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a lot of people have been calling her both, but which one is the official name? factors to consider:
her name is in kanji, not katakana
akira calls her emily in katakana
in her introduction voiceline, i can't tell if she's saying emiri or emily cause shitty ears


If you go to her character page it has their name in hiragana


IMHO it's obviously meant to be the western name "Emily", but I'm sure you'll see it romanized both ways. There is rarely any consistency, even from "official" materials, for things like this.


>akira calls her emily in katakana

How can you tell the difference between Emily and Emiri in kata?

It should be Emiri, since that's the more natural romanization of the kata in question. It's also what the manga scans are using.


If it was meant to be the western name, it wouldn't be written in kanji.


It’s Emiri.

It’s rooted in Emily, but it would still be Emiri. You wouldnt refer to Emiri Kato as Emily Kato just because her name is a variant if Emily. Emiri as a Japanese name has also been in use for about 100 years.


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