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i feel like this question gets asked a lot. i have been fiddling with kazumi magica girls, though one important question remains with it… do you think madoka personally asked each girl akin to what she did with sayaka in episode 12? or was sayaka just a special pass?


>what happens to the spinoff girls in madokami/homukuma's world, exactly?
Yet another reason why most of the spin-offs are trash.

Although to be fair, I get the strong impression that the initial spin-off authors weren't allowed to set things post-anime.

Perhaps we'll know if there's another Madoka sequel. Or perhaps they'll pretend only Oriko Magica exists.


She really didnt ask Sayaka as much as tell her that she was dead, but it was okay because her wish meant something. Because Madokami transcends time and space and goes after every magical girl in despair for eternity, I think it can be assumed she does the same for everyone. However, Sayaka is the only one we see go from idealistic girl > wish > magical girl > regret > despair > witch. The scene with Sayaka just gives her story closure that wouldnt have been possible with other girls shown in the story,


Yeah, really gives you some ideas to think on, huh?
I can agree with that fair logic–especially if they were told to hold off during Rebellion's production

In general, while I haven't read any of the other spin offs aside from a walk through the wiki, I do know enough about Oriko Magica to say that I had an idea for an Oriko serial that could be a sort of prequel/interquel to Rebellion–like, what if Oriko foresaw this "great demon" and the destruction of the world (seeing Homukuma) and possibly tried to set out to take Homura out before the Incubators could get to her in the effort to negate that future?

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