believe they have the same structure but different colors. there's not really any differences here.. outside emiri and rena having different ribbons


Does anyone know what school Oriko and Yuma go to?


Oriko’s school is Shirome Middle School and Yuma perharps has never go to school due to her abusive mother


Ok, so I compiled this list and added the new girls

Let me know if any are wrong:

神浜市立大付属学校 (???)
• Iroha

神浜市立大付属学校 (Kamihama Municipal University Preparatory School)
• Tsuruno, Momoko, Kaede, Rena, Emiri, Konomi, Kako, Sasara, Ren

中央学園 (Chuuo Gakuen [Central School])
• Rika, Meiyui, Masara, Ayaka, Felicia, Aimi

参京院教育学園 (Sankyoin Kyouiku Gakuen)
• Akira, Natsuki, Shizuku, Nanaka, Ayame, Hazuki, Konoha

南凪自由学園 (Minagi Jiyuu Gakuen / Nanagi Jiyuu Gakuen)
• Hinano

神浜市立大学 (Kamihama Municipal University)
• Yachiyo

水名女学園 (Suimei Jogakuen / Mizuna Jogakuen / Mizumei Jogakuen)
• Manaka, Kanoko, Asuka, Ria, Tsukuyo, Sana

Missing Category:
Karin: ???


Karin and Alina’s school is Sakae General School

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