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Is anyone keeping a master list of pastebin files? The story seems pretty engaging for a moba and Im really interested in the side stories.


I only know about that one pastebin with the first two episode chapters translated but that's about it



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Thanks a bunch!


i translated a few memorias, but i doubt they're really that good, im new at translating..





This wiki has many memorias translated. Not all of them, but a lot.


ah yes, i know.. but i translated a few that aren't on the wiki..


If you don't mind posting them I'd be glad to put them on the wiki until we can get better translations


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>>13871 alrighty.. ill start with begin a hunt:
Momoko: "Rena, Kaede, are you ready?"
Kaede: "Y-yes.."
Rena: "Hah… Do you realize who you're talking to? Of course."
Momoko: "Oh, then… let's go and hunt witches!"


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Due to a boyish personality, she can't join in talk to her fellow girls. But deep down the girl is like everyone else, with an affection for cute things. Unable to fit in and fix her humility, will this girl ever come out?


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"To become the strongest magical girl, aim to be the strongest all the time! Of course, this even applies to PE's Basketball lessons! If you send the ball to me, I'll play perfectly! Traveling? What's that? Such a thing won't stop me~!!"


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"My family's fate is weighing against my shoulders.. Pressure? Of course there's pressure!… but I'll manage! Surely a chance to act will come! With my fighting spirit! Leave it to Tsuruno Yui!"



篭絡のドッペル。 その姿は、針。この感情の主は、自身を救ってくれた恩人に対し、絶対的な忠誠を誓っている。ドッペルが穿つ針が貫くのは、何も対峙する敵に限ったことではない。主の運命すらも貫き縫い付けてしまう。それはまさに、全てを捧げ、命すらも委ねている恩人への忠誠心の表れであり、他者に依存することでしか己を保つことができない危うさを象徴している。針に鋭さが宿れば宿るほど縫い目は増え、容易に離れることはできない。しかしそれはまさに主の願望を表すことに他ならない。


no one had these doppels' descriptions translated, so i found them.. (for some odd reason momoko's was really hard to find.)

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