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Question for the mods: Is Erotic Fanfiction allowed to be posted here?

I've seen non-worksafe images deleted in the past but I couldn't find any sort of rules or anything like that for the forum.

In the meantime, enjoy some cosplay.


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>In the meantime, enjoy some cosplay.

Whoops. Meant to post this.


There used to be /meguca/ for NSFW stuff but it wasn't linked anywhere and extremely low traffic (1-2 posts a month). I would like to keep /meduka/ SFW if possible so maybe I should bring /meguca/ back. Would like to hear others' opinion on it though.


Sounds like a solid plan to me.
Clearly it won't get much traffic unless it's linked though.

I suggest putting a blurb at the top of the page stating that this board is worksafe, but there is a NSFW page and provide the link there. That way it's clear to people where they are allowed to post what.


Yes to what >>14165 said.


Cool, I'll find some time during weekend to work on it then.




I'm traveling right now but in a few days I'll post some stuff there!


Why do people lewd every single thing? I mean it has nothing to do with madoka magica at all. Such an uncreative and unhealthy "passion". And now it even gets its own //. i can't see a sense of why people should support sick fantasies about fictional characters… the more free space it gets the more sickness it gains. I don't like this at all, it's so overrated.


Some people like it. If you don't then don't look at it. Simple as that.


Creating drawings or fiction seems creative to me. And what's unhealthy about it?


While I agree that a lot of lewd stuff might be sick, here you are painting ALL of it with a rather broad brush. Not to mention what constitutes "sick" is a matter of opinion.

>>I don't like this

So don't view the NSFW page. Nobody is forcing you to look at it.


oh yeah you people get your free room for that shīt and the others who dont like it always must accept it and "look away". hm?
So you say drawing vagīnas, chests & penīses is creative? how fictional characters get fūcked? oh hell. their age is 13-15… WHAT in the burning hell is healthy about it? just the thought of a dude sitting in his chair for hours drawing how a child gets… and then people drooling over it… gives me chills. it's wasted talent in an unhealthy way.
damn. the hard work of creating pmmm, the whole process of it, their talent and effort put in pmmm, pmmm itself… i really wished for a madoka related chan to be really only about it. not plus about others fantasies. there are other sites where they already have the option to post their "creative" stuff.


Looking away is not "accepting" of anything. Quite the opposite really. And it's not like takes any effort to look away since it's on a separate board entirely.


yeayea, i will look away while-again- people get more free room for drawing out their sexual desires on fictional children/early-teens and train their brain mentally till this gets on a "normal" basis for them and invite other sick people to that board to drool over it. Tell me a reason why we should support giving mental sickness, in this case pedophilia, more playfield till it gets worse with these "artists'" & watchers' mental state till they fuse fiction with reality instead NOT giving free room and either let them go on other already existing boards or knock them some sense with words so they'll go get some therapy, just because its apart from this board. i do know VERY well that you fully understand what i'm trying to point out here with my broken english. it's so wrong and totally dissapointing. Just because those fictional children dont exist and "no people get harmed" doesnt mean that it will stay like this. The moment those people spend seconds to hours watching drawings of children having sexual intercourse or get…from older persons and after this shut down their drawing tablets and pcs and go out while children and early-teens are playing outside… it's so wrong. what a letdown. pardon? "not like takes any effort to look away"? i'm not a lazy person as you can see. i'm not trying to be a hero on the internet, i can't change much. but still, i don't look away because this brings consequences in the future.
There's still many stuff unsolved with pmmm, new merchs are coming out, we will maybe get new infos to pmmm4 in the next years… but well, lewding an anime that won 12+ awards is 'necessary'. Because "we can draw what we want, it's the internet".
after all, it takes effort getting a hold of yourself.


Here's my take on the subject.

The stated ages of characters in Anime (or comics, video games, etc.) has nothing to do with reality. Plenty of characters who are supposedly very young are drawn with figures that would make a 25-year-old jealous. And vice versa. (Etna, anybody?)

So what does matter? Appearance. We humans are wired to be attracted to the opposite sex, post-puberty. It is completely normal, biologically, for a man to be interested or even aroused by a depiction of a female displaying post-pubescent sexual characteristics–breasts, shapely hips/buttocks, pubic hair, etc. And likewise a woman would find a male with a broad chest, defined adam's apple, facial and pubic hair, and an adult-sized penis to be attractive if not arousing. I don't think anyone can argue that there is anything wrong with that perspective. If the character is drawn with post-pubescent sexual characteristics I don't see the problem with other post-pubescent people being interested. It is nature, after all.

…to be continued….


That said, I don't think it's even remotely reasonable to call someone "sick" for looking at pictures which are attractive to them.

Now then. We do have laws about exploiting children (i.e. child pornography), which I completely support. However the purpose of those laws is to prevent children from abuse, especially from that at the hands of older people in positions of power. And it's not limited to sexual matters either. We likewise do not allow minors to purchase airplane tickets, to rent motor vehicles, to enter into legal contracts, to get tattoos or body piercings, or to purchase hazardous goods like firearms, fireworks, dangerous chemicals/medications, alcohol, and tobacco. The purpose of the law is to protect the 'innocent'. Given that artwork does not involve any harm to any person (of any age), I fail to see how those laws would even apply.

Now, is there some smaller % of the art out there which ventures into "sick" territory". In my opinion, yes. Absoloutely. But there has never been a study that has found that people consuming that sort of fictional media have ever gone on to do anything in real life. If anything I'd think the opposite would be true. Fiction allows people to explore things that they cannot or would not do in real life. It provides a 'safe' outlet because no actual people are being harmed. If you know of a study which suggests otherwise then please link it, I'd love to read it.


…and as for the "sick" stuff. As I posted above, I agree that some subset of the lewd stuff qualifies as sick. I'll refrain from mentioning details since this board is NSFW. But yes, I agree some of it is sick. Do I want to ban it? Absolutely not.

This extends to all sorts of things, not just anime drawings. Books, movies, music….there's examples of all of that which I would call sick. But who am I to force my opinion upon others? And good intentions can very quickly become an even worse evil than that we aim to stamp out.

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