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As some of you may already know, I'm working on the Fancutfags project again. Since I'm doing this alone (couldn't get in contact with the other guy after the hiatus), and I really want to make sure the final product is the best I can do, I'd greatly appreciate it if you could help me out with quality control by watching these episodes and pointing out anything that bothers you about them, even the smallest little details. You're going to need either MPC-HC with LAV splitter or an mpv-based player that's capable of switching between mkv editions (e.g. bomi) to watch these files — VLC won't play them correctly. If you manage to get them to work on another player, that's also something I want to hear about. Due to the way mkv editions and chapters work, the length of the episodes isn't displayed correctly in MEGA and probably won't be displayed correctly in your operating system, which is to say that episode 1 isn't really 47 minutes long even though it looks like that.


If you don't know about Fancutfags, the TL;DR is that the Madoka TV series has great pacing, but the visuals aren't always so good. The recap movies have great visuals, but the pacing is very rushed. Our project is to take a best-of-both-worlds approach and recreate the TV pacing, but replace the TV visuals with the corresponding frames from the movie whenever possible.



File: 1530087797942.png (273.4 KB, 740x552, bomi editions.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

The files contain two different editions: the TV Edition and the Movie Edition. The latter includes some of the new music from the movies, the former doesn't, otherwise they're mostly the same. If you only feel like watching whichever edition you prefer, that's fine too, but it helps me the most if you could watch both of them. Pics in OP and this post demonstrate how to switch between editions using MPC-HC and bomi, respectively.

They also contain three different subtitle tracks: Fansub English, which is the same translation as we had for v1 (i.e. uses honorifics and Japanese name order); Natural English, which has been edited to sound more like natural English (i.e. it doesn't use honorifics or Japanese name order); and Finnish, which is Finnish. I'm not super worried about the subs being wrong so you don't have to watch it with more than one subtitle track unless you specifically want.

TV Edition and Fansub English should always be the default tracks. If they aren't, that's a mistake and you should mention that.

I'll add new episodes as soon as I'm done with them, which might take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks per episode. For the time being, episodes 1-5 are available.


Do you have rips of english blu-rays?


I'm using the Meguca release, which I believe is the Italian BD.


Do you know where can I find English blu-rays? (tv series and movies)


Prof has a release for the TV series which is directly ripped from the English BD. I don't know about the movies.


With original subtitles?
Where can I find it?


1) Yes
2) On Nyaa, as usual.


Anyone know of a way to get the Fancutfags version onto a physical disc that a modern player can handle?

If I'm going to focus on critically reviewing the quality of something, or if I really want to enjoy it, I'm going to play it back on my home theater, not a PC.

I liked the previous Fancutfags releases–on the PC at least. It was nice to retain the scenes they cut from the movies while at the same time enjoying the improved animation.

The pacing of the movies never bothered me, but I though it was nuts that they cut out some important scenes from the first movie.


I don't know of a more convenient way to do it, but you can use any video editor that loads mkv files (e.g. VideoPad), and whenever there's a duplicate scene (which is either directly after the first instance of the same scene, or at the very end of the file), manually cut out whichever version you don't need. Here's our old pastebin where you can find a list of differences between the editions: pastebin.com/kk59pNHV and for v2 the only change is that Episode 2 doesn't have any differences anymore.


Thanks, I'll give that a whirl.


Will a 720p v2 batch be done as well?


Potentially. This is a bit of a bloggy post but I kind of want to explain my perspective here so you'll have a better idea of what you can realistically expect.

During v1, we got a lot of people who were interested in the project, we got someone to re-encode the episodes for better compatibility, we got someone who livestreamed each episode as we released it. Back then, I had the attitude that I was primarily making the project for other people, and it was pretty rewarding to see that our work was appreciated. For v2 now, I've only had a handful of people express any interest in the project at all and nobody who has been committed enough to watch all the prototype episodes and give me feedback. With this being the case, I have to take the attitude that I'm making it primarily for myself, because otherwise I suspect I might get pretty disappointed when I release it and nobody cares. And I'm only going to ever use the 1080p version myself, so the priority will be to get that out first, and then maybe make a 720p version if it looks like people actually want it and I'm not just wasting my time if I make it.

I am going to release all the source code and the files that you will need for encoding your own version though, so at the very least, you'll be able to put it together yourself.


I was the one that streamed the original fancut. Keep up the good work.

The fandom is in a bit of holding pattern. As you see from the wiki changelogs, most of the effort focus right that are geared towards magireco stuff.

Her work be done, on earth as in meguca heaven.


Bit of an update on the project: Because of reasons, there was a bit of a wait here but now I have completed and uploaded episodes 6-8. Episode 9 can turn out to be tricky as well, because of that very annoying audio issue that absolutely has to get fixed no matter what because it's really bad, so depending on how hard that ends up being, it could take a while again.

In other words, you're now able to watch Fancutfags v2 beta for episodes 1-8 and then the second movie if that's how you prefer to rewatch the series.


>because of that very annoying audio issue
…which is not in episode 9. It was in episode 7 and apparently it already got fixed somehow because the v2 version which is up on MEGA doesn't have it.


Okay, one more attempt to make it as easy as possible for people to watch this and provide feedback. It would seriously help. All you have to do is to watch it, and then check a couple of boxes in this spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1AXAgR6kttWNZtMPqyzVWK6WuzcMG2d3Ls_xeAEhSxL0/edit?usp=sharing

In other news, episodes 9-11 are now available in the MEGA folder.


Episode 12 available as well. Now the only things left to do are:

- quality control (and obviously fixing anything that comes up)
- making the batch script
- encoding into 720p
- cleaning up the source files a bit so I can make them publicly available


I disabled the MEGA link in OP. Big thanks to everyone who participated in QUALITY control, I'll do the remaining work myself and when it's done, I'll make the final version available again.


Does the fancut use the new music from the movies?


Depending on your preferences, you can watch a version that always has the original BGM tracks from the TV series (known as TV Edition) or a version that uses many of the new BGM tracks instead (known as Movie Edition). Both editions are included in our torrent in v1 and this is going to be the case for v2 as well, but there was an mp4 re-encode of v1 done by PenguinFever which used the Movie Edition.


In other news, the project is finished. 720p version and torrents of both coming later today, but for the time being, here's the 1080p version on MEGA:



And here is the 720p version on MEGA: https://mega.nz/#!IhRAgSrQ!lakjJzyQ0kbnbmEPl3wBpU51Qh7tss3RzuJnPJgKLvw

Here is a detailed FAQ and user manual for the project (which is also included in the rar files but maybe you want to read this before you decide whether or not it's worth downloading the full thing): https://mega.nz/#!8sI0DQxD!bUqhxFG9RiQB970IZ5oB0KV8eRTHLIDNjVcr95PFqcI


The torrents are also up on NyaaPantsu. I was going to post them earlier but the board software kept detecting me as a bot for some reason and didn't let me do so.



Most of the scenes still use the music from the series when the movie music fits better. Not worth it.


Feel free to watch the original TV series instead if you think that's more worth it.


Quick question, are these edits subbed or dubbed? Are they available in either or just one option?


Subbed. The files have two English subs (one for people who prefer fansub style subs and another for people who prefer more professional style subs) and one Finnish sub.


Unfortunately, I can't run any program that can play the files correctly. (The Mac is a beautiful, flawed thing)
Do you know if I could somehow convert the .mkv to an .mp4 in either the movie or tv rewatch setting and have it function properly?


You should be able to run mpv on a Mac, no?

Also, as of January 2019, even VLC can apparently run the files with only minor problems (you get some stuttering and it shows you a couple of frames from the version that you aren't watching every time it does a chapter jump).


As far as converting the files to mp4 is concerned, I know it's possible because PenguinFever did it for v1 back in the day, but I have only looked into it very briefly and couldn't find an easy way to accomplish it.


I don't know a darn thing about modern macs, but my understanding is that .mkv is just a container format that keeps the video, audio, subtitles, etc, all in one thing. The video ought to be its own format inside the MKV so surely it should be possible to "unpack" the MKV and take the video file out of it?


Your understanding of .mkv is not wrong, and it is indeed possible to extract the video and pack it into an mp4 container instead, and for most releases, that would achieve that result.

For our release, it doesn't, because the video and audio files contained in the mkv contain two instances of some scenes, and the chapter file which is also contained in the mkv instructs your media player to skip over the version that you're not watching. And so if you just extract the video and audio and put them into an .mp4, you'll still get two instances of those scenes, but your media player plays both of them too so that's not what you want. In order to get an .mp4 which works the way it's supposed to work, you need to re-encode the video using something that can read the mkv chapter files and skip over the wrong version while encoding, which is possible but I don't know how, other than this method >>14290 which is inconvenient and takes a lot of work.


Or the viewer could just FF or skip the duplicate scenes? Not ideal, I know. But it may be good enough?


That's worse than watching it with a recently updated VLC.

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