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Hey Wiki bro, can we get this shit deleted from the Rebellion page? The "Criticism" section is just one assmad rant that belongs in the YMMV section of TvTropes.

"One of the main concerns regarding the new ending in "Rebellion" is that Homura's action renders Madoka's sacrifice and message of hope meaningless. The ending from the anime series and the previous film loses its impact and this causes concern among the fans who became emotionally invested on Madoka's message of hope.

Another problem is the devolution of the Homura character, starting from a weakly girl and evolving into a strong magical girl, Homura becomes what many consider to be a strong underdog who overcame many obstacles to protect what she treasures. However, in "Rebellion" we see what appears to be the beginning of the unraveling of the Homura character, we see the fall of a strong magical girl into what it is presumed to be a form of madness.

Many fans regard the movie as not being genuine nor true to the original anime series, with various far-fetched and abrupt deviations. They think of it as a mostly commercial moneygrab that contains little carefully crafted content, just as many other anime productions in Japan do. They still regard the original ending of the anime as canon."


I don't think there's anything wrong with having that on the page; Rebellion did stir up quite a bit of controversy and the like (pretty much the reason why there's so few people around on the wiki anymore for starters).
It might need a rewrite however.


I agree with OP, take that crap outta here. It's simply inaccurate.

For starters, the original TV series (or first two movies) did NOT have a happy ending. Madoka sacrified herself, sure. but what do we see right afterward? The world is 99.99999% the same as it was before her sacrifice. QB is still there contracting girls. The girls still fight–only it's "wraiths" now instead of witches. And in the Japanese the names of those opponents are even more similar than they are in English: Majuu (wraith) instead of Majou (witch). The ending of the original is very much about futility, just like many points earlier in the program.

2) Homura's change to Homucifer is also perfectly in line with the recurring themes of "balance" and "fate" in the TV series. Throughout the TV it is stressed over and over again that the world is always in balance. So if Madoka ascends and becomes a god-like figure (Madokami, Ultimate Madoka, whatever you want to call her) it is expected that there will be some kind of balancing force as well. And that's Homucifer.

Whoever wrote that is free to not like Rebellion. That's perfectly fine. But that snippet of text shows that the writer seems blind to the events of the TV. Thinking that PMMM has a happy ending is just as silly as claiming that Eva is a show about giant robots. It misses the point completely.


….to continue

Anyway, I do think it's appropriate to mention that Rebellion is/was controversial. There's no denying that. But, it seems to me that the controversy lies in some fan's misunderstanding of the original TV/movies, rather than the absurd expanation posted above.

Oh, and the controversy ought to have little to do with the "ending". Watch Rebellion a few times and the foreshadowing becomes obvious right from the beginning. Hell, even Homura's monologue at the very beginning is some pretty heavy foreshadowing of what's to come. Anyone who was "blindsided" by the ending wasn't paying attention.


this right here
the idea that the TV has a happy ending is absurd. it's all about futility. Madoka made a huge wish, so major that it literally resulted in her ascending to godhood & re-wrote the universe. and what do we have to show for it? something very very minor: instead of becoming witches the girls "dissappear into the void, taken by the law of cycles".

note that the girls still suffer:
-QB is still around, and recall that what he's doing is converting emotional swings into energy. if there was no suffering there'd be no emotional swings for him to gather energy from.
-recall from the dialogue that "once a girl suffers equal to the good she wished for the she becomes a witch". suffering first, then witchdom. replacing witchdom with "taken by the law of cycles" does nothing to take away that suffering.

there is no happy ending here folks.


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Glad to know how many people missed the point of the original run of the series.


I see it as having a happy ending.


Care to explain how you reached such a conclusion?

It seems rather obvious that the post-wish world is for all intents and purposes identical to the pre-wish world.

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