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Can someone tell me what happened to https://www.mediafire.com//MadokaOfficial?
It doesn't seem to work anymore
Is there a new folder for madoka material?

Tell me and I will give you a virtual pocky


If you're looking for manga scans all I got is this: https://www.mediafire.com/?2hq31e8t28xtp


Sucks that it got taken down. It had some cool stuff other than manga scans like clips from the TV behind-the-scenes special that aired right before Rebellion came out, I knew I should've archived that shit myself. I believe that collection was by the guy who made the genga booru, maybe you can contact him there or on the puella magi wiki and if he's still active he can reup it.


Looks like MediaFire killed their custom url program, you can find the folder at https://m.mediafire.com/folder/5t4s2whtg4ti4





Quick question, in the Rebellion folder, what does CM stand for again? Cinematic Movie, or…?



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